March 30, 2020
How to Do a Test Transaction using PayPal Sandbox (WooCommerce)

How to Do a Test Transaction using PayPal Sandbox (WooCommerce)

Hi guys, it’s Hogan in here again and in this tutorial I’m gonna be basically showing you how to do a test payment using the PayPal Sandbox feature. Okay, the first thing that you need to do is to go to your dashboard and go to WooCommerce, click on settings… And now what we want to do is click on Checkout And then on Paypal And then click on the Paypal Sandbox
Enable Paypal Sandbox And then what we’re gonna do is save changes Okay, so click on “Sign up for developer account”;
click here. And what you’ll need to do is you have to have a PayPal business account, I believe, because that’s what I have. And you’ll need to actually click on “Log In” And you’ll need to log in with your real account details. [typing sounds]
Okay… Ooops…
[typing sounds] And your real password, okay, and then click on “log in” Okay, now you’re in the developer account for the Paypal, and you need to click on “Dashboard” And then click on [tssss] on the Sandbox here, click on “Accounts” Okay, so you can click on “Create Account” And then for the country, uhm, it’s not really important But for the account type, select “Personal Buyer Account” And the email isn’t very important either It can be any email, so maybe just do like “test at your domain dot com” Okay, your password can be any password And, first name is optional, I might just put that in Okay, and the PayPal balance that you want, I might just put in, you know, ten thousand dollars And select payment card, I might select PayPal And… Create account. Okay, so that’s really easy. Now, once you have that setup,
and then you’ll need to go to… Your website, so shopwatchdemo… And I’m actually gonna logout first,
So log out of your WordPress. And go to your homepage And let’s click on that Okay. And let’s add a item to your cart View cart. And then what we’re gonna do is proceed to checkout. So type in your first name. [typing sounds] Type on your email address. [typing sounds] And your phone number. [typing sounds] Okay. And your country, and then the address. [typing sounds] State The zip code The bio can also create an account so it’s gonna save all the details. That way, uhm, they don’t have to fill in the details over again. Okay? So after you’ve done that, then you can just click on “Proceed to PayPal” And then what you need to do is get this email and then paste into here, or just type it in. Okay. And then type in the same password that you just set in. And then click on “Log In”. And then you might have to click on “Yes. Agree and Continue”. And then click on “Pay Now”. Again it says that you have just completed the payment. And then if you go to your PayPal account overview. Then you can see that you’ve paid four hundred sixty-eight dollars to this email address. Okay? And then, what you need to do afterwards is maybe go back to your website and log in. [typing sounds] Okay, log in. And then go to WooCommerce. Orders. And then you should actually see a new order come in. Okay? So you can just click on that. And then you can look at the details and basically fulfill that order. Okay? And you can do a bunch of other things, so you can play around with those. Okay? And yeah, that’s it for this aahh short little video. So you probably won’t get an email notifying you of the order, you might have to create a personal account. And do what I did at the beginning of that online store tutorial where I did a test. Uhm, transaction. So I made a coupon that gave me nine-five percent off and then I did a test transaction. And you can actually refund that money anyway, so… You can do a real one or, you know,
ask your friend to try… Uhhmm, but this is the, you know, last resort. Okay? Thank you for watching
and see you guys in the next video.

59 thoughts on “How to Do a Test Transaction using PayPal Sandbox (WooCommerce)

  1. Thank you for this. This was straight forward and easy to understand. I would have spent all day trying to figure this out.

  2. Ok thank you for this. But there's a problem: once the test user completed the order on Paypal, in the orders index in Woocommerce, the order is set in "Pending payment". Even in your tutorial this happens. This is bad because i want to know if the user have already done the payment. How can i achieve this? Thank you very much!

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  4. One part I don't see is how you add the api signature or ipn with the sandbox account. I believe you have to have those in order for the connection to work. Just checking the use sandbox won't work without the rest of the process.

  5. G'day Hogan. Thanks for yout guidance here.√√
    I followed all the steps and all going well unitil – At 2:03 you have an option above "Credit Cards" to select PayPal. While I do see 'Credit Cards', I don't have the Paypal option. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi..thank you for this tutorial. But it just made me curious though, like the money and everything we used in sandbox mode won't effect the real account right? So,no real payments were made and the balance thingy are all just doesn't exist? Just for confirmation. 🙂

  7. Can you please tell me which type of PayPal button you are using to direct from your website to PayPal. Thanks in advance and have a good day.

  8. Thanks for the video, quick question: is it important to add a PayPal identity token in your woocommerce settings? i cant seem to find out what mine is

  9. Many Thanks Hogan Cua
    i actually upgraded my paypal account to business one and then i followed the steps very carefully but when i tried to use a sandbox account to pay this error occurs:
    “This transaction cannot be completed”
    Any suggestions?
    Do i have to create API credentials?

  10. When I enter to Dashboard->Sandbox->Accounts for the first time, there are two accounts created with suffix "-facilitator" and "-buyer". So, do I need to create a new account or can I use the two accounts automatically created?

  11. Hello,
    Thanks for the tutorial but I have one issue, the paypal doesn't accept any currency only if i changed it to be usd it works so any help?
    I am living outside the states and i want to display prices in another currency.

  12. Great video, it was right to the point and very simple to follow. I feel confident proceeding with my Store and Paypal setup!

  13. Nothing happens when you go to paypal, you get a blank page where the url says sandbox. The page is empty in every browser I try.

  14. It didn't work for me. I never got the option at 3:57 to "go to paypal account overview". I followed it exactly so I'm not sure what i missed or did wrong .. or if paypal has changed their screens since this tutorial? Hmm.

  15. Thanks for the video. Question: do we disable the sandbox when site goes live, Or do we keep it enabled? Can a buyer checkout and process their order with our sandbox enabled?

  16. hello hogan great tutoria but do u have a 2018 updated ne -coz i tried – and paypal has creted buyer and facilitator accounts nw – when i tried using them – they would just not let me login the way you described -into my test sandbox account.. pls help

  17. Mine did not work. The payment went through but when I go back to my dashboard to look at the order. It went from pending to failed. Can u please help? Also how do I get my labels to work? Do I have to pay??

  18. i followed every step exact, and then when i went to check out with the sandbox paypal info in an incognito page, i keep getting a message "some of your info isn't correct, please try again". i have the sandbox account that says complete open in front of me using the correct email and password, anybody know why it isn't working, frustrating i tell ya

  19. thank you so much. I was nervous doing this but it was very easy and worked perfectly. I'm in awe I was able to figure out how to set up an online store.

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