April 2, 2020
How To Be An Affiliate Marketing Content Machine

How To Be An Affiliate Marketing Content Machine

hello hello Rachel is Lee here in this
video I’m going to share with you what I think to be the best types of content
that you should be putting out as an influencer affiliate marketer if you
want to be making more money with affiliate commissions and money
passively you still to do active work and if you want to go with influencer
route of that by using your brand and yourself and valuable content you put
out there as a tool to persuade people to buy certain things that you’re
promoting certain affiliate offers you got to put out good content content
content content content is the motto and over time putting out content will
become more natural so if you are here watching this video on my youtube please
subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications because I put out good
content content content content content that is the motto so I’m gonna screen
share in this video and show you guys some of the content that I put out and
you know what let’s start with YouTube so let me move this here in OBS I’m
using OBS to stream I’ll make myself smaller if you haven’t ever put out
content like videos of yourself or blog posts you might feel like super
overwhelmed and I could tell you like Oh make it a goal to put out one piece of
content a week are you freaking kidding me you know how many pieces of content I
put out a day a lot and that’s what I’m gonna show you guys so first let’s start
with youtube just because we’re on YouTube I want to show you this I
haven’t been doing this for long but the more I do it the more money I make it’s
really freakin crazy and I’m gonna show you the correlation of this these are
all like videos and cool they look cool it’s because I made freakin thumbnails
in canva it’s not like that big of a deal okay so I started putting out
affiliate marketing content about six months ago but six months ago and then I
had some videos six months five months four months three months more three
months see I was doing a lot two months two months two months I was
putting some good stuff out then one month one month one month one month a
year I was putting a lot out so I’ll say a month sometimes these numbers are off
and then I kind of actually been a little slower and I’ve noticed
I still get some pretty good results you could see like in my vid IQ still
getting like a thousand views for the past week I’m not saying that this is
like the fricking master youtuber I don’t even have a thousand subscribers
but it’s still good content and I still get views from the search engine
optimization so the more consistent you are with that putting out YouTube
content the better now let me show you what I do also with
that YouTube content I go put it in my Facebook group I have this Facebook
group influencer affiliate marketing and this is steadily growing also my email
list is also growing good now I wouldn’t even use the word steadily I would use
the word um like rapidly it’s uh there’s momentum to it as you start putting out
more content you get more momentum I would show you my email list right now
but it’s like convertkit is literally uh down right now but I am at just a little
over 2500 subscribers and yes some was like paid through different ads or solo
ads but a lot of it is just because I put out content and then people opted it
in and that should also get you better open rates on your emails so Facebook
groups are great I put out a lot of content written content I’ll ask
questions I will put out live streams I’ll do live streams I put out a cheat
sheet I do group co-working sessions ask another question to get people thinking
I started I share my YouTube videos in here I share tools people can use like
more videos I do interviews with other experts that is all content so I want
you guys to think what can you start doing to ramp up your content some days
to rest some days you can’t put out content like it’s fine but you could do
one thing a day at least what I’m doing like 20 things a day every post is
considered content also here on the Facebook group let me show you that I
mean sorry Facebook page you can put out content here this piece of content is
announcing a live stream training that I’m doing with someone else
tomorrow and then at the end we will talk about his offer which I have an
affiliate link for because you guys might be asking will all this content
and all these posts like how are you making your making any money from that
that’s what freaking I can already hear you guys thinking are you making any
money from that some things that I put out are more clearly it’s more clear
maybe to you where you can see oh that’s how she made money because it was a
webinar that she promoted that pitched at the end she got affiliate Commission
that or it was a livestream she did with someone that they pitched at the end she
made money from that or it’s a YouTube video talking about a software or a tool
and her affiliate link is for that but some uses of content you might be like
well how should make you money from nap just by me asking questions or me
posting a selfie or me doing like a motivational video or a motivational
written post making money from that because then people are now more knowing
and liking and trusting me so even if the actual post isn’t super salesy or
the piece of content isn’t that salesy that’s fine is give value value value
then so Gary Vaynerchuk says Jab Jab Jab right hook so that’s the strategy with
that you could do a little you could Photoshop your photos you guys like you
don’t have to do selfies all the time but it’s good for influence your
affiliate marketing for people to remember who you are and don’t matter
what you look like you know I do the magic filter over my face um you could
do a little post like this little statements you have or ask
questions you can put content in other people’s Facebook grips that gets you
more traffic I do that all the time all going with other Facebook groups and all
like put discussion topics what other kind of content can you do well you can
send out emails email broadcast aren’t actually like the best strategy for
affiliate marketers because it’s like not as calculated and with an email
marketing we can really build a machine like an optimize machine but it still
doesn’t mean that people don’t want to hear from you so you could definitely
write a newsletter or a blog there’s really cool things you can do on
Instagram people now make Instagram their blog it’s like read a caption so
you’re reading you see a photo it could be of the person or it can be like stock
photo or something that they took a photo of and then in the description is
like a longer form blog post also Instagram stories I’m putting out a lot
of content on my insta story actually I’m gonna show you guys let me share the
screen again so you could see people access Instagram from their phone mostly
but while we’re on the computer I can show you here’s my Instagram and I make
my Instagram however I want to make it you do whatever you want post whatever
freaking photos you want to post like I just in myself it’s just my creative
outlet so I like it I get to be my freakin self and then in my stories here
is where I put like cool things you could do little questions people click
on so that was that same selfie I repurposed for Instagram and then you
know what I do for these little things when I want to just write text I hold
the phone to my hand take a photo of my hand and then type the text over I share
what I’m working on for the day and I say little things I to put hearts around
my own face and do hashtags and this is also me sharing hey guys go check out
what happened in the Facebook group so I’m sending traffic from an Instagram
back to my facebook group being omnipresent this is another like the
thing black text thing talking to my people
you can reshare other posts that you like and write something about it you
can do some funny things share some funny things this the past 24 hours this
is the past 24 hours I was more businessí you could add these little
stickers this is more business motivation but sometimes I do I’m just
straight up me freaking go on a party cuz that’s me you know just share your
life I shared the answers from that question before that’s pretty cool you
are invited to a party I talked to my people I make it turn my working session
where we do weird things like this I make it weird and get a bunch of shit
done so I’m gonna be helping people in a zoom room get promo material out there
swipe copy out their affiliate links out there so they could start making
commissions if you don’t have any idea what to do that is okay it’s for
beginners or people know more what I can do you guys is take those little stories
there insta story some people like do this on snapchat i don’t use snapchat
take your answer story and then you can download it and then upload it to your
facebook story facebook messenger story Facebook group story other pieces of
content you can do like blog posts that are optimized for SEO and that you would
oftentimes like use WordPress or share that also on LinkedIn and other places I
personally don’t do that that much it’s something though that I can get out
sourced I I prefer I have more fun doing like YouTube videos or live streams or
being in my group or on my own Facebook page or on my Instagram and then I can
have an assistant of VA turn that into a written blog post that’s keyword
optimized and I could put that out so I’d love to know in the comments of what
is what kind of ideas are you getting from this what kind of content are you
gonna put out or you’re gonna put out more content how many times a day what
are your favorite plat forms what platforms do not really want
to work on what did I skip in this video I’m kind of just sharing with you what
was working for me like right now in June 2018 but what about you guys
another tip is if you’re like not totally sure about what to put out or
you’re like I’m not an expert in something interview other people
interview your colleagues and your friends and people you look up to and
then that is educational content so I like to bring on guest experts that know
a little bit more about other things and then we pitch their page stuff at the
end and I usually keep 50% affiliate commissions I freaking love it okay guys
so subscribe to my channel and reach out talk to me let’s be friends let’s work
together let’s make some money together

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