March 29, 2020
How To Create Real Estate Websites To Generate Leads Online – Real Estate Lead Generation

How To Create Real Estate Websites To Generate Leads Online – Real Estate Lead Generation

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in this video today I’m gonna show you how to create your own real estate websites to actually generate leads online alright So if you’ve been struggling the past with like you got your website And you’re not really sure like why you’re not generating leads We’re gonna cover it exactly how to go through and fill the switch and make sure that happen So we’re we talkin all real estate lead generation for you all today And also this video is gonna kind of just like hit the surface level of these real estate lead generation campaigns I’m going to show you a few different things, but if you guys want my more in-depth training That’s a hundred percent free go ahead and comment down below Just comment real estate leads And I will be able to get that training over to you guys as soon as possible alright so anyway So this is kind of a typical real estate website right So when found one and you’ve got all these different buttons and stuff and you probably spent a lot of time and a lot of Money on it and all that stuff and you might have it from your brokerage or WordPress Now my question to you is how many leads are you actually seen from your real estate website? Okay, your actual Kirwan right now, okay? Now if you’re like one of the like many thousands of agents that I work with the answer is probably zero Right or even if you are getting leads, maybe it’s like one a week one a month You might be lucky if you’re getting like a couple of leads per week So I want to talk to you a little bit by like why that happens and what you need to do to change that alright? So if you look at this website right here It’s really cool. It’s got like you know you got all these different options to go through and click You’ve got this phone number to go through and call you But my guess is probably nobody ever calls you you got your little social icon So you’re doing everything that seems right right? You’ve got this stuff on information on the homes, but for some reason you don’t really know who’s actually visiting your website You don’t know their name. You don’t have their phone number. You know on their email address It’s just kind of like going to like the way I like to compare it is like going to a big marketing conference and then at that marketing conference you meet a ton of amazing People you’re like man this person would be awesome I going to be able to do all this business with them But then you never grab any of their contact information you never getting their business cards And then you leave the conference and that’s it okay, and it all ends there so what we want to do it’s just change a few little things on our real estate websites and Make them specific to be able to go through and generate leads Capture that contact information get their name get their phone number get their email address, so they’re not just some random person So I’m just like number in your Google Analytics saying oh you had five people visit your website today How would you like to actually know who those people are right so what we want to do is set up so it’s really good to have a typical homepage like this little typical real estate website and That it’s really good for branding purposes all right So you’re gonna have in your url like your name com so I would have like jason wardrobe com in the URL, okay And then people could go through Google you find you and then be able to look through all your website But when you are running Facebook ads or Google Ads or any type of paid? advertisement you want to use something called a landing page or a lead capture page for your real estate website all right so a Landing page is super page Just like this one right here That you can see there’s no other ads no other links or nothing else on the page except for this little call-to-action Okay, get instant access to price and picture this property. Okay, so they go through how the headline sub-headline call-to-action they put in their name email phone and They become a lead in your system now a page like this a landing page is Gonna convert about ten to twenty five percent of people visiting this page into leads for your real estate business Where as that page like this? It’s typically less than one percent of people visiting this page That are actually gonna become leads so kind of put that a comparison if you get a hundred people coming to this site You might be lucky to get just one lead whereas if you get a hundred people coming to this site You’re gonna get probably ten to twenty five people becoming leads with their name their phone number their email does have real contact information Right now. I just want to show you guys really quick How easy it is to go through and set up a landing page? Just like this so if you’re a complete technical beginner and you’re like man Jason this looks so hard I don’t know how to do websites or anything like that I want to show you guys How easy this is actually go through and set up and I’m gonna drop a comment or a link down below where you can get? Started with a free 14-day trial of being able to set this landing page up and any other landing page stuff that we have Okay So this is the Arsenal mkg Arsenal marketing lead generation? Software in CRM so you can see our existing landing page that we’ve got set up right here So now all you need to do as a real estate agent to go get a landing page setup That’s going to convert ten to twenty five times more people in the leads as it compared to your main website Just come over here to click create another website, and then you’ll see we’ve got all of these real estate website templates here ok so
if you have a listing this is perfect to go market that listen if you want to go get so leads if you run an Open house more solis more so leads buyer leads if you don’t have a listing and then we also have other templates for mortgage brokers And even other templates as well, so what we’re gonna do in this example Let’s just say you have a listing ok, so we’re just gonna click choose right here This is going to take us into our website builders can allow you to edit the images the tags videos anything and customize it to you and your business right now you look at this this is very similar to This exact page right here And what we’ve done for you is we have spent thousands and thousand dollars on paid advertising So we know this exact template will convert for you. Okay, so if you’re like man I don’t know why this is my websites not converting into leads, and why I’ve no estate leads well That’s because we’ve set this up to optimize And get people to convert into real lease name phone and email ok so now what we’ve also done is We’ve tested out different headlines sub headlines and call to actions right here So we know what’s going to convert for you so that option before You have several different landing page template options for your real estate website But you don’t even have to change or mess with any of this all you want to do Maybe is change out the background image To the listing that you’re trying to go through and promote so all we’re going to do to do that is just click on click To edit this section right here, we’re gonna come over here click choose new image and we’ve got this massive gallery images you can go through and choose from or Just click on my images You can upload an image from your desktop of the list of that you’re trying to go through and market and promote or the open House you’re trying to run and then once you upload that it’s gonna store it in our library right here So I’m just going to choose. Let’s say we want this image right here. Okay now We can crop edit rotate do whatever we want with it. We’ll click use this image Just like that guys how easy is that to go through and change out the background of it and the headline? the the sub headline and called action You don’t even need to change it because we know that that’s gonna convert for this type of campaign now You might be thinking yourself well Jason. I don’t have 36 photos of this listing I need I need like have 17 or something all you need to do is come over here to this left-hand column And just change this out, so maybe it’s like you’ve got 17 photos right where you’ve got 29 photos Or where the number is and it’s super easy to go through and create that we just hit publish It says website saved and published We’ll exit back out and then we’ll be able to see this landing page that we just created for business You can see right here We’ll click on this they come in here hit view 29 photos, but a name email phone number hit submit and they become a lead in our database all right you guys can see how professional and nice-looking this landing page looks right here and as I mention a little bit earlier guys It’s gonna convert 10 to 25 times more people more visitors into leads as opposed to your typical website all right, so What I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna leave a link down in the description To a free 14-day trial to the arsenal’ mkg software And if you guys let us know that you guys came in watching on our youtube channel We’ll hook you up with our free Byerly’s training and listing these training for you guys So whether you have listings that you want to go through a market? We’ll hook you up with that. If you don’t have listings you still want to work with buyers We’ll hook you up with that as well So I just kind of want to go through break this down of you know why you might not be generating leads with your current Real estate website and how to flip the switch to start getting more leads into your business of Real ease like name phone or mathilde It’s not just I like or comment on a Facebook post right so anyway guys if you guys found this video helpful Go ahead give it a thumbs up Also comment down below real estate leads if you want my more in-depth Real estate leaves training as far as diving into the follow up process the Facebook Ads all of that stuff I can go through and get you that training so comment down below Also, if you guys are brand new here to the channel my name is Jason Wardrop I launched a new video every single day how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so make sure you guys subscribe the channel and hit that little notification bell over there in the corner because you will be notified every single time we Launched a new video right so thanks so much again guys for watching makes you guys hit the thumbs up comment down below subscribe And I will see you all tomorrow

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