February 25, 2020

41 thoughts on “How to Dominate Facebook Marketing Despite Its Algorithm Hating You

  1. Great video! I am in the process of trying to dominate Facebook – ha ha, life long project eh ! Loving all your videos! Keep up the great work Neil! 🙂

  2. True, engagement has been down year to year. I own about 9 pages, a few with over 100k likes and I make money with ad breaks and instant articles, the best tip I can give you is diversify and expand to story ads using affiliate marketing.

  3. I love to explain about tourist places . Shall I start a blog ? Can I earn from my passion . I love to review movies . Shall I write blog on that . Can I just make sub domain and start 2 wordpress blogs ? Not getting how to start

  4. I always use free marketing but have a few Facebook groups in topics I am interested in – crypto, making money and business. 😉

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing the Neil, it's something I've been curious about ever since I found out about the whole "pay to play" model Facebook have put in place

  6. Great video Neil, FB groups are very organic way to sell your products for SEM and Small Business, If u are targeting local businesses go with local groups in your city which having more members and having engagements more, here you reach specific people who may interested in your products, It's free way to sell your product

  7. Thanks Neil, really awesome stuff, and even though, one of my bonuses for my review that I'm editing right now named: "Facebook Algorithm Reach Hack". It's similar to this, but it seems that I got really great results through my method inside my bonus.

    Thanks again!

  8. Just before 1 month we were getting so many conversions from FB ads but now it is not quite working. Even we are unable to meet out target. Why this are happening?

  9. Neil I have a new marketing strategy and was wondering if you think it's any good. Paid ads for domestic, SEO for global. What do you think? Yes/no? If you say no, I'll research it myself why that is the answer not to take up your valuable time. Thank you if you reply and wish you a great Friday/weekend

  10. I just started my YouTube channel to promote my website that helps people to work at home online. I’d love to promote you on my website. I’m loving your videos! Debra

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