March 30, 2020
How To Fulfill Orders from Aliexpress, Amazon & more

How To Fulfill Orders from Aliexpress, Amazon & more

In this video I’ll explain exactly how
to fulfill orders using Importify The first thing you want to make sure is
go to your Shopify dashboard settings And check out, scroll down and make sure
after an order has been paid do not automatically fulfill any of the order
ok this is very important The next thing…Okay so once you have an
order, you want to click on the Importify extension icon And you want to
click on… let’s refresh this Okay and you want to click on “View orders” also make
sure you are on the current subscription gold Ok at the moment we support
Amazon Aliexpress and eBay for order fulfillment The process is
pretty much simple you just need to click on the order and order from store it will automatically pick the variants okay let’s go and check Yeah automatically it will pick the variants, it will ask you to sign in We are on the
checkout page, you just click on the edit And autofill order It will automatically Fill the order Same process you need to do on the eBay and Amazon Lets see, lets go to the Ebay one Order from store It will be pick automatically
the variants and proceed to checkout It will open this window and you
just need to click on the autofill order And it will automatically put all the
description you just need to click Add That’s it, hope you enjoyed this video if
you have questions please send us an email to support, bye bye

8 thoughts on “How To Fulfill Orders from Aliexpress, Amazon & more

  1. As usual, you always make informative video. I have a question, do you know if there is anything I can use for drop shipping from aliexpress to amazon? I don't want to set up Shopify yet, because I don't have the funds to spend on advertising my store on Facebook or Adsense. I wanted to start something that I don't have to invest right away. And maybe later on I will be able to own a Shopify store. That's why I am always interested in drop shipping, but I want to do it on amazon because it has customers already. Please let me know. Thank you

  2. Nice video I had my best month in June w/ Shopify but only using Ali Expess this is very interesting how can I chat with you I have more questions about this App I subscribe as well thank you

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