September 19, 2019
How to create better performing videos with

How to create better performing videos with

The biggest thing we do for our clients, is make video ads and run them as campaigns We use monday to manage the
whole production process, and the different edits we make. Every time we take on a new client, we create a new board. We split the board into three groups, production, editing, and tests. The first group is for the production process. Here we put everything we need to create the video. Including writing the script, items or props we need, location to film, any extra gear we might need to rent. After we’re done shooting we
move to the editing process. We add pulses describing each
different edit we want to make. Everything we do is updated onthe fly, so for example, if the
animation guy needs more assets, he can just create a new pulse
describing what he needs. He can tag me, I’ll see it immediately and upload
whatever he needs straight away. We make multiple edits with different
editors off the same footage. And monday creates this really
cool collaborative environment because when someone’s created a version, he’ll upload it, and then all the other editors can see it,
learn and get inspired. When everything is visible, it brings everybody’s level up. Not in a competitive way, but in a joint effort to make
the best creative we can. The last group is where we track and
show the results of all the tests we run. It’s really important for us
that the people who make the videos see how they perform as ads. With Facebook’s video ad system
we get great analytics on the performance of each version we upload, and that data gives us actionable insights into what’s working well and what’s not. We give that information to the
person who made the video and they can tweak it and make
a better performing video. We’ll keep doing that until
we’ll get the result we want. the columns in the board are, the name of the task that we need to do, the person who’s in charge of the project, the status of the project, the priority of the task, this column really helps me understand
what my teammate sand I need to focus on. The last is the due date for the task.

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