February 23, 2020
How To Choose The Right Marketing Automation Platform For Your ECommerce Company (Part 2)

How To Choose The Right Marketing Automation Platform For Your ECommerce Company (Part 2)

– HubSpot. Klaviyo. ActiveCampaign. There are so many marketing
automation platforms out there to use, but how do you choose the right one for your eCommerce business? Keep watching, because I’ll be sharing three more factors you should consider when choosing the best marketing automation platform for you. (upbeat music) (dog barking) Welcome to the Ecommerce
Marketer & Barketer. I’m Kara. This is our star barketer
of the day Hazel. If you haven’t watched
part one of this video, go check it out. I covered three other factors
I won’t be discussing today, but are definitely things to consider when choosing the right platform. So, similar to choosing the right collar for your unique pup, you need to understand
your company and its needs. One factor you should look into when choosing a marketing
automation system are the native integrations
available to the platform. Especially if you have
other existing technologies, you’ll probably want to transfer
data from those platforms to trigger certain activities in your marketing automation platform. For example, if your
eCommerce store is on Shopify, and you use HubSpot’s
marketing automation platform, you can easily send automated
abandoned cart emails from HubSpot if a contact leaves an item in their virtual shopping cart. This may not be as easy of a setup if you us a marketing automation platform that doesn’t integrate with Shopify. A second factor to consider is the type of customer support available when purchasing the platform. Some platforms have community forums, some have live chat available, and some have all those mentioned and immediate phone support. However, this can get costly
the more options you have for immediate support, so depending on your
business’ needs at the time and scope of projects, choose wisely. But, whether you’re new
or familiar with a system, remember things happen, technology barks, I mean, breaks, servers can go down, and so I feel having that quick support
ready and available can be so helpful down the road, and worth the investment. Lastly, you want to look into how long the platform’s
contract and billing cycle run. If you’re a little hesitant
to invest in a platform for a year, maybe consider a platform
that has monthly billing like Kaviyo. Or if you know you’re utilizing a marketing automation
platform for a long time, consider HubSpot or Pardot which have annual contracts and billing. These could paw-tentially be cheaper in the long run. While most platforms are upfront about their contracts and billing, if they aren’t, make sure
to clarify those things when speaking with a sales rep. Now I know these factors and questions are only the beginning of deciding on a marketing automation platform, and now you have to paw-actively (laughing) go out and find that information. So, I wanted to make this easier for you by sharing this Marketing
Automation Comparison Guide that you can download for free. It compares HubSpot, Pardot, and Klaviyo based on these factors mentioned and more! So that’s all I have today guys. Thanks for watching, and
hope to catch you next week for more eCommerce marketing
tips and strategies with the ECommerce Marketer & Barketer. And now you have to go and paw-actively (laughing) go out and find the information… I wanted to make this
easy for you by sharing this Marketing Automation Comparison Guide No! Come back! It’s okay, we can do
that again. (laughing) That wasn’t the best.

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  1. My team and I are definitely HubSpot fanatics, but curious to hear what other MAS platforms eCommerce companies are using and what about the platform they like. Anyone care to share? 🤔

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