April 3, 2020
How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

hello everyone it’s neil patel here and we’re here for another Q&A Thursday video I’m here with Adam from viewership and everyone and today we’re gonna be answering one of your questions so we’ve been getting a ton of questions from all of you about Shopify so I just grabbed one of them please again leave those comments we’d love to read through them reading every single one of them there’s also a bull new Patel I have a Shopify store but I don’t know which things I should write a blog and which things I should make videos but really I think everyone’s just your opinion on Shopify in general so today let’s discuss how to grow your Shopify store using content marketing the question about video or text-based content it’s not hey should you create videos or text or both its what are you comfortable with for example Adam here prefers video for sure why do you prefer video because it’s easy and I don’t really like writing personally but for you you’re naturally better at video and it goes with your personality yes for me although I’m doing video I’m probably better at content than video and I’m doing okay with video well I’ve been doing content for over ten years and yes I’m getting better at better at video but I started with content I have way more experience so in general you want to look at what you think you’ll naturally better app and you want to first start focusing on that right so it could be video it could be audio it could be text-based content you pick it could even be visual infographics sure and with your Shopify store ideally most of you guys are like oh what kind of product should we sell how many you should start off with one product for example there was this lady that I met in New York I was at one of Chris Winfield’s dinners and she was breaking down how she does six figures a month on Shopify I was like how many parks you sold she said one what product he saw she responded with I make women shoes comfortable I’m like what do you mean Wow she’s like kind of like those dr. Scholl insoles and that way when you step in your high heels it’s more comfortable and I was like wait why don’t companies like Gucci and Prada make their high heels more comfortable and she told me something else interesting woman in many cases perceived high-end shoes and the uncomfort them to be luxurious and beautiful of her tea I don’t get that concept but if that’s the market she’s smart for doing that because she knows that Gucci Prada all these luxury brands aren’t going to create comfortable high heels so she just created insoles to make them really comfortable did Facebook Ads one product and crushed it unreal you don’t need tons and tons of products to do well on Shopify start off with one I’m not saying you can’t add more later on you of course want the upsells and down cells what’s up plugging that everyone uses David for the upsells on Shopify so one-click upsell but zip Fi that’ll help get you more upsells when you already have products if you’re selling insoles for the high heels your upsell could be by three of them at a discount or something like that now the point I’m trying to get is the reason you are sure off with one product when you start off with one product or even if you already have tons focus on one and create your blog and marketing content around that one product for example if it’s the insoles to make shoes more comfortable you can talk about how to cut the insoles how to make them more comfortable what kind of insulin do you need ideally for your shoes I don’t know much about high heels but some could be higher some could be less how is it healthy to walk in high heels for eight hours a day and you can do a study and talk about how people who walk in high heels for eight hours day for a whole year this is what happens to their feet versus people who only walk in high heels none right right and you probably don’t even have to do that study you can probably find data from all over the web that breaks down the stats compiled all together make it easier to find or even make it into infographic there’s a really cool animated infographic that talks about how fast is a Cheetah Run and in that infographic it’s kind of like a gyp and we’ll show it here on the screen it shows that cheetah running and the cool part about that is you can do the same thing with your content let’s say you’re doing the high heels you can show someone continually walking with your high heels on so putting that kind of content out there is what’s gonna go viral you just need to get creative if you’re not that critic of a person go to buzz komm type in keywords within your industry you’ll see what’s hot but instead of just creating text-based content try to create infographics you can go to dribble DRI BBB le calm or 99designs and you can find people to create these infographics for a few hundred dollars maybe even $50 depending on what country you live in all the way up to five hundred dollars if you’re in the u.s. create these infographics you go to bus sumo comm find out all the people who wrote similar content but you’re now creating visual content instead of the tech space you’re hitting up all the people who share that text-based content by clicking up view shares on buzzsumo it gives you a list you’re hitting up each of them and saying hey Adam I know you shared this article I created an infographic that shows all this information in a visual format if you liked it feel free and share cheers Neil it’s that simple and if you’re ready share the original and what would you do with this one yeah of course you’d share again of course and I would do the same thing with a trips you go to Atreus you put in the original article you see who links to it hey Adam I notice you link to this article that breaks down what happens your feet after you walk in high heels for a year I created a similar article but mine’s visual and an infographic format feel free and check it out here and if you think your audience will love it feel free embed it within your article cheers neil and if you don’t know how to embed your infographic there’s plugins that allow you to embed it with ease I don’t know what plugins work for Shopify bino for WordPress I use WP embed code generator you do that people embed it and you’ll get more links social shares and in general you should get more ecommerce sells best of luck with your e-commerce business any losses no I was just gonna say it sounds like it the strategy is really easier if you have less products on Shopify right because so much easy strategy is all focusing and you can end up creating one product that makes you six figures a month you do not need 2030 products David here used to sell organic solution to eczema and what were you doing in revenue during your peak six figures per year just one product that helps you cure eczema an organic way or get rid of eczema or control it that’s not that bad you don’t need 50 products to do well sure you’ll want to expand later on but one product is enough you can use Google Trends to see how big the market is by typing in keywords just make sure the industry that you’re thinking about is bigger than digital marketing and as long as it graph is bigger than that you’re good to go so that’s it for this week’s Q&A Thursday video feel free to leave a comment if you want to answer it in next week’s Q&A Thursday video and if you have any questions about Shopify or anything like that leave a comment I’ll be there to answer thank you guys for watching make sure you share like comment subscribe preciate everything if I can do anything for you guys please let me know I’m here to help

49 thoughts on “How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Store with Content Marketing

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    Can you make a video on how to analyse the your competitors??

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