March 30, 2020
How To Build a Website Without Code | Everyone Can Build a Website Now

How To Build a Website Without Code | Everyone Can Build a Website Now

– Learning this one thing
changed my entire life. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of helping you create
something awesome today. So those of you who are familiar with me know a little bit of my backstory. You know that 19 years ago, my family got its first computer. It was something my
grandmother invested in. And we were able to finally get online, use AOL 6.0, dial-up, and it was a tremendous experience. I learned in that first summer how to code in html and
build my own websites. The Internet was a really
different place back then. You didn’t have YouTube
tutorials to help you. The websites were really primitive and there wasn’t a lot
of information out there. In fact, web design wasn’t
even considered a career, if you can believe that. There was no on who thought
that there was any money in it. And so in Microsoft Notepad, I learned how to build and
code my first websites. I don’t think that that’s
practical for everybody. One of the things that
I really pride myself on in doing this channel is meeting you guys at your
level of understanding. Not all of you are going to have the time that I spent to learn html code. Whether you’re a business owner who just needs something
up and running right now, whether you’re a graphic designer just getting out of college, you need a portfolio
that’s going to help you land a real job immediately, or you’re a photographer
that needs to just have an easy way to showcase your work and be able to upload
pictures and just have it done and showcase that gallery of work so you can get paying clients, there needs to be a
practical solution for you, and there is. While I still believe in coding websites and having that control, that’s what I’m capable of
doing and that’s my skill. And the thing is, sometimes I’m frustrated with how long it takes
for me to get something that I’m satisfied with. So our friends over at Wix
are sponsoring today’s video and they are a practical solution for people who are in that situation. When I was 13 years old, learning
code really was something that gave me an advantage, but also having the ability
to build an online presence is going to give any one
of you an advantage today, and you don’t need to learn how
to code in order to do that. You have a simple drag-and-drop interface that anybody can use, with hundreds of templates
and dozens of tools that will allow you to make a
functional, beautiful website that can get the job done for you. As a creative, sometimes I
just want to do something that’s not technical. I just want to be able to create my art, put it up online, share it with everyone. That’s what I love about social media. But social media is not my platform, it belongs to someone else. With, I can
have actual webposting, including an email address
and a domain name that’s mine. And so that gives you more control. I’ve been thinking of using
this either to do some more stuff with my photography and my artwork, stuff that allows me
to share with you guys that I’m in fully control of and I can customize to my heart’s content and not need to open up
more complicated tools. You know, tools that I love,
but they just take up time. So when I’m traveling on the road, if I really just want to be
able to take some of that stuff and not share it in Instagram and Facebook and do something a little bit more interesting with it for you guys, this gives me an outlet
and a way to do that with a fun, engaging, beautiful website. So if that’s something
that you’re looking for, then I encourage you to
go to or use the link in the description
or the annotation up here and go check that out. If I were a young person
on YouTube right now, this would be the platform that I would definitely use right away because at $10 a month, you can afford it and it’s something that can
give you an online presence that a lot of other people don’t have when they’re starting out, and that can really mean the difference between growing your channel. If you’re a graphic designer and you didn’t learn
web design in college, you were someone that focused more on typography or on photo manipulation, then this is something that
is really going to help you not feel intimidated and overwhelmed. So if you want to build your
own website without coding, is a great solution
for you and it’s affordable. Our friends over at Wix were
actually generous enough to hook me up with an
account that I can use to teach you guys and show you what I’m gonna be using it for. So in the coming weeks and months, I’ll have those tutorials coming up and show you how I’m using it and how you can use these
tools to your advantage, mess with templates
and make simple changes and updates to your own website. I’m planning to cover more
free and affordable tools on the channel here because
a lot of you guys have said that while you love all
the stuff that I’m doing, you can’t afford some of the software and some of the solutions or even some of the tech that I’m using. So I’m trying to be more
budget-friendly in the future. I’m trying to meet everybody at the level that they’re at right now and give them something
that can help them. In fact, I have a poll running right now, so make sure you’re voting in that in terms of some of the future videos around free software and budget solutions. Let me know what you’re
the most interested in. Also, I’d love that kind of feedback in the comments section. What kind of budget solutions, what kind of free
software would you like me to cover in the future? Thanks again over to our friends at Wix for making this video possible and for sponsoring the channel and some more cool and
creative things from me. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. Remember, graphic design
videos are usually on Mondays. As always you guys, thank
so much for watching and don’t forget: Create
something awesome today. Maybe build a website
from our friends at Wix.

55 thoughts on “How To Build a Website Without Code | Everyone Can Build a Website Now

  1. can i make an online store like amazon with wix?, i have a company that sells rentals like airbnb in my country and it could be very helpful. thanks for your help Rob!

    P.D. Love your style and your videos.

  2. Wix and Weebly are great. And I'm a WordPress developer, so saying that isn't easy. However, being a platform-snob isn't my style! Anyone can do it, and I highly encourage anyone to use a template and follow the steps to build something simple to share what they're creating. I look forward to your tutorials. Not everyone can afford the $5k-$6k I would charge for a custom small-business WordPress site and as a professional I feel pretty good about sharing these budget-friendly options. End of the day it's about helping my clients and friends to navigate the possibilities. The web is a lot more fun the more accessible it is! Budget should never be a barrier anymore to businesses and creators who need to be online! I'm glad you are talking about this!

  3. Hey Roberto I was having this question totally unrelated to your videos that I wanted to ask you
    I have been working on making my first videos, but because of technical problems it's going a lot slower than expected. I always have to look at my inspirations to be able to stay motivated, but recently they just keep talking about how YouTube is just becoming worst and worst everyday. I want to make videos I want to inspire others, but I'm scared of what if I get an unfair strike, what if I get a trademark strike (yes that is a new thing) by some company like Nintendo because I used the name Mario even though I was referring to my cousin Mario or by a troll who trademark the name of my series without asking and is making me pay so my videos don't get taken down. I want to do it and I will, but should I wait until everything calms down and try then, should I start and if another site becomes more popular I just go there, or should I just make videos and hope for the best?
    I just want something to cope with the fact that I don't know what to do because it comes so naturally wright scripts foe videos and being in front of cameras, but I'm really scared to go ahead with it because the take of content i want to make is really review like you know poking fun but it seems like I can't do it at least in youtube

  4. Yeah, we don't need code to build sites anymore, but knowing how to code is helpful, especially if you want to sell widgets or make modifications to templates.

  5. A big argument / objection I hear a lot in the self-hosted WP developer community to get clients to go the self-hosted route vs. using Wix/Weebly/Squarespace is that using these platforms means you don't own your content. Ok. So if you touched on the reality of this that would be awesome!!!

  6. Thank you
    I have Intentions on staying in tuned…I went before and plan on using them in the near future…so this will be great

  7. I'm 13 and I do graphics for clients but I want to show the world what I can do without putting money in to it.when will it ever have free web hosting 😢😢😢

  8. i want to get better at coding. I have taken two class but once I'm out of the class I always miss a letter or to close it the right way.-,-

  9. I love the different platforms available to create sites easily today. I prefer Squarespace myself but truthfully i haven't really looked into the other platforms just yet. I like how Squarespace opens it up and lets you do simple design layout but if you need to tweak it you can pear behind the curtain and get into a little coding. Does six have the same feature?

  10. HTML is not hard. It's not even coding. It's just markup. Just nesting tags.

    The hard part is getting everything to go where you want it to go in CSS, even though it's pretty straightforward too.

  11. Just found out about Google Web Designer from +Jacob Campbell's comment. Seems interesting, as I liked Macaw, but there was no way to do certain things, such as tweaking the CSS, and the software doesn't scale well on my monitor.

    Google Web Designer just seems like the Macaw Scarlet that never came to be because of the inVision purchase.

    EDIT: Just tried it out. Just seems like a cluttered and overwhelming piece of software. Macaw is still better, even though it's fairly flawed.

  12. Suggestion: Best way to organize for example pictures and videos. either free or paid service and really good helping you stay organized. Keep the content coming sir.

  13. I would love you to review Hitfilm 4 express! Normally I hate free video editors, but Hitfilm is almost like Premiere Pro and its free!

  14. I wa t to learn some coding but I haven't put in the time yet know any great resources. (also on the topic of time know any good time management resources as well)

  15. oh wow it's super useful for me especially as a female who has no idea what I'm doing in front of my laptop !
    Please post a lot of tutorials for this website for me <3 I need to create one website for my upcoming company !! 🙂

  16. WordPress is not hard to learn. It requires a basic understanding of what html/css/php is. That elementary knowledge is for handling particular issues, like to paste a needed piece of code (written by somebody) in right place. It's kind of plasticine for you to create an awesome site on reliable domain. If you have enough creativity and some time to get into how WP works. If not, WIX might be the thing.

  17. I love creating websites using HTML. I remember when I first started coding, about 4 years ago and I used Notepad now I use sublime text 3.

    I get the point about wanting to be creative, I agree. Although what concerns me the most if when you use websites like WIX but to unlock features you need a premium account which is costly. use this quite often actually. I appreciate things can't be free but perhaps more ""free features" Like I said I prefer to create my websites using code but I completely understand in terms of wanting to just be creative!

  18. Can you make a video about some great website design software. I use these sometimes, but I do know how to code and keep very current on it so that if something goes wrong I can fix it with coding. I have used programs like, front-page all of them. Expression web, Dream Weaver, even word to design websites; But I think code is very cool because you can fix anything that is wrong, and if you have a certain functionality that you need to put in your website you can do it. But please do a video on web design software's.

  19. Hi Roberto, love your vids! something a little off topic.. my girl is getting me a graphics tablet for Christmas, as i'm only starting I dont feel i can justify getting something as expensive as a Wacom, so i have chosen a Huion H610 Pro. It seems to get some good reviews and looks to be at the top end of the budget list of tablets. Have you had experience using one?

  20. I wouldn't recommend wix to my visitors (even if I got paid for doing so) and suggest you wouldn't either if you cared about your audience. Once you sign up and build your website there is no way to get out. Your domain will get stuck with them and you would not be able to move on to more advanced hosting services. Beware.

  21. Hi. There are good comparisons on the web, Wix versus Weebly. Wix wins in my opinion. I look forward to your Wix tutorial. You are one of the great guys on the web. You have the gift of simplicity. I bought a remote mouse from your recommendation. Now I want to make a website for my stuff. Basically I'm a writer with a wordpress blog and on youtube but no website yet. That will come, Tich

  22. I learned basic HTML when I was in highschool. I only kept up with that for a few years. I havent coded anything since 2004. So much as changed since then. And honestly, Im not interested in coding anymore. I'd like to be able to put together something really nice and really fast. Coding makes my head hurt! lol

  23. Hey man, I am planning on doing a challenge which is basically a 3 day project of making and designing a modern responsive website with ONLY JavaScript, and I am searching for somewhere to post the result… This is not something that someone should be doing on daily basis cause it is not practicle and it is time consuming but it is a challenge that is doable if you have great control over the dom (which I don't but I will do my best) if you read this then please reply and if I do the project and I finish it I will send you the video so you can upload it to your Chanel so you can show people creative ways of making websites… I have always been searching for new technologys, gone even as far as trying to make one and wasting months on learning assembly level languages but here I am trying something new once again 🙂

  24. I hate wix
    I have to pay premium to put more than 1 video I want to make my own with my own skill no developer controlling me to pay.

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