April 6, 2020
How To Create A Real Estate Facebook Ad, Landing Page & 10-Day Email & SMS Follow Up In 20 Seconds!

How To Create A Real Estate Facebook Ad, Landing Page & 10-Day Email & SMS Follow Up In 20 Seconds!

What’s up, you guys Jason WARDROP here and the other day I
Post a video and showing you guys how I created a realistic lead page the emails and text messaging all in less than 15 seconds Now this is kind of like that part to which this is actually really exciting guys I am going to show you How we’re actually gonna get the Facebook add up the landing page the emails and text messaging all in about 15 to 20 seconds. So As a special treat for you guys, if you guys leave me some feedback and comment down below. I’m gonna share with you guys my Facebook Messenger bot training that has allowed ages to go through instead of ton more appointments from the Lisa. They’re generating That’s gonna be a hundred percent for free you guys drop a comment right down below in the comment section and give us some feedback Guys, it’s gotta be some good quality feedback. Right? Like it was just like nice or cool or whatever. I Probably I’m probably not going to share that with you But if you guys leave a good valuable comment And also give this video a thumbs up then I’m more than happy to share that with you guys So let me just jump on the computer right here and show you guys kind of this process of what we’re looking at So this is for all new users. So new people signing up on the arsalan Kitty software. So they’ll jump onto our homepage They’ll hit create account From here. We’ll grab some just basic personal information Which is going to help create the landing page create the follow-up emails create everything and customize it to you and your business We’ll grab some company information because sometimes people work for a brokerage and they want their their business Address on file and so their own personal one. So grab some of that information then at this point, they’re gonna choose Okay. Do you have a list you want to go through the market or are you gonna do an open house? You want to sell these Byerly’s whatever type of campaign? Okay, so you simply choose it? Right and the rule is you guys are already members. You probably kind of recognize this Okay, and then at this point instead of going into the website builder like before? Okay, what you’re gonna do is just gonna ask you a few basic questions that are relevant specific to that campaign Okay, so like for example if you have a listing it’s gonna ask you the listing address the listing price and have you uploaded an image of the listing so we go through we upload that and Then it goes and it says okay your site is being created. We’ve got Jason right here. It is cool This is Jason right there on the screen guys the testimony right there with this cool And then they hit next and says we created a tenday lead fallout for you, too So all the information that you’ve already entered on your company name company address name phone number email. There’s all that stuff It’s already pre-populated in all of these emails and text messages so you don’t even have to touch anything Okay, so it’s super nice super helpful And obviously you can go through customize anything to you and your business but the other day you you really don’t have to came then that point we hit next right you go through you see all the emails and text message and you’re like Okay, those look good We hit next it says congrats you completed your new lead campaign with email and SMS follow-up and then has the link to the actual Landing page that you just created and now we say, hey, let’s post this exact landing page to Facebook To get more leads So just like in the previous page right here Where you’ve got the pre-built email and text messages templates all that stuff. We have one of our proven high-converting Facebook post Facebook Ads already set up and done for you with the link to that landing page to your landing page Already pre-created pre-populated in the facebook ad with the image on the Facebook post That’s the same image of the listing that’s gonna be on your landing page already done Okay, and then you just go and you just hit post? Okay, and then if you’re a brand new user obviously You haven’t probably connected with Facebook yet So we just go through and say hey, you know connect with Facebook so we can go through and post on your behalf You hit OK and then we say hey we’re posting to Facebook and Then you can click right there and see what it looks like on your Facebook page so you can see The Facebook post then you need to click on that and then go to the landing page and see the whole process And then we go through just wrapping up we hit next and then we ask you basically, you know How hands-on would you like this to be with your lead generation? Would you like us do it for you or are you good you kind of know what you’re doing or you want to learn it? And then from there we kind of lead you in the right direction We kind of give you a little bit of a welcome and then right here guys. This is also pretty cool because On these landing pages off for those you guys are already member You probably have seen that we’ve got these this is very similar But what we’re gonna do is add the follow up sequence to the side of that landing pace you can see kind of a general overview of what’s going on with that follow up sequence from that landing page that you just created and I actually don’t have this in this little mock-up demo here but you’re gonna have analytics on all of the emails the text messages and everything in the whole sequence so you can see how many were sent How many were opened how many were clicked on just right here from your main dashboard? Okay now if you will go and you know, click a create new site and anyway, guys this is kind of like the new process that we’re thinking and I think it’s gonna be Super helpful for you when you’re creating new facebook lead campaigns when you’re creating new landing pages all that stuff because as you guys saw they’re like if you go through that process just fill a few different little pieces of information you can have all of the email text follow up the landing pages the Facebook posts all Done for you without having to really do a lot of work right? It’s pretty simple, right? So anyway guys if you guys don’t mind go ahead drop a comment down below. Let me know your feedback I would greatly appreciate that. I’ve been working with our dev team all morning this morning This is kind of what we came up with and I think it’s pretty groundbreaking very helpful. So Drop comment down below. Also if you guys like this found this helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up and let me know what you guys think So if you guys if we get all great feedback on this, we’re gonna get right to work on in this next week so guys give us your feedback and we are more than happy to jump in start working on this to make things better simpler faster and Easier for you, so thanks so much for watching guys, and we’ll talk to you all later

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  2. As a social media marketing agent my first client is a real estate agent. I learned everything that real estate agents need by meeting with her and asking questions then I would go look up ways to solver her problems online after our meetings. This software seems to be the be all and end all for everything she needs because the last piece of the puzzle for her was immediate notifications once a lead has been captured and the immediate ability to contact said lead over the phone. This is definitely the route i'm taking with my first client and I"m glad I came across your channel. I was just wondering if Facebook Pixels are compatible with the landing pages though. Thanks a lot man.

  3. This is incredible stuff. Been really pleased with the information you have been putting out and it has got me really engaged with how simple FB Ads can actually be! They were an absolute minefield when I first ever opened Ad manager some 9 months ago but now I have watched a lot of your videos I really have a good understanding of what to do! One question, is ArsenalMKG compatible with UK Estate Agents as that’s where I am based. Keep up the awesome work! If you can send me over any of the freebie stuff you mentioned that would be awesome! John

  4. You say 'new users' creating an account…what is the cost for creating an account? when i go to sign up it says 7 days free but is there another option for what you are referring to in above video? Thank you!

  5. People don't realize how important this is. Everyone and their mother are doing Facebook ads now and the public is now jaded. Facebook Messenger is the Facebook ad of today and will help you convert at a higher level. So good stuff here!

  6. Great video Jason! Please connect with me as I am using a similar program that I am finding it hard to Q&A with them and am looking to make a switch. Thanks and love the content you are sharing.

  7. This is all new to me–getting back into Real Estate and the whole world of lead generation has changed in the 15 years I have been out of the US. Trust me if you can teach me your product and service will be idiot proofed! One thing I need to understand is costs—I have no idea what we are talking about here can you discuss that please?

  8. Hi Jason. This whole integration to promote a listing via facebook, landing page, email and SMS follow up look great. Does this assume we pay you $97/month for Arsenal software. Does Arsenal software have easy to use CRM that I can import my contacts to, send mass email out to them too?

  9. Hey Jason! Keep up the good work,! I really liked this video walkthrough and your marketing platform looks amazing!

  10. LOVE your FB RE videos! Share your FB Messenger Bot Training and when I can't figure it out myself, YOU guys can do it for us! LOL

  11. Jason – solid advice!
    Without a doubt, Arsenal MKG is at the top of the list when it comes to boots on the ground, easy to implement, no fluff Real Estate Lead Gen training and software.
    Of all the tools I've used in the past, I was able to create a landing page for both a listing and an open house (separately) to drive leads to my wife's property, netting the most amount of leads in the shortest amount of time ever!
    Thanks for all you do bro, appreciate you big time!!
    Please drop me a link to your messenger training. Look forward to going through that as well πŸ™‚

  12. Great system for follow with FB ads. I like the tracking system. Keeps things systematic and simple.

  13. I think it is a great way to lead gen, sometimes less is more in my world!!!
    It would be nice to know success rate.

  14. Great value as always Jason. Hopefully the Facebook Messenger Bot training is just as simple.

  15. That is some really great done-for-you content. I love when things are pre-populated so that I don't have to waste time duplicating efforts. Nailed it!

  16. This was terrific information – as a non computer person and not knowing much this video made it very easy for me to follow and know I will be doing my ads and posting to get leads, as I am paying for this and haven't used it because I wasn't sure how. Thank you, now I will take the time to learn as much as I can. Time to stop wasting money and start making money.

  17. It looks quite easy & straightforward to use. It leads me to wonder what else ys available in the Arsenal tools and for how much $?

  18. wow.. Jason… I can't wait to get the training. You always provide great content. Looking forward to implementing it. Thanks for all that you do. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Jason, you're technology and tools are just amazing! I have watched one of your webinars before and I'm blown away. The Facebook Messenger Bot is a total game-changer and I'm really looking forward to learning how to set it up! I actually just called a friend who I do Travel Agent work with to tell him about it and how we could implement it in that field as well! Can't wait to learn how to set it up! Thanks for being such a giving person!!!

  20. This looks great. Very comprehensive and I like the way it's all put together in one place. I'm also interested in advertising or lead generation through text message. Do you have anything on that?

  21. I'm a social media marketing agent and I plan on working with multiple clients that are real estate agents. I plan on getting this software this week, but was curious as to how I would use this for multiple real estate agents/companies. When I fill out the "info" section do I put the real estate agents info or my own? I know these are probably dumb questions I was just wanting to make sure before I sign up.

  22. The video was interesting to me. I would like more information on how the system works. Please reach out when available.

  23. Very informative. Hey!! click on the more info button, there is a ton of information that can possibly get you to the next level. Thanks Jason.

  24. Hi Jason. I am excited to learn all of your tips. I sent my info in for a trial so I can check this out. I am in need of a user friendly system and I think this is it!!!

  25. Jason – Great content. I just had an Agent in my office ask about how to leverage FB Messenger bots. In the process of figuring it out. Sure would appreciate anything you can provide.

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