April 9, 2020
How To Create a Website in 10 minutes – For Beginners [2020]

How To Create a Website in 10 minutes – For Beginners [2020]

Hey, guys, this is Mahendra & you’re watching TechBulls In this video, I’ll show you how to create a professional website in 10 minutes You don’t require any technical knowledge to create this website I’ll show you how to create this website in 5 simple steps That said let’s get started Before you start creating a website You need a name for your website I have already decided a name you need to visit this link Once you’re here Search for your website name My name is available here Now you have your name ready So let’s head over to step one The first thing we’ll ve needing is a Domain name and a hosting plan A domain name is your website’s name And hosting is the place where your files are stored For domain & hosting, you need to visit this link then click on hosting click on unlimited linux Scroll down You can see the different plans available I’d suggest you get a domain and hosting from this website Don’t go to GoDaddy or any such website because you’ll have a lot of problems with those as a beginner Also, you can get a domain and hosting at cheaper prices from here & it is very simple to set up your website here Once you have chosen a plan click on buy now Enter your domain name Click on check Click on continue Now you need to choose a hosting plan Here you can get monthly, quarterly semi-annually, annual bi annual, triannual plans I’d suggest you get a quarterly plan Now if you’re a serious designer then go with annual plan because that will be cheaper but if it’s your first website then go with quarterly So click on quarterly Scroll down Click on none Scroll Down Now you can select additional services from here Scroll down click on continue you’ll see your total bill here which is Rs 911 You can see you’ve got a 50% discount This is why I would recommend it to every beginner If you had bought the same plan from elsewhere you would have paid around Rs 3000 but here you only need to 911 Scroll down Enter your details here Enter your Password Choose your payment method Scroll down and click on checkout Now you can pay with paytm You’ll come to this page after making the payment Click on continue to client area Now you’ve bought a domain and hosting Now let’s take a look at your website Click on services Then click on your domain And this is how your website looks right now Next step is to install WordPress WordPress is a CMS that lets you create websites without any programming knowledge You can create really professional looking websites without any technical knowledge So to install WordPress Go to your client area Then click on login to Cpanel Now scroll down You’ll see a section here Softaculus apps installer Click on it You can install a lot of tools from here Simply go to WordPress and click on install After getting here erase “wp” scroll down enter your site name then site description scroll down Set your username and password set your admin email scroll down and click on install Now WordPress takes only a few minutes to install on your website After that, you can follow step 3 Once WordPress is installed click on this link Now you’ve installed WordPress on your website If you go to your website and refresh the page Now our website if live But it’s still incomplete we’ll need to publish some content So let’s head to step 4 So to your dashboard Go to appearances then themes Click on add new Search for Astra Click on install wait for the theme to install Activate the theme Now you’ve installed a new theme Now you can click on this link And you can see that your website looks different Now we need to install a plugin This plugin comes with Astra & helps us customize our website Go to plugins Add new Search for Astra Install the first plugin Then activate it Now click on see library Before you move to next step you need to know a little about elementor Elementor is a plugin that helps you customize your website without any programming knowledge Select elementor & click on next So the best thing about Astra is you get pre-built themes here There are lots of options to choose from you can choose anyone you like according to your requirement I like this design Click on preview Click on import site This theme will install on your website you can wait for a few seconds then let’s head over to next step which is to customize our website because in the end you need to publish your custom content and create your own website with the theme Click on view site And now you can see that your website is ready Now your website looks very professional but you’ll need to customize this website for your brand Let’s see how you’ll customize this website To customize this website go to any page click on edit with elementor Click on got it Now you can edit any section by clicking on it first, let’s edit this click on pen button you’ll be able to edit this section now my first website the text has been changed similarly you can edit other sections by clicking on pen button create a website in 10 minutes you can also change this button also to change buttons you have to replace the link this link will take us to the about page you can chage it newtchbulls.com if you paste this link clicking on this button will take you to home page you can also change this section you can enter any text you want Edit all the sections the same way to changes image click here and go to style click on choose image you can upload any image form here or you can choose any image from media library I’ll take this image And click on insert media The image is changed but it’s not in the proper resolution So I am reverting it back to original Click on insert So this way you can edit text image and links Once you’ve made all the changes click on update All the changes are now live on your website Now you’ll need to change the name and logo on this website So click on customize You can see pen option here click on this then change logo you can insert any image from here let’s select this one and click on select now crop it and click on crop image now your logo has changed Same with retina logo choose image and that’s it your logo has changed you can replace this logo with any other To change this button and header click on pen tool And you’ll see the customise options on the left side So you can edit any section this way Once you’ve made the changes click on publish And that’s it all your changes are saved you can access your website on your domain Simply go back to your website and enter your doamin name Here you can see how to create a website in 10 minutes so, guys, that’s it You have created a beautiful website but there’s still a lot of work needed on the website you need to edit each page separately according to your client or according to your need If you’re crating a website for the first time then go to mewnix.com you can get the link in the description because this website is offering a 50% discount at the moment and the website is offering domain and website for really cheap Also the server time and the service here is the best in India which is why I’d suggest you buy a domain and hosting from here if you’re a beginner That’s it guys. See you

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