April 9, 2020
How to Boost Your eCommerce Revenue With an In Cart Upsell Popup

How to Boost Your eCommerce Revenue With an In Cart Upsell Popup

Need an easy way to get more revenue
from your existing ecommerce customers then stick around for this video to
learn how to create an in cart upsell popup. Once within the OptinMonster
dashboard we click the green create campaign button. Next we’ll choose our
campaign type we’ll choose a lightbox popup because they’re proven to get high
conversions. OptinMonster has a variety of templates
depending on the needs of your campaign and today we’ll choose the shopping
template. The next step is to name our campaign
we’ll name this campaign shopping test campaign and all we have to do is choose
which Shopify site we’d like our campaign to appear on and start building.
Once the default campaign is loaded into the Builder we can start to make changes
for our campaign. First we’ll want to add a new image, in our case we’ll want to
add a picture of shoes as an upsell to the dress and our customer’s cart.
Changing the text is as simple as highlighting and typing in the new title
directly. For our subtext we again highlight and in this case we’ll write
get 15% off shoes handpicked by our designers to complement your dress.
We will add a yes/no button so that we can redirect interested shoppers to the
upsell cart page. The yes button will read claim my discount and the yes
action will redirect to a new page and here we’ll add the URL of the Add to
Cart page for our upsell product. For our no button we’ll right no I have plenty of
shoes to incite the click on the yes button. To further draw your website
visitors attention to your in cart upsell popup you can use a display
effect. We have bounce, flash, pulse, rubber band, and shake. The next step is to set
our display rules to decide when our upsell popup will show. First we’ll
disable the default rule that says that the campaign will show after five
seconds because we want to get more specific. To show our upsell campaign to
those who have been looking in the dresses category we need to use referrer
detection. We’ll toggle to active and say refer URL contains /dresses to only
show our campaign to those with dresses in their cart we need to add
another display rule we’ll toggle visitors browsing specific pages to
active and show when the URL path exactly matches addtocart. Adding one
final display rule of exit intent will help us address cart abandonment. We will
toggle to active on exit intent and this will ensure that all of our shoppers
will see our offer before they abandon their cart. To create the same effect on
mobile devices we will activate the inactivity sensor toggle to active and
determine the time that you deem inactive in this case we’ll put 30
seconds. Alternatively you can boost average sales per order by showing the
campaign after a visitor has been browsing dresses for a certain amount of
time. In this case we’ll write 20 seconds. Save and all we have left to do is
publish our campaign. Once toggled to live our campaign will be live on our
Shopify site no embed code necessary. If you
have any questions please look through our helpful documentation and for
further assistance you can always submit a support ticket and we’ll be more than
happy to help

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