April 7, 2020
How to filter out website traffic from your HubSpot analytics

How to filter out website traffic from your HubSpot analytics

The numbers are the numbers are the numbers Well, unless the numbers get jacked up, you know Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything Especially in HubSpot when it comes to your marketing and your traffic and like look One of the things that many companies forget to do is filter out IP addresses for people in the office or remote workers or consultants And so we’re gonna show you why you should do that in hub spot and how let’s go ahead and dive into this Into the tool let’s talk about The why look if you’re giving a ton of traffic to your blog articles or your website pages You want to make sure that traffic is people that could be potential customers and not your like internal team Just coming to educate themselves on the awesome things that marketing is doing or you know Just looking at the pretty pictures or the new employees also if you’re running an ads campaign you want to make sure that people like c-level folks or other marketers that are going to Those AdWords landing pages or Facebook ad landing pages Aren’t bringing along traffic and you know dirtying the data. Nobody likes dirty data. No, what do you like to read data? Nobody likes dirty data anyway you can see there’s multiple reasons why you would want to make sure that the traffic is the traffic because then the conversions are the Conversions and the traffic and conversions math actually works out and doesn’t seem stupid That’s good that I’ve in the HubSpot show you how to get this done. It’s quick. It’s easy, but it’s super important And here we are once again HubSpot for this pain-free tutorial well It might be pain-free unless you stub your toe getting out of your chair while you’re listening to this to go get your coffee Never mind for this tutorial We’re gonna go ahead and head it into the HubSpot settings which is always a fun area to head into we’re gonna click on this little icon up here and Once our settings page loads, we’re gonna head over to this left-hand navigation, and we’re looking for this reporting and analytics Tracking and we’re gonna go ahead and click on that You’re gonna see tracking code advanced tracking analytics views cookie policy and we of course are looking for this Advanced tracking a tab right here. Once we click on this advanced tracking tab We’re gonna scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then you’re going to see exclude Traffic and you’re gonna be able to see IP address this right? Here is my IP Address now if some strange reason that’s not working You can head over to Google and you can type in. What is my IP address? And you can click on that And of course Google is gonna go ahead and give you your IP address right here But typically you’re going to be able to find it right here in hub spot You will want to then go ahead and put the IP addresses of anybody who works remote or your office IP Address because we want to keep our data clean Anyway, this is how you exclude the traffic of your internal team from HubSpot. Make sure it happens today I know it seems like it might be insignificant, but trust me This is one thing that is super important and in HubSpot super easy Page you need education pass this tutorial remember, that’s what we do weekly trainings or one in to date workshops Look sprocket tock is all about HubSpot education. So make sure you do this today Make sure you dive into your HubSpot portal go to the settings get those IP addresses or get your users to log in and put their own IP addresses in there anyway as always this is your boy George be with another sprocket Talk tutorial saying Happy hum spotting. Hey, that’s the end of the tutorial. So go ahead and subscribe or watch another video

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