April 2, 2020
How To Build A KICKASS Brand on Instagram And Grow For Ecommerce in 2019

How To Build A KICKASS Brand on Instagram And Grow For Ecommerce in 2019

Hey, guys. My name is Wilson. Today we’re going to be talking about how
to build a kick ass brand on Instagram for your ecommerce business in 2019. Everyone is on Instagram right now so if your
business is not on Instagram then you’re definitely missing out and you definitely need to be
on Instagram. Now that everyone is on Instagram it is so
important for you to be able to build your business as a brand that people are going
to fall in love, that people can connect to, that people would have trust and purchase
from. Now, how do you do that? That’s the topic of today’s video. I’m going to be sharing the top five tips
and how do you achieve that right now. The number one tip is to create something
that is visually pleasing and consistent. For example, it’s so much more pleasing for
us to scroll through a feed like this versus a jumbled feed like this. There’s no consistency, nothing is on brand,
and at the end of the day Instagram allows us to tell a story, allows us as brands to
tell a story that invokes an emotion for someone that is scrolling through a feed like this. Whether it be something that is for comfort
or whether it it is to convey security and and confidence it’s very, very important for
us to be consistent with the theme that we’re trying to portray. That’s why tons of companies are spending
so much money and effort into shooting high production value photos and videos to be able
to put on their feed and actually portray it in a way that tells a story. And at the end of the day that’s very, very
important for you to create something that is on brand whether it be someone consuming
your product or using your product or it could be a lifestyle shot of how people would feel
after using your product or service. It is super important to be consistent with
that. Whether it be the colors or whether it be
the type of photos we are shooting these are all very important things when building an
Instagram account for your commerce brand. A second tip in building a kick ass brand
on Instagram is to have a clean bio. And what I mean by that is when people are
coming into your Instagram account you only have two seconds to tell them and convey what
you’re doing. So, if your bio is not clear and it’s beating
around the bush then the person that is visiting your account, they’re not gonna want to read
through the whole thing. They’re not going to understand what you’re
trying to say and what you’re trying to do. For example, this itself is an amazing bio
because it tells people what they do in a glance. Whereas this one, we have no clue what they’re
doing. That’s the reason why it is super important
for us to understand and have clear bios because we want our customers to understand what we’re
offering. And secondly, we want to make sure that we
only have one call to action. I see so many times people are like, “Hey,
you know what? I am offering a five day course and this is
my seven habits, a pdf that you would want to download.” These are too many different call to actions. It is so important to have just one call to
action that you want your customers to take and just leave that in the bio in the section
below and then that way people would know exactly what to do. Just one action, one clear bio, and that’s
going to work to make your brand a lot cleaner than other people who are messy. So as a recap, you need to make sure that
your bio is super clear in terms of who you’re serving and what you do, and in turn giving
them one call to action because that’s what you’re going to need to look at in terms of
attention from your people. At the end of the day, if you want to create
a brand that is amazing on Instagram, be very, very clear in terms of who you’re serving,
be very clear on what you provide, and be very clear in the action you want them to
take. The third tip is your captions. So many people have really, really vague captions. When you’re creating captions this is your
opportunity to tell people what you stand for, opportunity for you to invoke emotions. That’s the reason why you have to tell a story. Tell a story that invokes emotions that connects
to your brand. Tell a story through your captions and people
that are actually leading through it they are going to be able to understand what you’re
trying to portray through your brand and this itself would be a lot more engaging to your
customers and to the people who are viewing your profile. The fourth tip in creating a kick ass brand
is social proof. It is one thing for you to tell the world
how great you are by your Instagram posts, but it’s another thing if your collaborators,
influencers, and better yet your customers tell the world how great your brand is. And for us to be able to do that we need to
make sure we intentionally create this movement and allow your customers to share with the
world how great your product is so in turn you can repost that. By you being intentional with this strategy
whether you be telling them, incentivizing them by discounts off, draws, contests, or
simply providing them with a hashtag that they can share their love with the world and
their experience with the world this itself is very, very important. For example, Casper did an amazing job with
their mattress unboxing videos and that itself created a viral movement amongst all their
customers. And in turn, a lot of people buy more from
them because they’re able to intentionally create this movement. So for your business I definitely recommend
you to create an avenue and be intentional with how your influencers would be sharing
their experience and interaction with your product or your service, same thing with your
customers. If they tell the world how about your business
and your services are it’s 10 times better than if you promote that within your own Instagram
account by you telling the world how great your business is. The number five tip is to engage with your
audience. Just because you have let’s say 5,000 customers
and hundreds of responses on a daily basis does not mean you don’t need to reply to your
customers. Your fans are built one at a time and it is
very, very difficult for you to build on momentum. So, it is super important for you to always
engage with your customers all the time whether it be DMs or comments. You can see that these people are doing an
amazing job replying to their comments even though they have hundreds if not thousands
of comments and that is super, super important if you want to be able to create a brand that
people recognize with and connect with because every customer counts. Imagine you’re on the other end writing a
comment on Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram profile and all of a sudden He replies to you with
an emoji or replies to you and comments and acknowledges you. How happy would you be? And that’s the reason why some people can
create brands that really engage with their customers while others are lacking in that
because they ignore their customers. At the end of the day, we need to understand
behind that Instagram account is another person and if we acknowledged them then that’s how
we can start building that relationship, and that’s where engagement comes, and that’s
where brand loyalty is starting to form. So, there you go, the five tips in creating
a kick ass brand on Instagram for your ecommerce business. The number one way is to create something
that is visually pleasing and consistent so then that way your customers and the people
that are viewing it can truly invoke their emotion and they can truly connect them with. Second is have a clean bio section with a
clean call to action. You only have two seconds to attract your
customers and tell them what to do, make sure you optimize that. Number three is to create posts that is engaging. Posts, visually speaking when you stop them,
when you catch their attention you need to have content captured that really tells a
story because that’s your opportunity to develop and deliver the value across the screen. Fourth, is to have social proof for your brand. It doesn’t matter how good you tell the world
you are. It matters if your customers tell the world
that how great your brand is which is the reason why you want to work with your influencers
and your customers. Be intentful and create that journey so then
that way they can share their experience with the world. And number five is to make sure you engage
with your customers. Remember on the other end of that Instagram
profile is another human and if you are able to engage with them then they can start communicating
with your brand and that’s where you’re going to be able to create a brand that has loyalty,
that people can buy from you, and at the end of the day you can create a brand that can
sell in the future. That’s it for today. If you guys like this video make sure you
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the comment section below. Otherwise, see you guys next week. Oh, by the way, in the section below download
all the free resources. I’ll see you guys next week.

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  1. Growin an IG takes a hot minute, but quality and consistency, as well as eventual collabs and so on are key to growing it. Great video Wilson!

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