April 1, 2020
How To Find Instagram Content Ideas That WORK | Restaurant & Small Business Marketing 2020

How To Find Instagram Content Ideas That WORK | Restaurant & Small Business Marketing 2020

Hey, guys. Today, we’re going to be talking about how
to plan Instagram content for your food and beverage restaurant. Make sure you guys stay tuned. So many people have been asking us how do
we create such a beautiful feed for our ice cream shop, and how do you basically come
up with the ideas to shoot, and the types of content to post, and whatnot? And it is actually something that is super
difficult and frustrating for us at the same time when we first began. When we first began, I still remember, we
would spend like two or three hours trying to figure out what we should be posting, figuring
out about the caption to write, and figuring out whether the pictures that we take are
polished enough, and whether people actually like them. Sometimes, we post content, and it is engaging
super well, people like it a lot. Other times, we take pictures and we think
it’s going to be a hit, but it’s a dud. We don’t even know what works and what doesn’t
work, which is the reason why I’m shooting this video. Last week, I shot a video about how do you
create 30 days of content for your Instagram feed all in one day. And after that video went out, so many of
you guys have been emailing us and asking us, “How do you actually plan for content?” And that’s what this video is all about. So, let’s dive right into this, okay? Number one thing when it comes to content
creation is to figure out what people are looking to see. And what I mean by that is go into your current
feed right now, and see what types of pictures people are actually engaging to. Not just random troll comments, okay? We’re talking about comments that are people
actually enjoy your product. People are like, “Oh, my god. This is amazing. Oh, this is really cool. How do you do that?” When people ask you questions, you know they’re
engaging. When they give you the likes, that means they
like it, okay? Check out the types of content that has the
most engagement, that has the most likes. You’re going to be able to find a pattern
from there onwards. Sometimes you’d be posting behind the scenes
pictures, sometimes you’d have long form messages and content, or it could be videos, it could
be pictures. It doesn’t matter what it is. Find that common thread of what people are
actually looking for in your specific content, and that’s how you’re going to be able to
do it. Go on your competitor’s feed and check out,
basically, all their posts, and see which one has the most engagement, which one has
people talking about. And then, we can categorize that type of post,
whether it be a long form post, whether it be a short form, whether it’s a quote, whether
it’s a behind the scenes, whether it’s a how-to video. Figure out specifically what your demographic
are looking for. Now that you know the types of content that
engages the most, that gets the most likes, that’s the cue of the types of content that
you need to start creating more of. Whether it be a long form post, or whether
it be a behind the scenes, this is your customers telling you what they want. So when, in the future, it should influence
the type of content that you’re creating. That’s how you find out the types of content. The second way of planning your content is
this crazy tool called AnswerThePublic. And what this is does is, basically, you put
in there a keyword, and once you put in your keyword, it automatically generates the way
that people search using this keyword. Anywhere from “How do you make ice cream?”
to “What types of ice cream is the best?”, or “Which type of ice cream is the fattest?”. And from all these questions, these are all
ideas on the types of content you can create because these are the types of content that
people are actually searching for online. And this tool allows you to never run out
of ideas because it has hundreds of questions in there just for one keyword. So, imagine, if you’re running a restaurant,
you have tons of ingredients in there. Then now, you have tons of content that you
can actually shoot for your demographic. This is a super powerful tool. You’re not going to run out of topics to talk
about because, after using this tool, you can put in any keywords, and you’re going
to generate tons and tons of keyword ideas of how people are searching for this specific
term. So, next time, if you’re thinking about creating
content, this is a really good tool that allows you to come up with content ideas. Now, the third way to content plan for your
Instagram is to look at all the events. I’m talking about all the events from National
Hot Dog Day to National Ice Cream Day to National Strawberry Day. These are all crazy ideas that you can actually
implement, and create content for, for your Instagram feed, and for your food and beverage
business. Be creative with this whole aspect. This is what makes you become relevant. This is what gets people talking about you. And that’s the whole point of us running Instagram,
is to be able to stay in the loop, be in front of customers, and be top of mind. That’s how you’re going to get them through
the doors all the time. And ultimately, that’s why you’re doing this. So, make sure that, if you’re doing your content
planning, this is a super crazy tool that we always use, is to be able to check the
types of events that are happening on a daily basis, and we’ve planned this a whole year
in advance. So, go on Google, check out the types of events
that are happening, and then from there onwards, find the type of events that actually you
can have different spins on. So, for example, if there’s a National Ice
Cream Day, for us, we make a nice National Ice Cream flavored, right? If it’s National Strawberry Day, then we make
a strawberry ice cream. So on and so forth, right? So, then also there are the big holidays that
are happening as well: Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas. Those are all opportunity for you to be able
to create content for Instagram and to stay relevant. Now that we’ve talked about the three types
of content that you can create, whether it be your own engaging content and your competitors
engaging content, to what the public is actually searching for, to the types of events that
are happening within the area, now we’re going to dive into the type and the format of content
you want to be able to create for your Instagram feed. There are basically three types of content
format: video, story, and pictures. Now, of a video: video is super important,
and it is the future because of the fact that everything is fighting for our attention. Simply having a picture is just not good enough. Video is the way to go, which is the reason
why so many people are creating videos out there nowadays, because it captures your attention,
because this is the way to be able to come out from the noise. So, if you have an opportunity, definitely
go hard, and go double down on creating videos for your content, because if pictures says
a thousand words, then video is times a hundred of that, okay? Some possible video ideas could be behind
the scenes. You can be taking videos of your chef cooking,
or it could be taking pictures and videos of your customers enjoying your products,
or taking a video of you creating a product, or taking a video of you or your team going
out there and shopping, basically telling a story. The whole point of doing video is to make
it engaging and make it fun. So, make sure that if you have an opportunity,
shoot more videos for your brand. The second format of content is pictures. I’m not going to dive too deeply into this. Be creative with your pictures. Make sure that it’s actually fun and it tells
a story. And picture is only one thing: focus on the
caption. Tell a story within the caption. A long form caption is what really connects
with the people, and that’s how you’re going to be able to get more engagement. Tell a story, teach something, be educational
at the same time. The third format of Instagram content is IG
Story. This is something that is so underrated at
this point. This is something that a lot of people don’t
utilize because they think it’s something that is so unpolished, and which is why they
don’t post so much on IG Stories. If you think about pictures and videos as
the finished movie product, then IG Stories is the bloopers. It’s the stuff that engages with people. It’s the stuff that actually truly connects
with people because it shows the rawness, the realness. And people love that. So, if you have an opportunity, shoot some
behind the scenes videos on your IG Stories. Show people how you make the products. Show people where you shop for your ingredients. Show people how people are engaging with and
trying your products, and loving it. Show them what you’re going through. That’s where you’re going to truly connect
with your customers, is by going on IG Stories. The whole point of you doing Instagram content
and planning all these, at the end of the day, is to connect with your customers. And why would you want to connect with them? It’s to make sure that you make them feel
a certain way, to have that trust, that credibility for them to come in again and again. That’s the whole point of you shooting and
planning Instagram content, is to connect with your customers, to develop the raving
fan base. Today, we just shared with you how do you
plan your content, and the types and the formats of content that you can distribute out there. I really hope you find value in this. If you do, give us a thumbs-up. Leave us some comments below and tell us how
you connect with your customers. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next video.

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