April 3, 2020

How to create a paypal account that sends and receives fund in Nigeria

hi guys this is Gerald and I want to
welcome you guys to my youtube channel right if you are new or to encourage you
to please he described a theme and this notification both him what this does is
that once I drop a video YouTube sends you a notification immediately you see
this is it so once you sell it click on it you start with sipping the
notifications once I pull up a video and everybody that knows me knows that I
actually give real value right so today we are looking at another interesting
topic on how to create a PayPal account that works in Nigeria right so PayPal us
an idea services in Nigeria in 2014 or typical of majority are lots of a few
limitations to it right now my limitations is that you can actually
make payments with PayPal but you can not receive money with a paper that’s
open in Nigeria right that’s one of the limitations and when I make this video
I’m your first hundred dollars online Nigeria from the comment section that’s
me a lot of a lot of responses people trying to ask how you can create a
PayPal account because that’s what you actually need to get money out of click
on custom macro workers which is what I talked about in this particular video
this video what should help you are encouraged to please watch this video
right if we look at the comment section you see this this I think is a very nice
concept my personal data what I really want to know how to cash out after you
must have generated some money with this strategy right and insurance with the
cash out with this strategy is by using PayPal rightly a lot of questions like
that blah blah blah my co-workers my coworkers I believe they except in your
bank accounts really don’t it has to be people at the to accepts right so I’m
going to be showing you guys how to create a PayPal account that can receive
and send money here in Nigeria right so I’m let’s jump right in towards you
quick reminder again please subscribe to my channel if I get to do that so that
you don’t miss any updates so let’s go to paypal.com right when we come to
paypal.com Machado’s clean this paypal.com enter let me show you guys
something so I’m in Nigeria so too much can an IP
by PI now look at the car was happening here
is showing paypal.com /mg right which is nigeria right so I’m just going to open
a new tab here are Kai or jewel PayPal PayPal calm / LS LS is loose ooh – right
and let’s enter let me show you guys something
okay okay okay okay yes okay here you signature on interface you show you the
personal account right same one they are broad search for deals P online happy
pal walks person are right it’s just what is showing you what’s the Nigerian
this is releasing that you are going to see so you can create PayPal for
yourself as an individual but look at these three suits were not of fury’
countries Nigeria so their personal you can send money get paid right energy
right this is limitation just do it get speed here
I said Nigerian so you can someone you can get paid you can pay online hi walks
and sat for teams Nigeria is like in this and just also like in business I’m
partners and developers right so that’s one limitation that we have as Nigerians
and that is why I’m making these videos to show you guys I can create a PayPal
account that actually works in Nigeria by walking I mean they can send our
receive funds with the people I can I’m going to show you how to create right
now so um all you need to do is instead of using Nigeria you use this place so
to write or any other country that you feel comfortable with some people you
set up free custom music who use Iceland you know like that they all walk right
but I prefer the so I’ve used it before and it works
I’ve tried it so that’s what I’m sure you guys you know I don’t show you guys
what I’ve not tried before I make all the mistakes so you don’t have to make
the mistakes right so I’m so I’m good to sign up this is Lisa two LS right so
paypal.com /ls that’s really clever it is I’m just going to type in insert I’m
sure we are on the same page paypal.com / LS right then I hit enter so it’s
going to bring us to this place yep we have where I right here so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sign up right sign up for an account choose personal
or business I’m gonna choose business account for instance if you go to
Nigeria and click on sign up we will not have the option of business
it just goes to personal right you know so that companies will include this next
challenge of a time wanna see at all good so this is it it’s a no open a
business account perfect so I click on continue then click on continue then
this is it and email address to get started so you have to create an email
address and put it here or make sure that email address are using is not
attached to any PayPal accounts before right but for the purpose of this video
I’m going to be using a temp email and temporal email I hope you worked with
also working on how to use a real email address so this is 10 mil dot o-r-g
right this is a disposable email I don’t want to use a comma because you need to
teach you guys how to because I really have my own you know PayPal account
actually works so I’ve copied this email this one I’m going to use right so every
email I send us will be here so I’m just gonna click paste that email a copy the
next I hope you works next okay seems like it’s working and those going to
general password I don’t know what is possible is let me write something let
me write temp meal then meal 1 plus 1 we write it outside of it
temp meal 1 plus 1 then pay one plus one and same thing
here ge MP male 1 plus one okay okay I think
I made a mistake then okay okay good my leg FS me matches my name it around so
please make sure that these things I this your name
you use your real name because you have to add your ID card right I’ve seen
cases really who made the mistakes of using names as not existing and demonic
code lock top right so I’ve use your real name whenever they ask you to
provide very ID card you can send your internal passport or something to them
and it’s your your phone will be released to you so business Giraud photo
online sorry online posture online Oh sue
then full number changes on to Nigeria I click ALM and as you I should be here yep then I put my phone number which is
early it’s zero six nine five nine zero two three four so guys this is how you
can create a PayPal account actually works in Nigeria if I send a receive
phone with this PayPal account i’m show you guys how to create so this is my
dress okay like etutor 4:01 this is fine what I
like is one zero one zero two one zero three the US dollar can choose your
preferred currency you know about us Eliza most popular currency in the world
so I rather you use this US dollar that you agree if you don’t agree no you
cannot move forward beyond this point so we filled all the information
otoscope is our attempt email does work doesn’t work that I have to use another
email so guys this is how you can create a PayPal account so actually I can send
a receive money in right okay what type of business you do
so you select your kind of business I feel nonprofit blah blah whatever your
business is individual so partnership provide key words the words shown to use
a non-profit age these non produce nonprofits Richard charity business up
is a blah blah blah okay so I’m going to use individual towards the safe free
lance what web developer okay say me a computer software Astros so just let’s
say web web subject VIP websites who are just use this and the top program in
okay this is fine business URL if applicable so I’m just gonna use online
also but calm dot and if you don’t have a URL please forget it if you notice I
said optional right let me show you if applicable if applicable as if you have
it right so it’s not compulsory I’m just gonna hit on continue okay so I’m
waiting for this good so this is where you verify your identity so your
nationality you choose Nigeria because I have a Nigerian ID card right and you
have to be the magical that you actually to have identity card documents right
what kind of document do you have let me use my driver’s license nationality my
nationality awesome my ID number um I can’t remember it what I’m just have to
let’s say I think it’s six numbers 1 to 9 of those student something random a
little bit my little bit I was born on the 30th of March 1988 right so how much
race is yeah yeah that’s fine so Naruto hit submit right so guys wanna
get all our which was creating a PayPal account I can actually do will receive
money you know and send money from Nigeria so I said please confirm your
email address to active your counter dude is no destruction
we’ve sent to this particular email so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna compare
okay this is email worked right Samuel right-click open a new tab
okay open a new tab sweet as in a new tab
I’m just gonna close this so this is the email confirmation email that they want
I’m just gonna click on it confirm your email address right click open in new
tab right so I’m using a temporary email so that’s you know what’s the password
again it’s temp right temp mill temp male one loves one confirm email address
you see if that works verifying your information okay so – Wow
work your way in right so this is it our account is set up our account is set up
right this is a it’s all set up and it’s working very fine on your website even
set up a website accounts are blah blah so you have configured email you can add
your bank account right make your business name clear for customers lift
limits I move phones more easily we may initially they meet the amount of phone
you can move from a PayPal account once you provide us more information about
yourself right so this is very very sad for this way you actually provide us
with documents to prove that you are human you’re a real person and I am NOT
trying to scam anybody odd or that so this is but by doing this you have
actually created a PayPal account I can actually send a receive money from
Nigeria right so the only thing they have to do is don’t use Nigeria use
another country that’s so like I showed you guys in the beginning so um you can
send money request money business at uh blah blah blah you can attach your bank
account information right yeah attach your back a
confirmation personal business whichever you know you can do that now I’m gonna show you guys how you can
actually create a foreign bank account like in the u.s. in Japan in Asia
everywhere right even in Europe on the UK actually create a foreign bank
accounts in your name right with that you can actually put that here and
collect it so they can receive money in that bank account I’m gonna show you
guys how to actually withdraw from that account also right so by doing this this
is how you can actually get money so if you pick overcast for instance if you
want pickup workers you watch this video and you’re doing what I should be guys
in this video pick overcast are my coworkers right if you are here what you
can do is as I create this PayPal account like I’ve showed you guys right
here right once you created it you link this PayPal accounts to your pic or cut
the literally this email of this PayPal account and you can enjoy your phones
from Peco workers or my co-workers they so this I was called PayPal account shut
up right so guys this is how actually works
now um to show you guys that is in actually works I’m going to log into my
PayPal account you want my personal PayPal account
I’ll show you phones that I have received in my own actually show you
guys that destruction into work so I’m gonna log out of this guy I’m log into
my own email account or we call it we call it so guys this is my PayPal account the
one I did for listen to just like I showed you guys right now you know it
actually works and if you come to the you see the balance of her are forty its
dollars inside it right phones I have I have received right inside this PayPal
account then if you go to my activities page you will see something interesting
this is something very interesting something very interesting you see the
fact that okay let’s look at this guy the last twenty nineteen let’s look at
the whole of 2019 let’s see what happened so okay still loading I’m gonna
show you guys down down down here so this is spearmint from reform from so he
actually receives money timid from reforms from you see payments from
payment from payments from you see this payment actually came in from somewhere
right cancel payment from I paid somebody the King caucus to the money
return he came back into this account or chase phone right somebody bought
something from me and this is it so you see all this right payment to use at
once I sent Andy from is one that I received so guys this is actually does
work so this is how you can create a PayPal account that actually works in
Nigeria and by working I mean receives and sends fund from Nigeria right so
guys I’m gonna say one big thank you guys for watching this video please
share with your friends and please do not hesitate to subscribe to my channel
because I’ll be dropping other awesome videos right and you’ll be the first to
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