February 25, 2020
How to fulfill orders using importify

How to fulfill orders using importify

Today I just want to make a quick video
illustrating how easy is to fulfill orders using Importify on our new dashboard
if this is the first time you’ve installed importify, make sure to go
to Shopify dashboard Settings, Checkout Scroll down and have this bubble filled
in, Do not automatically fulfill any of the order line items. So, once you get new
orders coming in simply click the order list from the side menu On this page you
will find unfulfilled orders pick one of these orders to fulfill and click the
order button. The Importify will automatically pick the variation and
redirect to the checkout page. On this page click the Edit link and click the autofill order button Wait a few seconds That’s it
thank you for watching this video if you have any more questions or comments
please contact us and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible, Bye.

12 thoughts on “How to fulfill orders using importify

  1. after orders are fulfilled how does the money situation work? would I be covering the cost or would it be taken directly from the purchasers account? If i'm selling it for more than the amazon seller how do I receive that money?

  2. Hi, i want to know other than aliexpress, is there any other platforms which the auto fulfillment can be used also? For instance wish.com etc?

  3. Hi I did this process and when I get to aliexpress they are stating that my shipping address as well as my billing address need to be the same . Is this true ? Or should I enter payment info fist and auto fill the customers info ?

  4. hii, when go proced to the paiement on ali express on your video, or other site, the customer buy with his card on your site and after with importiy pour check the order and after the auto refill you paid with your card? not the customer card?

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