April 7, 2020
How to Drive Foot Traffic with Instagram

How to Drive Foot Traffic with Instagram

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tip For Tip, where you, the business owner, ask us marketing questions in exchange for a tip in your industry. My name’s Aaron. My name is Christian. And today we have Viviana with Flores Med Spa. Hey BitBranding. My question for you today is, how can I organically bring in new clients from Instagram into my Day Spa? Alright, So since your Med Spa is not huge yet, let’s focus on that, so it’s not huge yet. You have to go broad before you can go narrow. So places like American Airlines, or Southwest or Coca-Cola, like they get people using their hashtags, mentioning them like every day. They’re big companies. But when you’re a smaller company, you have to go abroad. You have to figure out where these people are hanging out. So figure out who your clientele is. I am assuming that they’re mainly women. I’m assuming that they’re a certain age. I’m assuming that they’re a certain demographic that they fit into it. Where do those people spend time or what are their interests? Do they have kids? Are they married? Did their kids play sports? Go to those places that they’re hanging out and just be one of them. So go and engage, go and comment. They’re naturally going be like, who the heck is this person over here as a business commenting? They’re going to go over to your
profile. And at that point, if you have a really good profile bio anyway, make sure it’s a good call to action. Like, Hey, you know, we love all of our people that come over from Instagram. Click here to get 10 percent off a year or 15 percent offer and 25 percent off or whatever. This amazing deal. Click this link and book your first spa treatment. And they could absolutely do that. But you got to do that. You had to put in the time to make that happen since it is all organic. But like I said, you have to go broad first. Go basically to them, instead of thinking that they’re going to come to you and use your hashtags and stuff and don’t just go after the people who are using like med spa or spa treatment or anything like that, because the only other people who are using that are probably other med spas. Go to the other places where they’re hanging out and get into the conversations where people are spending their time already. Yeah. I mean, on top of that, I think we’ve talked about this before, but it’s very important to use storytelling and and be able to provide value to people, whether that is through your regular feed in the combination with your Instagram stories as well and using IGTV, all those three components working together in order to provide content, value to these people will definitely generate some business one way or another. And then another I guess the fourth pillar will be using direct messages. So being active on regular posts, being active on Instagram stories, being active on IGTV and then using direct messages to your advantage, using those four things and being in the right place at the right time, definitely generate some organic traffic to your profile for sure. And I guess one last part to that is that your organic posts should not look like all the other med spa posts, or all the other spa posts where they only show the eyebrows and like their face, which we love your work and when maybe we’re not the demographic, but when we only see just all of the work like there doesn’t it doesn’t add any value to that person unless they’re just like, yep, that’s where I’m going for spa treatment. You want them to be engaged the other 15, 20 times out of the year that they’re not gonna use you, that they’re doing other stuff, they’re not getting spa treatment. So make sure you know who your audience is and create posts around that like mom struggles or hey, I hate it when you know it’s super humid outside and this messes with my hair like this is also something how you can add value to them and you can do that through your posts. All right Viviana hopefully that was good. Let’s hear your tip for us. So my tip to the audience is if you are looking for a day spa, I recommend one that offers multiple services. That way you are able to have a one-stop-shop such as we have here. We offer eyelash extensions, laser lipo, teeth whitening, facials, and waxing. And they’re all services that you can get done while you’re on your break during the day and it just makes your life so much easier. That’s a great tip. I think offering services that complement each other and that you can do in a single not session, but a single visit. That maybe they’re quick enough that you can do two or three at a time. That’s perfect. All right. So today’s Question of the Day was highly ridiculed and highly, highly messed up. So please, if you get this far and to leave a comment, I can show them that this kind of comment rules. All right. So I want to know, do you like milk or do you not like milk or are you just kind of like milk is like eh like it’s a you’ve got to have it for your cereal, but I’m not really like I’m gonna go drink some chocolate milk kind of guy or girl. That’s weird. Today at lunch, I drank some chocolate. How was it? Delicious. So he is going to leave a comment as soon as this goes out and says, hey, I’m Christian, I love wiener dogs and I love milk. Yes, that is basically me in a nutshell. Thank you for coming on our show. If you’re a business owner and you like to be on Tip for Tip, all you have to do is go to a branding.co/tipfortip submit that form and let us know that you want to be on the show. We’ll get you on the show.

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