April 8, 2020
How to Drive More Website Traffic From Facebook Groups

How to Drive More Website Traffic From Facebook Groups

Do you have a Facebook Group? If not, you should create one. Or, are you part of Facebook Groups? If not, you should join ’em. Hey, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna teach
you how to drive more traffic using Facebook Groups. So, if you have your own Facebook Group, it’s
really simple, anytime people are asking questions, or you have new content, share a link. It’s really that easy. And the beautiful part about Facebook Groups
is the people who you’re communicating with, and engaging with, if really do help ’em out
and answer whatever questions they have, when you have something on your website that benefits
’em, not only will you get more traffic from the Group, but those visitors are much more
likely to convert into customers, because you’ve built a rapport with them, you’ve built
that connection, you’ve helped them out. With your Facebook Group, you’re building
connections with people, so as you help other people out, and you create more and more engagement,
what you’ll notice is the community is there, they’re gonna support you, and they’re much
more likely to go to your website, visit your articles, share it, promote it, and even buy
your products or services. If you look at my Facebook Group, even though
it’s private, there’s tons of engagement. The second thing that you want to do is join
other peoples Facebook Groups. So you can do searches on Facebook, you can
look for Groups, you can join ’em. A lot of ’em are public, right? You just click, join, you’ll get accepted,
once you get accepted, go in there, help other people out. When they have questions related to products
or services that you may offer, don’t just promote your products, help ’em out, and of
course at the same time you can mention your product or service within there. So you can di this by joining other Facebook
Groups, or creating your own, or ideally, why not do both? The key with doing all of this is the Facebook
Group has to be related to the industry you’re in. So if you’re selling dog products and you
decide that you want to create Facebook Groups about marketing, or join marketing Facebook
Groups, not really gonna help drive more traffic to your dog website. It doesn’t matter that a lot of people have
dogs, it’s just unrelated. So you wanna make sure you’re joining, and
creating, relevant Groups, and that’s how you drive more traffic using Facebook Groups

20 thoughts on “How to Drive More Website Traffic From Facebook Groups

  1. Knew about it, Thanks… Can you please make a post or video on how to optimize and increase advertising revenue preferably Google Adsense

  2. Awesome Video again from you Neil! BTW Can you Please Add me in you Facebook Secret Group? fb .com/prasanthdeeven

  3. Hi. Neil Patel

    I really like your videos. That's so amazing!. What software do you use to make videos? Thanks so much!

  4. how to invite all my page likers to be member in my new group?

    i want to sell medical equipments by facebook. is it better to sell different items by page or by group?

    If I have several groups how to invite all members from one group to be members in my other groups?

    How to make sale items in a group?

  5. what are the best ways to make money when create a page or group? some sell the page or group , do u know why? how to do it i wwant to read about it more. or some charge for posts u pay to make a post. are these methods good?do they work well?

  6. i have a page with many fans and build up new group. how can i invite those page fans to see my group and become also members. get attracted

  7. Excellent video
    I have a question about autoposters to multiple groups of face book
    at the same time
    I tried multiple softwares to do that
    and my fb account got blocked
    Is there any word press plug-in doing so ??
    Not just to my own page or my own group
    Dr. Kotb
    [email protected]

  8. Hey, what if my blog posts are about news articles? What should I do? I'v never seen any facebook group as news community.

  9. I found that a lot of groups allow you to share other people link, and if you share your own link (especially with your own name within the domain), they claim it as self-promoting and you are prohibited to do so. Any way to overcome this?

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