April 3, 2020
How to create an eCommerce website when you only have a few products to sell

How to create an eCommerce website when you only have a few products to sell

– How do you set out your website when you’ve only got a few videos to sell? Well in today’s episode, we’re gonna try and answer that question by reviewing a website
called Quad Lock Case which is where I am gonna
buy my new iPhone case from. We’re gonna learn some
great lessons in Facebook, lifestyle video, and
check out with PayPal. Hi guys, I’m Matt Edmundson
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what we’re doing here. Recently, I upgraded my
phone to the iPhone 7 which is great, but of
course Apple being Apple, they can’t make a phone the same size so I can use my previous case. No, it has to be a different one, so I have to go out and buy
a different iPhone case. Now, my iPhone case of
choice is the Quad Lock case. I have been using these for a few years. I think it’s a great product because it’s a real simple
way to connect my iPhone to a lot of different mounts. Brilliant, works superbly, and so I’m gonna buy another one today and we are gonna use
this as an opportunity to review another website and see what lessons we
can learn about eCommerce. Without further ado, let’s jump in. Okay, so let’s talk about how
I found the Quad Lock product. Originally like I said, I’ve had the Quad Lock on previous phones so I’m familiar with the product and I just want to buy it again. One of the things I wanted
to draw your attention to because I think they do it really well is their Facebook advertising. I was on the Quad Lock
website about 20 minutes ago and just closed the site down and low and behold, 20 minutes later, their advert appears now in my feed. They do various different Facebook ads. This is the one where
you can scroll through the different product images. Sometimes they’ll do video,
and so on and so forth, so they’ve got various
different ads which they show but the fact is I was on
their website 20 minutes ago and this is now in my Facebook feed. They do do this very well and stay connected with
their customers very well through Facebook. If we go over to their Facebook page as you can see now, we’ve
got some of the videos and some reviews, and some posts. This is Quad Lock, and if I go and shop now, it’s gonna take me to the US
site, and I wanna go to the UK. Again, that’s quite nice. Very simple, easy to choose what I want. Here’s their website that
I can buy product from. Right at the top here, you
can see Facebook, like 217k so 200,000 likes on Facebook. I found this interesting
that they’ve put this here right at the top. They’re obviously encouraging
me to get involved with them on social media. I’ve not seen this before on other sites and I quite like it. I quite like it in a blue
Facebook sort of band also in their sort of Quad Lock blue. I’m curious to know how
well this works for them. I’m curious to the stage where, actually, I’m gonna put it on the conversation list for out team at Jersey. I quite like that. Now we’ve got shop by activity. Do you ride, run, drive, or
is it just for lifestyle? You can shop by device, and you can see their
different mounts which they do. Again, for what is a quite
small product range in reality, they’re making it super
easy for you to find which one you want. As I said, I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7. I have all the different accessories. I’ve got the bike kit. I’ve got the running arm band. I’ve got the car kit. What I don’t have is the case. If I click on More Information, this is what I want. I want the Quad Lock
case for the iPhone 7. Again, what they do well
which is really nice, they’ve got different photographs showing all with the iPhone 7. Some lifestyle shots in the pocket here, and they’ve got a video showing you why Quad Lock is so great. Now, one of the things which
immediately jumps out to me is this like one. They have very few interaction here. You see, I just don’t know
if this is working anymore in eCommerce sites. When I look at that, it says one. When I look at that, it says 217,000. Now there’s a big ol’
difference between those two. Part of me is wondering actually how well this is working for them. If you have this on your site, don’t just have it there
because everybody else has got it there. Are customers using it? Now, there may be an argument to say that customers are using the Pinterest, but the rest of it I highly doubt. What else have we got here? We’ve got a good clear
title for the iPhone 7. Super clear that it’s the iPhone 7. That’s important to me. This free shipping thing
with the Union Jack is great but I think it’s– I mean the text is tiny. Free shipping, UK orders, I think that says over 25 quid. Man, you’ve got to have
20/20 vision to read that. That would be one thing that I’d change. It does say it here, free
shipping on orders over £25 so I get the sort of, the
Quad Lock reference here with the icon. I understand that. I’m not sure if I was a newbie
whether I’d understand that so that icon there might
not make too much sense. 30-day Strava premium trial
included with purchase. Okay, and they’ve got here some reviews. I’m personally not a big fan of white text on dark backgrounds. It’s just a personal thing. I don’t think it reads very well, but it’s good they’ve got this. Sorry, they’ve got the reviews. Become a Quad Lockian. I like that sort of phrasiology. Join the tribe, become part of the crew. Your email. Like us on Facebook, so
again they’re pushing that. Now I can see those sort of
icons which they had at the top. Free shipping, UK orders over £25. It’s clearer now, and then they’ve got this
sort of thing at the bottom. I’d probably, again, I like to be picky. If I’m gonna be picky here, I would just make this
look a little bit better. Going over two lines
like that I just think is not particularly great. Look here, look guys, they’ve got pay with
Apple Pay on their site which is great. This is gonna become a
bigger and bigger deal certainly in 2017, and so we would suggest looking at when you can get on your
development calendar and get that in there. Obviously they’ve got
PayPal, which is great, and the usual Visa, MasterCard,
and American Express for those of you who like
to collect air miles. Estimated delivery time
is 2-3 business days and they’ve got all the information here, so if I click Add to Cart I can either continue shopping– What they’ve not done here which I think they could’ve done is actually said, “You know what? “This is a great product with–” or upgrade to this now, or get this and get an extra
few quid off rather than– so there’s no upsell feature. Oh, ah! What they’ve done is they’ve put it there, so obviously they’ve tested that. That works. I don’t need a bike mount. I’m just gonna click Continue running. Okay, so what this tells me is actually, Quad Lock is using Shopify. This is a Shopify checkout, and so I know it’s gonna work pretty well. You can always tell a Shopify checkout by this layout, this sort of split screen, grey on the right, white on the left. You can check out with PayPal, you can add your own information, and it’s got the shopping
cart information here. Now, when I was on the website earlier, I did what most people do and just left it sort
of run for a little bit and after a few minutes, it
came up with give me your email and I’ll send you a 10% discount code which I think is one of those features which is super helpful for website owners because you get an email address. Sure, you have to give a 10% discount, but for those people who
might not buy straight away it’s great to get their email and then market to them
and get them on your list so it’s certainly something worth trying but I noticed actually
they didn’t have it. They just had the Facebook like thing. Yeah, they just had that there. They obviously changed this band here. Did you notice when you
went to QuadLockCase.com, if we head over to that one, there we go, you see they’ve got this “Get a 10% discount now?” obviously that’s not displaying
anymore on the UK site. They’ve decided to take that off obviously either because
I’ve got it already or because I’ve come through
Facebook on the UK site. I don’t know, I don’t know
why they’re not showing that but there’s obviously a reason for not showing that right now. They think I’m gonna buy
without it, which is good. Another thing here on
the homepage is the video and they’re showing lifestyle video. They’re not showing the
product necessarily. They’re showing the product being used. They’re showing you the possibilities of what you can do with the product which I think is very, very clever this sort of lifestyle video. Again, you’ll see this more
and more on websites now as internet speeds are
getting faster and faster is this sort of video background effect. Okay, so I’m gonna do the checkout now but before I do, just
notice a few things on here. I’m not quite sure why
there’s a question mark here next to Continue Shopping. That makes me think that the graphic’s not
displaying correctly because I don’t see what a
question mark has got to do with continue shopping, unless they’re asking me a
question, continue shopping? In which case there should be
a question mark after that. I don’t know. (laughs) Okay, I’m
getting tied up in detail. Again look, they’ve got the pay icons here so they’re telling me they do Apple Pay, normal cards, and PayPal. I like this, they’ve got some reviews. The one thing that I would say is their reviews are outdated. Look at this, 16th of April,
2015 is the latest review and it is now the 5th of January, 2017, so not shy of two years late. They’ve obviously not
updated that recently. That I just think looks a bit
pants if I’m honest with you. I would definitely be
updating the reviews. Here we’ve got 30-day money-back
guarantee, free shipping, and please note, I don’t know if I’d use
the phrase “please note” because it tells me that there’s almost probably something wrong. It’s like something your
teacher writes on your report. Please note the following
terms and conditions apply. Actually, 30-day money-back guarantee is not something that you
would say “please note” for. It’s a good thing, right? It’s like, “Hey, we give you
a 30-day money-back guarantee. “You’ve got nothing to lose
by ordering this product “and trying it. “If you don’t love it, send it back, “and we will arrange a refund, “because we want all our
customers to be delighted.” I don’t think you need the “please note,” and I would definitely make this bigger. This is default more of a feature. Free shipping, again, make that bigger just to encourage me
to click the checkout. I don’t want anything else. I’ve got everything else
if I’m honest with you. Okay, so I am gonna actually
check out here with PayPal because that is one of
my personal preferences. I love the features and simplicity of checking out with PayPal. If you do not have check out
with PayPal on your website then I would definitely
be having a conversation with your developers and
asking them to do that. Like I said, this is a Shopify site and if you’re looking
to upgrade your site, and you have a clear product range, and you’ve not necessarily
got thousands to spend on your eCommerce website,
Shopify is pretty good. We’ve used it for a couple of clients. We’ve used it for a
couple of our own websites and you know what? Shopify is a seven or
eight out of ten for me. It’s a great service, a great
place to start off with, that’s for sure. For companies like Quad Lock, it makes all the sense in the world. Okay, I’ve now gone through
the checkout process. I realise because I’m
doing this on the fly and I’m concentrating too much on talking into the microphone and not enough on what I’m doing, I’ve made a slight error,
and that is the shipping. Remember it said free
shipping on orders over £25? I can see why they did that, because their basic product range is under that price bracket and they’re encouraging me to try and buy more than one thing, which
makes a lot of sense, and I should’ve got not only
the case, but also the cover which I forgot, which would’ve
given me free shipping. I now have to buy that separately and will probably have
to pay shipping again. Look, that cost me £3.88 but the other thing I forgot to do, I went through the trouble
of giving them my email, they have it already, to
get the 10% discount code, and I forgot to add that. That will also have cost me some money which is a little bit of
a shame, but nevermind, lesson’s learned. In one sense, it would be great if there was a quick
“cancel my order” feature on this page, and so I could reorder that. I get why you don’t put “cancel orders” on the thank you page, I do, but in this particular instance,
it would’ve been helpful but nevermind. Okay, so one of the things that
you regularly see on Shopify is you see this sort of map box. Hey, we’re gonna ship this order to you, and I wanted to draw your
attention to this thank you page because this, “Thank you Mr.!” What’s that all about? You know my first name,
you know my last name. I don’t know if this is something to do with PayPal’s checkout feature, and Shopify, you need pay attention here, if you don’t know my
name, don’t display “Mr.!” This is a simple bit of
code to say, “Thank you,” rather than, “Thank you Mr.
we have no idea who you are “and what your name is
because for some reason “our code is broken.” Rant over, that is a
simple fix guys, come on. Make it a lot more personal. The map’s cool, but it’s much better when
you get my name right. (chuckles) Okay, we’ll see you next time. There you go, my Quad
Lock case is on the way, which is great, super excited about that. Here is my question of
the day for you guys. Have you tried retargeting
ads using Facebook like Quad Lock did with me that we saw at the start of the video? Have you tried that,
and if so, was it good, was it bad, would you do it again, what was your experience? Leave your answers in the comments below. I’d love to hear your response, and as I said earlier, if you haven’t yet, hit the subscribe button. Make sure you do it now as we are gonna bring you
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will see you in the next video.

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