April 10, 2020
How to Build Customer Loyalty – 6 Tips by JB Kellogg

How to Build Customer Loyalty – 6 Tips by JB Kellogg

– In this video we’re gonna talk about Six Tips on How to Build Customer Loyalty. Check it out. Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360, and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent, technology through our number one marketing platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design math and we love math. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with math too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies
to grow your business and fuel your brand. So customer loyalty, it’s key to success. It’s so important to have your
customers come back to you, send you referrals,
and write good reviews. If these things happen, your business is gonna blow up, so let’s talk about six tips on how you can do that. Tip number one is let customers know what you’re doing for them, right? Perception is reality. And if you don’t tell
them what you’re doing, they may not realize what you are doing in the background scenes. So make sure that you call them, send them frequent emails, text messages, or social media messages. Try to understand how
they like to communicate, and then communicate to them that way. But it’s very important to keep them very very updated, over-communicate if possible, and be proactive about your communication, and that’s gonna build loyalty. Tip number two is to remember special occasions. Get to understand them. When’s their birthday? When’s their anniversary coming up? What’s a milestone that
they’re trying to achieve? Achievements they’ve received,
awards they’ve received. The line goes on and one, right? Understand these things and then save this in your calendar. Save this in your calendar, save this in your CRM so that you don’t forget. And then send them handwritten messages, send them emails, give
them calls at those times to just let them know
that you care, right? ‘Cause people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, so make sure you understand those milestones in their life and stay in touch. Tip number three, gifts are excellent follow-up tools. Make sure that you’re using gifts. Wouldn’t you wanna spend $5 to make 1,000? So send people a $5 Starbucks card, send them a gift card of
their favorite restaurant. It just shows you that they care, that you’re thinking about them. So sending gifts is super important. Let’s talk about a
couple examples of this. Let’s just imagine that
you owned a business and you had an employee
that you were working with, and they just were struggling and you were trying to
get them to be better, and they just weren’t really improving and you kinda hit the end of the road, you were thinking about letting them go. Then you come in in the morning and there’s a gift basket on your desk and there’s a card from
that person that say “Thanks for giving me the
time that I’ve needed. “I appreciate this job, I love it here. “And I know that I haven’t been performing “to my highest level, “but I know if you just give me more time, “I’m gonna eventually get there.” What are you gonna do now, right? You’re obviously not
gonna let the person go, you’re gonna give them more time. Think about this in
your clients’ lives now. If you’re a salesperson and somebody’s not ready
to sign up for you, you send them a card with
their favorite restaurant or a card to Starbucks and say, “Hey, “thanks for giving me the opportunity. “I’d love a chance to earn your business.” That might be what kicks them over, right? If you have a customer that’s thinking about leaving you, right? And you wanna retain that customer, send them a card and say, “Hey,
“thanks for all the years, “thanks for the time that you’ve given me. “I really appreciate your business “and I really wanna be your
partner into the future.” They’re gonna stay with you guys. Gifts are hugely valuable and they’re really underrated, so take advantage of it, and send your best customers and leads a small gift to earn more
business in the future. Tip number four is to write more personal notes and send those more frequently. Personal notes that are handwritten, that’s kinda gone away, right? With the digital wave and the calling and the texting and the social messaging, it’s so easy now. There is not really many cards going back and forth in the mail, so if you do this, this is what’s gonna sets you apart from your competitors because nobody else is doing it, so that’s something you
can think about doing to build more loyalty. Tip number five is to keep it personal. Take it outside of the
business relationship box and get it into more of the personal box. You wanna get out of
the service provider box into the friend box, right? A customer stays a month, a friend stays forever. So how do you build more friends with your customer base?
And if you can do that, you’re gonna have more loyalty. Tip number six and this is the last tip is to pass along more information, share information. If you see something that your customer may be interested in, it could have nothing to be related with your
business relationship, it could be something
completely different, but you think they’d be interested in it, pass it along. If you read an article
you think they’d enjoy, pass it along. If you watched a movie
you think they’d like, let them know about it, recommend it. If you see an organization that they might wanna be a part of, pass it along. Send this information to them. We call this Thinking of You Moments. And the more Thinking of You Moments, “Hey, I was thinking of you last night, “I was thinking of you this
weekend,” that you have, the bigger you’re gonna
have that loyalty grow and that relationship is
gonna become stronger. So do those things, so keep your eyes out for your customers and send them that information, but the key is you have to know
your customer first, right? So get into the friend box, understand what they like, what their interests are, and then shoot them some of
those nuggets along the way. So thanks for watching. Hopefully this video was helpful, it gave you maybe some ideas to build customer loyalty in the future. Thanks for watching. If you liked it, like it and share. Leave a comment if you have other ideas for building customer loyalty, we’d love to hear it. Follow us for more content
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