March 30, 2020
How to Create a Home Page With Website Templates : E-Commerce Website Template Site Tips

How to Create a Home Page With Website Templates : E-Commerce Website Template Site Tips

Hello everyone, I’m Terry Bowden and I’m with
Expert Village. We’re taking a look at Web sites using the template-based system. It’s
a little bit less expensive in the fact that it’s less time-consuming because you don’t
have to learn DreamWeaver or FrontPage. You don’t even have to know HTML, but you can
also integrate those programs and HTML into this particular Web site, which is Web Sites
One. That’s kind of the portal we’re going through. I’m not necessarily saying you have
to use Web Sites One at all. You can use any of the Web site builders out there, okay?
Now let’s take a look at the account and “make money” section. Now the account, I’m not going
to click on that because that’s the information they’re billing and we don’t want to go into
their personal or their business-related information, but what this does is give you an idea of
how much you’re spending and it gives you your invoice information. Plus, if you need
to change your credit card information, that’s where you would do that at. Also, it gives
your statistics so you can see how many pages you’ve used and how many photos you’ve uploaded.
It kind of gives you an idea of where you stand. And if you do max out the system, you
can always upgrade. I think it’s like a dollar a picture or a dollar a page so it’s very,
very inexpensive. We’re going to look at “make money.” Tools to make money online. Now this
particular one has the industry Web site strategy, depending on what kind of industry you are:
service, professional, retail. Of course, if you were in retail, you’d definitely be
using the shopping cart, correct? Wholesale distributor, manufacturer, or if you’re a
money-making opportunity kind of business…search engines, of course, we know the big boys,
like Google, MSN Search, then there are the Google site maps and ExactSeek. So there are
some of the ones you can market through the search engines. Directories, such as Yahoo,
Deemos and Kelly Search, Pay Per Click, here’s Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing, Search
Feed Setup, Bidvertiser, Some of these things I’ve never even heard of,
but hey, they’re out there for you to use. Affiliate programs…there’s the EBay one.
Remember, we talked about that one in the last segment how you can sell your products
through EBay because it’s integrated here. Very neat. Also, the networks, design services
and e-mail marketing…so many things, I mean, just side tools and products. We can spend
all day on all the features and benefits that this particular site has. This can give you
an idea in the marketing area how you can make money and improve your business. Web
Sites One definitely has all the features and benefits that one could use and are very,
very easy to use.

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  1. I'm using oscommerce. I installed it into public_html folders. but I don't like the way the site look. I want to design my own template to make it professional, change the size, the thumbnail images and the way people view it and everything. How do I do that?

  2. Thank you for such a nice video! Set up your ecommerce business for free with our Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials and our Free Zen Cart Templates.

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