April 9, 2020
How to Crush Making Content for Instagram and LinkedIn | Meeting in Los Angeles, 2018

How to Crush Making Content for Instagram and LinkedIn | Meeting in Los Angeles, 2018

– Micro fucking content. Know who your audience is. (electronic music) You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just want to be happy. Don’t you want to be happy? (light music) – You kind of, you’re lost at, you know 250,000 a day followers. Have like 25 million on the, you know, the TV show’s killing it. – The thing on the entrepreneur OTT? – Yeah. More importantly, we don’t
know how to go from the next the 200,000. – What’s the 200,000 on? – Instagram following. It’s all engaged. We get 50,000 people watching the video. – Let me see it real quick? I mean, it’s super fun
for me to look at this ’cause it’s so, like, the model. It feels, so first and foremost, you’re not putting out enough content. – Okay. We have a shitload that we don’t put out. – Yeah, I don’t know. Like first and foremost,
this is one day ago. The next piece is four days ago. You went three days without posting. Like, I’m posting 4. Actually, I’m a little down
and I’m upset about it. And we’re trying like, I have, like, angst that
for the last 45 days, I’ve gone away from my four times a day, five times a day, to two or three a day. You’re posting once every
three days in that example. I think you aren’t posting enough. Let me tell you something
that’s super important that we’ve come to realize. The micro content’s more
important than the macro content. You’re producing, I don’t know, are you producing a vlog? – Yeah.
– Right. – Don’t put the vlog on the pedestal. Put the pieces of content from the daily vlog on the pedestal. It’s a reverse, right? 100%. The five or six “magic moments,” right now we’re like in this really realizing it stage so
we’re having a lot of fun. ‘Cause we keep looking at each other, ’cause every time we have a moment, which used to be a “good
scene” from the vlog, we know is going to be a separate video. I mean, I had a video from
me and YG, the rapper, that got 1.4 million views on Instagram, that the vlog got 29,000
views for the whole episode. – [DRock] And that was like, I think we got three videos out of that. – So, if you want IG, I
mean, a couple of things, couple things to talk about. First, I think everyone’s getting sucked into IG, period. Meaning, it’s so cool. It’s so the platform. But look, not everybody’s
gonna over index on IG. Like, IG is, for example, I would like to see
you put out four pieces of content a day on LinkedIn. You will impact your business
way more if you do that. – [Person at Table] Just made
that switch and noticed it. – From what I’m seeing,
first and foremost, it’s a volume game. Number two, I think you are
mailing in the copy too much. So, I think one of the missed
in the market right now, is people are mailing in copy,
’cause it’s all so visual. You’d be blown away how much
I believe real good copy, I mean like be you, heart? I like that, actually, because sometimes it’s good to just be like. But you’re kinda doing
that in the content. This is where you can really pontificate. Like, I think one of the
reasons my IG does so well, is I mean maybe people can tell, because I have no grammar skills, I write my copy and as you can see, I kinda at my best, I go there. I go there. I like write shit. I think it matters. – Okay. – [Person At Table] The Rock
does a good job with that too. – What’s that? – [Person At Table] The Rock
does that pretty well too. – Would make sense. Content. More content. – We have a shitload we don’t post, so. – It’s not enough. – [Person At Table] Other
than volume, what is your advice on just getting… – Volume. – [Person At Table] Just
volume getting into more hands. – Volume first is like,
you know, you’re like how do I shoot more deer? It’d be nice if you shot
88 times a day not four. Let’s start there. Comma, okay now you’re
talking about strategy, try to go in a fucking tree, you know. Volume, volume, volume. Collaboration,
collaboration, collaboration. The way to grow an IG is get
to other people to cosign you. Make content that brings people value. Other people, you’ve got access, right? I would have a strategy on the team of like athletes or business people that have big followings, figure out how to get in front of them. – It’s easy. – I know it is. But I would argue that I’m not so sold that IG is the best. ‘Cause the reality is like not, and I mean this, there’s
a level of culture in IG that is going to feel forced if you go too hard at it. I got lucky. Like I don’t know what else to say. I got lucky that I grew
up in Edison, New Jersey. That I went to an all-black college. Like I got lucky that there
was some hidden cool in me that feels authentic
now that this is here. I’ll be really honest, if I
was your business partner, I would be like fuck that podcast, IG. Excuse me, podcast,
LinkedIn, podcast, LinkedIn. The other question is,
what do you want to happen? I actually want global awareness
and admiration and fame. Admiration. So IG is super important to me. You know, I wanna sign athletes. It’s really good that all
these five-star recruits all follow me now, that by the time we get our, you know, when I was talking about patience, ’cause I know right now
I have every 18-year-old that’s a five-star recruit,
who’s going to come out in 24, 36 months, and
we’ll be ready for that. – Yeah, you’re their Leigh Steinberg. – But, what the fuck are you doing? – I do coaching. I do business coaching and business. – Right. So, if you’re, you know,
there’s your noble goal and then there’s your financial goal. And everything has to map to that, right? And, by the way, a lot of my friends, and I actually believe in this a lot, if your financial goal enables you to use your noble goal
to be just writing checks to charity, then go all in. I’m thrilled being a business man. I don’t bring awareness to my non-profits. I do that quietly. I think the best thing
I can do in the world is fucking re-wire everybody’s head. That’s what I’m doing well. I’m attacking depression. And like I’m doing real shit
without it being so obvious. It’s getting more obvious, unfortunately, which, I’m not kidding,
makes it harder to do. Anyway, volume is number one. Too many of you without knowing are in the bigger piece
of content business, not in the micro business. DRock used to wanna make
movies, win Academy Awards. Now, he’s more excited
about making one Instagram chopped up video. I know him, I know him. If he makes a video that
gets 17 million views on Instagram in the next four months, he’s gonna be on a high
for a month about it. ‘Cause the most we’ve ever
gotten are two, I think, right? – Yeah, I get it. That’s your thing, he too is artistic. – Written word, written word. Yeah man, you’re gonna have
to go through your own process of creative ego to practicality
of the world we now live in. You will. By the way, you’re going to be
forced into figuring it out, ’cause it’s gonna be the game. [DRock] And you’re gonna love it. – Yeah, that’s the part. You were forced into it. But now you’ve learned to love it. – [DRock] Now I’m obsessed. – But the corporations
still like the long shit. And they like artsy. – I think you should be into more copy. Transcribing that interview. – What about live? Like I don’t go live enough I think. – Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Person At Table] The letter, podcasts probably could use a little more. – Yeah, cool. Alright, any other
questions from you guys? I know that’s the big reason. – That’s the one, and I get it. Honestly, that’s the
number one question people should be asking me. The number one question
people should be asking me is what is, why and
what is working for me? ‘Cause, that’s it. – Live by it. – [Person At Table] I
think this is rhetorical, but if you’re resource
strapped, say I’ve got X amount of time, you’d
say you’d rather make Instagram cuts out of all the vlog? – Film everything and make
81 pieces of content from it in a day and don’t do a fucking vlog. I would literally not do a vlog over the article on LinkedIn. I mean, go answer questions
on Quora with your content. There’s so much you can do. You should put this video
up as much as I should. – Right. – Cause then you can leverage me. You can run it against
Gary Vee fans on Facebook. – [Person At Table] They’re
a little protective, though. – Yes, but you know
why they’re protective? You mean the fans themselves? – [Person At Table] Your fans
are great, but they’re… – They’re protective
because if you try to do it just to get them to be on
you, they’ll fucking kill you ’cause I’ve made them so authentic. But if you actually try to bring value, and if you go in with
humility and be like, just like all of you, I love, you’re always, you’re very smart, so it’s gonna be easy for you. Be like, I also view Gary as a mentor. That comes with humility,
they’ll fucking love you. If you’re, like, trying to come in there like a lot of other people
and try to take their money, ’cause I’m giving free,
they will fucking kill you. – I don’t sell anything. – I get it. But you know what I mean. That’s why. (upbeat music)

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