March 30, 2020
How to Create a Website in 5 Steps with WebSite X5 13

How to Create a Website in 5 Steps with WebSite X5 13

WebSite X5 is surprisingly easy-to-use software for building websites, blogs and online stores. They’re all
optimized for Search Engines and perfect on any device, from desktops to smartphones.
With WebSite X5 you don’t have to be able to write code:
just follow the 5-step intuitive wizard to transform your idea into a website.
Ready to find out how? Let’s go! Run the program and click on the “Start” button.
Create a new project and start by providing some general information such as:
website title, author, site address. And then ask yourself: “What type of site do I want to make?” For example, you can create a showcase site and choose to activate a Blog straight away or add an e-commerce shopping cart and open an online store. And if you’re not happy with that, you can also:
enable visitor statistics, create a multi-language site, or manage user registrations. In any case,
you’re free to move on and then go back and define these items later when your project is more complete. The look and feel is critical to the success of your site.
Choose whether to use one of the predefined templates
or – for a more original result – create your own template from scratch. The list of over 500 predefined
templates is constantly updated. You’ll easily be able to find a
suitable one for your project. Once you’ve chosen the template,
modify it to suit your needs. The first thing you need to do is to
define whether your site needs to be responsive, so that it automatically
adapts to the size of any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone. Once this is done,
work on the template structure indicating where the menu should be and
also setting the size and appearance of each page section. You can use the built-in editor to work
on the template’s header and footer. For example, it just takes a few clicks
to insert your company logo and name. It’s just as easy to add: buttons,
galleries or website search field… …it’s all at your fingertips! We complete
the layout by defining the various styles for the project. You can define styles
for the different types of text, menu buttons and all other elements. A quick
glance at your project preview and you’ll be certain your
graphic template is ready. You have no page limit: build your sitemap
by entering as many pages as you need. The website map is structured like a tree.
So, you’ve got to: add pages, name them correctly and, if necessary,
organize them in various levels. Working on the map is simple. Try and add, remove or move
pages and levels. If you look at the preview, you’ll see that WebSite X5 starts
from the map to create pages and links them together to build and update
the navigation menu. Now your site has pages but they’re are empty:
it is time to think about your contents! At the heart of WebSite X5 there’s
a truly unique page building system. You have a grid, which represents the page
you’re working on as well as a list of objects. All you have to do is select the object
that corresponds to the content you want to add, drag it onto the page layout table and
drop it into the appropriate cell. You can of course add rows and columns and
arrange the contents of several adjacent cells. Double-click on the
object you inserted. If it’s text, open the editor and type it – or paste
it from an external file – and then format it. Now go back to your page and try to
insert an image. Double-click on the image object that’s already in the page
layout table and import an image file. If you don’t have a suitable picture,
search for one directly in the library. There are over 700.000 royalty-free
images that you can use in your projects. Click on the “Edit” button to open the editor.
You’ve got all the tools you need to cut and rotate the picture, add a filter, apply a watermark and a
mask, a frame or special effects. If you have a look at the Preview now,
you’ll see that your page is taking shape. Now you know how to create web
pages using the page layout table and inserting the objects you need.
The list of available objects includes items such as: Galleries, Videos, Animations,
Email forms… Apart from these, you have so many other
optional items you can choose to add to enhance your pages: new Galleries, Weather,
Maps, Social buttons… there are so many to choose from! And if you can’t find what you are
looking for, you can always insert HTML code to achieve a 100% perfect result. When you’ve finished your website,
all you need to do is publish it. You can export it on the Internet,
save it on an external hard drive, or move it to another computer. To publish it on
the Internet, you just have to enter the server access data that you were given
by your Provider. If you’re updating the site, publishing only the modified
files will save you time! Don’t have webspace where you can publish it? No problem. With WebSite X5, you get a
free domain and web space for 12 months. The last thing you should do is
tell everybody your website is online. Send a notification to Google immediately and
then publish an update on your Facebook or Twitter page. Thanks to WebSite X5,
your website will be online in no time. You can build a top-quality
professional website, complete with text, photo galleries, a contact form, maps and an
online store… a website that’s optimized for search engines and is “responsive”,
capable of adapting itself to display perfectly on desktops tablets and
smartphones. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create a website,
you can let your imagination run away with you! If you haven’t already done it, download the demo copy and and enjoy
discovering what you can do with WebSite X5!

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  1. CODIGO DE ACTIVACION ORIGINAL ok, yo compre la licencia profesional 13 y ya he hecho algunas paginas pero quiero mejorar editando con código las propiedades de la paginas, a quien me ayude le ofrezco EL CODIGO DE ACTIVACION, lo que quiero es que mi pagina en la portada tenga un slideshow fullscreen o video fullscreen y para ejemplo dejo esto; . .
    al que pueda ayudarme yo a cambio le doy el código de activación

  2. Ну что, попробуем!!!

  3. have here version 11/12 it iasas verry usefull best webshop creator ever better than wordpress only becouse of that wordpress ask cash for publishing it but only thing is header picture if it adjust in mobile then it keep cutting sides off and it make center only appearable i wanted it to be adjusting like how pictures in body part of that sites adjust

  4. I need a video tutorial that shows me how to create a website rather than tell me what I can do. Im starting out on this app but i cant find my way around it

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