March 30, 2020
How to Create a Website with a Store |

How to Create a Website with a Store |

Whether you sell T-shirt to raise money for your Youtube channel, or digital product like your latest feature film. Within Wix we can setup an online shop in just minutes. with only a few clicks. Hey everyone, Jordy here from and welcome to the creative channel for film makers and what if we could sell our creativity in an online shop. Merchandise, E-books, tickets for your featured film. You name it! In a previous video, we have seen how to create your own website using Wix and in this tutorial we are going to build an online shop in that website. And we are back in the dashboard of our website, where we can see all the options. Now in order to create that online shop, you do have to upgrade your account to a eCommerce planning. You can see that right here in my options, plan eCommerce. Now that does cost a little money. But you know, the whole purpose of having an online shop is so that you can make money. So why not spend a little bit, to have a good platform. Where you can start selling your stuff. But first let’s see have we can actually create that online store. So what i’m gonna do is go back to edit website which will bring me to the wix editor. And right here we are back at website, that we have created in the previous video and if you haven’t seen that one yet. Then just click in the card, somewhere up here in the right corner and that will bring you to that video. Like with anything else, to add a new element to your website. We just head over to the menu here, on the left. Click on add and head over to store down below here and the just click “Add to site”. And that will create a bunch of new elements. Like also here in the top, you can see that shop has been added to your menu. And if you like, you can change that of course. By going into your pages settings and just rename that by double clicking on it. For example, the cinema store. Done. Because we are going to sell film tickets or like a printing service. Anything like that, that has something to do with our business of course. Now next to that, you’ll also see this little cart icon. Right here. And this is something you can drag around again. So make sure to give that a proper place and no, i don’t want tips. Because you guys have me, so screw those tips! I’m going to drag that shoppingcart, here next to my menu. Something like that and if you click on that, You can also change that, like anything with wix. We’ve seen that in a previous video If you go to settings, we can change how that card has to look. So perhaps, you like this one more. Change that color, going to make, greyish. Change the size a little bit. You know the drill, right? So then right here, where is says “This page has no products to show at the moment”, this is where your shop goes. Now you guys will probably see some demo products right here, but what i have done, is deleted them already. And while i was creating this tutorial, something went wrong. So i had to rerecord them, and for some reason, i can’t get those default product back. I had to create a entire new website, so just know that, that can be a little different. But to go to your products. Just hit here on the top left, manage products. That will bring you to the back-end or the settings of your actual shop. And there are a couple of things we have to go through here on the left. But let’s start with those products, if you see these demo products right here, then just delete them all and then we can start with our own products. Click on new product and give that a name. For example, we have shot a new feature film and we would like to invite family and friends. But you know, renting that place to showcase the film and having some people doing the drinks and stuff, you know. That will cost money, so let’s charge a little bit and sell tickets. I’m going to call this “Featured film”. Then as an image, we’re going to upload the movie poster. Right here. This here, is just the media library, like we’ve seen. You can upload new images, but i’ve already done that. This right here is my movie poster. So i’m just going to select that and say apply. And if you like so, you also can add multiple images in here. So for example, you can also add some behind the scenes. These two right here are from that film, some behind the scenes pictures. So i’m going to say apply as well. So now we have this small gallery. Scroll down and here you can give that a price for the tickets. You can give that a little discription and so on. Now what we are going to do though is we are going to work with two differents kind of tickets. You know we got the premium seats, which are more in front And then we got the standing seats. The place that we have rented isn’t that big, so not everyone can sit and i do expect a lot of viewers. That’s why we are going to work with two kinds of tickets. What i do suggest here, is to set a base price. So that means the lowest ticket price, set that right in here. For example, the standing ticket is going to be 10 euros. And then add a description for just the entire project. For example, a short summary of what your film is about and looking at this photo right here. It’s definitely a war film. So war is going on. But everyone wants peace! romantic film by Jordy And if you like, you can style that a bit more, add links to it, put some stuff here in bold, like that. Then scroll a bit more down. Of course the tickets are in stock, you can change that right here. But also you can track the inventory, so if you enable that. We can say, we only have 50 tickets and once that they are sold, they are gone. And the next time we play that film, it’s going to be a lot more expensive. You can do a bunch more, like setting a custom text in here. But right here, it’s really getting interesting. The product options. Click on that. This allows you to set multiple different things of that same product. For example, like a t-shirt which has different sizes. Right now we are going to say two tickets, we’ve got the premium seats and we’ve got the standing seats So this is just a tickets option and as a list, which is exactly what we want. You an also set a color. But for the list we are going to set the premium seats comma and then say the standing places comma. That will create two kind of choices. Once you’ve done that, you can dive into the customize settings per variation, enable that. And right here you can see these two options. And you can also add an additional price for that. so what is says right here is surcharge. So for the standing places, i’m just going to leave that on 0. You know the price is just going to be 10 euros, so it doesn’t have to add anything more to the price that we’ve set here in the beginning But for the premium seats You know that is going to cost alot more so i’m just going to add 10 extra euros to that. And that’s it, the product is all done. If we are going to hit on safe now, here on top. It will save that product here in my gallery. Now i can just close that and on my website you’ll see that product appearing. Now for some reason it’s out of stock and that’s probably because i’ve set some wrong. So i just going to head back to manage page and see what i’ve done here And of course every tickets had his own inventory, we don’t have 50 tickets, no! We only have 10 premium seats! And the other 40 are the standing places. So there you know these are real premium seats Now we’ve set actual inventories for these tickets and then we close that again We won’t see that out of stock anymore So there we have it, the very first product! Let’s add another one. Going to head back to manage products. And let’s say if you are a photographer and you would like to sell some prints. You could also do that! So i’m going to head over new product again, give that a name, let’s say “Photo Print”. Add some images if you like, that one right here. Apply! And the price is going to be 10 euros again. that’s the setup cost And you what? it’s on sale, because it’s holidays and such. Let’s just put 10% off. There we go! Give that a little description. The best Photo Print you’ll ever see! And we don’t need to track the inventory. Because once the ink is out, we just buy new one. But we do have some more options for the products. This is the print size and for example we’ve got an A5 print, an A4 print and finally the big one, an A1 print. Go into these settings of that and you can add a surcharge to that. For example, the A5 is going to be 20 euro’s. The A4 is going to be like 30 and if you the want the A1, the big one, you are going to pay 50 bucks. You know it’s actually extra! Everything is in stock. If you want to add some weight to it, you can also do that You can use this, for example for the shipping cost Where you can say, this is something for later in this video, everything above 1kilo is that shipping cost. Everything above 3 kilos has that shipping cost and so on. But you know we are living in modern times, we do free shipping. So hit that save button and now we’ve got two product in the store. So let’s close that. Right there. Photo Print and it’s even on sale! Now like we are used to with wix, we can again style the look of your store. We can head over to the settings right here. Instead of going to manage products, we can also go to settings. That’ll bring up a new new popup box, where we can actually style this whole thing. For the product style, im’ going to click here on something else. Also change the hover style, where the product kinda zooms in, instead of showing an alternate image. As for the display i don’t like the line between that. So we can just disable that divider. Like so! And these settings continue. Also we’ve got the tree other taps here. Styles and colors here as wel So we can really customize how it has to look. But there’s one last option here in the wix store and that are the store pages. We don’t only have this store page, but we also have product pages, we have the checkout page we’ve got the card page and so on… If you click on that, you just first say “get started” and that will show you those different pages. So currently we are at the cinema store, but if we click on product page. We will see an example of the Photo Print, for example. And again in here we can start changing the way it has to look. So we can click on these elements here, go into the settings and change the stuff. For example, i don’t like that purple color. So head over to the display settings and right here i should find the button. The background of that is purple and i’m going to change that to green. Because you know, everybody is attracted to green and now people are for sure going to click on that button. And buy my Photo Prints. But of course we’ve got a bunch more options, just go through them. They are all pretty straight forward But going back to those pages here, store pages. You also have the cards, this is where people collect their stuff and then they are going to go to the checkout. And finally we have a thank you page, once that people have paid for their products. Then you can say thank so much! Going to these settings here. For buying my stuff, thanks for shopping. We are going to say. Thank you for being so awesome! Now that is something you want to hear as a buyer! Alright let’s go back to my store settings here on the left, the store pages, go back to the cinema store. Because what we want to do here is go into the manage projects. We’ve got a bunch more settings on the left, one of which are the orders. And here you will see a list of all the orders Once that someone made a payment, so that you know that it’s ordered and paid for. You can start doing your shipping or perhaps put an update on facebook like “hey, i’ve already sold like 40 tickets. There are only 10 left! Purchase it now or pay double the price, the second time i showcase my feature film!” There is also an option to promote your store. We can create an email campaign right here. And this really works well, if you have like new products that you want to tell your audience about or there is a certain sale going on during the holidays. You can tell people about your sale, so that they know that it’s going on. Pretty good to have that, also writing here so that you don’t have to use other emailing software and such. everything sits right inside Wix But then we’ve got the business setup and this option is very important! Because without these options you can’t collect any money, so let’s go quickly through these options as wel Business Name, it’s Jordy Inc. And i’m in the Art and Photography industry We’re going to set up a logo, i’ve already uploaded that right here. My awesome Jordy logo. The payment info is something we’re going to set up later. First we’re going to ste some contact information, also very important If you are going to deal with people, who are paying for your products. Then make sure that you have some kind of contact information, if something went wrong, they might not be satisfied or anything like that. Make sure you help your customers. You want to have satisfied customers. Even though that something went wrong with the product, make sure you always come up with a solution. Even if that’s a refund or a coupon to you store. Anything like that! So add you contact information here. But then, let’s go to the payments here on the left. And there are three kinds of payments, gateways actually, that we can set up. The first one is creditcard, then we got Paypal and finally the offline payment. Now selling those film tickets to the family. Grandma and stuff is coming and they don’t have Paypal yet. They tried it, but they first want to get the hang of twitter ,then go further with Paypal and candycrush and stuff. So let’s set up an offline payment. An offline payment is really a custom way of how people can pay for your products. So you can put anything in here. For example, put the money on account 1234567. That is not what is says, it says 012345. Within 7 business days. So put some clear instructions right in here of what people have to do in order to make that payment. It can also say, visit this address here between this hour and that hour to bring cash. That is completely up to you. But be aware you have to do everything manually If those people pay for your products, make sure that you also go into the order settings her on the left and that you checkmark those order as “Now it’s paid!’. It’s not something that is going to happen automatically if you’re working with these offline payments. So i’m just going to say activate offline payments. There we go, it’s added. You can always change that text afterwards. The same thing goes for Paypal as wel. i’m going to say connect to paypal. But of course be aware of the extra charges you’ll get with paypal. So yes i already have a Paypal account. It’s [email protected]… I don’t know what my website was again. What’s my website here?… okay whatever. This is my PAypal address. I’m going to say “Activate Account”. So this is where the so called Paypal money is going to come in. Then let’s head over to shipping. Like it said before, we live in a modern world where shipping is free. It already knows i’m from Belgium And we like, so we can go into the settings of my country. And yes free shipping, of course. You can set some optional information here, how long that the shipping has to take. Like i said before, if you do would like to charge shipping. You can set that by weight of the product. So everything below a kilogram is much and above that is so much and so on… Or just set one flat rate or a rate by the price of a product. But again, we live in a modern world. So let’s go for that free shipping. Unfortunately, we do have to add taxes. And in Europe, it’s different for every country here. So tax rates within region. For belgium that’s 21% tax. And our country, probably Europe, is the best at such things, I actually have to charge different tax rates depending on which country the buyer is coming from. Luckily Wix will calculate that or see that by itself, so i don’t have to ask each client where you are coming from. But we do have to set that all, so you want to spend some time in here to set the tax rates for every country. For example Germany. And it had 16 states, so apparently you can change that for every state in there. Or can just say “Select All Of them” and have just one global tax rate, because i do believe that Germany has just one tax rate. And if i’m correct, it was 25%. So that’s even a bit more. And that just keeps continuing, so welcome to our world. Or welcome to Europe, let’s put it that way. Just save that setting. We also set an international shipping method. For the rest of the world we just have to calculate the Belgian tax rate If i’m correct or i should ask my accountant. He probably knows more about that. And finally we got the store settings, to close everything. We can set different languages in here, we can also set the currencies. So currently everything was in euros, but of course we can set that to US dollars if you like. So Again the price format, kilogram or would you like to work with pounds and feet, toes and ears and so on… Do you have some terms & conditions, a privacy policy, a refund policy, then make sure to check one of these boxes and type in whatever you like in here. For example, 30 day refund guaranteed. This my friends is how we can set up that beautiful online store. Now one last thing that i do like to show you guys and that is if you go back to the homepage from the menu here. Since that we have set up the store, we do like to showcase some kind of a feature product on the homepage. Which is very important! And that’s something we can do very easily. If you go back to the add menu here on the left and go to store. As you can see it’s activated right now, so we can use different kind of elements from the store and just drag that anywhere to the website. For example, this awesome product widget. Just going to put that down below here In my website, on the homepage, like that. And i’m going to move my gallery a bit below. There we go. And if we click on that, we can head over to settings and chose which kind of product that we want to showcase in here. So we can connect that for example to the feature film. Again change the different styles if you like and now it also sits on the homepage. So that everyone who visits your site can see that you have a featured product. The awesome romantic film about the war where everyone just wants to have peace with each other! And we are done, so hit that save button! And hit that publish button as well And now the shop is online! And we can start buying this awesome stuff. Right here you got the cinema store, that feature film and you know what, i’m going to take the premium seats. Let’s just take like 10 tickets of that! Add to cart. 200 euros, view cart. And it should calculate the taxes in here as well, once that i’m going to input from which country that i am. Let me just see that, Belgium. Aah right here, Belgium. There we go, 42 euros taxes And now it’s way too much! I’m not going to pay 242 euros! Just for some film tickets. I’m very curious to see how you designed your website? So pop that link in the comments below! Thank you so much for watching! And as always, stay creative!!

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    i think the new Panasonic GH5 will cost around 1500 dollar. i have send a mail to Panasonic. do you know when Panasonic release the GH5? you are awsome Jordy, thanks for all the tutorials. i have learn almost everything i can in Premiere Pro of you 🙂

    stand on, you are incredibly good film maker 🙂

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  3. Nice video as always. Since you asked, here's the website I created for our company and online store with wix. Definitely took your advice in this video to update it to this new design today though. I even chose to create an app through wix so now we're on the app stores.

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