April 4, 2020
How To Drop Ship Profitably – The Ultimate Drop Shipping Tutorial For Beginners

How To Drop Ship Profitably – The Ultimate Drop Shipping Tutorial For Beginners

Hey again! Anton hear from Drop Ship Lifestyle!
Just a quick video, I made a presentation that I’m gonna get to in just a minute but just to let you know this video is
all about it’s very basic if you know about e-commerce and drop
shipping already season for you but if you’ve been researching e-commerce
you’ve been researching drop shipping and you’ve stumbled upon my youtube
channel their website or blog or anything and you’re not really sure how or what drop
shipping is yet or how to do it the right way or how could be profitable this again is a quick power point
presentation that I made so I’m gonna walk you through it show you how I’ve been involved in
e-commerce for past eight years and then show you how I use drop shipping
now really above private labeling about importing above
selling on Amazon above selling on eBay I’ll explain why and I’ll share a little
about what drop shipping is and how it works. So lets check it out okay
so let’s get this started you’ll see here the name this presentation again is
what is drop shipping and it’s presented by
Drop Ship Lifestyle which is my online e-commerce training program
so getting right into it. Let’s, before we start talking about
drop shipping let’s just discuss a few different e-commerce business models I think
that’s important to kind of get us going the first would be eBay I’m pretty sure
everyone knows what eBay is if you don’t it’s an online auction place also a place where you can create in
e-bay store and sell through there so it’s one of the e-commerce business
models. There is also Amazon so everyone knows Amazon the biggest e-commerce store in the
world and it’s a possibility to set up an Amazon store and actually sell your
products through Amazon. So that’s another e-commerce business model then there’s what I just put the image
here for for Shopify all that really means is doing it
yourself, creating your own e-commerce store so build your own
website that you sell products to now out of these three there are more but you know these are the three big one’s.
You can sell on e-bay you could sell through Amazon on or you can build your own store there
are many different e-commerce platforms but to me Shopify is the winner i say
go with Shopify I say build your own store own
everything do it with Shopify because it’s the best platform out
there the reason I chose that and thats you know what I kind of
transitioned into when I started I did sell on e-bay I have
worked on Amazon before in fact I still advertise there But, I recommend selling through Shopify building
your own e-commerce store I recommend signed to Shopify building
your own e-commerce store allows you to own everything when you
selling through eBay or Amazon things really come down the priceing a
lot of the time. So you get into kind of pricing wars and that’s when
everything is based on when you build and pricing wars and that’s when
everything is based on when you build you control everything so the content is all
yours the leads are all yours you control everything so the content or
yours the leaves are all yours much more of a open field as far
as marketing goes and advertising goes and being able to control how
many people buy through your website so I highly recommend
building your own store out of all these business models and again I highly
recommend using Shopify now let’s talk about some different ways
to find products to sell now let’s talk about some different ways
to find products the cell so obviously you can import I’d
important for from China to USA you can import from
anywhere to anywhere and is a good way to do business it’s a
good way to get involved with e-commerce I do not recommend starting that way I’m
another way that I actually can’t believe people recommend is going to garage sales you know trying
to find good value good deals you could pick up for cheap and then we sell throughout your eBay or Amazon
e-commerce store and then there’s the when you’re the one
that I recommend the one that I use I didn’t know what image to use here so
I put this side the live the image a postman but to me
the clear winner is drop shipping as a way to start again
I’m not saying im porn is bad I’m not saying you should never do it if you just getting into e-commerce you
China really learn the ropes makes money and not put in cash and that’s the main
thing he really trying to not make a big investment and you know drop
shipping is the way to go it states the best return
on your time and it’s a weighted really create a big business that
doesn’t cost a lot of money up front and obviously the garage sale thing that actually courses teach in I don’t get it
it’s always the time in who wants to sell when I know the time
you wanna sell items wanna make a lot of money so let me explain what drop shipping is now
that you know you know why I recommend that as a way to find product to sell
and now that you also know that I recommend selling very own store why do I recommend this how does drop
shipping work I purpose little image here and will discover really quick on again you’re building your own
e-commerce store your listing products on your website so whose products are these well these
are different suppliers products different brands products so they’re actually companies out there
who is job is as a business it’s not to find customers it’s not
ticket sales for themselves they are actually the brand that create
products that innovative products and that look for
retailers to sell them so as a drop shipper as a dropship
retailer we’re selling for these brands who don’t sell to the public who are
looking for people to sell their products to make them money and you know to grow their business for
them so where one of these retailers so again how it works is we get approved
the cell for these different companies and no not
just one there thousands of them we get approved to sell for these
companies we put these items for sale on our website on Shopify store with and
you are advertise in customers come to the store and once
they buy these items we contact our suppliers our drop ship
suppliers and the ship these items directly to our
customer so were not lean out money for inventory
we’re not buying any inventory all we’re doing is making an agreement
with the dropship Supplier saying that we want to sell their
website we get their price list we put their products for sale on our
site and then when someone buys from us we place that order with the spire only
after the customer has paid us after we receive the money we contact
that supplier we say ship I am XYZ to customary ABC a ship it they charge us difference between what
we sell to our customer for and what we pay our supplier is our net
profit from my experience when you drop ship in the right way you’re looking at about 25-30 percent
average net profit see South thousand dollar item make 250 bucks thats my my experience
that the estimates and the tires and a slower that’s a good goal to shoot for and I
think a realistic expectation so now that I cover that briefly I wanna
go through a checklist and you know how to do drop shipping it the
right way successfully had actually make money with it because yes there are a lot of ways to fail with
e-commerce and drop ship in just like anything else but I’ll explain
and about a brief overview other the system that I use when creating new dropship stores
and I’ve been doing this for free years now so I’ve been doing this since
then and it works in a plain and simple step 1: is choosen trade choose what
we’re gonna sell online we’re gonna commit specific here when I
can build some store that sells all different types of products no we’re
not trying to be Amazon we want to get their unit specific on that comes into play when it me
during the conversion rates and how we’re gonna market or sores at Slater or gonna try and it’s down
choose one type of product the seller’s store: step two is we’re going to find their
future competitors were gonna go out online and we’re gonna find web sites that are
already selling out what we wanna sell and more specifically the net we’re
gonna find web sites that already sell what we wanna sell that are
doing it be a dropship so how do we know that we’re gonna check
their About Us page is that they have a warehouse if they have a showroom today
at retail stores we want companies that sell online for
multiple brands have no physical presence that means if
sign for Drop Ship spires that means we can compete step three is
we’re gonna create our store yes even before we get approved for
suppliers we’re gonna do this because we want to show our future suppliers that we actually have an e-commerce
store something that looks good something they can trust trust is a huge part of this and of
course I get bearing the detail that into dropship lifestyle and yeah I show
you exactly how to create restore their course but that step 3: step four is now
actually to go out there and to get approved with the suppliers I’ll I say go out there and get approved
I mean get on the phone or send e-mails I that step for once we have our store 1
seed obviously done all our research we’re starting to put some time into
this the balls rolling in we’re getting a bit suppliers in step 4 after that we want to step 5 which is optimized for conversions so
again I said earlier there’s lots of ways to succeed with the commerce
there’s lots of ways to fail on I figure out what the different
optimization techniques over the years that really helped make visitors turns buyers and
that’s what step 5: is all about there’s no there’s a bunch from and again I share them all in my drop
ship lifestyle course step 6: is get traffic so trust is very
important obviously and what’s more important and
traffic is conversion rate and how quality that traffic is now one thing I
found with e-commerce and drop shipping is that there are 100 traffic sources out there
I used lot to them and i’ve wasted tens of thousands of
dollars trying different ones so is a few from network rate for me and
there’s a few different tweaks I used to make them work so well
just to briefly cover what I use our Google plae is Amazon product ads very basic on-site SEO don’t spend money
on SEO don’t recommend it some on-site I think that I recommend the fine dot com is a great one and I
take out actually did blog banner ads if you’re interested in
how I use them and you know obviously more in-depth information it’s
my drops in lifestyle course step 7 to build a successful drop
shipping store based on my experience again is the
start outsource outsourcing in automating tasks so what’s your stories
up you know you’ve found in it she dies suppliers you build your story gotta good with suppliers you optimize the
American version jerk and trafficking in sales making money then it’s time to start using these are
the zaps online you plug into your store that will
automate aidid it asks for you so you don’t have to work as much which is of
course what we all want make money when our get as much so on japs I recommend once called econ hob
there’s there’s a bunch of them and if you wanna know how to use them
and careful lest again dropship lifestyle so that’s my at my
step in step checklist for building a successful drop shipping store and to move on its wanna cover few you
know quick common mistakes to avoid if you
don’t want to join the course if you not part of it and I just wanna let you know you know
how people usually fail if they fail and what you should stay away from so the
first never pay for access to a supplier I’d literally worked with hundreds a
drop ship suppliers over the years and I’ve never once paid for an account
and pay monthly fees on pay to get the product catalog don’t do this every company that charges
to sell their products is either a middleman or company whose
goal isn’t to really build their brand making money off these monthly fee years
of these young activation account activation things you don’t want
to do it even if you do it these products are gonna sell well
there’s two kinds company competitors never pay for access to supply room one next then never work with suppliers
who call themselves drop shippers obviously this presentation is about
drop ship in my courses called Russia lifestyle at funny thing is whenever I’m talking
to suppliers I never use the term drop shippers I never Google my niche keywords plus
drop shippers that’s not how you find quality suppliers and the real good suppliers ones you
want 18 not call themselves drop shippers they don’t have that keyword anywhere on
their website and chances are if you call and mention drop ship in they’re going to be less likely work
with you you want to use the word Internet Retailer you want to present yourself as a real
business not some guy you know in his moms basement China built in e-commerce or to be
honest so on again internet retailers and that show how to
find me is good suppliers in my course and I created on the next come
and stay to avoid is you should only work with suppliers
again this is when starting out you can expand on this but you should only work with suppliers
human force map now map is its common term in the
industry it stands for minimum advertise price so you wanna sell for suppliers you have
pricing controls again these types of suppliers that we
want not middlemen they actually create brands they build
brands they won companies that are gonna you know respect their brand build trust
in it and get them sales now these companies the legitimate
companies have price controls let’s say for example I don’t know this
I know a ladies leather bag and their St their minimum advertised
price is a thousand dollars and your wholesale cost is $600 in
Munich for 100 percent appointed dollars per cell right may be okay with making two hundred
dollars for sale so you wanna sell for eight hundred dollars well the suppliers will not let you do
that and if you get caught doing that they’re gonna and your account the reason they do this
the reason they have these pricing controls is because they want their brands to
hold the credibility to hold value so not gonna let retailers go out there
and just keep undercutting each other told no one makes any money and more
importantly till they’re they’re perceived value the brand goes down so we only want to work with suppliers who
enforce minimum advertised price in and has bunch ways to check if they do
of course we just ask them but there’s a there’s more automated ways that I share
in in the course am next then not try to
compete with offline retailers so what I mean by that is when you’re
looking for future editors I had on briefly before don’t
try to find these companies that have a has no
physical stores or warehouses and try to compete with him they’re most
likely gonna get better pricing from suppliers be able to sell for less and you know and also that this it’s
still the way things are today you know someone has an option to add
find something online going down list lock picking up getting that it’s the
gratification a lot of the times Argus going to the or down the block and pick it up so one
great way to find niches online great way to find suppliers online is
defined kinda unique areas with images with the products on
readily available locally where customers actually have to buy
online so I can punch examples and course on one quick one I
give it in the course also but just very briefly to cover it is a chandeliers rate so it is someone
wants to buy a chandelier for the new house they can go to Home Depot they can go to
Lowes they could find them but they can’t find maybe the exact one they want this is an
item that there can they really be thousands and thousands variations up and maybe the Home Depot carries no
twenty-year forty or fifty I’m whatever it is this is something that customer probably
has the buy online and this is something where there’s
hundreds of brands with or not all gonna be you know in a local store
so it’s something a customer would online to buy and it’s a space
we’re not gonna be only competing with offline retailers you can be signed the brands that are
online only brand that you can get approved with and brands that you can actually compete
in sales for in Grant Park those sales so that’s my next that my
next comes the to avoid is fine as offline stores in trying to keep
not do that the last mistake that people make all the
time and I understand why but I don’t want you to make the same one is do not I a turnkey drop ship store if
you go to that you flip a dot calmer and maybe is like
auction web sites like the lower end website cell lines you’ll find the stores old dropship
story no opportunity 5,000 products ready to go these don’t work Israel clones of each
other they’re not really what drop shipping is all about it there a way for
the sellers make a quick buck and I can even see myself someone that’s
been in business for almost a decade doing this I am where those and making a profitable
so I’m sure no one else is gonna be these are a waste of money waste time don’t even look into it on gathers good
values you know this good stores for sale e-commerce stores could drop ships
stores I’ve sold them but they go into the mid you know high
six-figure range and I don’t think anyone here that’s
watching this is looking to spend you know have to nine dollars on a Web
site thank you brother know that website and sell it and and definitely possible you down
something that you could figure out your own something that you
can mine I going to a course like mine and you know learn as you go there’s a
there’s tons information online but I really do think that my course
dropship life style icon is the best if year look into it you know learn more
about it and see what’s included and dropship lifestyle you can either go to drop ship lifestyle
dot com or are you to page we actually even have a a walkthrough video
remembers areas you could see what’s actually included if you decide to join my course if not
you know best luck to you I really hope you follow through with e-commerce and again get started with drop ship in I
don’t think there’s a better way to break into it and again I don’t think there’s a better
resource on mine and my core structure lifestyle so any questions for me please reach out
and you know keep me posted on your progress in your successes in I you know I’d be glad
to help along the way talk soon and thank you for watching
this video I S

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