November 17, 2019
How to design a website without technical knowledge – how to create a website – J.R. Fisher

How to design a website without technical knowledge – how to create a website – J.R. Fisher

good morning everybody J.R. Fisher here
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well we got a lot of people from the UK today
that’s very cool alright so we’ve got people from all over the place and today
today we get a drum roll drum roll there it is we’ve got a drum roll but then you
sound like a drum roll I’m just saying alright how to build a website with no
technical experience in other words anybody can do this I could even do this
I’ve got a dog sitting next to me she well no no it’s just not good with a
keyboard but I’m not either this is not hard you can do this by the end of this
session today you could just go out and build websites like crazy just have a
good time okay so let’s get into this who needs a website seriously
seriously who needs a website did you ask that wait I asked that let’s see who
needs a website well I would say just about everyone I mean listen if you’re a
restaurant you don’t have your menu online and we just got through looking
for places to eat today I mean just seconds ago I had to get off because I
had this coaching call dude but I was looking for a menus and if there’s not a
restaurant with a menu I mean they’re just gonna miss business car dealers oh
my god you know if they post the cars they are in all the different shots of
the car and all that chiropractors right you know they can have little things
that help people out where they’re located dentists of course need them
plumbers need him you know anything you’re gonna sell online obviously you
need a website if you’re an artist you can put your work up there people can
see it if you’re a gardener I mean even if you’re a gardener you need a website
nowadays okay contractors if you’re you know doing any type of construction
stuff retail stores obviously they can sell their products online as well as
they can sell in the store veterinarian’s okay I mean tells another
practice what they believe in colleges have to have a matter of fact most
college courses are online nowadays so here’s the deal guys you have come to a
point in your life you’re here you have to know how to do websites you have
you can’t you can’t always hire this stuff out and and I’m not saying you
shouldn’t hire stuff out but I’m saying you should know how to do this stuff
it’s not that hard to do now I’m gonna show you on WordPress how to do this and
why well why seriously because it’s the largest website hosting in the world
okay so you WordPress is it it’s the deal now there’s certainly other
platforms out there like Wix and all these little things but man if you got
WordPress I mean that’s the way to go it’s fully customizable you get all
these plugins I mean there’s just thousands and thousands of them to do
make it do anything you want right now we’re working on a affiliate thing and
it looks like we’re gonna have to buy a plugin which I didn’t discuss that with
Jessica but I’ve you know put some feelers out there and it looks like the
plugins a way to go you mean this is you can hire people to work on it’s super
easy because so many people understand it so it’s not hard to do and you can do
whatever custom designs you want I mean anything that you can imagine anything
that you see out there that you want to you know make a replica of you can do it
it’s that easy and you can sell online much easier – we have things like
WooCommerce and other stuff in there we just opened up some print-on-demand
stuff where we have t-shirts and mugs and hats and all that stuff and we put
it on there so that’s pretty cool so what we’re gonna do is go through all
the steps you need to take to build a site now if you have questions during
this and you want Jessica to answer I’m just you know put it in that comment box
there and at the end I’ll answer them shall I answer him we’ll take all your
questions but make sure you put them in there you know the more the more
questions you ask the more knowledgeable you’ll become it’s not when you talk
that you learn this when you ask questions so there are no dumb questions
don’t worry about that anything you ask is just something you don’t know right
now once you know it not a big deal okay so step one what is step one boom
pick a name for your site now ideally you know it would be nice if the name of
your site coincided with what you sold you know your niche or whatever we have which doesn’t tell you anything right but we’ve also got
the inner circle down there guys if and this is an inner circle call you know
you’re in inner circle if you are on this call if
you’re not in our inner circle and you got an invitation to this you may want
to check it out you’re getting an insight into what we do and how we train
and all that all you have to do is go to inner circle comm forward slash and roll
free video there tells you all about it you can check that out now so we picked
a name it in step two what do we need to do we need to get hosting and a domain
now this is confusing to some people you know what’s the difference in hosting in
a debate why do I have to pay for two things well here’s the deal
hosting and domain are the two things we need to launch a website without those
two things you can’t launch a website it’s not possible okay so hosting is
gonna be the place your website files will be stored in other words all your
stuff has to be put somewhere and you got to pay to put it somewhere and I’m
also gonna give you a link by the way where you can save a lot of money on
this so that’s that’s what your hosting is okay now your domain is the name of
your website you have to pay to use a name of the website and that is
something that you know has to be paid on a regular basis I mean you can’t just
buy it once and for all you have to pay for it over time now you can buy three
years advance five years in advance whatever and I do recommend a minimum of
three years because when Google is looking at your website and Google
actually decides how long that website’s gonna be around and if you buy once a
year they’re gonna say well this website’s not gonna be around and I’m
not gonna put it in search results so you’re actually hurting yourself and it
doesn’t really cost that much to have it for a longer period of time okay the
best website hosting is Bluehost why because WordPress says so WordPress says
this is the best one I’m gonna give you in a link where you can save them as a
matter of fact you wouldn’t even have to pay for your domain if you use the link
I’m gonna give you but let’s let’s do a walk through one here first and let’s
set this up so you can see how to do it okay so here we aren’t at Bluehost I’m
going to think the shared hosting that’s what we want for this particular thing
then we’ve got three different price levels here they’re all two
upon you know the plan that you pick and how long you want to pay in advance you
get the basic of the plus you have a choice plus we’re gonna go with the
basic one and that’s that’s the biggest discount based on paying in advanced I
keep that mind you do have to pay in advance to get these discounts but it’s
really not much money so let’s go ahead and click there I’ve already picked out
a domain so I’m gonna go ahead and put it in this box down here if you already
have a domain your switch then you use the other ones but this is a new domain
that I you know just bought from Bluehost so or actually you get it free
when you use my affiliate link we’ve always making a dot-com obviously and
click Next right here and this is where you put in all your payment information
all that good stuff right here and that’s your billing information right
there scroll down they’ve got these extra things added to your price um you
know you can do them if you want the domains free like I showed you your SSL
is free but you can just uncheck these if you don’t want them you know the
privacy protection and the site block security and code guard all that kind of
stuff you don’t want to just doesn’t check it you know pay for it not a big
deal alrighty cool so we’re gonna say 33% PEGI early on the first plan and if
we drop down here we’re gonna stay 41 percent on 24 months and the big one we
say 50 percent for 3 years best way to go not that much more money save us a
lot of money overall but which is really cool if you don’t see the discount just
try you know click on the link in the description window there’s I’ll give you
and it should work for you to find you won’t get these discounts if you don’t
use my affiliate link you want to make sure you use that alrighty so I think we
got this all set up down here is going to be your payment information you’re
putting a credit card there you know you can think about PayPal if you want or
you credit card whatever it is that you choose to use you have to check these
two boxes down here so move forward and then we’re going to click Submit and
then we start the wait because it takes just a second to process your credit
card and all that and I’ve got that grayed out so you don’t see my card I
want you buying a bunch of stuff all right so let’s let it plug in just a
second it’s going to give us a success freeing and boom there it is
welcome to blue lows congratulations your purchase was successful we send a
confirmation email to the email address ok so now we’re going to set our
password so we’re to go in here and you pick whatever passport it tells you off
to the right what you need to do and we’re gonna duplicate that password
check this box click Next right here let it load let me get a log back in and
it’s already remembered all that good stuff for me so it was just gonna log me
in alright so they’ve got all these themes here we’re not going to use them
we’re going to use thrive thrive themes which looks a whole lot better
they call it thrive architect now but you could pick one of these if you
wanted you know they can think of some okay basic ones that’s what I want so
we’re gonna skip that one and then it says start building already can you
believe that you believe we did that that fast that’s pretty amazing
okay so we’re gonna pick whether we would business or personal right here
you can decide what you know kind of site you’re actually building and you
know when they look around here for a second and then we’ll move on to the
next all right and you know you see you’ve got all your gonna controls off
to the left there you know all the different areas you can go in your site
and then here’s your Bluehost right here and you go back to blue house it’ll show
your site if there’s a site I just added and we’re gonna go ahead name the site
right now so let’s go ahead do that Michael blog and this is my tagline and
that should show up of a site here when we get to the next page there is the
website that we added okay we click Next and it says hold tight while we set up
your site you think they meant for that to rhyme I do alright so here’s what we
need to we need to login to WordPress and you got to put in some information
alright so this is what it shows write down your site is coming and then we’re
going to click on this and we’re gonna launch the site by clicking this button
right here simple enough it takes a second she live
you’re going to go up here and we’re gonna click on my site and there it is
here it says my cool blog and here’s our site and it’s really that easy that’s
the thing they give us but we’re gonna use thrive architects to actually build
this out and look a whole lot better when we’re done and I’ll show you that
in the next training that’s all there is to it see in the next dream so that was
easy enough right ok so we’re almost done setting up our site then when all
we got to do is build it which you know take a little bit of time so the next
thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna install a new theme now I really like
thrive you know you can get all kinds of free stuff out there too but I really
like thrive and overall I think you know if you plan on keeping your business
which I hope you do you’re gonna want to have you know something that you can
work with that work with them if you use thrive they also have thrive leads and
all kinds of other stuff which I’ll talk to you about so let’s move on to that
and I’m gonna show you how to install that give me just one second here ok so
here I am at thrive themes now I’ve used this for years and years and years and I
really do love the product they have a lot of extra things you can get they’ve
got thrive leads and they just call it content builder but they call it
architect and that’s what we’re going to talk about today and install that and
show you how easy it is and how you can use this to actually build your website
and have really a professional-looking website with no skills whatsoever it
really doesn’t take much skills so here I am at the generic one here this is
what the page is going to look like when you first upload WordPress but obviously
we don’t want this theme it doesn’t look good we want something different
something that’s gonna be cool so what we want to do is go up here to member
dashboard and then we’re going to go ahead and log in and once we log in
we’re going to download thrive architect which used to be thrive content builder
but basically it’s how you build a website so we’re gonna go ahead and save
that we downloaded and yeah so we’re gonna go open it up let’s
just we downloaded it and we’ll go ahead and activate it okay and get it
activated and we’ll upload the plug-in now and we’re gonna find it where we
downloaded it and there it is so we’ll click one it’s a zip file we gotta open
it and then we will get it going so it’s that simple
we’re gonna activate the plug-in right here once you’ve uploaded you do have to
activate it so we’re gonna click activate right here activate plug-in and
it says it’s okay so there it is it’s in our Arsenal now of tools that we can use
so let’s get started with it and let me show you a few things it can do here
you’re going to have this little pop-out here it’ll say thrive dashboard business
manager or license manager excuse me in general settings so thrives really good
it’s going to give you all of those so we’re gonna go to license manager
because to make it work we actually have to put our license over there okay so
then we’re gonna go back to thrive – or we’re gonna get our account and license
keys right here and let’s go ahead and click on that and we’ll grab our keys I
got them all jumbled there so you cannot see um so we’re going to grab that first
one put that one in there and then we’ll go grab the second one copy that paste
that in there click activate license and boom it’s done I mean really seriously
that’s pretty quick right it doesn’t take long so now we do have thrive
architects so you know some of the things we could do with it let’s go in
there and take a look and we’ll build a page real quick and there we go there’s
a new page and let’s see here architect if I could spell this it’s not text now
tark there you go demo so we go demo we’ll go ahead and build that page and
then go ahead and edit and we can edit this page with thrive architect we don’t
have to use wordpress anymore so this is really cool it’s drag-and-drop we can
just pull whatever we want in here from off to the side it’s super simple this
is the page we have now obviously it came with WordPress but you know with
thrive architect we can do so much more oh my god we could make it look so
frigging awesome so let’s go in here and grab a template let’s say we’re doing a
course or something like that so go down here and find one that’s pre-built for
some type of course there we go we use this one right here and we’ll pop that
in there and boom it’s on our site is live already I mean really sir is it
that quick it’s got the template for everything and we can go in here we can
make some changes on a girl quick let’s go in here at color change let’s go up
here and change this headline a little bit alrighty so we click in here we will
put 10 steps to eating healthy yeah you can healthier okay so we’ll put that in
there say that now the headlines changed okay there it is eating healthy very
work okay so we made that done really simple you know thrive architect is
really pretty amazing I highly recommend it I don’t have any links or anything
for you today on it as far as affiliate links or anything like that but I do
highly recommend it I use thrive leaves and I’ve used the surveys and just all
kinds of stuff and it it allows you to build so much more into your website and
do it simply so what you don’t really have to think about because all the
templates are there you can just kind of rearrange a template if you want or you
can start from scratch you know if you you’re really good at graphic design you
can certainly do that but it’s it’s certainly you know a plugin I would
recommend you know for the little bit of cost and cost you wish it doesn’t cost
you anything it’s well well worth it and you’ll find it’ll be a whole lot easier
to build your website and to come up with something that looks professional
and that’s what we all want is that nice professional look alright so let’s move
on with the rest of the training at simple right you could do that that’s
not hard this this actual training today has gone pretty quick because it’s not
hard to do I mean there’s just there’s nothing to drag out you know you guys
who are members of the inner circle you know all this you get all this training
you have all this stuff those of you who are visiting with us today we want to
welcome you of course and you know I’ve had people put in the comments they’re
you know questions about the inner circle and what they get and all that so
I just want to run through it real quick bear with me members you already know
all this stuff what do you get you get access to my
current courses which are a bunch of them now guys and I don’t I don’t want
to go into detail but if you go to that inner circle com forward slash and roll
link down there you can watch a video and it’s free and you don’t have to
opt-in you have to give a credit card you have to doing that stuff and we want
to email you or anything you can just go watch it it’ll tell you about it you
also get a private Facebook group but you guys do not have access to if you’re
not a member of the inner circle you get bi-weekly coaching calls were to
actually I’m doing them weekly yearly or more mastermind in San Diego of course
you get relationships you know it’s funny I met a guy in Cancun a year ago
and this morning you know we had a beating and we’re gonna do some business
together and if I hadn’t had that relationship with him it wouldn’t exist
so I mean these relationships are super super important they do help you with
networking if you’re if you’re not a networker and you say well I don’t like
that I don’t like talking to strange people I don’t like doing that you got
to learn to do it because you know what that’s the way you’re gonna get ahead is
networking I know a lot of my income comes from people I’ve met people have
helped out and it’s helped me and you just got to do it so that’s why it’s
important you know if you really are serious about your career you’re really
serious about this business online that you join something where you’re gonna
meet people in the inner circle is a great place to do it
now you also get insight into high-level masterminds and you know I just
mentioned I met a guy in Cancun I met him there because I went to a mastermind
down there with Clickbank platinum summit and I’m gonna be going there next
month again so super-important let you do that you’re 12 times more likely to
succeed as a member because you’re gonna have access to all this stuff if you
want to go do it on your own you can certainly do it you’re gonna spend more
money than what the membership of the inner circle cost and you may or may not
succeed so we want to see you be successful okay you can also submit you
know ads that you have landing pages websites products pricing funnels all
this stuff and I’ll help you look over all this stuff okay you can you can give
me your emails I’ll look at them subject lines headlines ideas your frustrations
your failures and of course you’ll get results once we go through all this
stuff once I view it and tell you what you need to
change what you need to do that is the best software to build all this stuff
once somebody was asking about that you want to get a trial of Karcher Karcher
is what we build everything in I do a lot of video training on car true
I mean it’s email provider it’s a landing page it’s sales pages it’s its
members it’s everything this the one software you’re gonna need and you go to
be ITIL Y forward slash car trade – uppercase junior ok uppercase junior so
yeah questions thoughts all that stuff I want to put all this stuff up here and I
didn’t do the Bluehost link Jessica shoot I’m going to do that so they could
get a blue hosting at that free domain you can’t get to bitly can you mmm I’ll
post that later on guys so you can get your free domains I want to make sure
you get that put any questions you have now in that box I got time for a couple
we do have an appointment today so our trainings a little bit faster okay a
little bit faster a little bit more condensed but I will take a couple
questions somebody’s asking looks like jennifer is asking from Florida what
what experience need to build websites you don’t I mean I just did it I mean
really that’s all you got to do do those few things I showed you in this training
Eric’s also asking for a replay of this yeah we’re going to be posting that and
what we also do now is my social media guy is sending you an email so if you’re
not on our email list get on our email list make sure when you join the inner
circle excuse me when you join let’s say the art of e-commerce success or
anything like that you give us your email
we don’t email a crap out of you but I can’t get you good information I can’t
even send you you know a link to this training right here unless you guys of
course or opted in I have your email so that’s super super super important make
sure you do that just could you see some questions on your into matter of fact
the Bluehost is the one and want to get that let me see if I can get
that hang on guys I want to UM I want to get that for you I think I can get the
bitly link here and send it over it Lee there’s bit Lee give me one second
I’m probably gonna send it to Jessica and then she’ll post it in the comments
and I need Blue Host Blue Host best one there it is got it
all right so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna send it to Jessica and she’s
gonna post it I’m listening to your messages Jessica you know the text yeah
did you get it it’s a lunch way she check she get it okay so she’s gonna
post it and their guy use this link and yes an affiliate link I get like a
dollar or something like I could enrich all of it but what it’s gonna do for you
is if you use this link when you get your hosting and domain they will give
you the domain for free you don’t have to pay for your domain forever long as
you keep your hosting with them so definitely do that
and then there’s some other links in there guys if you if you want to get
access to that I have a free e-commerce course that you can take now and that’s
the top link all you get to do is put in your email and you can watch several
videos a lot of good training there sheriff Fisher comm forward slash free –
ecommerce – opt up maybe you should have been opt-in but I put on – and the next
one is our weekly coaching call it’s always at that link right there Jeff
Fischer comm so you know any week even if you don’t get the email you can go
there and check that out you can also get my book junior Fischer calm for slip
four-step product book and that helps you find products to sell online and of
course the karcher link there is a bi t ly for size Carter – uppercase J R and I
can probably take one or two more questions Jessica do you have a couple
over there you can hit me with and what is your opinion on click finals
versus Cartwright did you ever try what is my opinion on clickfunnels versus
cartridge Linda I started off on clickfunnels I loved clickfunnels
because at the time it was one of the better ones that was out there that is
not the case anymore in my opinion this is just my opinion clickfunnels was kind
of clunky it was difficult to build stuff in there it didn’t always work it
wouldn’t always load cartridge is 100 million times better I think in my
opinion in for several reasons you know car true I mean clickfunnels didn’t
integrate well like I at the time I was using Infusionsoft I had used a web or
all these different email providers and it just didn’t you know it didn’t
integrate well with those things and the numbers were off it didn’t integrate
well with Facebook ads when I got to cartridge I was blown away I really was
and not not only to mention that I think the cheapest plan at clickfunnels that
was $97 a month and some before – 97 you can actually get car truck before I
would like about the same price but you can kill your email provider I got rid
of Infusionsoft which causes like $1,000 a month because cart tray has that built
in you can get rid of membership stuff because car tray has that built in you
can get rid of leadpages because car tray has that built in everything is in
cart I use Karcher for everything because all of the tools are in one I
got literally rid of eight different pieces of software a card for will do
all your tracking in there it even has an affiliate area in there like
Clickbank built in there so like if you did a course in Carter
you could offer it to the groups out there and we’re gonna get on top of that
we have not done that and that’s something I’m gonna give to Jessica to
check into but we really need to offer our courses in there because we can make
a lot more money doing that too so it just does it all so is is clickfunnels
good it was in its time and no offense to russell brunson great guy nice guy
but carter blows it all car tray is the best single piece of software for online
marketer if there is bar none if you use my link there you’ll believe me because
you’re gonna go to that link and you’re gonna see a video of what it does
before you opt-in before you do anything and then if you do want to try it you
can try it for $1 $1 seriously $1 okay $1 you got to do it you got you’re
missing the boat if you’re not on car trip and yeah that’s an affiliate link
for us we don’t get rich off that I’m telling you because you’re gonna be
happy with me every person I’ve ever sent there that used it of course you
got to use it has said man it’s the best software
they’ve ever used in their life and it’s the cheapest it’s gonna save you
thousands of dollars over you know time of course it’s not gonna cost thousands
all right well time for one more question Jessica and then we’re gonna go
grab food that’s what we’re gonna do Danny says can you do your membership
and courses and Carter yes you can 100% and you can split it up to where they
get access to some of your courses but not all of your courses you can drip
your courses out to where they get one a week you can give you know like a lower
level access for one price and a higher level for another price you can do all
kinds of stuff in there Danny you’re gonna love it
you’re gonna love me for telling me about it you really are okay if you
don’t already right all right guys we’re gonna get out of here quick session
today I don’t know if it’s quick how long has it been but a half hour we’ve
been here we’re normally about an hour so we got a little bit early and get a
couple things to do today but anyway I hope you enjoyed it guys if you did you
know put something in the comments let me know your list and let me know you’re
getting something out of this I’m posted a lot of content to help you
guys out free training is always good of course of course if you join the inner
circle it costs money but you get a whole lot more and you get access to all
these courses and everything I’ve done which can really expedite you know your
success level which is what we want to do so thank you so much for joining us
today we really appreciate any more comments or anything in there which
links oh these links yeah yeah it’s a great idea I’ll do that I’ll make sure
these get posted so if you’re not a member of the art of e-commerce success
make sure you get in there all you got to do is just you know say hey I want to
join if you put your email in there we’ll give you some freebies and some
free training – tons of training in there really great stuff guys so I will
see you there I’m going to get out of here we’re gonna go ahead
Alex a lunch Jessica would you like to leave them with any profound thoughts I
know that first I’ve ever asked you to do this but I know you’re prepared and I
know you have profound thoughts today and go ahead just guys you may want to
write this down if you have a recorder record this here it goes Jessica it’s
all yours she knows I ask her every week come on now guys this is gonna be good
go ahead okay Jessica positive thinking there’s some yeah well if you want to
talk about positive thinking how about starting a gratitude journal what
exactly is a grantee journal so now when you say this and I have one I’m just
kind of asking the question like I didn’t know when you have this gratitude
journal what if you feel like you don’t have a lot of stuff to be grateful for
what do you think about that oh yeah I said I have people say that they say
well you don’t know my situation you don’t know how tough it is you know you
don’t know what I’m going through and it’s funny because I watched Sean
Stephenson who’s really an amazing guy he’s in a wheelchair he has been his
whole life yes brittle bone disease he’s a midget his organs are all being
crushed and he’s a motivational speaker so I don’t know what your situation is
but and I don’t know what you know what you’re going through I really don’t but
the thing is we all have things to be grateful for right always so you can
find something now here’s something cool on the app that I have and I have an
Apple my friend why do this you can be grateful for things that you want that
you don’t have yet and what that does is it changes the frame of your mind so
let’s say you know you want a particular car start being grateful for it start
typing in there hey I’m grateful for my new Ferrari whatever the heck it is you
want and crazy as it sounds this sounds crazy I know I live in California but
I’m not from California but the more you think about gratitude the more you
you appreciate things whether you have them yet or not the more you will
attract those things to you you believe that Jessica yes I do I mean I believe
that I know and everybody wouldn’t didn’t want to talk like this because
they are sounds so weird and it’s no it’s not what do you think you could
attract if you’re always thinking negative stuff and bad stuff you know
what do you think you’re gonna attract so you know start that thing that’s a
good suggestion of Jessica’s I know she does it I do it have a gratitude board
have a gratitude book ever granted you to app and be thankful for stuff that
you want that you do not have yet and you will be amazed
it’ll probably show up on your doorstep you guys have a great day we’re gonna
head out to lunch and we’ll talk to you later thank you so much for showing up
I’ll talk to you real soon hey thanks for watching my video don’t forget to
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