April 8, 2020
How to Create an Instagram Story Ad in 2019

How to Create an Instagram Story Ad in 2019

In this video, I’ll show you how to create
Instagram story ads that convert. According to Instagram, 400 million people
use Instagram every day. To capture the attention of this massive audience,
I’ll share my bootstrapping process for creating an eye-catching Instagram story ads
without filming anything at all. I’ll go through this process step-by-step
so that you can make your own ad the exact same way. I’ll also show you some important settings
you’ll need to adjust in Facebook Ads Manager when it comes time to launch your campaign. Ready to create your first Instagram story
ad? Let’s begin. Hey everyone, it’s Jessica from Oberlo. Before I get started today, I want to make
a little caveat. You’re going to learn a lot about Instagram
marketing today, but you won’t learn everything you need to know about ecommerce success. That takes continuous learning. So subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay
on top of the latest tips and trends of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Alright, let’s dive into Instagram story
ads. When it comes to story ads, Instagram allows
three ad formats. All of these appear in your audience’s Instagram
feed for 24 hours. The first format is a photo. A still image will show up as a single story
and will stay on-screen for up to 5 seconds. Here’s an example of a photo ad from SkillShare. The second format is video. Video ads will show up as a single story and
will play for up to 15 seconds. Here’s a relaxing example of a video ad
from the meditation app Calm. The third format is a carousel ad. Carousel ads contain up to three pieces of
content that display as three stories. The content can be photos or videos. This ad format is best for story-driven content,
like this ad from Gap. You can see that this ad actually contains
three story videos that are stitched together as one ad. If you’re dropshipping with Oberlo, you’ve
already heard us talk about how video ads can help you sell your product. Because they convert so well, that’s what
we’ll focus on today. By the way, if you’re not dropshipping with
Oberlo, definitely check out this intro video here. With dropshipping, you can set up an online
store and start selling products without carrying any inventory. That means a lot of your focus will shift
to marketing tactics… like Instagram story tactics! So let’s get into the details of creating
your first video ad. In the end, your ad will look something like
this. To create this video, first I made sure I
had a copy of my business logo saved to my phone. Then I went to my dropshipping store to look
for product photos. As you can see, I sell leggings. I like these Leah leggings here, and I want
to run this story ad to see if my customers like these leggings too. By creating an ad that focuses on ONE product,
I can rely on the ad results to teach me what my customers like and don’t like. If they swipe on this story ad, they like
the Leah leggings. If they don’t swipe, they don’t like the
Leah leggings. Simple. But if I run an ad with multiple products,
I won’t know whether customers swiped for the first product they saw or the last. That’s going to make it harder for me to
decide which products to spend more money promoting in the future. Bottom line: Advertise one product per ad,
and you can depend on the results to teach you what your customers like. Ok, back to creating our ad. I’m going to press and hold each product
image to save it to my phone. I got all of these product images straight
from the supplier photos on Oberlo. I got lucky because my supplier took great
photos in the first place. And it’s totally allowed and legal to use
these supplier photos in ads. Now that these photos are saved, I’m going
to fire up a photo editing app on my phone. I use an app called InShot to do this. What’s nice is you can create a basic Instagram
ad using just the free version of InShot. Alright, here’s my gameplan: I want to capture
my audience’s attention in the first 1 second of my Instagram story video. That’s key. To do that, I want to throw a lot of movement
at my audience in that first second. That’s why I’m essentially going to create
a GIF with the product images I just saved. I’ll select video, and add my first photo. Then I’ll click this plus sign and add the
next photo I want to appear. And so on. If you want to change the position of these
photos, which are now essentially video clips, click and hold, then click and drag any photo
to the position you want it in. Then click anywhere else on the screen. Now I want to format this for Instagram. To do this I’ll click Canvas. Instagram story ratios are set at 9:16, so
I’ll select this icon right here that says 9:16. I’ll click the double checkmarks on the
left to apply this canvas change to all the clips in this video, not just the first product
image. Now my photos are formatted correctly, but
this pace is waaayyyy too slowwwww. To quicken things up, scroll here and select
speed. Remember, we want to capture the viewer’s
attention in the first second. However, we have 15 seconds to play with in
the video ad. There’s no need to use all 15 seconds though. If you can create engaging content the whole
way through, great. But if not, a 5-10 second video will work. To make sure my images change fast enough
to catch the eye, I’m going to bring each image
in my ad down to half a second. I’ll hit the
double check mark to apply that speed change to all images. Next I want
to add some text. Click text. Select the big and
little A icon to change the font. I’ll go with something modern and on-brand
like this font here. Click the keyboard icon to type. Click the color wheel if you want to change
the color. You can also add a background. And hold and drag the text to change its location
on the frame, and use this icon on the corner to make the text smaller or bigger. A few notes on what text to include in your
ads. The most important thing is to include a compelling
offer. Just displaying your product images isn’t
enough. You need to convince customers to buy your
product now. For example, you might mention that shipping
is free, inventory is limited, or that the item is on sale for a limited time only. Just make sure that your call-to-action is
repeated on your product page. If you say a product is $19.99 for a limited
time only, make sure it’s not listed as $29.99 on your product page. Also, don’t include too much text. Remember that in the first 3 seconds, your
audience will decide whether to stick with your ad. If the first thing they see is a small novel,
they’re going to swipe away. And finally, pay attention to text placement. You want to draw attention away from the “Sponsored
ad” text, and toward the “Learn More” text. To do this, place text in the middle and bottom
of the screen. As a finishing touch, I’ll upload my logo. I’ll review my video, and make the necessary
adjustments so that my finished video looks great. Now
that my Instagram video ad is done, it’s time to
upload it using Facebook ads manager. I saved a copy of
my video to my desktop computer. Now I’ll go to my ads manager account and
get started creating a new ad. Today I won’t cover how to choose an objective
or define an audience for our ad. But I’ll cover those topics in a future
video–just make sure you subscribe to Oberlo’s YouTube channel so you get those videos when
we publish them. The important thing to remember here is to
edit placements. Deselect automatic placements, and select
edit placements. For device types, deselect Desktop. The vast majority of Instagram story views
are on mobile, so I don’t want to pay Facebook to show this ad on desktops. For platforms, uncheck everything but Instagram
Stories. Now all that’s left to do is create your
ad by selecting Single Image or Video as the format, and uploading the video you just created. Insert the product page as the website URL
and select your call to action–I’ll select Shop Now. Because this is a stories ad, you don’t
need to worry about text, a headline, display link, or news feed link description. Alright, this ad is a great start, but it’s
your own creative twist that will really make it stand out and get sales. So here’s where I welcome your feedback:
What would you change about this ad? Would you rewrite the copy? Use a stronger call-to-action? Choose different product images? Share your feedback in the comments and let’s
learn from each other. I’ll jump into the discussion too. That’s all for today. Remember to hit subscribe, and until I see
you again, learn often, market better, and sell more.

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