April 4, 2020
How To Clean Pewter- Cleaning Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

How To Clean Pewter- Cleaning Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

how to clean pewter how to polish pewter green cleaning hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have pewter dishes they tend to get a little scruffy looking here is a very simple way to clean and shine pewter dishes so they look beautiful on your table take an all cotton cloth that is lint free this one is a little nubby which helps get into the nooks and crannies that exist on the surface of pewter take a little bit of olive oil maybe a teaspoon of olive oil dip your cloth into the olive oil then rub and rub polish gets off all of the dust and the dirt and anything down in it makes it shine and be beautiful again it is nice and simple to do and kind of fun see how much prettier the pewter looks compared to the one I haven’t shined yet it really brings the luster back to your pewter try a little olive oil rub on your pewter dishes see if it doesn’t help make your table prettier and you can enjoy the things you have more please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

14 thoughts on “How To Clean Pewter- Cleaning Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

  1. Hey Granny that is a great way to polish Pewter, but not so good for cleaning really old  Pewter, do you have any tips, that could revive my old neglected almost blackend Pewter

  2. We got two western pewter plates from the 60's at a  auction, with I believe build up from that time so how would you recommend cleaning them

  3. I like your octagonal-shaped cooking vessel, those are going a great job on kitchen… I only concern what's the safest cleaner after cooking done to remove discoloration spots, thanks)

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