April 2, 2020
How to Build a Chatbot For Your Website

How to Build a Chatbot For Your Website

Let me guess…you’ve thought about adding
a chat bot to your site to field support questions, schedule appts and get more sales for your
ecommerce store..but you have NO idea how to set up chat bot. In fact the mere thought of adding one to
your site stresses you out…well have no fear…today’s product is here and it’s
going to blow your mind. What’s good Sumolings, I’m Chrystie with
AppSumo & today we are talking about ActiveChat which is a chatbot platform for your
website. A chatbot that requires no programming or
any experience at all to set up. So chat bot newbies..this one is for you! To get started with ActiveChat you’ll want
to click on “Create a new bot”. From here you can select one of ActiveChat’s
templates for WooCommerce or Shopify or start one from scratch. For this demo, I’m going to start one from
scratch, so I can show you how easy it is to set up. Because let’s be honest..I am no chatbot
expert. I’ll give my chatbot a name and upload his
photo, then I can set up integrations like Facebook Messenger, ecommerce platforms like
Shopify or WooCommerce and CRMs like Hubspot & Sales Force. Ok so now I’m ready to create my first chatbot,
the first thing I’m going to do is ask the user a question, “Would you like to see
our latest deal?”, then I’ll add 2 buttons. One that says “HECK YES!” And another one that says “No thank you”. From here I’ll add a text box for and attach
it to the No Thank you button. This box will say, “ok no problem, have
a great day”. Now for those that click on the Heck Yes button,
they’ll be transported to the AppSumo Deal page. In the growth tool tab, you have the ability
to set up your chat widget, landing page or messenger code so that your users can access
the chatbot. Active Chat also keeps a running list of the
users who have engaged with your chatbot including their name, the time they last interacted
with your chats and the # of messages. You can also see the complete history of a
user’s communication. This is very useful so that you can go back
and audit which messages are working and which ones are not. ActiveChat will even let you send a broadcasts
to your list of users. So if you are ready to take your site engagement
to a whole new level, then you’ll definitely want to check out Active Chat.

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  1. Strange: I watched this video 2 days ago for the first time. Today is Jan. 16th, and YouTube says this video was released today… And @Marcin Godlewski
    commented 2 days ago. So what is going on here?

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