April 3, 2020
How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store Using Oberlo & Aliexpress (In 30 Minutes!)

How to Create a Shopify Dropshipping Store Using Oberlo & Aliexpress (In 30 Minutes!)

Sarah: Hey, I’m Sarah from Wholesale Ted and
in this video, I’m gonna give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a dropshipping store
using Shopify. And using a platform called Oberlo to semi-automate
the dropshipping fulfillment process. If you wanted to create your own automated
dropshipping store then this is a great option. It doesn’t completely automate it, but it
greatly streamlines the process for you. This is gonna be an 11-step process. And for each step, I’m gonna switch to my
computer screen and give you exact step-by-step instructions so that you can follow along. And here are the 11 different steps that I
will be going through. One, I’ll be teaching you how to create a
free account with Shopify using your 14-day trial. Number two, I’ll be showing you how to select
and install a great-looking theme. Three, I’ll teach you how to customize your
website theme so that it looks great. Number four, I’ll teach you how to install
the plug-in, Oberlo, which lets you see me automate the dropshipping process. Number five, I’ll show you to use Oberlo to
find great products to sell in AliExpress and then add them quickly and easily to your
store. Number six, I’ll teach you how to group your
items into collections so that potential customers can easily navigate your store and pick the
products that they want to buy. Number seven, I’ll teach you how to customize
your settings including teaching you how to set up your free-shipping option. Number eight, I’ll show you how to create
an “about us” and a “contact us” page. Number 9, I’ll teach you how to add a custom
menu and number 10, I’ll teach how to complete your site by adding a custom domain. And finally number 11, I’ll teach you how
to remove your storefront password so that you can start making sales and earning money. And I’ve got a bonus at the end of my video. I’m gonna order an item from my store and
then fulfill it using the platform Oberlo so that you can see how it semi-automates
the process. If you wanna follow along for free, click
on the link in the video description below to get your free 14-day Shopify trial. A quick disclaimer, in the video description,
there are affiliate links. If you use them, it would be greatly appreciated. Here at Wholesale Ted, we don’t charge for
our video content. All of our videos are free so when you use
the affiliate links, it helps us to create new videos. So your support is greatly appreciated. I’m gonna switch over to my computer now and
give you a quick preview of the site that we are about to build. All right. So this is a site we’re gonna build. Here, you can see we’ve got a cart, we’ve
got a logo, and we’ve got a menu. And I’ll show you how to open up one of the
collections that I’ll teach you how to make. This one here is a collection for coffee mugs. So you can see I’ve put the coffee mug set
the site has on there. And if you scroll down, I’ll show you more
some of the design. I’ll teach you how to create this banner,
which has images that change and it looks really nice and professional. And we’ve got content on this homepage. I’ll teach you how to add this popular product
section and how to create this [inaudible 00:02:47] like that. Now, I’m gonna open up one of the products
that I’ve created that I’ll teach how to add, by the way. So you come here. You can you see it looks very nice, professional. We’ve got images and we’ve got tons of content,
and I’ll teach you how to add content like this. And we can change the images so customers
can see them, and I’ll teach you how to add variations. And just to show that it works, we can add
this product to cart and we can check out. And I set this site up so that it’s checkout
with PayPal and I’ll teach how to do all of that as well. So this is the site. Let’s get started. All right. So let’s jump straight into it. Step one, create an account for free using
the Shopify 14-day trial. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you exactly how to do this. All right. So now, we’re gonna set up a free 14-day trial. And remember, I’ve got a link to how you can
do this in the video description below. So I’ve already created an email account for
my site, which is gonna be called Brewed Treats and it’s gonna be a coffee store. So here, you just put in the password that
you’re going to use and you’re gonna enter your store name. Now, for the email address that you use, I
would suggest that you pick one that is a PayPal email… Or an email that you’ve got for a PayPal account
already, if you have one because of the fact that it’s gonna make it a little bit easier
down the road. But if you don’t have a PayPal account or
you wanna use a new email address, that’s fine. You’ll be able to set up a PayPal account
with the new email address that you’re going to use. So here, we’ve got a survey that really doesn’t
matter what you put in it. It’s just for Shopify so who cares? It’s not relevant to you. So here, you need to put in your address. Put in your actual address because this is
going to be connected to your payment details. I have blurred out my personal private details
here because I don’t want you guys to, obviously, know where I live and things like that. You know, I completely trust you all but I
still probably should keep that private. So I hope you don’t mind. So just fill this out here and yeah. And then very shortly, we will get started. So now, it’s just signing us up here and we’re
done. Let’s move on to the next step. Step number two, install a great-looking theme. We’re gonna install the “theme minimal.” Let me switch over to my computer screen show
you exactly how to do this. Okay. So let’s install a new theme. Click online store and then you should already
be on the “theme’s” tab. Now, we’re gonna scroll down the page because
we’re gonna find this cool button called “explore free themes.” This is gonna let us find a free theme to
use. So I personally really like the “theme minimal”
so I’m gonna teach you how to you use minimal. So click on that. Once you’ve clicked on that, you’re gonna
have three styles to choose from. You can choose either “vintage,” or you can
choose the “music” one, or you can choose the “fashion” one. Personally I like the “music” tab so we’re
gonna click that one. I’m sorry, not tab, design. So click “install minimal.” Now, we’re gonna have to publish the theme. When you install a theme, it does not, by
default, change over the theme. You have to click “publish theme to your online
store.” So come up here and click that button and
then click “publish,” and then you’re done. And now it’s time to move on to the next step. Step number three, we’re gonna customize our
website theme. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you exactly how to do it. Okay. So now we’re gonna edit the design and the
homepage. So come to “online store” and make sure you’re
on “themes.” Now, come and click “customize theme” and
I’ll show you all the exact options that you want to follow. So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna edit the “header.” So click on the “header.” Now, you need to upload your logo. I’ve already got a logo that I’ve created. I created this logo for free and I’ll have
to link to the logo creator that I used in the video description below so that you can
save the a bit of money there . And then what I recommend that you do is you
come down and you click “center main menu below logo” because I personally think it
looks really nice like that, and then click “save.” And then after that, we’re done with the header,
and we’re gonna move on to the next section which I think is the slide show. Yes it is, it’s a slide show. So click on “slide show.” Here, you’re gonna add in your images to the
little slide show. I recommend you click “show slide indicator
dot” so that people know how many slides you’ve got. Now, I’ve already got some slides I’ve created
in advance. If you don’t know what images to add to this,
keep in mind that the products that you’re selling through AliExpress have images. So you can use those images for your slides
because of the fact that the AliExpress suppliers lets you use their images. So don’t worry if you don’t have any professional
images to add yourself, you can just use their stock images that they’ve created, and advertise
the products that you’re selling through that. And you can even paste a link to the product
pages. As you can see, I haven’t done that for mine
but you could do that as well. So now that we’ve done the slide show, let’s
head over to the next section. We’re gonna talk about your brand. So this is where you’re gonna add content. Now, I’ve already created some content in
advance so that you don’t have to watch me type out some content. This content has been a little SEO optimized. So I tried to, kind of, optimize it around
coffee accessories, as though I was actually creating a store myself. And I’m just gonna copy and paste in my content
here. I don’t like to make it too much for the homepage. I don’t try to SEO out the homepage too much
just because of the fact that it’s difficult to do that while keeping it look nice. So, click “save” there, and then we’re gonna
head back, and we’re gonna go to the “featured collection.” “Feature collection,” I’ll teach you how to
set this up fully later on. Now, keep all that as is but change the heading. Like I’m gonna put in popular products. You could put in something like hot products
or whatever you like. And so once you’ve done that, click “save.” Oh, oh, sorry, nope, there are some other
things you need to do. Click “show product so circle” and then I’d
also recommend that you send to the text below product images because I think it looks really
nice that way, and so then click “save.” And then once we’ve done that, the only thing
we need to do, I believe, is to edit the footer. Now, I’m gonna remove this “latest news section.” The “latest news section” is the blog. I’m not gonna teach you how to bother with
the blog because of the fact that, oh, that’s maybe for another tutorial. So delete leave the blog now. I’m gonna delete the “social icons.” Only delete this if you don’t have any. I don’t have any social pages for Brewed Treats
so I’m gonna remove them. But if you’ve got some, any of them, keep
the section and add them here. But I don’t have them so I’m gonna delete
them. I’ll teach how to set up the “link section”
later on and you definitely wanna keep the newsletter. So, that’s it. We have customized our store and now it’s
time to move on to the next step. Step number four, installing Oberlo in your
Shopify store. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you exactly how easy it is to do. Okay. So now, we’re gonna add Oberlo. So come click on “apps” and then from here,
you can scroll down because Oberlo should show up here. Click Oberlo. If it doesn’t, I’ll have a link to how you
can find this page in the video description below. So come and once you’re here and you’ve loaded
up, click “get.” Now, just come in and type in your store’s
URL and log in here. It should already be there. So click “log in” and just let that load up. Oberlo is extremely nifty. So come and click “install app” and now it
will install it on your Shopify store. And we’re gonna have to make some edits in
the settings. So what you should do is you should come and
click on this little tab here, which will be your settings tab. Now, what you should do is come and click
on “shop settings,” this button here. All right. So what you wanna do is you wanna click “order
updates.” From here, what I suggest that you do is that
when a product disappears, that you unpublish the product and that you click “notify me.” So now you need to go down here. So when a variant disappears, I recommend
that you remove it and that you click “notify me.” When the cost changes, I recommend that you
probably do nothing. But that you should definitely see that so
that it notifies so that you can change the product price to make sure that you’re not
making a loss. And then when inventory changes, I recommend
that you update automatically. And then just click “save settings, “and that’s
it. You’ve installed Oberlo. Step number five, add products to your store
using Oberlo. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you how it simplifies the process. Okay, so let’s add some products into our
store. So come and click apps and from here, we’re
gonna go and select Oberlo. Because Oberlo makes it extremely easy to
add products using AliExpress. So let’s come up here at this tab and we’re
gonna click “search products.” Now, I already know what products I wanna
add. You can search through and find ones if you
don’t know. You can type in keywords to see. But I wanna add a self-stirring mug so I’m
just gonna type it in here and then click “search.” And Oberlo is gonna search for products related
to this keyword. So let’s scroll down and see what we’ve got. This here is the mug that I want but, you
know, there are other sellers, you can see. But we’re gonna click “add to import list.” And then from here, I’m gonna add another
product in. Yeah, I’m gonna add a travel lens mug because
I think that would be nice for this example. So you’ll be able to see that there are multiple
sellers for that there. So I mean the top one has had 19 sales in
the past 3 days. But you can see that Oberlo lists other ones,
other smaller sellers in order. But I’m gonna click the most popular seller
which has had 72 sales so “add to import list.” And then I’m gonna come up here and we’re
gonna click on this tab here “import list.” Now from here, we’re gonna be able to edit
some details. So, first of all, we’re gonna change the product
name. Because as you can see, it just imports the
exact, same product name that the seller has on AliExpress from the listing. So you’re gonna need to modify this. So I’ve already created some content in advance,
as you can see, that I’ve added to this notepad. So I’m going to change this and I’m also gonna
add this to my homepage collection. This means it’s gonna show up on my homepage,
in my “popular products section” that I added which will be nice and handy. And I’m gonna add this Whirlpool self-stir
mug and sorry. Sorry, my mouse is very bad. This is not Oberlo messing up this, like messing
up the scrolling of the page, that is my mouse. So I’ve added this also to my homepage. Now, I’m gonna edit the description. So as you can see, it’s just like straight
imported the description from the AliExpress page. So I’ve already created my own custom one
that is very SEO optimized. So I’m just gonna post it in here. So this might be a bit boring so feel free
to skip ahead if you don’t like watching this. I’m just gonna edit this using the Word editor
here to make it look nice. I’m gonna add in some bullet points and I’m
going to bold some text and everything so that it’s easy to read. One little quick tip, if you don’t know what
to write for your item description, is to see if the product is listed on Amazon. If the product is listed on Amazon, then use
the Amazon listing as a basis for writing your own description. Sorry, my mouse is messing up again. This is not Oberlo. This is my computer mouse that is messing
up my scrolling. So, I used the Amazon listing for this item
to help me write this description. And using Amazon listings, as a whole, as
a basis for designing your layout and how you word everything, like it’s really good. Like you know, how Amazon sets it up so that
at the very top of the listing, you see bullet points and then you see a description. Like Amazon have tested their conversions
and they know how to create a high-converting product listing. So see, like you could probably an even higher-converting
product listing if you didn’t care about SEO optimizing it. But if you care about SEO optimizing your
listing and you wanna add lots of texts to it, I would suggest that you take a page out
of Amazon’s book. And use their design with the bullet points
and everything like that when adding your listing. So all of my descriptions here have at least
500 words. I’d recommend that if you care about SEO and
I’ve got a 1% to 2% keyword density. If you don’t know what any of that is means,
don’t worry. There are so many other ways in SEO to get
traffic to your stores. SEO is my search engine optimization for those
that don’t know. It’s my traffic of chose as the subscribers
here at Wholesale Ted know. But I’ve got so many friends that are killing
it, making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month using paid traffic with Facebook,
and Instagram, and things like that. So paid traffic is really the way to go if
you’ve got money to spend and if you’re willing to learn. So don’t think that you need to make these
listings SEO optimized. And, oh, depending on your traffic strategy,
it won’t even matter. So let’s come here and we will now edit the
variants because we’re done here. So like you can see here that this product
here has to two variants. It’s got a white one and a black one. Will I keep it? Will I won’t? Like I think that I’ll untick the white one
for now. So come here to this variant. Actually, like, look at this here. So this self-stir mug has three variants. I’m gonna actually untick these two. And what I’ll do is I’ll show you how to create
a variant with the travel lens mug. So we’ll keep those two variants. So that’s how you do it. That’s how you can untick variants that you
don’t wanna sell. You can click “change your prices” if you’ve
got multiple variants and you click select any value. So I will type in a price here. There you go with like $19.99 there. Now, this is cool. So I’m gonna show you how to create a product
on sale. So this is gonna be $24.99 and so you’ll see
that there will be a price bubble, a sale bubble saying it’s “on sale” because it used
to be $24.99. So, I’m gonna come in and edit this price
and we’ll set this one to be $19.95. And actually, like I was gonna put this one
on sale but what I’ll do is I’ll set it so that it’s actually on nothing. So that you’ll see what our product looks
like if it doesn’t have “on-sale” bubble. So come here to images. So the images are already automatically added
in through AliExpress, and some of them will be ticked and some of them won’t be. So you can untick the ones you don’t want. I’m gonna tick the images that I want to add. I personally like the Amazon rule of only
having…or not… I like all of my images on my front page,
on the front page of any collection page, over homepage to only have white backgrounds,
I’d recommend you do that. But outside of that, you could select any
of these images that you wanted. Personally, I really like images that I like
to just keep it so that it’s just white background. So it’s possible because I think it looks
really nice but it’s up to you. So I’m deselecting the images here that I
don’t want. And so, yeah, I think that I’ll keep those. And now come and click “push all products
to shop. ” And what Oberlo is gonna do is it’s just
gonna add all these products to your store. Yeah. So now, if you come here, I will show you
by bringing up my page here, my site and I’ll click on this one. And you’ll see what product page we just created. So here we go, it’s on sale, and we’ve got
different variants here that you can click, black, white. And we’ve got different images, and if you
click on them, it’ll change what the image of it here is. And as you can see, the white background looks
nice but it’s entirely up to you. And we’ve got the description that I entered
in. So that’s really nice, and yeah. Oh, sorry, my mouse is messing up again. Click on this one here and so here we go. We’ve got this one, we’ve got some images. And this one is not on sale, so this is what
it looks when it’s not on sale, and you don’t set a comparison price. And we’ve got the description there. Okay. So I’ve added some more products for you. You can see I’ve pushed them to my store with
Oberlo and I’ve added some coffee spoons. So if you come here to the “product tab” of
Shopify, you’ll see the different products that I’ve added. And I’ve also added some mixture coffee mugs. Coming here to the homepage, you’ll see that
I’ve added some products to the homepage collection. So now it’s showing up on our homepage and
making that look really nice. Coming to my catalogue, you’ll see all different
items I’ve added here as well showing up. So, that’s all good. Let’s move on to the next step. Step number six, organize your products into
collections. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you exactly how to do it. Okay. So let’s turn our products into collections. So come here and click “products” and click
“collections.” So come up here to this button, “create collection.” So this here lets you categorize your items. I’m gonna create a category for coffee mugs
so that people can easily browse through my coffee mugs. Now, keep all of this blank but come and select
“manually select products.” So again, keep everything else blank and then
come and click “save collection.” Now here, I’m gonna come in and select my
different coffee mugs. So I’ll add this one and…oop. And then I’ll add this one, and this one,
and I’ve got one more coffee mug to add. So come and collect this one. And now, it’s added my coffee mugs to this
collection and it’s automatically saved it. So come and click “create another collection”
and add whatever collection is next for you. I’ve got coffee spoon so I’m gonna create
coffee spoons and I’m gonna come down here and select, “manually select products.” And keep everything else blank and then click
“save collection.” And then I’m gonna come in and add my coffee
spoons. So this one here, this one here, this one
here, and this one here, and it will automatically save this. So that’s done. Let’s move on to the next step. Step number seven, customize our store settings. Now, we’re gonna be customizing very important
settings such as the payment gateways and the shipping. So let me switch over to my computer screen
and show you exactly how to do this. So let’s edit the settings. Come here and click the “settings tab.” The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
edit the payment. So come click “payments.” Now, you’ll see that it’s set up automatically
with PayPal. And we’ll use the email address that you’ve
created your store with. If that is not an email address associated
with the PayPal account, they will email you with instructions on how to set up a PayPal
merchant account with that. So you can then add other ways of accepting
payments and credit cards. What I suggest that you use is you use PayPal
and Shopify payments. I can’t use Shopify payments because it’s
not eligible for me because I live in New Zealand. But if you are eligible, use Shopify payments. Otherwise, just stick with PayPal. So keep those in mind. And also, you can modify your PayPal email
address by clicking on “edit” if you’ve got a different PayPal account. So now, let’s click on “checkout.” So I’m gonna set it so that accounts are optional. It is your choice and then come down here. And I’m gonna keep all of that as is. So I’m gonna select it so that customers,
by default, receive promotional emails because promotional emails are excellent for making
more sales. Because subscribers here at Wholesale Ted
should know that I’m very much interested in making sales and making money. So Shopify had this neat thing where you can
generate a sample refund policy. I think it’s great. I think you should make sure that there’s
a clause in there saying that you can only return faulty products. So do that there. “You can only return faulty products.” And maybe make it less than 30 days, it’s
up to you. So generate sample privacy policy and then
come and generate sample terms of service policy. And then just come and click “save.” So the next tab we’re gonna switch over to
is the “shipping tab.” Shopify had some shipping options setup by
default to make it easy but we’re gonna come in and delete all of those. So come and click the first one, the domestic
one which [inaudible 00:24:51]. Like for me it’s set up for New Zealand because
Shopify knows I live in New Zealand that it’ll be whatever country is your domestic country. So come and click “delete zone,” just delete
shipping zone. So I’m gonna come in and delete this “rest
of the world zone.” Now, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set
up free shipping because of the fact that free shipping is a really great way to upsell
a customer. Well not upsell but to get them excited. It’s much easier if you just call everything
free shipping and add shipping into…or absorb the shipping into the price of your item. So just increase the price of your item. So come and type in “free shipping” here for
the zone name. And, of course, you may just use the free
shipping option of AliExpress. If you’re you using ePacket though, just absorb
the price of the item. You just come and select whichever countries
you wanna sell to. I’m just gonna select these three. Maybe you wanna sell everywhere. Maybe you wanna only sell to the people in
the United States. Maybe you only wanna sell to English-speaking
countries, it’s up to you. So come and click “price base rates.” So what you wanna do is you wanna come and
click this tab and… Oop, sorry. We need to add a name. We’ll call this “free shipping” so that the
customers can see that they’ve got free shipping. And so have that tab, or that little box ticked
and keep everything else as zero. Those will mean that every item in your store
is eligible for free shipping, which again, may not actually be free. But we’re gonna absorb the price if we’re
using ePacket into the price of the items since the ePacket shipping price is so low
already. So the other thing you may wanna do is modify
the “taxes section” if it’s relevant to you and you need to collect sales tax. I have a free video which teaches you how
to do this in the video description below. Well, I’ve linked to it in the video description
below. So you can check that out as well if necessary. Step number eight, we’re pad out our store
and add a “contact us” page and an “about us” page. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you exactly how to do it. Cool. So let’s add some pages to our site. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come
over to online store and click “pages.” And then come up here and click the “add page”
button. And from here, type in to the title, “about
us” because we’re gonna create an “about us” page. Which is gonna help give us some authority
and make our site look, you know, bigger. So I’ve already got some content that I’m
just gonna copy and paste in here. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add an
image. So here’s how you add an image in using this
rich text editor. So click this button here and I’m just gonna
use my logo as an example and click. Is there an image? Yeah, I’ll change the size to be medium and
then I’ll click “insert image.” And so you can see here that the text is not
wrapped round the image so… Oop, sorry, my mouse is causing problems. What you wanna do is you wanna double-click
the image and then click “wrap text around image.” So this little check button here. And you can add extra spacing. You can see that spacing thing. I didn’t. I probably should have but remember that you
can add extra spacing around the image so it’s not hard up against the image. And then come and click “save.” So I’ll give you a preview of what it looks
like so we’ll just click view and we’ll open up in different tabs. So here you go. You can see my little page. Remember, add some spacing around that image. And so just create a nice, little “about us”
page. And now we’re gonna create a “contact us”
page. So come and click “create another page” and
this one is even simpler. So just type in contact us here. And then come to template and select “page.contact.” And then after that, click “save” and it’s
going to automatically generate a “contact us page” for us. So let’s just preview that page and here you
go, a little “contact us” form. You didn’t have to do any coding. It just did it for you. Step number nine, creating a custom navigation
menu. I’m even gonna teach you how to create a submenu,
which is something that confuses a lot of people when they’re using Shopify. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you the step-by-step instructions. Okay. So let’s add in a custom menu. Come here to online store and click “navigation.” All right. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
edit the main menu so click “edit menu.” I’m gonna teach you how to add in your “about
us” page and your “contact us” page to make your top menu look a little bit more filled
out. So just come in and type in “about us” here. And then all you’re gonna do is come and “select
page.” Where is it, where is this? Oh, here you go and then click “about us”
and then come and click “add menu item” and then we’re gonna type in “contact us.” Remember, that you can add other items. You can add other links to this here if you’ve
got a blog. You can add your blog here and, you know,
you can add whatever you like there really so. It’s entirely up to you. These four items will look nice so. You’re just gonna save that menu and then
I’ll teach you how to make a sub menu for catalogue to show your different collections. When people put their mouse over the word
“catalogue” in your main navigation, different collections are gonna show up under it. And it’s very specific how you do it. So come here and type in “catalogue.” It has to be catalogue. So type in “catalogue.” If you’ve changed the main menu’s catalogue
name to something else like products. Make sure that you type in products and name. So I’m gonna type in “coffee mugs” here and
click “collection” and then click “coffee mugs.” And then click “add menu” and then type in
“coffee spoons” and then I’m gonna select the “coffee spoons” collection. Remember, remember the name of the sub menu
has to match the same name as the button that you’re creating, a sub menu under it. It will make sense when I show you. So I’ve called it “catalogue” because “catalogue”
is the name in the main menu there. So, I’m gonna create some just…put some
links in my footer. So here’s how you do it. I recommend that you add some pages to your
footer links menu to help head out your footer. Remember what I said earlier, if you’ve got
social pages, like a Facebook page, and a Twitter page, and an Instagram page, for your
online store. Add them into your footer because it makes
your shop look really professional and it adds trust for visitors. So even if you don’t have those pages, you
should be creating them anyway. You should go and you should create some for
your store, and then add them in to your footer. Even if social traffic isn’t gonna be your
main form of traffic generation, you should definitely create those pages anyway to create
trust. And you can see that you can move these different
items around. I’m moving them around here like this. So once I’ve done that, we’ll click “save
menu.” And I’ll give you a preview of the menu… Well not preview, I’ll show you what a menu
is by opening up our store, especially so that you can see how the sub menu works. So here is the main menu. Now the sub menu here is here. So you can see, I’ve got the different links
to the collections, and then I’ve got the links in the footer. So that’s how you add menus. Let’s move on to the next step. And step number 10, adding a custom domain
name to your store. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you how it’s done. Okay. So let’s add a domain name. So come over to online store and then click
“domains.” So from here, what you wanna do is you wanna
click “buy new domain.” Now, type in the domain name that you’re going
to buy. I’m gonna buy Brewed Treats Online and then
come and select the extension that you want. If you’re selling to U.S.A. customers or creating
a general store, aimed at multiple countries, click “.com” And that is easily the best one
to select is “.com.” So come and click that and then click “check
availability.” And mine is available so I’m gonna fill up
my credit card information and I’m gonna blur it while I’m doing so. So one piece of advice is if you’re selling
to a specific country like let’s say you’re setting up a store aimed at U.K. residents. If you wanna sell strictly to the United Kingdom,
pick the United Kingdom extension so pick “.co.uk.” But if you’re either selling to U.S.A. customers
or you’re selling worldwide, click “.com” because “.com” is the most trusted domain
extension that there is. Another thing to keep in mind is that it may
take up to 24 hours for this domain name to become live on your store and in the meantime,
it’s gonna have an error message saying that it’s down. That’s fine. Just wait that 24 hours. It’s a normal part of the process when you’re
purchasing a domain name for it to take up to 24 hours to go live for your store. So just come here and click, “I have read…” And then click “buy domain name.” And now, we’re gonna just go, once this is
done, and redirect all of our traffic to brewedtreatsonline.com. And you can click “redirect all traffic” if
you like. Again, it may take up to 24 hours so all good. And at that point there, we’re done. It’s time to move on to the final step. And now the final step, I’m gonna teach you
how to remove that password from your storefront so that customers can flood your site and
you can start making sales. Let me switch over to my computer screen and
show you how it’s done. We’re almost done. Now, we just need to remove the password. So come to “remove password” and come and
click “pick a plan.” So you need to pick a plan and you need to
sign up to one to remove the password from your store. So, what I suggest that you do is you click
the basic Shopify plan. You don’t need the more expensive one. Just click, choose this plan. And then come and select “bill once a month.” If you know you’re gonna keep using this and
you know, maybe select for every year but for most people just click “once a month”
and then click “confirm changes.” And there then you’ll have a Shopify account. And it’s already saved your credit card from
when you purchased a domain name so you don’t need to enter it again. Now, you need to go back and add your and
get rid of your password. So come back here and click this box here
to tick with a password. And by the way to get to it, click online
store and click preferences. I forgot to show you there. I just switched to the page. So click online store and then click preferences
and scroll down to the password and then remove it. And then you’re done. And that is it. We are done. Now, I’m gonna show you how Oberlo semi automates
the dropshipping fulfilment process by making a purchase in my store. And then fulfilling it with Oberlo. Okay. So we’re over here at the orders page. Now, I’ve made purchase for this vintage flower
coffee spoon as an example. So to fulfill this, I’m just gonna come this
and click order product. Now, this isn’t gonna work because I have
the Oberlo Chrome App installed. You need to install the Chrome App. What it’s doing is automatically adding it
to my shipping cart and then it is also automatically filling out the customer’s address details
that they have provided. So fill that in as… Oh, no, sorry. Let them fill that in for you or let Oberlo
fill that in for you. You can see it’s filled it in here. I’ve blurred the details. Then just come down here and leave a message
for the seller. Tell them that you want to blind the dropshipping. You don’t want any advertising or invoices. So as you can see, this process isn’t entirely
100% automated because you still have to do a little bit of manual work when fulfilling
the order but it’s really, really fast. Hence, it is semi-automated. And then after, this we’re gonna select the
shipping. You can select whatever shipping you want. I you want ePacket, you can select that. I’m just gonna select free shipping for this
example. And then just come in and fill out your credit
card. And I hope that you can see that if you’ve
got a VA, otherwise known as a virtual assistant, fulfilling orders for you once you grow and
get bigger. That it’s super easy for them and they’re
not gonna have to do much work with Oberlo because of the fact that it semi-automates
the process for you. So just come in and click “done.” And then just come and click “confirm” and
pay. And what I’ll do is that once this is finished,
processing, I’ll head back to Oberlo and I’ll mark the order as shipped. So that I’ve got a record in Shopify that
it’s been shipped. So just come here click “mark as shipped”
and that’s it. We are done. And that’s it. In 11 simple steps, we have created our own
dropshipping store using Shopify. To get started, simply click on the link in
the video description below to get your free 14-day trial. If you like this video, I’d appreciate it
if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribe to Wholesale Ted for more great videos on ecommerce
like this. And if you have any questions, please feel
free to ask them in the comments section below. Unfortunately, we get quite a lot of comments
and questions, which we means we can’t answer them all. But we’ll try to answer as many as we can. And before you go, I’ve got something else
to share with you. Here at Wholesale Ted, we have a free eBook,
“How to Make $10,000 a Month Online with Dropshipping.” If you’d like to download this eBook for free,
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eBook, simply click on the link in this video description and get it now.

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