April 2, 2020
How to Create a HubSpot Super Admin User

How to Create a HubSpot Super Admin User

Have you ever heard these words, can you please make me a super admin and thought to yourself wait what how We’re gonna cover that in this video. So One of these days you might actually be working with the designer a Developer or somebody who needs some HubSpot access like a hub SWA trainer like myself and we may say to you Can you please make me a hub spot super admin? And if you’re not used to the settings or where to go? It might be a little bit more difficult We’re going to give you the step by step way that you can do this in this video here in one second But let me just say this words of wisdom Please make sure that you trust this person Because with super admin you are quite literally giving them the keys to the kingdom with that said let’s go ahead and dive into this Alright, so as you can see I am in the hub swap portal and we’re gonna come over here to the Settings icon And if we click on that, it should load our settings page If it doesn’t then you should probably call HubSpot support because houston we have a bigger problem what you’re gonna do though is go down to the very bottom where it says users and teams and Then you would pick a certain user in this case. I will pick George Thomas you’ll notice that I’m already super admin But just so you can see under these actions here. We can have remove super admin or reset password, but Before they were an admin it would say Make them super admin. Let me go ahead and close this out real quick and you can see if I just look for somebody Right here Jen and I come over to her section and I do actions I could make her a super admin Alright, it’s that simple. It’s that easy You just simply log into your HubSpot portal go to settings Click on users pick the user you want and head to the top right section of HubSpot and make them a super admin Remember have a ton of trust in them. They now have the keys to the kingdom Look, if you liked this video hit the subscribe button hit the bell for instant notifications. And as always this is your boy George be from Impulse creative saying happy Hubbs body

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