March 29, 2020
How to Copy And Paste Ads and Earn $500 A Day Online

How to Copy And Paste Ads and Earn $500 A Day Online

Hi guys! Welcome back to the channel! This is Violet. Today I want to talk about how to copy and
paste ads to make money online. It sounds great and easy to copy and paste
ads for free and to earn $500 a day. But does it really work? There are many videos on Youtube teaching
you exactly how to do it, step by step, but nobody is mentioning how long you have to
wait until this day when you finally make $500 comes and how many efforts and energy
you have to invest. If you want to build long term 6 figure business
online and to earn passive income as well, this video is for you. My mentor Joshua Elder is going to share his
proven method on how to do it. hey what’s going on you guys Joshua elder here welcome back to the channel and in this video I want to talk about earning five hundred dollars a day copying and pasting links on the Internet and this is gonna be a little bit of a different segment that I want to start doing I want to let you guys you know kind of decide whether you want me to continue to do these videos or not essentially what I’m doing is I’m going out there on other people’s YouTube channels and I’m finding out their methods that they’re teaching and then sort of critiquing them so I’m not going to be like exposing people in these videos and their strategies I more so I mean there’s a lot of people out there don’t get me wrong they make videos just to get the clicks and get the views and what I really want to do is I want to show you the truth of what works and what doesn’t work you know I’ve been doing this successfully for you know the past six years online now I’ve been in the industry for the past decade and so I want to shed some light and eliminate a lot of the overwhelm and the analysis paralysis that a lot of you guys have so you can start doing what works and stop doing what doesn’t work so if you like the sound of that hit the red subscribe button take that bill icon to be notified of all future videos that I upload when I upload them and you know let’s go ahead and get into this before we do real quickly I know a lot of you guys are probably brand new you’re like who’s this Josh guy there’s a lot of gurus that you follow and listen to online and so I don’t show my results to braggart a boast I show my results to show you guys that I practice what I preach and the methods that I teach you and will teach you in this channel actually work so in the past year just from the first of January 2019 November to November eighth of 2019 we’ve done you know a multiple six figures and even if I go ahead and refresh this you guys can see this is my account today twenty two hundred dollars and that this is just one account this doesn’t include revenue from Clickbank or from click funnels or from other affiliate networks online I’m just showing you one because I want to get straight into the content so let’s go ahead and do that so the question is can you make five hundred dollars a day just copying in pasting links it’s possible to make it consistent $500 a day is pretty much of a stretch and I’m going to tell you why recently I came across the video basically teaching people that they can make $500 a day and all they need to do is go to this website the free ad forum com and essentially it’s just like Craigslist or like a back page of course that’s not around anymore but it’s essentially like Craigslist to where you can you know pick a category right here the way that he teaches you go from you know either the work-from-home category or the Business Opportunities category and then you make a post right here listing a particular product from an affiliate marketplace and so what he teaches is to leverage the affiliate marketing business model which of course is what I teach and he tells people to go to clickbank com so you would go over here to clickbank com and then what you can do is you can create an account right here after you create an account you can go to what’s called the affiliate marketplace and you’ve got tons of different products that you can promote so for example we go to e-business and emarketing and then what you can do is you can select any of these at the top these are going to be the best-selling so for example the 12-minute affiliate system you can click this promote button and this shows right here you’re gonna make $54 an 88 cents per cell you click promote and then you would put your account nickname in my case it’s got some glory and then generate hop links and then I could take this link and pretty much share it online anywhere and I can use bitly to shorten the link I can use cutley to shorten the link you can go to google and type in link shortening and there’s just a bunch of link shorteners that you can use but you can shorten this link and then essentially you can go out there and you can share it online so you need traffic to this offer to be able to make a commission so this long ugly link I’m the only one in the world that has this link when you create your account and you pick an affiliate link you’re gonna be the only person that has that affiliate link so when somebody clicks it and they buy all the cells are tracked back to you so you got all these different products that pay anywhere what you’re seeing right here are $30 all the way up to you know right around $500 so you essentially take that link and then you would jump over to this
website called the free ad form comm and we obviously you know we’re back here in the free classifieds section and then we
selected either work from home or business opportunities and then we can actually make a listing that links back to our clickbank affiliate products so you can actually see if we do like promote this product right here generate the hop link I copy this where I can even click this button to copy it and then we go straight to the website you can see here and this is the website that we would send people to straight from the ad right here so for example if we click this ad right here we scroll down and there should be a link somewhere we got to keep scrolling keep scrolling keep scrolling boom it’s right here we click this link and it’s going to take us to either a landing page like this or like for this product that’s going to be this landing page here and so you’ll get a certain amount of people that do come to your affiliate offer but you’re gonna have to be posting a lot of listings to stay at the very top and then what happens is is this gear is not just teaching you but he’s teaching thousands and thousands and thousands of other people how to do the same thing which then creates competition which then makes it harder so this becomes a game of survival of the fittest the person that is posting the most on this forum within the work from home category or the business opportunity category it’s gonna be the person that kids that the most share of the traffic so it’s a lot of grunt work unless you have some sort of software automated you know advanced system or you’ve paid you know you know maybe a programmer out there to have a software created that would just mass you know post for you it would be very difficult for you to compete so you’d have to have money to have to have programming experience if you really want to get a one-up and get in an unfair advantage with something like this so that’s the problem with this as you might get a cell here and there but you’re competing with a lot of other people you have to have headlines and hooks and things like in your subject line here and the title here they’re gonna stand out from everybody else so like this one stands out because whoever posted this paid at extra five dollars right here to make this post stand out so you know if you’re willing
to pay the extra five dollars versus you know everybody else that’s gonna help
but the premise of this video was to teach people how to make money for free
so per day you’re not gonna make $500 per day and if you do again you’ve got
some sort of unfair advantage that’s allowing you to really stay at the top and post you know numerous times a day and hey if you have the tenacity and the will to do the grunt work and post a million times a day to this then then more power to you you might be able to make you know more money than what most people would make but it still makes it very incredibly hard to make hit that five hundred dollars a day mark so instead of going to a site like this that only gets so much traffic and then having to compete with so many other people it’s better to leverage sites that get even more traffic than a website like this so if we go over here to Alexa this will actually tell us the top web sites out there so we’ve got Google we’ve got YouTube which is what I like to leverage I mean we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the competition or the lack of competition that is still you know out there on YouTube you know millions and millions of viewers every single day there’s so many ways to get traffic on YouTube there’s the home page suggest a video section ranking in YouTube there’s ranking YouTube videos in Google and siphoning traffic from Google there’s the you know the channel page there’s there’s so many different ways there’s playlists there’s so many different ways to get traffic from YouTube which of course is my top recommended way so that kind of leads me to say if you want to really make money on the internet and you want to change your life whether it’s to get a fancy car or whether it’s to make a lot of money or buy a house you’ve got to be willing to do the things that most people aren’t willing to do in other words what are some things that most people aren’t willing to do well video is one if you’re willing to get on video or at least share your screen without your face that’s gonna make a huge difference you’re already gonna be ahead of most people and eliminate a lot of competition because a lot of people aren’t willing to be on video not to mention going to websites and ranking websites on Google or doing videos on YouTube going to websites where there’s a lot of traffic even Facebook so I would at least pick one of these three and be consistent with your efforts yeah you would be considered it’s gonna take work right you would be consistent just like you would be consistent on this this free ad form classified ads website but the difference between this and this like Google or YouTube is you’re building an asset in other words what will happen is when people come to videos like this video that you’re on right now they’ll start to look at my other videos and even videos that I made years ago that’s where the leverage and the passive income takes place we’re on a classified site like this maybe 24 hours maybe 48 hours or even a week your listings going to be gone forever and you’re not gonna be able to leverage that old listing for future sells we’re on YouTube you can do that or even on a website you can bring in one visitor to your website from the search engines when they type in one specific search phrase and that website could be ranked at the top for a very very long time and even if you do lose your rankings on that website that’s okay because now guess what you’ve done you’ve built up what’s called a subscriber base you’ve asked people to enter their name and email address in a specific form so you can capture an email address look something like this all right I’m just gonna show you an example here you capture name in an email address and then you have that logged into what’s called an autoresponder and you could do this on this classified you know website it’s it’s a start but again it there’s gonna be a lot of grunt work behind it so when you’re ranking websites or you’re making YouTube videos you’re able to create that passive more of that passive income yes there’s still work that’s going to be involved but it’s a lot less work than doing something like this and the work that you put in is gonna have a greater output so in my programs I teach people how to do the activities that are leveraged where their small input activities but they create a huge output for example putting up a video that will drive traffic for months and years to come that’s a smaller input with a greater output or creating one funnel and then driving paid traffic through that funnel it may have taken you an hour two hours to create that funnel but then you could drive traffic to that funnel for months and years again that’s a small input that creates a big output creating a youtube add you know a two-minute ad that took you know two minutes to create you create it you put it up on YouTube you run paid traffic through it and you know it pays you on the back end for months and years to come so those are the type of activities that you want to be doing you want to be doing activities that will pay you for life that will pay you more long-term so taking a long term strategy and also promoting long term products is probably gonna be the easiest way for you to make money whether it be promoting your own products or promoting other people’s products through Clickbank so with that said I hope you got value from this video if you did let me know in the comments below if you like these types of videos if I’m giving you a different look maybe that you’re not seeing from a lot of these gurus out there that are just that just want clicks and just want traffic a lot of them are just teaching you strategies that work temporarily or strategies that really don’t even work at all to get the view and get the click now obviously hey I want to get views I want to get clicks but I want to do it in a way that’s also showing you legitimate long term ways to build a business online so again if you got value from this video please let me know comment if you have any questions maybe you agree with what I’m saying maybe you don’t maybe you’re you’ll
realize once you start taking more action because I did a lot of these things I did the forum posting I did the classified posting for so long I did the spinning of the articles I did you know there was this website called article ezine where you had post articles on
that website and then link to your affiliate offer but then when that website went under I had no cells I had
no more traffic my business went under and so that’s when I started learning
about list building and then adding long term traffic strategies to that so with
that said if you got value thumbs up if you want to learn more about how to build an affiliate marketing business from complete scratch I’ve got a link in the description below that pretty much allows you to copy my whole entire business if you choose to and go ahead and hit the subscribe button and take that Bell icon to be notified of all future videos that I upload when I upload them and we will see you in the
next video

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  1. Thank You! This is one of the easiest methods of making money online today, especially as a beginner without technical skills. This is excellent stuff!

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