April 9, 2020
How to Dropship Successfully #ecommerce #onlinebusiness #dropshipping

How to Dropship Successfully #ecommerce #onlinebusiness #dropshipping

It’s really easy to set up a dropshipping
store. But how to get your first sales and make a
real profit? You are wrong if you believe that it depends
only on picking the right products or avenues of promotion. Hello, my name is Anna. You are watching “Dropship Club” channel. Subscribe, if you want to start your dropshipping
business or already have it. Today, we are going to talk about typical
problems of those who are in the very beginning of their dropshipping journey and still don’t
get much profit. Your store shouldn’t just be set up and
filled up with products, it should also make money for you! Many people believe that to succeed in dropshipping,
you have to find your best promotional avenue to drive sales in their stores. Others still think that they just need to
find the best supplier. Well, all that is really important but there’s
something else to pay your attention to! Dropshipping business doesn’t differ so
much from other business models in terms of developing your own store. And the most important thing in dropshipping
business is your mindset. Starting a new business, you must be flexible. It’s essential to be ready if your product
idea is not as good as you’ve expected. You shouldn’t be disappointed and depressed
when something goes wrong. Many people give up after a few months and
never learn what they really need to do to earn money. Make more attempts. Apart from this, the following important skill
is being able to notice when something goes wrong. Don’t stay in the niche that doesn’t bring
you money. Don’t continue paying for Facebook ads with
a low conversion. Change pictures, change words, try another
audience. If Facebook ads don’t bring you clients,
switch to making shoutouts on Instagram and posting in related to your niche groups, for
instance. Sometimes store owners who put lots of effort
into creating their stores become too attached to their creation and don’t want to change
anything. Don’t be like them. Ask yourself: does it work? If not, move on. Try something new: new niche, new avenue of
promotion, new ad designs. Yes, many gurus tell you: finding a right
niche is a key to success. But what is a “right niche”? See some pieces of advice on what products
are suitable for dropshipping in the previous video. Check yourself again. Is your product brilliant or cute enough to
make people desire it? Can it inspire an impulse purchase? Is its price small enough to let visitors
buy it with no second thoughts and big enough for you to have sufficient profit margins? Is it unique and special? Don’t think about your personal interests
only. Competition could be really high, and your
competitors are not only dropshipping stores. But sometimes you can gain from this too. Monitoring the products which become best
sellers in other stores, you will be able to distinguish their features, analyze them
and get on a roll. Even if you are not a pioneer in the niche,
keep in mind that when you see all these ads with moon lamps or choker necklaces again
and again, it means there is still an active audience ready to buy them. Join the hype! What’s surprising is that after choosing
their niche, sometimes people don’t think over who their real clients are and what channels
are the best to reach them out. It’s easier just to start Facebook promoting
or Google Adwords or just to find an article telling 10 ways of promotion and start them
all. Is it a really good idea? I’m not sure. Study your product, study your audience. For instance, if you sell jewelry or cosmetics
you can spend money on ads. But there might be a way better idea to find
instagram influencers and buy shoutouts from them. One bright girl, whose followers are your
target audience, can bring you more clients sharing her joy of having your product than
a badly targeted Facebook campaign. It works vice versa with other types of niche:
if there are no people looking for bicycle parts in Insta, why using it? Test lots of instruments and channels but
put your energy and money only in those avenues of promotion that have the biggest volume
of your target audience. Being a dropshipping store owner means being
a businessman. Start thinking like an entrepreneur now. Read regular business books and learn how
to make money from all the possible sources. Your small store will be your best teacher
and, who knows, it might help you to raise something big! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to press “like”! To get more dropshipping tips, subscribe to
our channel! Bye!

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  1. Very true, Anna! Never try to find a shortcut to success. Try for 2-3 months max. and if it does not work for you, just change the niche and learn more, understand your mistakes and work accordingly.

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