April 2, 2020
How to Download Embedded Videos Using DevTools

How to Download Embedded Videos Using DevTools

There are many websites to learn any subject
on the internet. Most of them depend on streaming the videos
online rather than allowing us to download them for viewing later. That’s why in this video we will learn how
to download embedded videos for offline viewing. That being said, this trick won’t help you
with Netflix, or Prime Video, or even on YouTube sometimes. So, please respect copyright policies and
be cognizant of this practice before you download videos that may have been embedded for a reason
by the content owners. I only recommend doing this for your personal
use and not misuse it for illegal gains. So for this demo purposes, I am going to use
Channel 9, the Microsoft’s website where a lot of learning videos are available. So, let’s go into the ‘Shows’ section, find
some suitable videos for our demo now. I am going into the DevOps lab, let’s pick
up this one. Now let the video keep running in the background
and for now hit the F12 Keyboard shortcut, to open up the Dev Tools. And go into Network, and then hit on this
filter icon and choose Media. I would just pause the video and play it again,
you’ll see some videos getting streamed over here on the Network tab, and in the media
tab here. So clicking on this you can see the get URL
for the mp4 file. Now all I’ve to do is select the URL, right
click on that and click on goto to open it in a new tab, where you could get this directly
downloaded by clicking here. Or by right clicking and selecting ‘save video
as…’. I tested this with some of the Pluralsight
videos too and it worked fine. That’s all. I hope you liked this video. I will see you again in another one, until
then you please take care and keep creating because your success is just around the corner.

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