April 8, 2020
How To Customize Oblique Free WordPress Theme

How To Customize Oblique Free WordPress Theme

Hi! Robert here from themeisle.com. I welcome you to this tutorial about how to
setup our free OBLIQUE WordPress theme ready for your first blog post. You can find this theme in your WordPress
dashboard by searching for Oblique in Appearance/Themes/Add new After the installation is complete, activate
it then install and activate at last two of the recommended plugins; Pirate Forms and
Product Review. If your WordPress blog is new, here is how
it looks now. It’s time to do some customization so head
to Appearance/Customize. I just wanted to mention that there is a pro
version of this theme with more features like Jetpack Related Posts, Slider (and you can
use this feature with our Nivo Slider Plugin), Extra Widget Area, Alternative Layout, Extra
Colors, Footer Credits, and Support. You can buy the PRO version by accessing the
link in description below this video. GENERAL OPTIONS In the General Options tab, you can deactivate
the search form in the header area and use the text field below to replace the menu toggle
button with some text, menu for example. HEADER The Header tab is where you can upload a custom
logo, set the logo size, logo style, top & bottom padding for the branding wich is 150px by
default and the top & bottom padding on screens larger than 1024px. Again, if you buy the pro version of this
theme you’ll be able to insert a slider in the header area here using a shortcode. BLOG OPTIONS Choose your excerpt length here and tick if
you wish to hide any of those elements from your index or single post. For example, if you tick to hide date/author/archives
on index, that info line will disappear immediately and will stay hidden after you hit the Save&Publish
button. FONTS Here are the fonts options for your typography
and you can set them as you wish. Choose the font name, style, sets, font family
and sizes for your body text and headings. I suggest you check the mobile version of
your website before saving this setting using the controls below. This way you’ll see exactly how much you can
play with the font sizes in order to perfectly fit the screen on mobile devices. SITE IDENTITY Blog title and tagline can be changed here
in something related to your business and you can set a site icon below by selecting
an image with suggested dimensions. SOCIAL To create a social profile like in the theme,
go back to Menus, create a new menu named social and Add Items with custom links to
your social networks. Choose the display location as Social then
click Save & Publish. COLORS Colors are part of your online image as a
personal brand and you can choose them wisely here by setting the background color, the
primary color, and all the way down to menu icon and review color. HEADER IMAGE Here is the current header image. Hide it or Add a new one with recommended
dimensions then move to the next step. MENUS Click to Add a new menu here for your main
menu. Name it as you wish then Add items like custom
links, posts, and pages. In Menu Location select the main as your Primary
Menu from the drop-down list and hit Save & Publish when you are done. WIDGETS Oblique supports one sidebar which slides
along with the main menu. From this section, you could add sidebar widgets
by clicking “Add a Widget”. To remove an active widget click on the arrow
to expand it then click the red remove link. STATIC FRONT PAGE If this will be just a simple blog keep the
front page displays as your latest posts. DONE This blog is ready for new content and here
is how you can publish your first article in no time. Go back to your dashboard then click to add
a new post. Set a title, write a text in the visual editor
with perfect formatting for paragraphs and headings. Upload one or more images among paragraphs
then set the article format as standard, aside, image, video, quote or a simple link. Choose an existing category for your post
or add a new one. Type separate tags with commas in this field
then set a representative image in the featured image field. If this article is a review about a product
you can use the Product Review Extra Settings to display details in a more advanced graphics
and you can make money using your affiliate links here. Hit the publish button when you are done. This was just a first step for a long journey
with your WordPress blog. If you are new here please subscribe to this
channel because I work hard to create more tutorials about further WordPress administration
with tips and tricks to make it awesome. Give us thumbs up and share this video, and
if you have any questions type them in comments below, I’d be happy to answer them.

46 thoughts on “How To Customize Oblique Free WordPress Theme

  1. Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the free version of Oblique WordPress theme mentioned in this video.

  2. Does the "search" option next to the social icons only come with the Pro version? I love your theme build by someone that knows very very little. My site is charmedstonesfl.com
    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Robert,
    Loved the video. One question –
    I have created a few categories in the main menu and want to publish posts within those categories. How do I do that?

  4. Hi. Is there anyway to have no posts displayed on the front page? I am hoping to be able to leave that area completely black like the background to keep a clean look.

  5. Hello, i like this theme very much, but is it possible to add a catecory to the main screen instead of a blog or to add that to the menu ?? and add in that catecory the blog messages ??
    Thanks for any response

  6. How do I have an email icon show in the social menu? It currently just appears as a black space with the link. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram work fine. Thanks!

  7. Hi, is there any way to reduce the size of the posts on the homepage? So for example, to have a row with 5 or 6 posts opposed to just 3? Thanks

  8. Hi, I'm currently using the free version and all my posts show up with a white box in the background, how can I get them to show up exactly like the demo in your video or at least change the color of the box?

  9. How can I hide the header in all of the pages except home. I read a solution in Support but I didn´t understand what to change or where. Thank you.

  10. Hello I am using free version, and I would like to buy PRO one, however, i can't set image for preview of posts… In post option i have set up featured image, however, its not showing on post list page…just text… whats wrong? :/
    anyway, very nice theme!!!

  11. Query ? Now I have so many pictures in the gallery. How do I make only few of them visible under the gallery section and hide the rest.

  12. Great tutorial, I am having the free verion and love it but with the images, I am having a hard time. When I save the featured image it doubles. It shows in blog really large even when I change the dimensions it still looks way too large- please help. My site is mommyslays.com

  13. Is there a way to remove the tabs at the bottom of the "posts." It looks like they are just automatically selecting the previous post and the next post, but i would like to either get rid of them completely or control those links.

  14. Hello, how can I change the navigation menu, so that all the different categories are always visible at the top? I would like to avoid having to click on a toggle button to see the menu and just have it horizontally placed on top. Thanks in advance !

  15. Hi there, great theme, I'd like to keep it but for some reason the navigation tab is not showing on my front page. I've installed the widget, I have my pages but there is no way to navigate to other pages. I assume there is no option for page tabs at the top or bottom of the page so if you could help me get the navigation tab going in my sidebar that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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  17. Good Day, i am using the Pro version. I do have one really problem, how do i hide the header widget on all pages except on the front static page ?
    If i use CS editor and do the following : Header-widget display : none – it hides all aswell as the front page 🙁
    http://www.satn.org.za/ the link to my site.

  18. can the "Theme: Oblique af Themeisle" note in the footer be deleted in the free version, in the paid versions? How?

  19. I don't understand why my main header image looks washed out. Are you adding some filter that mutes the colors or something and why would you do that?

  20. This video is really bad… I feel ripped off buying the pro version.

    you don't do anything but read out items on the menu. there's no explanation of how the theme is organized, or how to create menus to sub-pages, or how to edit the details of those subpages.

    "you work hard to make more videos" yet this is the only video available on oblique.

  21. Thanks for the tutorial, but how do I make the social media logos appear on the home page please – currently they are small boxes in the top right hand corner, thank you

  22. Could you kindly provide the snippet on custom css to remove totally the post featured image overlay color in Oblique; I don't want to change it but remove the overlay completely. Thanks for a prompt response

  23. Also I would love to resize my in post images, it seems its coded to a fixed limit, can't I just have the images on free range, so that what I upload I get to enjoy its real size, a custom css to free up the forced size limit will be great, if that's not too much to ask. Thanks

  24. Sir Plz Help….
    Does this support elementor?
    how can I add subscription link to enable users to signup for email newsletters?

  25. Hi Robert!
    I really like the look of the Oblique theme. My question is, if I install the free version and fill it with content then install the paid version later, will all the content be in the same places or do I need to upload it all again? Thank you in advance for your answer!

  26. If it was possible to get the same 3 post lineup – just with pages or widgets, it would be perfect for at showroom and webshop site!

  27. hi there, great video, thanks! I have been using the free version of oblique theme for about a year now and had 3 lines of text in my footer area where the copyright info goes. Once I did the update, the footer area has narrowed to half the page instead of the full width. Do you know how I can adjust the footer area to allow text to go width of page again. All my text is there, it just now runs about 6 lines and only goes to about half the page. Thanks so much!

  28. HI, how can i get 3 pages (not blog posts) next to each other? I mean "main page" ang "galery" and for example "contact" as it is presented on wordpress when i featch it?

  29. Hi thanks for the tutorial. I have a question (-: Is it possible to remove the sidebar menu, and replace it with the pluginn mega menu? I have installed it, but cant seem to figure out how to remove the original sidebar menu (including its icons)

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