January 18, 2020
How to Create Consistent Content for Instagram 2020 (Create ONE MONTH of content in ONE DAY!)

How to Create Consistent Content for Instagram 2020 (Create ONE MONTH of content in ONE DAY!)

What is up, everyone, and welcome back to
my channel. Now I’ve had an insane week after being in
complete shock seeing this video go viral on YouTube. So, to give you guys exactly what you want
in this video today, I’m actually going to share my tips and tricks on how to stay consistent
in creating content on Instagram. Now a question that I always get from my coaching
clients is “Vanessa. How do I have enough photos for the Gram?” Now I know it sounds like a really silly question,
but regardless if you use youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter. If you are using social media for your personal
brand, in order to grow your business, staying consistent on these platforms is more important
than ever. That’s why, to give you guys the best advice
possible, I actually brought on a special guest for this video. My friend Swana. Hi guys. My friend Swana just so happens to also be
a photographer. And in today’s video we’re going to show you
how to plan and shoot for an entire month of content for your Instagram feed in one
day. Yes, you guys heard that right. We’re going to teach you, step by step, how
to plan everything out for your Instagram feed in one day, and one day only, so that
every week you always have photos to pump out for your audience and so you can always
be consistent on the platform. So, if you guys are interested in learning
all about this, then keep on watching. So the first piece of advice that we have
for you is … To create an inspiration board for all the
photos you want to take for your Instagram feed. This is when you’re going to go on Pinterest
and find inspirational poses, outfits, aesthetics for your photo shoot. And as a photographer, I love it when my clients
do this, because it helps me give direction and a vision for what they want to create
for the photo shoot. So once you’ve created an inspiration board,
the second thing you want to do is to ask a friend or significant other, or hire someone
to help you take the photos. Now, especially if you are a business owner
and you rely on social media to grow your personal brand for your business, it is worth
considering upgrading from your typical iPhone quality and actually finding someone or hiring
someone who has a professional camera to take good quality photos for you on a consistent
basis. That’s kind of how I met Swana. So what I do, is I have a subscription service
where I work with business owners and influencers to batch create content for their Instagram
or for their social media. Since many people use social media for their
businesses, it’s not easy to just create content on the daily. That’s why it’s so much smarter all your content
at once, and that’s what I help content creators do. Exactly, and honestly, having someone like
Swana, has been an absolute game changer for me. It’s been so much easier to actually create
content, especially when you’re already busy managing your business. Now I also don’t want to freak you guys out,
if you don’t own a business, or if you don’t have the investment to hire somebody to help
you on a monthly basis create all their content for the month, then definitely ask a good
friend of yours, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, your mom, your dad. Doesn’t matter, because the idea is that in
one day, in less than four hours, you’re going to be able to create all this content for
the whole month for your Instagram feed. Now that you’ve found someone to agree to
shoot with you, regardless if it’s your buddy, or if you’re hiring someone, the next thing
you want to do is create a brief. Now out of this entire video, this tip is
probably the most important tip, because having a brief, a really good one, is going to either
make or break your shoot. Because after you’ve created your mood board,
the mood board that we discussed in tip one, you then want to transfer the photos that
you’ve chosen on Pinterest into an actual brief. Now, a lot of you might be wondering, “What
exactly is a brief?” Swana? Do you want to explain it to them? Sure. A brief is basically a detailed document that
outlines the different various locations you’re going to shoot at, and different outfits you’re
going to wear at these locations, and also all the different poses you’re going to do. Also, something to keep in mind before you
create this brief, you also want to calculate, actually ask yourself, “How many days a week
do you pose on Instagram?” In my case, if I posed three times a week,
that means for the whole month I’m going to need 12 photos. So in your brief, you’re going to need to
actually brief for 12 different photos for your feed. Now, don’t worry, I’m actually going to pull
up an example of what a brief looks like. All right, guys, so this is a brief and this
brief was specifically for the launch of my website: www.VanessaLau.co. So as you can see within the brief, I’ve already
outlined the location and this was taken in an alleyway that had a bunch of colors. But essentially, it’s just for us to know
that this is location one, with the pink alley. And because this brief was specifically made
for a website, what I did was, I really mapped out exactly for the website header, what would
be on it? Which location it would be, what outfit I
would wear, how close it should be and which props I should bring. Now, obviously if this is for Instagram, it
doesn’t have to be this intense, but I do recommend to add some detail in order to ensure
that your shoot is as efficient as possible. Here, we also had the location printed out,
and a little bit of inspiration from all of that, and a little bit of more inspiration
for that website. Here you’ll also notice that I do the same
with every section of my website, and I also kind of change up the location now and then. So you could see exactly what again, what
I wanted to wear, how closely it would be, whether it would be portrait or landscape
and if there would be props. So these were a lot of the inspirations that
I actually used for my website, and if you want to visit my website at www.VanessaLau.co,
you can then see what ended up being the final result. Now keep in mind that it’s not always going
to be the same, because everyone is different, but having a brief really helps to create
some organization for your shoots. Also, it’s really helpful, is to have all
your locations be within walking distance or in close proximity to each other. So after you’ve created this brief, you’ve
shared it with your friend, or your photographer or whoever is helping you create this content
and you’ve chosen the date that you’re going to be shooting all day, you then want to pack
a suitcase filled with all of your clothes and accessories the night before. Because in your shoot day, you’re going to
be going from location to location. This is the suitcase that you’re going to
be lugging around all day, filled with all of your different outfits, and your different
accessories that you might use, including jewelry, different shoes, a notebook, laptops,
earphones. Whatever you might need to create the desired
aesthetic for your shoot. Consider changing up your hairstyle, and bringing
different lipsticks for your photo shoot. In terms of packing for clothes, I find the
most efficient way is to mixing up your outerwear, because it’s easy to just throw on different
outerwear instead of going to a change room and changing your entire outfit, so then you’re
maximizing your time to change quickly for different poses and your different locations. Absolutely. Even for me, even with a suitcase, you’re
going to be lugging this thing around and going to small coffee shop bathrooms. So the less changes you can make, the better,
but like Swana said, having a different jacket, a different cardigan, something that you can
easily throw up top to change the variety of your photo, that’s going to be great so
that people can’t tell that you did everything in one day. Now the last step is … To shoot. To shoot. Now that you’ve done all the planning for
the photo shoot, this makes it so much easier. I know when I work with Vanessa, it only took
us four hours to take a whole month’s worth of content. And as a photographer, this makes it so much
easier to understand my client’s direction, and creative vision, and that way it makes
it a lot more efficient for me to just help them get their photos that they need for their
social media. And that’s it, guys. That’s how you create one month’s worth of
content in just one go. So, guys, if you’ve reached the end of this
video, you would have learned, step by step, how we plan a full month’s worth of content
in just one photo shoot for an entire month’s worth of Instagram’s photos. And you would have also learned and saw the
behind-the-scenes of exactly how we do it. But, your next question might be, “Okay, great. I have all these amazing, beautiful photos,
now what?” Well, you’re in luck, because next time, in
the next video that I post, I’m actually going to teach you how you’re going to transfer
these photos into your actual Instagram feed and schedule your content so you no longer
have to scramble last minute to figure if your aesthetic works out, what your caption’s
going to be, so on and so forth. So again, make sure you hit the notification
bell to be notified when that video drops and also, if you aren’t subscribed already,
to subscribe to this channel. Last but not least, guys, thank you so much,
Swana, for being a part of this video. Thank you for having me. And if you aren’t already, make sure you subscribe
to Swana or follow her on Instagram. We’re going to link it right here. And make sure, especially if you’re in the
Vancouver area, to hit her up and ask her for her services, she’s absolutely amazing
and she’s already done so much for my business and I could not recommend her anymore that
I already have. Anyway guys, as always, thank you so, so much
for watching. I hope you guys have a great day, I hope you
guys have a great week, and I hope you guys have a great life, and we’ll see you next
time. Bye! Bye!

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