November 19, 2019
How to Build a Website From Scratch For Beginners with Bluehost 2019 [Step-By-Step]

How to Build a Website From Scratch For Beginners with Bluehost 2019 [Step-By-Step]

Hello everyone this is Kostya from
Software Godfather and today we will learn how to build the website from
scratch using Bluehost hosting services let’s go. Okay this is Bluehost main web
page and please notice that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so your
money is saved anyway. So let’s click get started. The next page will see a
different hosting plans designed for different needs. For our purpose we will
choose this basic plan but if for some reason you are planning to create more
than one website you should definitely go for this choice plus plan because
it offers the same price for the regular plus plan but you also get these
additional features for free. Also important notice if we choose the basic
plan it’s definitely recommended to purchase this feature as well and it
costs one dollar per month so if the basic plan is 3.95 and with this feature
it goes for 4.95 so maybe it worth for you to add just additional dollar and
get unlimited websites and this site backup and spam experts additional
features. So let’s select the basic plan here we will choose our domain name and
you can choose whatever suffix you want you can go for .net for example we’ll
choose .com suffix and click Next Bluehost will check if this domain name
is available and open a form to continue the registration. Here
should provide your account information your country your city whatever your
email address please use the correct email address and correct address in
general because this information is not going to be exposed anywhere you don’t
have to worry. Here choose your account plan if you want 12 month plan or 36
months plan and 36 is cheaper obviously. And for package
extras like I said before I recommend choosing just domain privacy and
protection because this way all your private information will be won’t to be
exposed to other people and you will not get a tons of spam to this email address
and this feature is selected but by anybody who is creating the website. So
in the last section you will provide your credit card information select this
field and click Submit Just notice that before you click Submit
and you fill all the information of your form if you go there and pretend to
close the window this special offer will pop up. You just click here claim savings
and get much more cheaper price that was originally suggested if you see
it’s now 2.65 instead of 3.95. Enjoy your discount. After waiting a few seconds we
are redirected to this page good job and let’s create an account together. So
here we have our domain name and let’s create some password for for this domain one important note that you should
remember your password obviously because it’s very important but in any case you
can always reset your password through your mail. Let’s click create account okay account is ready and let’s login.
Let’s type here our password and click login. Ok here just select
the name of your website. My example. This name will appear on the Google search
along with this tag name so let’s select some random tag name. My tag name. You can
also select here if you want a blog or an online store to make it easier for
Bluehost to suggest themes for you and let’s say we want a blog page for
example. Display box on home page and click continue.
Ok so what are my goals online let’s say share my ideas, photo stories or videos. All this
selection is required just for Bluehost to recommend plugins as it said here and
are comfortable with creating websites very. It’s not really important what you
select here. Ok continue to the theme selection. As you can see there are
hundreds of different themes according to some categories you can select. There
are a lot of them so just pick this one. Okay WordPress installation is
done and let’s go to our website. Click WordPress and here you can see the
WordPress control panel from here actually we can add posts pages install
new plugins. Let’s just click my example and customize button. As you can see
after clicking a customize button the theme that we selected was installed
here and we can see this theme in our website. And if you notice this
little pencil buttons and if we click any of them we can modify this selection
and ask it to display a different posts from from the library of our posts or
pages or whatever and everything here is can be modified and it’s very easy to
modify actually. So right now to save all this theme we click publish button. Okay
now it’s published and you can continue from here and add your content. Let’s
click let’s close this. Go back to our website and hit this button launch your
site okay coming soon active okay we hit the launch button and
congratulations your site is life now Let’s go to your site once again
and here’s our website so congratulations for having a new website
and I hope you like this video and you find this video useful for you and if
you do please hit the Like button and I’ll see you in the next video thanks
and goodbye

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