March 31, 2020
How to Build an ECommerce or Pet Supply website – Using Builderall

How to Build an ECommerce or Pet Supply website – Using Builderall

legacy summits we’re here to teach you
how to build your online websites using builderall one of the tools here that
we’re going to be using is their pixel-perfect drag-and-drop website
builder now it’s a builder Oz and entirely completely it’s a complete
source of suite of software that you can use to build your business and run your
business attract customers and get everything you need for a small price
it’s one of the main reasons why I believe so much in it and why I think
that it’s going to be a great tool for you to use now stick around have a look
see how I build up this website I’m not a professional website builder at all I
know how to use this software I’m still learning some of it but I do know how to
use the software and put things together and you’re gonna see my experience
you’re gonna see how much time it takes and you’re gonna see from you know
somebody who doesn’t know too much you’re gonna see my journey on how to
build this website and learn how to use these tools in order to build my
personal business and help you build yours so I hope you enjoy this video
thank you for watching okay so here we are inside of your it’s a perfect
dashboard right so to get here you’re going to go under builders you’re gonna
go drag-and-drop pixel-perfect and you’re going to go to new website now
with the new website being that this is for a local business regardless of what
website you want to use builder all has provided you with a ton of different
templates and really good looking websites that you can essentially take
and customize and make your own but the best part is
you can take these actual websites and you can our templates and you can use
them to pitch your client so let’s say for example you have a real estate agent
you know there’s a couple of different templates here you can use them to pitch
them on a real estate website or a real estate funnel for them to collect leads
if you have a coach they have a couple of templates for coaches but just
because it doesn’t look like what you imagined in your head
don’t worry about all that’s take the essential pieces that you need and then
from there you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna adjust it and make it your
own it’s not meant for you to you don’t take the template just change the words
and it’s it and that’s it although you can do that but at the end of the day
your website’s gonna look like everybody else’s so you are gonna make some
changes you are gonna make some adjustments to match your your
particular brand and your particular audience in this case right now what
we’re building is a ecommerce store and web site now personally one of the type
of websites that ice I saw here as a template that I think I could definitely
make a good use out of when it comes to e-commerce because I know that these
type of companies will have e-commerce is going to be a pet shop you know in
the pet shop templates they have a funnel and they also have a pet shop
website now we’re going to concentrate on the website I will cover the funnel
in another video but as far as the pet shop store web site is concerned and the
e-commerce part of it we’re going to use the pet shop Express these two options
up here these options are for they’re just just different language is the same
design it’s just a different language it’s believe me they’re Portuguese or
Italian but one of the two either way we have the English one here which is fine
it’s perfect for our current needs and the way I did or what I did to kind of
see which one was best was you know I’d go into it you know check you know I’m
looking for accountants I’ll click on view see how it looks like and you know
from there I can go ahead and you know make it an informed decision as to okay
I can use this templates for what I’m looking to do like this template for
example it doesn’t necessarily have to be for an accountant it could be for a
service provider or a service business and then these are just the difference
type of services you offer you just need to amend it and change it and make it
your own if you don’t have any clients yet because you’re starting out just get
rid of that part and that’s it there rest of it don’t worry about the team if
you have a team you put them up here if it’s only you put yourself up here and
put some information about you so that they can get to know like and trust you
then you have your call to actions and contacts so you know all of these things
everything is very user friendly very easy to use very easy to amend if you
need to now let’s go back to the pet store now
I had looked at this pet store and I saw okay this pet store is definitely
something that I think I’ll be able to use one to attract pet stores and two to
attract an e-commerce type of company just because it has a picture of a dog
and a cat here doesn’t mean that it can’t be a computer or electronic of
some sort it could be electronics or make it be furniture shop it could be
anything you want you just have to change the pictures change the pictures
and change you know where things go to but at the end of the day a pet store
will be fine for my purposes right now these little images here are great I
think that these can actually you can probably turn these into clickable eye
images and these clickable images I can then directs to a part in the e-commerce
store that lets me shop particularly for that type of animal so that’s
fantastic you know who else could benefit from this have a page bat
groomers you know if you got pet groomers pet groomers will be able to
you know obviously they deal with cats and they deal with dogs I don’t know if
they deal with birds and rodents but you know whatever you just get rid of those
two boxes it’s fine or you add different services here so you have a haircut you
have a bath you have nails you name it okay so a little bit about the company
you know and it gives you a little template of you know what you should be
writing about the company so even if you’re doing the copywriting for it it’s
already there for you now what their purpose you know maybe if
they have a certain amount of groomings per day or if they have how many active
clients satisfaction rates daily baths this is all information you can get from
the particular groomer or from the particular Pet Shop services they offer
a lot of pet shops do grooming so you know this is great for these pet shops
or a lot of groomers have a pet store and you know it’s interchangeable and if
they don’t you know as their consultant talk to them about offering these
additional services and increasing their revenue by just having this online store
and getting people to sign up and to you know buy from them you know or getting
their current customers to use their additional services once they’ve already
bought from you once they’re gonna continue buying from you so here you
have a contact I would actually have a contact us excuse me I’d have a contact
us as well as having a booking appointment and I believe you can
integrate a Google Calendar into this to be able to go ahead and set that up you
know if you have any questions you can have contact us I would also try to
include some sort of frequently asked question
or link this to a chatbot which could then instead of sending an email mmm
excuse me which is great for them to you know collect an email but instead of
doing that they can send their question or book through a chat bot and then that
chat bot now has got their Facebook details their email and phone number so
you know it’s definitely a great way to an extra thing you can connect and I’ll
show you how to connect that and another video okay now let’s go on to building
the website okay so I’m building the website there isn’t really much you need
to do to get this and going it pretty much is as good as it gets not as good
as it gets but as good as you would want a template for a business you can
actually sell this as a template get them to upsell or you get that you get
them to buy your upsell by offering them a done-for-you website personalized to
their particular business and then all of this information you can probably
copy and paste from whatever existing website they have or from information
you get from their Facebook page from their Instagram from a number of their
different services or from the actual customer themselves you look at to the
information you need here and you create yourself a little questionnaire that
you’re going to send them just so that you can get to know their business
better and then once they send you that information back as a matter of
rewording it so that it looks better and it sounds better for their clients and
then you know collecting some images from them if they don’t have images
you can look at getting some stock images and going from there or you can
go to their store spend the day there if you’re local and just take pictures of
them working or have them to it at the end of the day you know something that
represents and them is going to be a better option for their business than
something else like stock images although who’s to say these are not you
know images that I took but invest neither here and over there
these images on the side you can change them or you can leave them it’s up to
you you can even include an image of the actual the owner now in order to do that
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go into images and this is all this is is
one big background see so it’s just one image if you take that image away that’s
a it’s it’s you’ve changed the entire background you can make it a color it
could be just white or it could be you know anything you want it to be right
now there’s an image in front of us so you don’t you’re not going to see it but
it’s there and all you got to do is just change it up if you want to personally I
wouldn’t even go too far with this so you look you have different options here
you can edit the elements and just change you know you have any kind of
background you want you just cycle through see what looks nice and if
that’s what you want then you keep it if not you change it easy peasy
okay so now this particular template has a couple of pages actually it has just
the one page is the pet shop so it’s top to bottom right now what I’m going to
teach you here is how to add the how to add the e-commerce store to this
particular website now one of the things that you can do or not
one of the things one of the things that builder all has made easy for us to do
has been to include this ecommerce store it’s still in beta guys so there might
be a bug here there it’s not a big deal if you find something just report it
through there’s a port and they’ll make sure they get on it and fix it so far
I’ve been playing around with it and I haven’t seen any issues now come July
4th they’re gonna have the Builder all 3.0 so I’m hoping that although those
things will be ironed out and you’ll have everything ready to go now so we’re
going to go ahead and click here create a store so I gotta save my layout before
continuing let’s see pet store next door template okay for some reason these things do not
like uppercase letters so it’s all lowercase okay
just so you know if you’re having a hard time trying to put in a letter and it’s
not showing up okay now as it saves sorry if this is my computer this is not
their software it’s just my computer’s a bit slow so now I’m going to go ahead
and click create the e-commerce store now it’s telling me to select the layout
the layouts gonna be the pet shop because this is the only one now there
are some or you can add additional things to this I’ll show you how to do
that in a few minutes so for example you can add like a a blog or you can add you
know an additional page for these intents and purposes this is all we’re
gonna need right now okay so now we’ve got the store sees building it up for us
it’s straightforward there isn’t a lot you need to do here I mean honestly
I wouldn’t even add that many products I would just leave it I change the images
so that they’re based on pets and animal care or whatever and then from there I
would just present it show it to pet store owners pet shop you know in your
local community you can go on Facebook and look at different pet shop groups or
different pet related groups and for sure you will find somebody who’s a pet
shop owner and then it’s just a matter of providing content for that group and
you know how you could even do like I’m doing right now I’m recording my setting
up of this pet shop and then once I have it set up I can use that to post little
snippets on how to build a pet shop ecommerce Do It Yourself have these
really great tools in order for you to promote the pet shop and then from there
boom you try to get people to interact with your content some people most pet
shop owners are not going to have the time to do it so they’re going to want
to pay you to do it for them which is where you provide them a done-for-you
type of service now this done-for-you type of service you charge them it’s up
to you what your market would hold just remember that at the end of the day
you’re going to be getting money from the services or from the reoccurring
builder off because what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna create them a builder
all like are they going to create a builder on account and you’re gonna
transfer the website’s to them and get them to sign up now you can either get
them to sign up for the 2990 plan which is going to be going up soon and after
the fourth of July or you can get them to sign up for the business plan if you
know that’s something that they would be interested in or if they have multiple
businesses you know or if they treat for example their lives let’s say for
example I know pet store has a grooming business they have the pet shop
itself and within the store and they also have a course that they offer to
their clients and that clients of course that they offer to would-be pet shop
owners or pet groomers to learn how to do the grooming themselves so definitely
this is something that you’re going to be able to take advantage of now I’m
gonna pause this because it seems to be taking a little longer than normal
I’m just going to take a quick drink of water and then I’ll come back to it when
it’s ready all right so it’s gone ahead and loaded it up for me now what this
does it adds additional pages to your website so here you see it has a
showcase page which is just what we’re on now you have your product page cart
page checkout page and a thank you page and these are all things that your
customers will cycle through as they go through your difference you know
clicking through your website through your ecommerce store now let’s see here
the product page it goes into detail about the different you know the product
the information the different images for the product I’ll show you how to upload
new images and your information and how to change this year it doesn’t matter
that’s the different language because you’re not going to leave it at that
language obviously you’re going to change it you know this is lorem ipsum
which is just something people use to fill in details this is going to be a
specific description as to what the product is and any additional
information now you can have it off to the side here you can make it as big as
you want and then you have here an image of your cart and you know you’re going
to show here the cart oops I just got rid of the cart no
worries that’s easy to put back I just need to add it back in here store
elements and your cart icon that easy put it right back where it was and my
icon is there say if you click back in here now because you’ve already added
the store to this to the site is going to give you store elements that you can
add and you know little things that you can do if you didn’t like this all you
got to do is click on it and I right-click you can just oh no this was
installed into this actual product no worries let’s see so appearance you can
change with the appearance the theme the color the fonts and the button itself so
you can say two guards or you can say okay so this thing apparently stops
recording while I was talking to myself I don’t know how it stopped recording so
I’m just going to go back and kind of give you a quick overview so in your
showcase page you have the different products that you have you have your
categories all of this can be amended the price range is for them to be able
to filter what they’re looking for and then this is help you or help you cuz it
helped their customers to find the products that they need faster now one
of the things that you’re going to do is you’re going to update all of this
information and make it obviously in this case pet friendly right because
it’s gonna be for pets now if you’re a DJ you’re gonna make it DJ stuff or if
you’re gonna make it for an Amazon you can make it Amazon it’s up to you
t-shirts socks whatever it is you’re selling you know you just update it and
make it put the images for your products or your clients products now moving
here you have your product page now the product page is going to show images of
the products you can upload images of the products I believe you can upload up
to 10 images although I don’t think a product needs that many images but you
know whatever you have the product description here additional information
you have some you know product information here they can add however
many pairs of shoes it is that they want to buy and then buy now or you know
it’ll add it to the cart you can change this all you got to do is go to
appearance button and just change the words of it right font style okay
information box okay you know you have the different themes of the carts so you
can make it look different okay so instead of you know you can have one
big image if it’s something that’s a very visual item or if you have the
description here everything separate you can have down here instead of having it
in tabs like it is here honestly I prefer
it in tabs you don’t have to show everything up front let’s see so there’s
just you know different variations and different theme options that you can use
just look through them see what makes sense for your type of store personally
I like the one that’s already there now font style you can change the fonts for
the different sections let’s see the button you can change the text here you
can add to cart’ and once you confirm boom there it is you don’t have to do
anything else okay cart page in the cart page you’re gonna
have the details of what they’ve put in here again you can change all of this
all you got to do is right click appearance if you have this and you
moved it over to the side you click Center image
boom does it for you it’s already done don’t have to worry about doing it again
tag out tributes that’s something we’ll go into a different time honestly I have
no clue what it is I would research it and then I will make a specific training
just red tag attributes no worries now moving along checkout page so once
they’ve seen the cart you’re gonna go ahead and purchase they’re gonna have
the checkout page they have the shipping address delivery and payment you have
all this information you’re collecting here honestly I would add an additional
item here which would be an image right and then this image you’re gonna size it
down it’s gonna be here I’m gonna pause the video just so that I can go to go
get the image and I’ll be right back okay so we’re back now the image all you
got to do is you right-click on it let me just size it again so you right-click
on it change image and wait for it to load so I’m gonna it’s not in my actual
system here that’s me now you’re just gonna upload it now I download it’s two
different versions this will work if you have PayPal it’s pretty quick and
uploading it’ll compress it so that it doesn’t slow your website down and then
all you got to do is you click on it to choose it confirm and there it is this
is kind of you know you want to show them that you accept these forms of
payments now I know that this is probably gonna be in the payment section
but you want to have that there I would also try including some
like I say you have a money-back guarantee your satisfaction guarantee
something to give them the little boost of confidence that says you know my shop
is trustworthy you know please buy from me because you believe in you trust me
so you know that’s something you can hide there or if you want to add a
little personal message or whatever you want to add on there you can add it then
you got your Thank You page the Thank You page is whether go once they’ve made
the payments and once that’s already been aptly updated you know you got here
you know the Thank You page honestly this page horrible but it’s not the end
of the world all you got to do is just change it make it look nice make it look
the way you want it to look you can add an image you can add buttons you can add
any one of these things here and it will go ahead and work for you Oh
so before I forget let me go to the checkout page one thing you can do for
the checkout page is let’s let’s get rid of this just for the sake of space you
can add a timer let’s say this timer or better yet let’s do this one okay so
we’ll get rid of this all you all I’m doing is clicking on it and then
clicking delete so let’s do here and then give them a little sense of FOMO so
the time let’s say you can change the dates when it’s gonna so let’s give them
one day right and basically you’re giving them two days let’s give them one
day they get 24 hours to finish this promotion ends let’s say we change
that’s to 20 20 percent off and you know give them a little sense of urgency to
go ahead and add you know to go ahead and finish their purchase then in there
okay you also want to add some sort of sharing so that’s their their you know
they can share it with their friends and family okay share their purchases bla
bla bla bla bla so you can have for the different type of company nut companies
uh profiles software’s that you have a presence in if you have Twitter if you
have Instagram let’s see social where’s instagram
instagram and these are just to get them to follow you you can get them to share it on LinkedIn there you you know and then you can use
the up and down arrows to kind of you know perfect the alignment or you can
let’s see you can drag you can click on that the ruler and create a grid that
you can use to a line pretty cool huh and then everything is gonna be straight
okay man if you want to get rid of this you just click on it again or
right-click on it and it’s gone alright so pretty straightforward okay
now how you’re asking yourself right now how do I go ahead and change the
products how do I change this information how do I update my
categories you know what is it that I can do to set this up now let’s do a
quick field trip let’s go over to a another Chrome extension it always uses
let’s go to a chrome and session and let’s let’s search for online okay so
pet shop they’re not gonna have anything good I’ve been on there’s actually
should offer them a builder all option so let’s look at this one here okay now you’re gonna look at their
categories they’ve got pet accessories I would just list these out as categories
bird supplies fish and aquatic supplies pet house cat supplies ah supplies so
let’s go back to our editor now in order to change these what you’re going to do
is you know go up here to the top right hand corner where it says panel you’re
gonna click on it and that’s gonna open up a new a new tab and it’s gonna take
you to the dashboard for your e-commerce store
okay now if you click on products this is where you’ll change all of that now
let’s go into categories first so that we change the categories okay instead of
category one we’re gonna do food I can add products into this later
and I’ll show you how to do that when you’re actually creating the products
it’ll give you a chance to add them to a particular category and then you can
just go from there on supplies okay if we go into the pet shop now we had here
let’s look at the samples that they had here though here so we got dogs cats
rodents and birds so let’s use that as we got cats dogs rodents then we’ll
create one for birds you can create as many as you want
rodent it doesn’t get any easier than that guys
so now I’ve created all of the categories and well now all I created a
couple of Calicut categories for this PET SHOP pet store now we can go into
the products and you can just see all of the different products that are offered
if you have more than you know if you have a certain amount of cat products if
you have a certain amount of products then this will obviously increase in the
more products you have the more pages you’ll require now you can narrow them
down by the different categories once you’ve added the product but for
right now you can just leave it as as normal right so we’ll go back into this
door excuse me okay so let’s say here you want to amend
the actual products that are on here you can either amend it or you can delete it
it’s up to you what you want to do creating a new product is should be
fairly simple and straightforward you know it’s either gonna be a digital or
they have digital products coming soon that’s gonna be very interesting because
you’d be able to sell your digital products there your digital courses or
your digital ebooks audio books you name it but then you have here your t-shirts
I don’t know why it says physicists here but I’ll definitely I mean screenshot
this real quick so that I can send that to support you know if you want to have a sale
going on for right now it’s a 20% discount for this product and the price
currently is let’s say for example $50 you name it you can change it here stock
of product so monitor inventory you definitely want to monitor inventory
because it’s if if you’re keeping inventory if you’re not keeping
inventory then don’t worry about it but if your client keeps inventory more than
likely if they have a physical store they are keeping inventory and a lot of
these physical stores for some reason they don’t want to sell online which is
ridiculous because they have the inventory all they need to do is you
know package it up call UPS or FedEx or whoever they’ll come pick it up from
them and send the product over to their customers so maybe this is something you
can coach them or mentor them or or tell them hey look this is an additional
source of revenue for you do it and then you can put in here okay I have 50 of
these this particular product height five you know as a inches no it doesn’t
say okay this is okay you have to pick the metric system or or if it’s going to
be inches feet or if it’s meters if you’re in Europe so the weights and
grams I don’t know thousand grams or how did you guys do whatever you have all of
this information from the actual product so add product options like size color
material so let’s say for example you’re doing a t-shirt or like a you know pet
clothing and you have different color variation
of it you can do option name blue you know choose options color whatever you
want to add on here it’s up to you personally it’s I don’t think it’s
necessary right now if your clients website has the option to if the if they
do offer different options or if you go on Amazon and you see you know you can
download some sample pictures and then have different options from there just
as an example for you to show you know obviously don’t do this without people’s
permission because you don’t want to you know infringe on people’s copyrights but
you should be able to find enough information or from the actual client
site themselves themselves here is you going to show it where it’s going to be
visible so you know what is this product this product is a say dog wolf and
shoulders right so this is obviously for dogs but it’s also grooming supply so
you can show it in both or you can create a category from here and it will
build another category out for you which is amazing just saves you that much time
you can go directly into products build out the products and the categories on
the fly as you go okay so you know I hope you have enough information here on
how to build the products itself customers okay
we’re to go into customers and honestly you’re not going to have any customers
yet cuz nobody’s bought anything from you but this is where you’ll see a list
of customers who have bought from you and who entered their customer
information their customer name an email okay
personally I will mention it to builder all I’d like to have a customers
birthdays so that I can send them a coupon for
their birthday and maybe even there’s social media if they have if they want
to share that I’m or and let’s say for example they’ve clicked through and
they’ve gone through your chat bot and got here through the chat bot
automatically pre fill that information for you orders if you click on orders
you’re going to see what orders you have pending what clients have done the
status of it if it’s pending if it’s been completed the different orders that
come through on your website you see all of that information here the clients the
product ID the value of their cart and their email there we go here on payment
methods this is where you connect your payment methods you know personal
favorites stripe and PayPal is good as well they’ll
have some fees though so you have to keep that in mind Braintree I haven’t really used and
pockets of euro I’m assuming this is some sort of only in Brazil exactly so
either way you know it’s something that’s you can definitely use now what
you can do if you don’t find the payment type for your particular country then
send a message to build a roll and just ask them to see if they can integrate a
particular one that points with your country you know bills are all is
ever-growing and ever trying to improve the the the platform for us so whatever
you need is there okay shipping you can either do you can either do the shipping
so you have these three options right but you can add more shipping options so
either free shipping fast shipping super fast or you can go on to like UPS
shipping through ups and see what they offer shipping if you’re in the u.s.
through USPS so US Postal Service see they’re different
and see I know that the US Postal Service has like a you have a fixed size
and it’s a fixed price so you can offer that and then have them just pay the
shipping or you can include it in the price and then the shipping is free
right which is you know something that people will obviously like now you can
use this easy ship I’ve not looked into easy ship I really couldn’t tell you
what it is I can create another website tutorial about easy ship and see exactly
how this works as a matter of fact I can do that for the payment methods as well
so that you guys have information about the payment methods buts creating a new
shipping method it’s up to you the weight range price range flat rate so
you can say you know on orders of let’s say three Express region one and then do the state okay etc okay and once you’ve saved that you’ve
got your you have your option here you can toggle these on or off for your
store so if you stop doing this you’re not deleted just turn it off maybe you
want to do it again another time or if it’s for let’s say Christmas and you
want to have a particular sale where they have free shipping or free you know
Christmas shipping you turn everything off and you turn on the Christmas one
it’s up to you soon they’ll have an option for you to have affiliates for
your store and be able to manage the affiliates for your store which is
amazing because nothing works better than having people who bought from you
promote your services and then on top of that viggen value by either receiving
cash that they can use to probably use your services again or they can get cash
they can use for whatever so let’s say you have a big sale coming up reach out
to a couple of your clients tell them hey do you want to promote this sale for
me in exchange you get X and then you make them affiliates no promote you can
track what they’re sending if there’s an in traffic etc and you’ll be able to
reward them accordingly then you go into your settings so here in the settings
you can go ahead and name the company or the site so you know I named it my
awesome pet shop you know whatever you want to name it you can give it your
localities or your local address depending on where you are shop is based
the currency which your shop deals in and where’s the dollar US dollar you
think you’d have it at the top here it is okay so you know in the in in the US
they work in pounds so you can do that if they have a state state tax or a
country tax or a particular type of where I live they have a country toxin
it’s 18% is called v80 and it is including the freight I’m not including
the freighter I don’t know you’d have to look at your particular locality see how
that works then you save it and that’s ready the biggest job you’re going to
have or the biggest additional amount of work that you’re going to really do is
in updating these products and creating categories for them other than that this
website’s pretty much done for you and then it’s just little small Styles
making it look nice for you making it look how you want it to look and it’s
it’s as simple as that there isn’t really much else to do here so I hope
you’ve enjoyed this tutorial I would go ahead and reach out to me if you have
any questions or if you have any concerns and I’ll be happy to answer any
questions regarding this and I will be able to go ahead and get you help or get
you set up if for example if you are not yet using builder all and you would like
to start using builder all you’d like to start building websites on builder all
you know you’re more than welcome to reach out to me okay
my team is called a legacy summer Team legacy
my business is legacy summits essentially I will be creating tutorials
like this I will be helping you learn the skills that you need in order to
build your business and build your brand you know I’ll try to cover everything
from social media websites chat BOTS you know any of the tools that build roll
has for us I will go through them and I will show you how to implement them into
your website but you know if you don’t have a team yet feel free to go ahead
and join the team if you already on a team but you still want to learn feel
free to message me and I’ll be happy to show you how to do whatever I can do I
will be showing these videos in the support groups or in the different
groups so that’s other builds are all teammates can learn from this I don’t
see me as having my own personal team you know although I do have my own
personal team I am part of team builder all I don’t work for them
in any way I just believe this much in their software in their product and
their you know basically business in a box that you can take and start running
with and start building your own business from day one so stay tuned for
more training like this and I look forward to hearing from you
please do tell me what you thought of the video in the comments let me know if
you think these videos are helpful and if these videos will help you to build
your business if you are interested in doing any kind of business like this if
you need a website reach out to me and I can show you how to do it or I can offer
you a done-for-you option you know at a minimal cost
but I’m looking forward to working with you and working together thank you very
much for your time this is Ramon from Team legacy and legacy summits have a
great day

2 thoughts on “How to Build an ECommerce or Pet Supply website – Using Builderall

  1. Good job. I'm new to getting Builderall and looking to build my own company. I'm interested in watching your journey

  2. Hi Ramon, great video and explanation. I’m waiting already a long time to move over my shop to builderall. Be aware that from 1july they will move the e-commerce part over to magneto 2. So the one they have now will be completely removed. Greets

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