April 10, 2020
How to: ClickList | VIDEO | Kroger

How to: ClickList | VIDEO | Kroger

Shopping is now even more convenient
with ClickList, our online shopping service. Log in to your online account
to get started. Shop for everything on your grocery list,
including fresh meat and produce. You can type what you’re looking for
into the search bar. You can choose from a list
of your favorite items, the ones you buy most often. You can also view recent purchases
and add what you want to your cart. If you have any special instructions,
just click on the item picture and enter your instructions in the box
before checking out. As you shop, you’ll see
what you’ve added to your cart, along with a running total
to help you stay on budget. When you’re ready, click on
the “proceed to checkout” button. Your shopping cart will open,
and you can review and edit your order. Reserve the pickup day and time
that works best for your schedule, review your order details,
confirm your order, and hit “submit.” When it’s time to pick up your order, follow the signs to the ClickList
pickup area. An associate will bring your order out
and load it into your car. Then pay, and you’re on your way. We think you’ll love ClickList
as much as we do. Try ClickList today.

10 thoughts on “How to: ClickList | VIDEO | Kroger

  1. I've used this service multiple times @ the Liberty Twp store. I LOVE it!

    My only recommendation is to let users manage their own favorites, not let the web site pick for us. I would love to go to 1 screen that has my favorites, and just click a bunch of buttons, and bam, done. It would go SOOO much faster.

  2. This service rocks! Got bad knees? No problem, Got screaming kids, no problem. Work 12 hours a day, no problem! This is the best thing Kroger's come out with in awhile. Wish they had it a decade ago.

  3. fine for staples but typical of kroger, they're passing off the meat etc that nobody wants and need to get rid of. happened every time — after all they're the ones shopping — so no more. twice bought ground beef that I wanted to use next day and it stunk to high heaven and was a lovely shade of BEIGE. (and not from being in car — went straight home with it). hey you count on them, right?

  4. I have a question. I want to know if Kroger plans to use bottled water safe plastic in the near future? As 1PET plastic is extremely harmful.

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