November 22, 2019
How To Build A Sustainable Online Brand Selling On Amazon FBA – TRUE FACTS!

How To Build A Sustainable Online Brand Selling On Amazon FBA – TRUE FACTS!

This is how you build an online brand selling
on Amazon FBA and not just selling random products. Finding random products to source on Alibaba,
slapping on a label, shipping it to Amazon’s FBA warehouse, and calling that your own private
label brand is absolutely not the way you should be selling products on Amazon. Once you have an idea and a product in mind
that you want to sell on Amazon, the very first thing you need to consider is the message
that you are giving to your customers. A lot of people, especially newer sellers,
when they are just starting out to sell on Amazon FBA, think that private label means
just having a sticker label, slapping it on some random product and away it goes to the
warehouse. Just crossing their fingers and hoping for
sales. That is not the way it works. When you have a product in mind, you have
to think long term. You have to really ask yourself, can you develop
a brand out of this main product? A very common question I get asked a lot is,
“Tamara, why is it so bad to source random products on Amazon and let that take off?” There’s no big problem with that but the main
problem with that, that I find, is that if you start sourcing random products that have
no message, no meaning, do not add additional value compared to your competitors, you are
not going to make it selling on Amazon. It’s really as simple as that. The main reason why you want to build a brand
instead of just sourcing random products all over the place, is because you are going to
find a winning product and start adding little tweaks to it to improve that product that
will compliment your main product. And it’ll be so easy to get your customers
to give you their email address, take them off Amazon, maybe have your own website. Your customers will know you as a brand instead
of selling random things all over the place. Here is a good example, let’s say you are
selling a baby diaper bag caddy. By the way, don’t source the baby diaper bag
caddy. That was a really popular product in 2016
that you should no longer sell. There’s been a lot of people talking about
it on YouTube. So you must absolutely stay away from it. But I am using this as an example because
I am going to show you how easy it is to develop a brand instead of building random products,
sorry, selling random products like I said. For the baby diaper caddy, there’s a lot of
ways how you can improve the product. By the way, you should only be sourcing products
that you can improve, add value to, and solve a customers’ problem. Customers buy products because they want you
to solve their problem. It’s not because of their brand. I mean, yes, it is part of the brand. But they want their problem to be solved. When they buy your product, they want you
to solve some issue or problem that they are having at home by buying your product. If you are selling a baby diaper caddy, first,
you want to read all of the bad reviews from competitors. Now, you hear this a lot where you hear people
talking about, yes, you should read bad reviews and improve on the product. But, what you really should really be doing
is doing that, reading bad reviews, reading bad 1, 2 star reviews, and improving the product,
bringing it up with your supplier, but also, think about other ideas you can do long term
to build your brand. For example, if someone is selling a baby
diaper caddy and there are a lot of customers complaining about the size, “it’s too small”,
or “the material, it’s too thin” or maybe it’s the zipper, “the zipper is getting stuck.” Whatever the customer is complaining about
gives you the opportunity to build a long term brand. If they are saying the diaper caddy is too
small, then you should think about ways to improve your diaper caddy that is bigger. And instead of just making 1 diaper caddy,
you are now going to source bigger sizes, maybe different sizes in different colours,
but still having the same type of product. That’s a way how you can build a brand instead
of selling different baby products all within that niche. If you are selling specific baby products,
I really suggest you to stick to one product but build different variations around it. Another thing you could be doing that not
many people do is reading the 5 star reviews. Why? Because that gives you a huge opportunity
to build a brand and build different types of variations with 1 product with all the
good things about that product. So maybe customers are so over the moon because
the baby diaper caddy is soft. That means you have to source a soft baby
diaper caddy. You’re not going to source one that has hard
material or rough material, right? You also want to read good reviews along with
the bad reviews so that will lower your risk and you know what customers already what when
you are thinking about building your long term brand. Take out your notebook and write down all
of the important points that your customers love about your competitors products. Those are things that you must include inside
of your product. A wonderful thing about selling products that
is very, very niche and you developing a brand around the same winning product is that this
could really help your PPC. PPC, Pay Per Click advertising. Because if you have 1 product, by the way,
everyone, you should be only starting to sell with 1 product. Have your whole round of Amazon once, just
so you get the experience and you know how it works and then source additional variations
on top of that. But going back to what I was saying, you should
always source 1 product and launch it with PPC. When you do that, you will realize all the
common keywords that people are actually searching. If you are running an automatic PPC campaign,
a broad or a phrase campaign, you can find out a lot of organic keywords that you customers
are searching, then you can really extract the converting keywords and know which keywords
to use for the products that are your variations. I hope that makes sense. Just to repeat myself, if you sell the right
products, the same product and you’re just adding on different variations, you can retarget
those winning keywords from your PPC campaign to make your live 10 times easier. Compared to selling random products, you’re
going to have to find new keywords, new things that customers like or are complaining about
for your new product, it just makes the process a lot more slower. If you do have a winning product, all you
have to do is make little tweaks to it to improve that product and add it as an addition
to your storefront. Why would you start sourcing random products
if you already have a winning product? It just doesn’t make sense unless you are
developing a completely different brand and you want to make that different brand take
off as well. But again, to make your life easier and to
make your Amazon business very smooth sailing, trust me when I say this, it’s better to develop
a brand with 1 specific product. The biggest brands around the world are very
niched down. For example, Apple is a huge brand. Apple only sells iPhones, computers, laptops,
electronics, right? You’re not going to see them start selling
baby clothing. It’s just not going to happen. If you want to be a huge brand, a successful,
big brand, then you have to start thinking about a specific product that you can slowly
form other types of products around it. And again, I am not saying that having multiple
brands is bad. If you guys have multiple brands and you guys
are absolutely kicking ass, that is great. But what I am saying is that this is more
simple and faster way of getting success selling on Amazon FBA if you were to develop an actual
brand. Your brand should be sending a message to
the customer. A message saying your customer should know
you for your famous baby diaper caddy. And the beauty of this is if you have a specific
brand selling the same types of products, you can then start thinking about getting
customer email addresses, having them follow you on Facebook, Instagram, social media,
maybe your own YouTube channel. You can have them follow you on all of these
different platforms to start developing your brand. No, you cannot get Amazon customer email addresses
straight from Seller Central. That is not allowed and there’s actually no
option for that. If you guys look into Seller Central and download
your order reports, you do not see your customer’s email address. However, you can extract their information
from Seller Central, target them on Facebook using Facebook ads. I am sure some of you guys already know how
to do that. Match their customer profile on Facebook and
get their email address that way. I have been teaching this method for the longest
time and it works amazingly well. Once you have your customer’s email address
and they know that you are the queen or the king of selling baby diaper caddies, is going
to be so easy for you to take that customer off Amazon and onto your own store. And once you learn that strategy, your customer
is now yours to keep forever. You can even create Facebook groups, give
them promos, have them use coupon codes. They are yours now and you are now allowed
to market to them through their own email address. You cannot send coupon codes through Feedbackwhiz
or through Amazon messaging, that is against terms of service. That’s why it’s so important to develop your
brand, have your own customers, and finally market to them on your own terms. Manychat marketing with Facebook ads is another
great way to take your customers off Amazon and start marketing to them over and over
again. These are just other options that I am talking
about in the future for you. You don’t have to get started on this right
away. If you guys are new and you guys are watching
me right now, you should only be focusing on selling on Amazon, developing a large customer
base on Amazon, and then slowly use Facebook ads to take them off Amazon. And that is only if you want to get off Amazon. I think a lot of sellers should eventually
get off Amazon. It’s good if you start developing your own
independent brand off Amazon after you have experience for a few years. I think after 2 years, it’s a really great
way to start getting off of Amazon because then you have thousands and thousands of customers
that you can retarget to on Facebook and everything would be much easier when it is on your own
terms. There is so much to learn when it comes to
selling private label products on Amazon. Really just take it a step at a time. Break it down. Don’t stress out and learn each thing after
the next. I hope this video has helped you guys today. If you have any questions or comments, please
leave me a question or comment in the comment box below. I respond to everybody. Please subscribe to my channel. Give this video a big thumbs up. And of course, I’ll see you guys in the next

19 thoughts on “How To Build A Sustainable Online Brand Selling On Amazon FBA – TRUE FACTS!

  1. I think a lot of people are just more concerned about making the money on the short term and forget about the long term gain in building a brand. thanks for the video. definitely something a lot of us need to keep focused on in order to succeed with this business model

  2. Thanks a lot Tamara!

    I would like to ask you how much time does t take you on average to get a product to profitability after launching.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Nice info. I agree 100% with everything. Also the Facebook and social media stuff is sooooo good… Even if your customers don't follow you on social media, at least if they Google your brand, they'll have some validation that they are buying from a legit company and not buying stuff from a person selling out of their garage…

  4. @Tamara tee I'm a bit confused if you had an investment of 2k and you're looking for productss on Alibaba, How do you know the price to buy products for ?

    For example: I want to sell XYZ product I can sell it for 20$ on Amazon, I go on Alibaba and try source a product,now I find out that it's $1.80 for 500 pieces which is more than I have,How will I know the amount to source the product. I dont know if you understand

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