February 26, 2020
How to create million dollar emails – Email marketing J.R. Fisher

How to create million dollar emails – Email marketing J.R. Fisher

well hello everybody JR Fisher here
wishing you a good morning good afternoon good evening and good night
depending on where in the world you are okay guys this is a really cool call
today you know and I was reading the San Diego newspaper today and
no I did not actually hold a newspaper in my hand I haven’t done that in years
but there was an article in the San Diego newspaper and it was about what it
costs to live in San Diego and I just did a live video on this too but they
said that to get a 2-bedroom apartment here in San Diego where we live it was
two thousand eighty eight dollars a month and you had to earn a roughly a
little over thirty nine dollars an hour or eighty two thousand dollars here to
get a two-bedroom apartment and you know they were saying in the article this is
so expensive to live here blah blah blah blah blah
and I think too many people are concerned about you know the cheapest
place they can live in the country but understand you got to live there you
know and I always tell everybody well if you want to live cheap go to Detroit you
could buy a house for 1,500 bucks and most people will say oh no I’m never
gonna do that I mean that would be crazy well I think it’s just as crazy to live
anywhere in between that you don’t want to be at you know if you don’t want to
be somewhere do something to change it and then I went in and I did a search
for what was it how to make money from home something like that and it was like
billions of searches from how to make money at home everybody wants to make
money from home and if you apply some of the stuff that I’m gonna teach you today
you could do it you can literally live anywhere you want you can make money
from home you know you don’t have to have a boss you don’t have to drive
anywhere yup do any of that stuff and I know because I’ve done it for the past
ten years there’s no reason you can’t do it I’m not any smarter or taller or
shorter or thinner than you you know that doesn’t matter anyhow right it’s
just it’s just a matter of applying some of these techniques to how to create
million-dollar emails and that’s what we’re gonna do today and I have one of
my clients I’m gonna be meeting with next week and you know they’re super
cool people there in the medical I wanna card business and they were
really open to changing what they were doing in marketing and they pay four
times their business already this year you know and kudos to them because they
listened and they did these things and four times in your business is pretty
good pretty good thing you know I do some marketing for businesses it’s not
cheap it’s not that available but if you want to get some of that same training I
also have a link at the bottom of the page here and this is not an ad for that
but there’s a video there you can watch and it’s junior inner circle comm Ford /
enroll and if you go there you don’t have to opt-in you have to give your
email or any of that kind of stuff and I know we have a few people who are not
into circle members now if you’re an inner circle member you’re already on
this call and you know all about it but you can go there watch a video on that
and it’s pretty cool stuff if you’re not a member of my inner circle there’s some
huge benefits and you guys who are already inner circle members I see you
in here and and I know that you know that so anyhow let’s move on to what
we’re gonna talk about today I’m email automation okay this is it this is the
big secret to automated cash flow system if you do not have email automation you
will never be able to achieve you know these really lofty goals of doing
millions of dollars a year because this what this basically does is it automates
all the work that you would physically do you know it’s out there you know
marketing you know to your list twenty four days a week or scuse me about
twenty four days a week there’s not 24 days in a week alright there’s 24 hours
in a day though and it will do that and it will do it seven days a week and
that’s what I meant to say so 24 hours a day seven days a week it will do all of
this for you pretty cool stuff right but you got to have one and you got to have
the right sequence right which way do we go what do we do it’s just seems so
complicated sometimes so what I did is I did a little recording and I’m live
today it is Friday what the 21st of June 2019 but I did a little recording
because I wanted to walk you guys through all this without any mistakes
and sometimes I make mistakes like I don’t know thinking there’s 24 days in a
week or something like that I’ll make mistakes so I don’t want I
don’t want to make any mistakes so I can edit all those things out I’m gonna play
that for you in a second so you can kind of see how to do some of these things
now I’m going to tell you you have to have an automation system
there really is only one I recommend in the video itself I’m going to tell you
about two of them will tell you about a weber hand car truck but really
Cartwright is the way to go just I mean hands down one of the best things you
can do is get cartridge just go get it okay if you want you can you can sign up
for a dollar if you go to that link right there and keep in mind that bitly
link on the end that’s uppercase for junior but if you go there you can
actually sign up for dollar in and you don’t even have to sign up you could
just go watch the video there there’s a video that tells you all about it what
it does and it’s just going to do everything for you it’s gonna be your
emails your sequences your funnels your sales pages your memberships you know
your videos your help desk this because it’s gonna do everything for way less
than what you’re probably already spending right now now some of you are
gonna be a little resistant if you’ve already got some sales funnels done
you’re gonna go oh my god I don’t want to move all that stuff it’s such a pain
but it’s gonna make you more money I mean hands dad do you want to make more
money yes or no don’t be lazy about this it took us six months to move all of our
stuff over Jessica worked very hard on that
and I got an email and once you look at so they just guys got some spelling
yours and it just came through so you know we got to go through some of that
but anyhow yeah so we got mistakes in there but you know overall it’s made us
money and I just highly recommend it just do it just do it just do it okay do
it so that’s where you build your automations at Carter okay where do you
build them if you don’t know go to there go to that link there’s a video there bi
tly ford slash carter – uppercase jr. so here is a little recording I did I’m
gonna play this now but I am live here too so I’m going to be looking at your
questions and all that you can be posting those in that comment section
right there so let me get this queued up so this is kind of a feel like right he
starts to emails you see all these charts and and things and boxes and
circles and little lines connecting stuff it looks just crazy so I want to
clarify some of that today and I want to make it like super super simple
so you just totally understand what you’re doing and you’ve got a game plan
and you can move forward so that’s what we’re gonna do I do want to remind you
you know turn off all distractions if you’re distracted you’re going to
miss something if you miss something it could cost you thousands or maybe even
millions of dollars why why would you work you that you don’t want to sign up
for this show up turn on your computer and start listening and then get
strapped if you want to do that so you know turn off like always notification
things all that I think there’s no patience anyhow I want to look at stuff
when I want to look at it I don’t want to look at it but they you decide I’m a
little fatter so turn elastic off so we can just zero in here and you guys can
get some really use out of this today what do you need for your success are
you ready for this big long list because here comes get out your pens and paper
and all that good stuff there we go first thing you need is an email
provider okay now I told you I’m going to talk about this there are so many
email providers you can go nuts on this one so I’m gonna just break it down to
shoot and these two or ones I recommend and I’m gonna give you my affiliate link
to them which I would appreciate you use but you’re also gonna get a discount if
you use either one of these two email providers here’s who I recommend I’m not
saying there aren’t other good ones out there but I think these are two of the
best ones that are right now depending on what you want the first one is eight
Weber Communications now a Weber Communications is going to do email
automations : in other words you’re gonna be able to set up emails in there
you can automate emails based on what people do and it’s an email automation
it’s on the lower end as far as cost and I know that’s advantage to some of you
but you know I think a lot of people start off their business and they say
well let me see if the business goes well and then I’ll put money and then
I’ll then I’ll get the best software they don’t get the best stuff but the
problem with that is you’re kind of betting against yourself you’re like
saying well I doubt if it’s gonna work so I don’t want to waste money that’s
kind of what you’re telling yourself so you know don’t do that to yourself you
know be all-in you know say hey I’m gonna succeed I’m gonna be the people
who do succeed I’m gonna be the kind of woman who does well here’s my bitly link
for that if you go to this link here you’re gonna discount it’s just HTTP
colon slash four slash bit dot ly /a Weber – al that’s al okay so that’s the
first one right there the next one is cartridge you heard me
there’s a lot a Carter is pretty amazing because Carter is a complete marketing
package and what it is basically is it’s your email provider
it’s your email sequences it also has membership in it
it also has sales pages you can build it it also has funnels you can build in it
you can do upsells you can do down sales you can do cross sells
it also has video hosting in it so you can upload your videos to it and what’s
the advantage of that the advantage of that is you can send out dynamic email
sequences and what that means is based on where somebody’s watched a video
since the video is in Carter you can send out a sequence so if they got to
the part where it’s like two minutes away from your offer and they never saw
the offer you’d want to send them an email and say hey go back to this point
this is where you left off I know you probably got interrupted you get
distracted you want to go back to that point and look at of course you want to
cover to go back to that point because that’s where you’re always the link for
this one is the same beginning its HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bi tly
and forward slash Carter – nal so I’m going to give you guys a second to copy
those down but I did I do want to tell you if you’re planning on being
successful if you’re planning on moving forward you know both of these are good
but if you if you know and I went through this because we just moved
everything from Infusionsoft to Carter took us six months to do it but write
down those two links guys and these are really the best providers if you want a
complete package cartridge if if you just want an email provider then I would
go with Aweber these are my favorites okay so I’m gonna say what I like this
plan so the next thing you got to do is you got to be valuable okay if you don’t
have value you can’t expect to do well okay
so that means if you take some junk Tencent items from you know Aliexpress
and try to sell it for $25 no it’s not gonna work you can’t do that okay
also your content has to be valuable so if you’re sending you know emails about
some subject line whether it be weight loss whether it be how to make
align whether it be on you know meditation whatever it is you’ve got to
give content that the people can actually use and get results from it
they get results they’re gonna be willing to buy your products if they see
your content and they don’t get results why would they buy your product and then
your sales offers also have to be valuable so when I submit a sales offer
you know I give tons and tons of value now if I sell a program a training
program or whatever it’s going to have tons of videos it’s going to walk you
through step by step some of them have software’s included and they’re usually
about 10% of what they I should charge for but keep in mind I sell a whole lot
more of them by doing it that way so when you’re doing these sales offers
make sure you give the people a good deal don’t say hey here’s a sales offer
I’m gonna take five percent off because five percent means not that Temkin means
not fifty percent okay it’s got to be it’s got to be really an amazing offer
if you want to make money now if you say well I don’t have the profit margins to
do that up your sales price you know and I lower it a little bit but show them a
good discount okay and make sure it’s a good value for what they get yeah here’s
my big warning are you ready for this all right here comes you will not
succeed without an autoresponder email service so whether you use Aweber or
whether you use carts or guys there’s no way that you’re gonna succeed and
selling stuff online if you don’t have these sequences set up because 80% 70 to
80 percent of your income 78 you’re saying it’s gonna come from these emails
later on how in the world did you compete with other people if you don’t
set these things up and I’m gonna show you exactly what you need to do today to
set these things up so you’re gonna have no excuse for not doing it okay types of
emails what types of emails are you gonna be sending out and I want to
explain what these are because they are you know vastly different the first ones
are broadcast and I broadcast is when you sit down and you just write an email
okay and it goes to your entire list or it goes to a portion of your list an
example would be you know everybody that psy
Jr that would be an entire you know my entire list but let’s say somebody who
bought my book if I wanted to send out another link to another book I wrote or
something along those lines or something related to that both like you know I
have one out now that’s you know four steps to find a profitable products to
sell online if it’s about products I maybe just want to sell it to that or
send it to that list so I broadcast it now when does a broadcast sent well
that’s up to you it could be one that I write right now
and it automatically goes out to everybody or I may write it and it may
go out tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. I think that’s a good time to go out so
maybe I would send out that so that’s your first type of email and that’s
broadcast the second one is a sequence of emails so what happens here is let’s
say somebody looks at one of my products and they don’t buy it
well they may get another email in two hours and said hey you can go back now
and you can get this product you probably got interrupted you makeup
sidetracked here you go here’s the run and then they’ll get another if they
don’t buy go get another email tomorrow morning it’ll say hey you ever bought
this product yet this is gonna be on sale for three more days you don’t want
to miss out on this here’s a link to go back and buy that product and in the
next day they may get another email and it’ll say hey you know I told you that
this is expiring I only got like 48 hours left you probably want to click
this link now and take advantage of this if you want this product and then the
next day they may get another email and it may say this is it today’s the final
day if you want to grab that product you better click this link stay and it’s
going to expire so that’s what’s called a sequence where we have a whole bunch
of emails that follow up on some event that happened or some sale we’re having
or you know somewhere they clicked and they were interested but they didn’t go
through with it and in that sequence what we’re gonna do is if they take
action let’s say on the second email they buy that product that sequence is
going to know they bought it and it’s going to stop the sequence so that’s
what’s really cool about sequences is that you know these emails are intuitive
and they know somebody bought a product or they downloaded whatever you’re
trying to get them to do or they signed up for the webinar
whatever the heck it was you know that’s why sequences are so important and you
can have all these different sequences and they’re based on different things
you’re doing so you’ve got broadcast and you got sequences now let’s look at the
actual emails themselves parts of an email there are roughly four parts and
one of the parts may not be included but you may include it the first one is a
centric line you’re always going to have to have a subject line okay
we’d be silly not to have a subject line and what I like doing now in a subject
line is actually clipping a little emoji in there find that people tend to click
a little bit more if you have an emoji if nothing else I think they look
through all the subject lines in their email box and they see that they go
what’s that one you know make kind of if nothing else give it a second glance but
you’re gonna have the actual body of the email okay what you’re gonna say to
these people now sometimes in the body you’re going to have images so you may
want to have an image in there and I’m going to give you a couple examples of
images in just a second but you know you can stick an emails and then lastly
you’re gonna have a call to action inside that email okay and these are all
very different parts and I want to show you an army emails how we do it
so let’s take a look here but first let’s define where the subject line is
okay what is the purpose of a subject line
okay so what is it here it is it then to open the email the subject line is not
to tell them what is in the email so so many times I’ll get like an email from
big company and they’ll say you know take 50 percent off these craftsman
tools today well you wouldn’t see perhaps what widget or it’ll say 70% off
dresses today well if I’m not in the market for a craftsman tool or a dress
no matter how great that sale is I’m probably not going to click one so we
have to kind of have a subject line to teach their interest and makes them want
to click and open the email so do not reveal what’s in the email don’t do that
if you reveal what’s in the email you’re going to have a problem all right so
it’s not to tell them what’s in the email like what I just said
now the email body let’s talk about email body percentage what is the
purpose of an email body nothing more than to get them to splick to go
somewhere or to do some action okay so we want that email body to
caused them to do some type of action all right an image now image is not
necessarily something you’re going to use okay I experimented I’ve got some
with images I’ve got some without images so that’s really up to you what you want
to do there but let’s give you a couple examples of the types of images that you
would put in there all right this subject line here would
be over this image and it is is what he’s eating killing him it’s a guy here
it’ll play your food looks like he’s in a food court matter of fact it looks
very similar to the man that was sitting next to me in the street court yesterday
why is that because it was the man sitting in the food court next to me
yesterday but maybe if you’re doing a weight loss thing you know you may have
a title like that and then say click here to find out what it is okay so this
is kind of peaking the interest right here right and what’s the next one I’ve
got here click to reveal our giveaway okay so now
what I’ve done is I’ve taken a picture here of a product that you sell one of
our survival foods and I’ve blurred out the actual pictures you can’t tell what
it is and it may say click to reveal and see what this is so these are a couple
of ideas that you can use in your emails that get people’s attention because
that’s what we’re trying to do get their attention and get them to click to go
somewhere ok so we’ve already talked about the types
of emails they’re gonna be broadcast we’re gonna have these automated
sequences so let’s talk about once you do those where they’re gonna go to
they’re actually gonna go to a sales page right we’re trying to sell them
something whether it’s a download whether it’s a product or whatever so
let’s take a look at a couple of my sales pages theater this sales page is
supposed to what supposed to sell the offer duh
alright so when you get to the sales page don’t be afraid to ask for the sale
so those are what a woman is thinking through Salem so they already think that
that’s what you’re there for okay you go to a website that sells
stuff it’s okay here’s the subject line for the email I’m about to show you and
it says that you didn’t know this and it’s free well what what is it and is
free okay I’ll click so here’s what happens when they click this is the body
of the email and it says hey first name of course it
says their first name we don’t know anybody think first name I want to let
you know about all the cool products we make and the awesome survival blog that
I write this is one of the initial emails that somebody gets when they join
survival k-food so for those people just want to grab
some information they know to that in addition to our freeze-dried dehydrated
meals we also make delicious ready to meet all-natural canned beets and we’re
giving away some free samples now just pay shipping and we have one of the
models here that you took a picture with where the cans of each you’re standing
outside holding it and then this is the second half of email down here says grab
your three cam meats now by clicking the button below believe me when you eat
this you’ll be blown away by how great they taste click to claim your free
canned meats okay thanks and talk to you soon so when they click on this little
button right here they’re gonna go to this page here now this is just the top
section of the page I had to excuse me kind of chop this up into section so you
can see it but I want you to look at all the different parts if they were just
coming to the page this timer would be going at the top here and this is based
on dynamics of the IP address so the cool thing you can do in Claro is you
can have this timer that you know if you say it’s a three-day sale will be set of
three days and every time that person comes back it will count down to their
IP address so if they come back a day later it’ll say two days they come back
other day later it’ll say one day and then you can have an expire you can have
it actually you know when they from it when it’s over with when the sale is
over with you can actually have and go to a pegs page that says sorry folks
you missed the sale but I can keep you on the list for the next one you know or
you can just have the time or disappear anything you want to do and basically it
says you know claim your free delicious can meet some bonuses available to us
continental residents only I like having at the top there if you have something
like this which we do not if you have a situation where you can’t ship to
certain areas make sure you put that above withhold we had it below before we
were getting some sales from no Alaska and Puerto Rico and stuff like that they
just couldn’t ship to those locations and then
there’s a cool surprise in the next page huh wonder what that is so if we scroll
down and this is a scroll down guys we noticed we have some testimonials there
we have a little coupon there and they can get one they can get three you know
they can get five whatever they want to get of these items and if we scroll down
a little bit more you can see we’ve got some testimonial videos you can actually
watch videos of people talking about this products and I must they like them
we talk about why it’s so good we talk about you know why are we giving this
away for free how big is the can what are we getting and then I showed bonuses
down here so not only that but they’re gonna get this bonus emergency food
Survival Guide they’re also gonna get a $10 coupon in their next order so they
get a value of 54 dollars and 49 cents and all they do is pay shipping and
handling I think it’s like 729 your support was line so it’s a really great
offer okay it’s a really good deal if that’s what you’re looking for in
survival foods now this is the next email that yet and this subject line is
if you see this okay so we don’t reveal what’s in the email and then when they
click they’re gonna get this one here I noticed you haven’t claimed you’re free
and me what’s going on I figured you probably didn’t see the email you get
distracted but it’s not too late I’ve held some of your samples for you and
your information all you need to just claim it now and let me go through the
email there and then I have the bottom it’s pretty much gonna be the same thing
we’re gonna claim bear free canned meats okay and then the next day they’re gonna
get another email it’s gonna say I’m pulling the plug on this herd doesn’t
say what it’s about then we say well all good things have to come to them in and
your window of opportunity perhaps and free samples will expire just 24 hours
or when we run out whichever come first click the link below to get yours now
you’re giving away some free samples now just a shipping so this is the last this
– – yeah this is the last thing we get another sequence here but we probably
should have some more to it you know you really can’t email them enough you can I
guess you could overdo it we don’t want to overdo it so that’s basically the
sequence of this guy’s it’s not that hard to do but the way you’re going to
make monies you stack these emails with all
after all I have to offer I know when they go into this funnel here they’re
going to get about six months worth of offers including content – we do three
pieces of content a week and that’s what keeps the money flowing in all these
automations and then during the week if I decide to do a broadcast I have a
couple spots open where I could do a broadcast it okay guys so that is it for
that training on these emails now depending on your business you want to
make sure that your emailing them enough but that you leave spots open for
broadcast and what I mean by that is let’s say you have it set up where you
know Monday Tuesday Wednesday you’re gonna send out content it’s just gonna
be helpful information you know I don’t know if it was survival it could be
survival tips or protecting your home or you know how to make fire with two
sticks or whatever you want it to be for those first three days and then you may
want to run your promos on you know Friday Saturday Sunday or something like
that and if you notice I skip Thursday because Thursday I may want to send a
broadcast out for another product now can you send two emails in one day you
can and I do it but I don’t do it every day
so it’s only if like some specials going on you know like certainly like you guys
get emails on some of my products but you know I always send my emails out for
my coaching calls that way everybody gets those so you know you certainly
want to do that all right so your key to success in case you have
not figured this out and Jessica’s gonna read off your questions soon guys I do
want to remind you go into the chat box now put your questions in there you know
if it has anything to do with emails or automations or if you got questions
about Karcher or whatever please put those in there cuz I’m gonna take your
questions in just a couple minutes and she’s gonna be reading those off so the
key to success online is automations that’s it that’s the big key you know
even if you were bad at automations your automations weren’t very good they’re
still going to perform better than somebody who doesn’t have any email
automations think about that you know at least you’ve got something going out
even if they’re terrible okay so you want to make sure that you do get them
set up and I do recommend cartrip so other people I had at somebody asked
question one one my last calls and I always go through this real
quick we have a couple people in here who are not inner circle members and
they want to know what they get so I’m gonna go through it real quick before I
take your questions so don’t don’t forget get your questions in there
Jessica’s gonna read them off in a second you do get access to all my
current courses you’re gonna get my private Facebook group you’re gonna buy
weekly coaching calls which really I’ve been doing them weekly and then we have
a yearly mastermind here in San Diego what you get invited to not to mention
the relationships that you build with other members in the inner circle okay
it’s really really cool to meet other people who are growing their businesses
you guys can share ideas about what you’re doing and of course the
networking the networking is awesome getting to know these people and their
businesses and in what they’re doing and how you can apply it to your business is
really invaluable and then you get insight into the high level masterminds
I go to and I go to several of those a year some of those are super expensive
where you have to qualify for them I know we have one coming in September
which is the Clickbank Platinum summit so it’s all platinum Clickbank sellers
so everybody and there’s doing millions of dollars for the sale so it’s a kind
of a cool group to hang out with and then I bring that information back to
you in the inner circle you could access to all that stuff without having to go
to Cancun and then nice so how do you use it well we have web cash Academy
you’re gonna get in there and web cash Academy of course and for those of you
in Oracle members that haven’t been through all this yet shame on you you
got to go through all this stuff web cash Academy is actually live training I
did with businesses here in San Diego and some one screen training and you
also get EECOM Road become Road walks you through setting up a Shopify store
which is very helpful you also get the email earning systems which some of that
was used in this training today which you know is good stuff it shows you how
to set up all your emails and make money and then the next thing is the Facebook
ad University which is so important because you’re going to run Facebook Ads
Facebook edge university is like 66 videos it’s a lot of training but it’ll
really help walk you through everything you need to know for Facebook and you
get this awesome community right oh this guys are all excited because excited
they are they are super excited there’s a guy on the front row on the far right
he doesn’t look like he’s into it like he should be he looks like he’s just
kind of phoning it in dressed the people the other excited okay
so when you join the inner circle you can also submit information to me for me
to review not pick apart review your ads I can look at your sales and landing
pages I can look at your websites your products your pricing any of the funnels
that you have set up your emails subject lines headlines and keep in mind you
know I charge companies a lot of money to go through this stuff and you guys
just as a benefit of being in the inner circle can submit this stuff to me and
have me take a look at it which is pretty cool and any ideas you may have
any frustrations you may have any of course your failures and successes and
then we can look at those and see what worked and some what didn’t work and
others what we can change when you go to the submission page you can see a page
like this you fill it out real quick you check off the boxes you hit submit boom
I get it and then we can of course help you out and once again best software
people always ask me about this it is car truck that’s the link to a therapy
ITIL y /u Cara – uppercase J R and you can get access to that and then the
inner circle video is there at the bottom guys that’s J our inner circle
dot-com forward slash enroll so now let’s get to those questions I like
those dogs but I think it’s about time we change that out I don’t like changing
that up every now and then Jessica do you have a couple questions you could
hit me with yeah Jessica didn’t know this part was coming dad is asking
what’s gdpr it keeps hearing about GDP are you know
what Jessica since you read that I’m gonna let you say I know it’s the
European thing but what is GDP our ID I’ll be honest with you I forgot the
acronym but I know but it’s for basically it’s the UK or Europe privacy
policy you have to be in compliance with so you’re any any email platform you’re
using you have to have your leads except your privacy policy which has to be in
compliance the European and a fancy name for that
is the general data protection regulation correct it is GDP art that’s
what that is okay and in guys it really applies to the UK but it’s going to be
applying more in California I don’t know if they passed that yet or not so you
just got to be compliant that’s all just follow the rules no big deal Carolyn is asking is heart red is CRM um
I would say Carla is a CRM and that’s a customer relations management tool guys
for those of you who don’t know you know typically a CRM you know you constantly
have a trail of all the information and all the contacts you have with a
customer so technically it does function is that it’s not a great CRM I’m not
going to say it is but it does enough for you for what you want it does tag
them and let you know what processes they go through and all their
interactions you know all of their transactions you know what they buy from
you I see Mark’s is putting in here
something about what’s the difference in a sequence and a broadcast a sequence is
an automated thing mark where actually what happens is it’s triggered by some
of them like maybe they get on your list or maybe they buy one of your products
and it sends out a sequence of emails over a period of time that do not stop
until the call-to-action is met within the sequence so my sequence of emails
could be a case of meat that we’re trying to sell and you know we’re
selling this in this a mixed case of meat and it’ll keep sending them emails
to get them to buy it until they get tagged that they bought it
so that’s all that is now a broadcast you know you can send out broadcasts the
same way but you have to do those physically every day or you know set
them up and set up timers for when they’re going to go out all that kind of
stuff they don’t automatically go out you have to set up when they’re going to
go out and that’s you know generally we use broadcast for a different
that we want to communicate with a customer and it varies over time so that
that would be the big difference between that looks like Angelique has a question
about actually what tags are what is a tag a tag is just an identifier that you
apply to a customer based on some action that they took or some interest they
have so like if somebody is interested in SEO and they downloaded a PDF that I
did on SEO well then that person is gonna be tagged that way so when I have
SEO information I may say anybody who has the tag interested SEO send them
this course this teaches SEO so that’s all a tag really is you have any more
questions or probably a time for one or two more on your side Jessica well great
question do I write my own emails 100% I write all my own emails and I’m not
saying I wouldn’t pay somebody but I don’t know that’s one of the things
where I feel like by the time I’ve communicated what I want in an email and
you know educate somebody on what the product is and all that stuff I could
have just gone ahead and done it so I do write my own emails I’m not saying you
can’t have somebody write them I just don’t that’s just me it’s just how I
operate do you have any more questions there are
we ending it Jessica I like for a subject line to talk about a pain point
you know in a funny one that I heard years ago was for this company that they
had a program called 7 ways to stop biting your nails or whatever it was and
they only had one subject line they use it every one of their emails but it was
pretty funny it was still biting your nails and they
had a question mark and what it did to the reader is if they were still biting
their nails they look at him would say oh my god yeah I’m supporting my nails
so you you could but you know still have back
pain still don’t have enough food storage you know you can do stuff like
that you can you can do things that are really open-ended like this crazy thing
just happened I had to tell you you know what crazy things happen so you
can do stuff like that one of the subject lines I used years
ago and I think I still use it some now as boom this just happened you know what
happened you know so the subject line really should not say you know cases of
meat 10% off today because nobody’s going to open that unless they want
cases of meat they think 10% is a good discount so it’s really gonna prevent
you from getting email opens so there’s a type of subject lines I really like to
use okay guys I’m gonna go ahead and back out of here I really appreciate you
showing up today of course we will post the video in the inner circle group
later on so you do have that available jessica’s all over that I know she is
and don’t forget if you’re not a member of the inner circle there’s a few of you
in here today go to inner circle comm forward slash and roll watch the video
there see what you get join this awesome group of people that you’ve joined today
they’re all in here with you they’re your friends you know they can they can
be like family they can give you information but you got to join you got
to be part of it plus you get all this awesome training you get these calls you
get our one-on-one support you also get access to forty six thousand dollars for
the courses just by joining that inner circle so go down there to inner circle
comm fork slash and roll check out the video and I will see you guys later on
we’re gonna head out for a Friday lunch we’ll take some pictures those of you
who follow us on the Friday lunch thing we have a lot of people to do which is
kind of cool we take some pictures visit different restaurants every single week
and you guys can come along with us and enjoy that so I will talk to you real
soon thanks a lot guys see you later Jessica you went Oh bud goodbye and wish
them a happy weekend or whatever alright thank you and I’ll talk to you later

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