April 6, 2020
How to Create a Facebook Ad to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

How to Create a Facebook Ad to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

Hi! This is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software.
In today’s video, we’re going to be going over how to create a Facebook ad to drive
more traffic to your ecommerce website. So first we need to do is make sure you have
a Facebook page. Now I quickly set one up for Standards Sneakers and as you can see,
it’s pretty empty right now. But that’s all I need for now. You can of course add more
information. But just for now, what we’re going to do is go over here to this dropdown
arrow and click on “Create ads.” So there are several options here and we’re going to
use Clicks to Website. Now, we’re going to insert our URL.
Okay now, I put in my URL, it’s going to scan it, and as you can see, it gives us an image
to use. However, I don’t really like that image so I’m going to get rid of it and add
my own. Okay, so I’ve put in my image just a picture
of a sneaker that I might be selling. This one’s pretty standard. As you can see, it’s
got a plain background so you can clearly see what I am showing. This image is very
important because it will show up in your advertisement.
Okay, so now that we’ve picked out our pictures, now what we need to do is select what page
we want this to be for. So we’re going to select our ecommerce store. And now, we get
to edit the headline and text. So for the headline, I’m going to put in something that
will describe what I am trying to get people to check out. Okay, so I just type in “Great
selection of shoes.” As you can see, you do have a limit for your headline. I actually
have one character left but here is what it’s going to look like down here. Now here for
the text, we can change this as well. Basically, we can give them more context as to what they
will find whenever they click on our link. So as you can see, I am promoting this 50%
off sale. And I will even add the word “sale” right here just so they know that we do have
a sale going on for all of our shoes at Standard Sneakers that are running shoes. So we’ve
given them some context. Now here on Call to Action, I’m going to add
the Shop Now call to action. It makes a whole lot of sense since people will be wanting
to shop. So I’m going to add that button here. And of course, change this depending on what
your website is doing but odds are you’re using an ecommerce website so Shop Now makes
sense. Okay, so we can see what this looks like on
a desktop in the Newsfeed but we can also see what it looks like in the mobile newsfeed
as well as what it looks like in the right column. So all that looks great. I’m going
to keep it just how it is and let’s keep going. Now here at Audience, this is actually very
important. You need to define who your audience is. What you’re looking for is something that
is broad enough to where you have enough people to show the ad to but specific enough to where
the people that see the ad are actually interested in what you’re selling. This is of course
going to depend on what you’re selling. But here on Age, I’m looking for younger people
so we’re going to go 18 to 35. I’m going to target both genders and we’ll put the language
to US English. Here on More Demographics, we can add some more constraints such as I
want to look for people that are in a certain relationship status. However, that doesn’t
really have to do a whole lot with shoes so I’m going to leave these how they are.
Now here on Interest, you can actually find some good one3. For instance, there is an
interest for shoes. That’s definitely something that’s going to help us out.
You can add others like there might be one for running. As you can see, there is an interest
group for running. Alright, so right now, I’m targeting s shoes and running. This is
a great cross section as I’m selling running shoes so people are interested in shoes and
running will be seen on my ads. Here on behaviors, we can also look for certain
people’s behaviors such as we can look we can look at their purchase behavior here and
we could go under here to Health and look for people that buy for instance, vitamins
and supplements as these might be the same people that people are running.
There’s also the running behavior which I would add as well, as well as shoes once again.
And now I’m going to keep it like that. Up here, we can see how our audience are looking.
As you can we’re right in the middle of broad and specific. Our potential reach is currently
at 1.2 million people. Now if you needed to, you can change your
demographics to get a little bit more specific or broad. For instance, I could change my
age to only look for people that 18 to 22 and that decreases my potential reach to 320
thousand. But that’s not what I’m looking for. That’s not going to help me out a whole
lot. I like my reach how it is right now so let’s keep going.
Okay, so here on Account and Campaign, we’re going to keep this at US Dollars, and this
is my Time zone. And I will give this add a name. We’ll call it Running Shoes sale.
And for our budget, we can change this to whatever your budget is. This is of course
going to depend on what your budget looks like, how much you’re willing to pay. But
you can change this from lifetime budget to per day.
Essentially, lifetime budget just means one price and that might go away in one day or
one year. We don’t really know. So I’m going to keep this at $15 per day. And we can schedule
this but I want this to start immediately. Here, you can either bid for clicks or impressions.
If you bid for impressions, that means that you pay for every single time someone sees
your ad. Now, you’re going to be paying a whole lot less per impression, then per click.
So this is really something that you can mess around it but I want to just bid for clicks
because I’m looking for people to click, not just not see my advertisement.
Now here on pricing, I think it’s important to try manually setting your cost per click.
This is basically how much you’re willing to pay for every person that clicks. So you
could keep it at something that they suggest. They suggest 40 cents to 76 cents. Personally,
I would try sticking around this lower value as you can usually get quite a few clicks
even at lower values. But what you could do even is decrease it to say, 35 cents which
is actually out of the range but you might find that you’re still winning bids at 35
cents. Of course, if you do bid this low and you come back and you find that your ads aren’t
being displayed at all, you will need to increase this to say, I would try 45 cents and go on
from there. And now once you’ve done that, you can just
click “Place Your Order” and you are done. Facebook will just walk you through adding
your payment options. This has been Justin from OSI Affiliate Software.
I hope you enjoyed this video and please check out our other videos about ecommerce marketing.

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