March 29, 2020
How to Create a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store with Oberlo [UPDATED 2018 TUTORIAL]

How to Create a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store with Oberlo [UPDATED 2018 TUTORIAL]

Hey, guys. It’s me, Sarah here from Wholesale Ted, and
in today’s video, I’m going to be giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a
semi-automated Aliexpress drop shipping store using Shopify and Oberlo. This is actually an updated version of my
2017 video tutorial. However, I strongly recommend that you watch
this one because in the past year, Shopify and Oberlo have made some big changes that
have made that video outdated. Now, the store isn’t going to be completely
automated, but thanks to Oberlo, we are going to greatly streamline the process of both
adding products to your store and fulfilling orders. Now, this is going to be a 16-step process,
and for each step, I’m going to be switching over to my computer and showing you exactly
how to do it, even if you are an absolute beginner with no technical or design experience. Here are the 16 different steps that we will
be following. If you want to skip ahead to a particular
step, then I will have timestamps in the video description below so that you can jump straight
to it. All right, I’m going to switch over to my
computer now and give you a preview of the store that we are about to build. This here is the store we’re going to build. It looks nice and professional with a custom
logo. It’s got an image slider on the homepage,
and scrolling down, you can see we’ve added different featured products, which also look
nice. We’ve got a photo, which includes payment
icons to add authority and trust to the store. Let’s scroll up and check out what the product
pages look like. You can see we’ve got a working store menu. Here is a collection page with coffee mugs,
and here is an example product page. There is an image gallery, and you can switch
between images. You can add different product variations like
these different colored mugs. Scrolling down, you can see we’ve added a
product description, plus we’ve got recommended products down here so customers can be up-sold
to buy even more from you. This here is the nice professional-looking
store that we are going to build. Let’s get started. Okay, that’s the store that we are going to
build. Let’s jump straight into it. Step one, create an account for free using
the Shopify 14-day trial. The first thing that we need to do is we need
to create a Shopify account using the free 14-day trial, and I will have a link to how
you can get this in the video description below. Please note, that is an affiliate link. Now, whenever we create a free YouTube tutorial
on our channel, it takes an enormous amount of time, and so affiliate links help us keep
our YouTube videos free, and so your support will be greatly appreciated. Let me switch over to my computer, and show
you exactly how to do this. Okay. Start out by coming to Shopify’s homepage
and entering in your e-mail address. Then, click Get Started. Now, type in the password that you want to
use. Now, type in your store name. It needs to be a name that no other Shopify
store is using. Then, click Create Your Store. It may take a few minutes for Shopify to create
your store. Don’t worry about it. It’s normal for it to be loading. Just be patient. On the survey page, just click Next. Filling it out is optional. Now, you need to fill out some details. I have blurred out my personal details for
privacy reasons. You will need to give your first name, your
last name, your address and your phone number. Anything else is optional. Make sure these details are accurate as they
will be used as part of accepting payments, so don’t be tempted to fill in fake details. Make sure all of it is accurate. I’m just filling in mine now. After that, click Enter My Store. Then, that’s it. We have successfully set up our free Shopify
trial. A quick note, I strongly recommend that when
you create your Shopify account, that you do so with an e-mail address that is already
connected to a PayPal account. You see, by default, your store will immediately
be accepting payments with PayPal using the e-mail address that you signed up for Shopify
with. If your e-mail address is already connected
to a PayPal account, then you will be able to access that money instantly. If it isn’t connected to a PayPal account,
then don’t worry. You’ll still be able to accept payments with
PayPal. What will happen is PayPal will hold the money
until you set up an account with them using the e-mail address connected to your Shopify
account. When you set up the account, you’ll then be
able to access the money. That’s why I recommend using an e-mail that’s
already connected to a PayPal account because it makes the process of accessing your money
faster. Step two, install the free Shopify Theme Minimal. For this step, we are just going to be installing
it. We are not going to be making any modifications
to its design. That is going to come later in the tutorial. For now, let me just switch over to my computer
and show you how to install it. Come and click Online Store. You should automatically be on the themes
page. Scroll down until you find the Explore Free
Themes button, and then click it. There are multiple free things to choose from. We are going to be using the theme Minimal,
so scroll down until you find and then select this. There are three versions of this theme. Select Modern. Then, click the Add Minimal button. Stay on the page until the, “Adding Minimal
text changes” to “You successfully added Minimal.” Don’t refresh. After that, scroll down and find the Actions
button. Click it. Click Publish. On the pop-up box, select Publish again. That’s it. You’ve successfully updated your store theme
to Minimal. Step three, install Oberlo and update its
settings. To make things easy, I will include a link
on how you can find Oberlo in the video description below. All right, so we switch over to my computer
and show you just how easy it is to do this. Click Add Oberlo to Shopify. On this page, scroll down and click the Install
App button. Come and click the settings wheel. Select the Shop Settings button. Click auto-updates. Click unpublished product, and then click
Notify Me. Select remove variant, and then click Notify
Me. Keep Do Nothing ticked, but click Notify Me. Select to update inventory automatically. Then, click Save Settings. Okay. Now we need to update our supplier settings. Select the settings wheel icon. Click supplies. Click add payment card. On the screen, adding your credit card or
debit card, as you can see, I’ve blurred this part of the video for obvious reasons. Oberlo will be using this card to purchase
items from Aliexpress, so make sure it’s real, has money on it and works. Again, a debit card is also fine. It doesn’t have to be a credit card. Once finished, click Add Card. Come to default shipping method. Select the dropdown menu and click ePacket. Then, come and write your phone number in
this box. Oberlo will use this phone number instead
of a customer’s phone number when ordering items from Aliexpress. Come to custom note and type in the same message
that I have here. Then, just click Save Settings. That’s it. You’ve successfully added Oberlo and modified
its settings. Step four, install the Oberlo Chrome Extension
to automate and streamline the process of adding products to your store. We are going to be using the Oberlo Chrome
Extension. What this, of course, means is you’re going
to need to have the Chrome browser installed on your computer, and you’re going to need
to be using it. We are also going to need to be using the
Chrome Browser Extension for step five as well, so if you don’t have Chrome installed
in your computer, go do so. For now, let me switch over to my computer
and show you how easy it is to do this. Come to this box and click Add To Chrome. On the pop-up box, click Add Extension. Oberlo will now install in your Chrome browser. When it’s finished, you’ll get the success
message and see the Oberlo icon in the top-right of your Chrome browser, and that’s it. Step five, add products to your store with
Oberlo. Again, to complete this step, you’re going
to need to be using the Chrome browser because we’re going to be using the Oberlo Chrome
Extension. Let me show you the step-by-step process on
how to do this. Come to Aliexpress and find the product you
want to add. Put your mouse over it. When you do, an Oberlo button will appear. Click it. If added successfully, you’ll get this message
saying, “Product imported successfully.” Now, I’m going to add a new example product,
the camera lens travel mug. I’m just going to do a search for it right
now. I’m going to use this one as my example. I’m going to click the Oberlo button. As it was added successfully, I got this message. Once you’ve added all of your products, click
the Open Import List button. As you can see, the two items I imported have
been successfully added and can now be edited. For now, we’re only going to edit two things,
the variants and the images. Come to the camera lens travel mug. I’m going to click variants. As you can see, there is only one variant
for this mug, so we’re not going to remove it. Now, I’m going to click on images. Here, we are going to add images and remove
images. To add an image, click on it. It will turn green. You will also get this success message. To remove an image, click it. It will turn gray. You’ll also get this image removed successfully
message. Now, I’m just going to go ahead and add some
images to my listing now, picking the best ones to add to it. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to switch over
to my second example product, the self-stirring mug and edit its variations and images. Again, to edit variants, click variants. As an example, I’m going to remove some of
these mugs variants. I’m going to remove this light blue mug by
clicking the check box. When successfully removed, it will give you
this success message. Now, I’m going to remove this green mug by
clicking the check box. Now, I’m going to edit the images by once
again clicking the Images button. Once again, I’m going to go through the images,
selecting and deselecting images. I’m going to pay special attention to remove
images of the mug color variants that I just removed. Once you’ve edited the variants and images,
it’s time to post the products to your store. Come and click the Select All Products checkbox. Then, click the Push All Products To Shop
button. Click Yes on this pop-up box. Then, that’s it. You’ve successfully added your products to
your store. Step six, how to edit product pages. Now, I’ve gone ahead and added two example
products to my store. One of these is the camera lens travel mug. It only has one variation of the product. This black one here. Now, the other example product that I added
is this self-stir mug. This self-stir mug had multiple variations,
so customers can come in and either order this black one or a red one or a yellow one
or a blue one. Now, editing the product price for a product
that has a single variation is quite different to editing one that has multiple variations,
so I suggest you watch me do both. Come and click Products. I’m going to start out by showing you how
to edit a product with a single variation, so I’m going to edit the camera lens travel
mug since it only has one variation. I’m just going to click it. Come to the title. Delete it and replace it with your own. Now, I’m just going to come in and add a description. You might find this a bit boring since I’m
going to be doing lots of formatting edits, so feel free to skip ahead if you like. As a little bonus, I’ve written a product
description that is easy or optimized. I give some easier tips in my video, Start
Drop Shipping With Only $50. I’m going to edit it to make it look nice. I’m bolding titles, adding in paragraphs and
adding in bullet points. Having varied formatting helps make the product
page look more interesting and capture the attention of the customer. This description has also been written from
a copywriting perspective. It’s been written with conversions in mind. If you’d like some tips on conversions, you
should watch my free video, How To Make More Money From An Aliexpress Store. Copywriting is an essential skill that I strongly
recommend everyone focus on when drop shipping and selling online. Us drop shippers tend to be really good with
numbers but less good with words, so make it a priority to learn about copywriting. Okay. Description is finished. If you come to images, you’ll see the images
we selected earlier have been added to this listing. Scrolling down, we’ll now modify the price. The price is the actual price. An optional extra is to add a compare it price,
so for me, I’m setting the price to $19.99, and the compare it price, $29.99. It’s been shown as normally being priced at
$29.99 but currently on sale at $19.99. Once you’ve finished editing the page, click
save. Okay. Let’s click all products to edit the next
product, the self-stir mug that has multiple variations. Again, come in and delete the title. Replace it with your desired title. Now, come in. Delete the description and again, replace
it with your own description. Again, I’m going to be showing you the exact
process of doing this, which means I’m going to be formatting my pre-written description. If you want to skip this, feel free to. As I said earlier, copywriting is essential,
and something to keep in mind when writing copy is to sell how it fixes problems rather
than the features. For this mug, instead of being like, “Feature:
mixes your hot chocolate,” be like, “No more goopy hot chocolate. The self-stirring mug makes it perfect every
time,” because ultimately, that is why people want to buy the mug because it stops that
annoying lumpy hot chocolate from imperfect mixing when you just whip it with a spoon. Point out the challenges people are facing,
and explain how the product overcomes it if possible. Something else to keep in mind is that oftentimes,
paid traffic converts better with shorter product descriptions, but if you want free
search engine optimization traffic from Google, you need to write long product descriptions
like this one here. In the beginning, choose to focus on either
easier traffic or paid traffic. I don’t recommend doing both as a beginner. Scrolling down to the images, you’ll be able
to see that Oberlo has only added in the images that we selected. Now, we’re going to edit the product variations. Before we do that, we need to save since it
takes us to a different page, so click Save. Okay. Now, click edit next to the first variation. On this page, scroll down until you find pricing
and edit it. I accidentally set the compare it price to
$19.99, the same as the actual price, so I went in after I filmed this video, and I changed
it at $29.99. Then, jus click save. Time to edit the next variation. Click it. Scroll down until you find pricing. Each variant can have its own individual price,
so you’ll need to edit the price for each one. Then, just click save. Now, I’m going to edit the yellow mug. For this one, I’m going to not have a compare
it price, so you can see an example of a product not on sale. Then, I’ll just click save. Now, I’m going to edit the final product. I’m going to actually change the name of this
product by modifying it here. Then, I’m going to just come in and edit the
price for this mug. Then, I click save. That’s it. That is how you modify product pages. I’m going to pause this video now and add
in another 18 products to the store. As you can see, I’ve gone in and added another
18 products so that I’ve got 20. I’m going to switch over to my camera lens
travel mug product page so that you can see what it looks like. As you can see, the images have been added
here. You can click them to change the big picture
being displayed. Scrolling down, you can see the product description,
plus the formatting is here. Thanks to formatting, it’s a lot more readable. Of course, the price has been set to $19.99
on sale from $29.99. Okay. Now, I’m going to switch over to the self-stir
mug. You can see that the images have been added
here, and the customer can click through, seeing what the different colored mugs look
like by just clicking on each picture. Check out the price. You can see the black mug is set to $19.99,
on sale from $29.99. If we change it to yellow, we’ll see that
this variation of the mug isn’t on sale, and it is set to $29.99. Of course, if you scroll down, you’ll see
that the description has been added along with the formatting. That’s what our product pages look like. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step seven, add product collections. Come and click products. Then, on the sub-menu, click the Collections
button. Click the Create Collection button. Type in the name of your collection. For me, this example will be coffee mugs. You don’t need to type in a description. Under conditions, click the Manually checkbox. Then, you’ll need to click the Save Collection
button, which will also reload the page. Now, scroll down and come to products. Click the dropdown menu box. All of your products will show up here. Select the products you want to add to your
collection. For me, I’m going to select all of the coffee
mugs. Something handy is that Shopify automatically
saves as you click each product. That’s it. I’ve added all the products to this collection. I’m now going to pause and add three more
collections. I’ve gone ahead and added the collections. Time to go on to the next step. Step eight, add shipping options. For this step, we’re going to be doing two
things. Firstly, we’re going to be removing Shopify’s
default shipping options. Secondly, we’ll be adding in a single shipping
option, free shipping. Because shipping is so cheap with Aliexpress,
you can absorb it into the cost of your product while still keeping the product price low. Plus, it also means that you get to promote
items as having free shipping, which is a nice bonus when you are converting sales. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to do this. Start out by clicking settings. Then, on the settings page, click Shipping. Now, Shopify has a bunch of pre-set shipping
options that we need to delete. Come to the Domestic option and click Edit. We just want to delete this, so scroll down
and find the delete zone button and click it. Click Delete Shipping Zone. Okay. Now, we need to edit the next default zone. Click the edit button next to Rest Of World. Again, just scroll down and click the Delete
Zone button. Again, click Delete Shipping Zone. Now, come and click Add Shipping Zone. Call this shipping zone free shipping. Now, click add countries. Search for the countries that you want to
add. Tick the checkbox next to them to add them. Now, you can add multiple countries if you
like, but as I’ve said before, I recommend beginners just start out with the USA. When you’ve ticked all of the countries, click
Add. Now, scroll down to price-based rates. Click Add Rate. Name this free shipping. Keep everything else as is. Then, just come down to right and tick this
checkbox. With that, just click Done. That’s it. You’ve now added free shipping to all items
in your store to your selected countries. Customers from other countries won’t be able
to order items from you, so you don’t need to worry about that. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step nine, set up payments. Again, as I discussed earlier, by default,
your store will already be accepting payments with PayPal. Of course, if you signed up for your Shopify
account using an e-mail address that is already connected to a pre-existing PayPal account,
then you will b able to access that money instantly. If you don’t have a PayPal account with an
e-mail address, then you’re going to need to create one. In the meantime, what PayPal is going to do
is they are going to hold the money until you have created that account. I’m not going to be teaching you how to set
up PayPal because it’s already been done for you. Instead, I’m going to be teaching you how
to setup Shopify payments. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you the step-by-step process for doing this. Okay. Come and click Settings. Click the Payment Providers button. Under Shopify payments, click Complete Account
Setup. Scroll down and find your address. Make sure it’s your actual address. It can be a business or personal address. Now, scroll down and add in your date of birth. Again, make sure it’s accurate as it’s a legal
requirement. Scroll down to the next section. Come to the dropdown box under Average Order
Price and click I. Select 10 to 1,000 dollars. Click the dropdown menu under average shipping
time. Select 15 to 21 days. Then, just come and give a simple description
of the types of items you’ll be selling. A simple one as seen in this description is
enough. Come to customer billing statement and make
sure your phone number is accurate. Now, you just need to come in and add your
bank account number. Money you’ve earned will be deposited here,
so make sure it’s your actual bank account. Then, just click Complete Account Setup. That’s it. You are done. You’ve successfully set up Shopify payments. Step 10, edit the checkout page. Click the settings button. On the settings page, click checkout. It’s your choice for accounts. I like them to be optional. Now, we’re going to make it so that customers
opt-in by default to your e-mail newsletter. To do so, click this checkbox. Now, scroll down to the final part. Click this button to automatically generate
a refund policy. Click this button to automatically generate
a privacy policy. Then, click this button to automatically generate
terms of service. Then, just click save, and that’s it. You’ve successfully edited the checkout settings. Step 11, add an About Us page. For this step, I’m going to be teaching you
how to create an About Us page, but keep in mind, I’m not just teaching you how to create
an About Us page. I’m teaching you how to create a page about
anything. For example, I also recommend that you add
in a refund policy page, along with the terms and conditions page. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you how to do this. Start out by clicking Online Store. On the sub-menu, select pages. Then, click the Add Page button. Into our title, I’m going to type About Us
since, well, it’s an About Us page. Then, come and enter your page text. I’ve already written some text in advance. I’m just going to go through and add some
formatting to it by turning it into paragraphs. When you’re done, click the save button. There you go. You’ve added an About Us page. Step 12, add a Contact Us page. This Contact Us page is going to have a contact
form on it that customers or prospective customers can use to ask you questions. It’s going to be connected to the e-mail address
that you signed up for with Shopify. Again, click on online store. Once again,, click pages from the sub-menu. Guess what’s next? Yes, click the Add Page button and title into
Contact Us or whatever you’d like.don’t worry about entering any text. Instead, come to template. Click the dropdown menu and select this option. Then, just click save and boom, you’ve successfully
created a Contact Us page. Step 13. Add menus. For this step, we will be adding in three
menus. The photo menu, the main menu and the sub
menu. Okay. Start out by clicking Online Store from the
menu. On the sub-menu, click Navigation. The first menu we’re going to edit is the
photo menu, so click the photo menu button. Now, click add menu item. Type in home for the menu item name, and then,
click the link box, selecting homepage from the last. Then, just click add. Now, click Add Menu Item again. Type in Products as the name. Then, click the link box and click products. Then, select All Products and click Add. Great. Now, let’s follow this process again and add
the About Us page we created earlier. Type About Us in. Click the link box, and select pages. Then, click About Us and of course, click
Add. Now, we’re going to repeat this process, this
time adding in the Contact Us page. If you do ever create a refund policy page,
I also recommend adding it into the photo menu though it’s not something that I’m going
to teach in this tutorial. All right. Now, we just need to click Save. Perfect. Let’s edit the main menu. Click Navigation. Come to main menu and select it. Click the Edit button next to Catalog. Change this name to Products. This is a personal preference, but I think
it sounds less clunky than catalog. Now, click Add Menu Item. Type in the name of one of your product collections. I’m typing in coffee mugs. Click the link box and select collections. Scroll through the list and select your product
collection. Then, click Add. Now, come and drag it to be under the Products
menu item. Then, click the Add Menu Item to Products
button and add in another product collection you created earlier. I’m adding in my travel mug collection right
now. What we’re doing here is adding as sub-menu
under products so that customers can easily access our different product collections. Just go through and add in your different
product collections following these instructions. For me, I’m going to have four collections
as part of my sub-menu. Coffee mugs, travel mugs, coffee spoons and
tea infusers. It used to be a lot less intuitive to create
sub-menus in Shopify, so it’s great to see that Shopify have listened to feedback and
updated this to make it better. Once you’ve done that, click Add Menu Item. In the name box, type About Us. Click the link box and select pages. Yes, click About Us. Then, click Add. One more. Let’s do this again to add our Contact Us
page to the menu. Keep in mind that while I’m only adding four
pages plus a sub-menu as part of the tutorial, you can add extra pages to it if you like,
and as your store grows and you add more collections, be sure to add them to your sub-menu. That’s it. We’ve successfully updated our menus. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step 14, customize the homepage and store
design. The honest truth is that the homepage design
is not as important as you might think for conversions, so don’t overthink this step. For this step, you’re going to need to have
a logo. Now, I actually created my example brew treats
to a logo using a free logo maker, and I will include a link to it in the description below. Alternatively, you can also use designers
on Fiverr to make even awesome-looking logo for just $5 and a 50-cent transaction fee. Something else that you’re also going to need
to complete this step is one color that suits the niche of your store. We are going to be using this color throughout
the process. For me, my store is about coffee accessories,
so I’m going to pick the color brown because that’s the color of coffee. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to do this. Come and click Online Store. You’ll immediately be on the Theme page. Click the Customize button. Just let the feed needed to load up. Once loaded, click Header. Click Select Image. Click Upload an Image. Find your logo and click open. Let it upload. Then, click Select. The default size for logos is tiny. I’m going to change this to 200 pixels wide. Click the Back button. Now, let’s edit the slideshow. Click Slide and then click Select Image. Click the Upload button. Find your image and then click Open. Wait for it to upload. Then, click the Select button. Just go ahead and repeat this for the other
slideshow images. Of course, you might be wondering how to find
images for your slideshow or Google images is a good place. Make sure only to use images that you can
use and modify even for commercial purposes. Sarah
For more information, watch my video, How To Not Get Sued When Drop Shipping. You could also use images provided by Aliexpress
suppliers that you are drop shipping from. There are lots of free image editors out there
that you can use as well such as BeFunky and Fotor. Okay. Now, I’m going to show you how to remove a
slideshow image. Click slide. Now, click Remove Content. It will delete the slide image. Come and click the Back button. Come to Rich Text. We’re going to delete this, so select Remove
Content. Next, click Collections. Click Remove Section. Now, click on the Next Collection button. We’ll keep this one. On this page, click the First Collection button. Now, click Remove Collection. Click the Next Collection button. Again, click Remove Collection. Now, let’s see the other two. Click the Next Collection button. Click the Select Collection button. Pick which collection you want to show off. Then, click Select. Now, repeat this for the next collection. The item it will show off is the first item
listed in the collection, so I’ll go in later and re-order my coffee mug collections so
that this gothic skull mug isn’t the featured item, and pick something more mainstream,
but honestly, it’s really not a big deal. The homepage won’t change conversions much. Now, let’s click Add Section. Click Featured Collection. Select the Add button. Delete the collection ticks in the header
and insert the name of your collection. Now, click Change. Pick the collection you want to feature. Then, click Select. Come to the Products per row and move the
slider until it shows four products. If you like, you can click Show Sales Circle
to have the cool little sales sign show. Let’s add in another featured collection. Click the Back button. Select Add Section. Again, go through this process and add in
another featured collection. Showing off your products is one of the easiest
ways to make your professional-looking store without needing any design experience. By having the two collections featured at
the top of the page as large images and then these two rows of products below it adds some
nice variety to our store homepage design with very little work. This is just a simple design you can copy. If you’d like to design your own, go for it. Now, let’s edit the footer. Click on the News button and then select Remove
Content. Now, delete Social Icons. Once you’ve created social pages like for
Facebook and an Instagram page, I suggest adding this section back in. We’ve edited the footer. Click Back. Click Theme Settings. Select colors. Scroll down and find top bar background. Click the color box. Now, use the color gradient tool to select
the medium-dark version of your chosen color, so I’m looking for a medium-dark brown color. You can see the top of the website changing
color as I select different colors with the color tone. Now, come to primary buttons and links. Select it. Now, select a medium-light version of your
color. I’m just looking for a medium-light version
of brown that I like. Cool. I’m going to now mouse over a menu button
to show you what it looks like. Now, when you mouse over it, it turns brown. Come back and copy the text so that we can
reuse text so that we can reuse this color. Scroll down and click on social media and
payment icons. Delete this and paste in the text that we’ve
just copied. That’s it. We have updated our homepage and theme design. As you can see, we’ve got a nice professional-looking
homepage, and we’ve updated the color scheme to one that suits our niche. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step 15, add a custom domain name. Just a quick note here, I strongly recommend
that you pick a .com domain name and nothing else. The one exception to this is if you are planning
on selling to customers in one specific country and only that specific country. If you are planning on selling to customers
that were only based in the UK, then pick the UK-specific domain name, .CO.UK. Click online store. From the sub-menu, select domains. Come to the Buy New Domain name button and
select it. In the text box, type in the domain name you
want to use. I’m going to do tutorial brew treats as my
example. Only purchase a .com domain name by clicking
the Buy button. If the .com isn’t available, come up with
a new domain name. Now, you need to edit your credit card details. To keep mine private, I have blurred this
section of the video. This will store your credit card details on
file with Shopify, so when you come to buy anything with them such as a paid subscription,
you’ll automatically have your credit card on file to use. When finished adding your card, click the
Continue button. Scroll down this page and click the Buy Domain
button. That’s it. Shopify will automatically set up the domain
name for you. One last thing though is you’ll need to confirm
your e-mail address as real. It is a legal requirement to do so for .com
domain names. You can see that I’ve gone to my e-mail address
and found the confirmation e-mail. After you’ve clicked the confirmation link
on the verify information page, just click the Verify Information button, and you are
done. Step 16, send your store live. That’s it. We are almost done. We’ve just got one more step to go. We need to remove our store passwords so that
customers can flood in, and you can start making sales. To remove the store password, we need to purchase
a page Shopify plan. Click select a plan. The 29-dollar a month plan is perfect for
most people, so select it by clicking the Choose This Plan button. You can choose to pay upfront for a year for
a discount or just pay monthly. Once you’ve selected what you want, scroll
down. Click Confirm Changes. Type in your password and then click the confirm
button. Perfect. Now, we can remove the password. Come and click Online Store. From the dropdown menu, select Preferences. Scroll down to the end of this page. Untick this checkbox and then click the Save
button. That’s it. Your store is now live, ready for customers,
and you can start making money. That’s it. In 16 easy steps, we have successfully set
up our Aliexpress Shopify drop shipping store. What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free Shopify 14-day trial,
and follow along with this tutorial step by step. Thanks for watching. If this video helped you build your store,
then I really appreciate it if you gave this video a thumbs up and let us know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted for
more great videos about making money from your Aliexpress drop shipping store and selling
online. I recommend that when you subscribe, that
you also click that little notifications bells so that you never miss out on any videos that
we post. If you would like a deeper advanced tutorial,
along with step-by-step training on things like how to select your store niche, how to
select the products and how to set up Facebook advertising campaigns, we have an advanced
video training course called the Drop Ship Club. It takes you through the whole process of
building a six-figure drop shipping store step by step. There is a link to how you can join it in
the video description below. Before you run off, I’ve got one other freebie
that I’d like to give you. Here at Wholesale Ted, we have a free eBook,
How To Make $10,000 A Month Online With Drop Shipping. You can find a link on how to download this
incredible life-changing eBook in the video description below.

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