March 30, 2020
How To Backup Your WordPress Website The Smarter Way With Incremental Backups

How To Backup Your WordPress Website The Smarter Way With Incremental Backups

Welcome back to another video this is Adam
from were a make videos for non-techies and in this video I’m to share
with you which could be one of these really hot offers that is a limited time type of
deal but I came across a new plug-in that actually it’s been out for a while but I have
been testing it out myself and essentially it’s called WP time capsule now what this
is is a more smart way of creating a backup for your website so your traditional way and
I actually made a video not too long maybe six months ago about backing up your website
and in that video I use a free plug-in called updrafts now the way a traditional backup
is done the plug-in will go ahead and take all of the files that make up your website
and create a zip file and depending on how large that is it will make multiple zip files
and then it takes your database and in zips that up and it creates this backup now be
negative of that is while it’s doing this it really slows down your website depending
on who your host is so if you’re using a shared hosting provider which is pretty much most
of us it’s going to cause problems for your website visitors while that backup is actually
happening and in fact this would happen to me so I would have my backups happen at midnight
but since the world is a global and people are on my website at all different times every
now and then I would get an email from someone and they would let me know that they were
on my website at this time and things weren’t working right and this is because I know my
backup was going on and it was just eating away at the resources of my computer so it’s
not a real intelligent smart way to make a backup and that is where WP time capsule comes
in and I think were there actually getting this name is on Mac computers Apple computers
they have this feature called Time Machine and what it does is every hour it looks on
your computer to find files that have changed so if you had a Word document and maybe you
added a paragraph to new close that that would count as a change so wouldn’t just look for
new files it would look for changed files and then it would only back that up only back
up what changed and so what this does the results in a backup that takes up a lot less
space and a lot less resources and so what they have done is taken this concept and made
this plug in WP time capsule and you can essentially use this to make this thing called an incremental
backup so instead of the way that updrafts and all the other backup plug-ins do it what
this does is it is smart it looks at everything that changes so if you update a plug-in that
is a change if you create a new post or get some new comments on your website that is
a change in it will only back up what has changed now there are many paid services that
actually do this I can think of two or three off the top of my head but they cost anywhere
between 10 and $150 per month now what they’re doing differently in WP time capsule which
I think is amazing is your actually going to connect this into your own dropbox account
or Google Drive or Amazon and you’re going to be able to make a backup of your site to
your own storage solution so unlike those other solutions that also have this incremental
backup feature your files go on their servers and I prefer to be the only one to have access
to my files in fact when you use WB time capsule they don’t have access to your files and I
like that a lot now they do have a special promotion going on they came out with a pro
version and it just was release and adds some pro features and they have a pretty interesting
lifetime offer going now it’s going to expire in about six days but before I tell you about
this they do have the free version that is pretty good and here is my website now I don’t
usually show the back end of my website but here it is and so I’m actually in the plug-in
right now and you can see I actually installed and started testing this on my own website
on the 13th and I was having it make daily backups and you can see I have one restore
point so here’s something interesting so let me just show you for example on the 15th there
is one restore point now when I click on this it’s going to tell me what was done right
here and I can click on this little icon right here to see what was backed up that day when
I click on it we can see that on the 15th the only changes to my website were six files
so instead of it backing up 10,000 files and only backed up six because that was all that
had changed or been added and I love that now right around here words is to restore
points this is when I upgraded to the Pro version so when I click on this it’s gonna
show me right here right here at 5:06 PM it made a backup because I updated three plug-ins
on my website so I can actually revert back if I update a plug-in and I didn’t like how
it worked out I can immediately revert back to it the older version without any site downtime
which is huge and you can see right here three restore points and this is because it made
its auto backup right here I updated a plug-in and then here as well a little bit later in
time I updated a different plug and so it’s making these restore points when you use the
free version it’s going to make the one backup per day and it’s going to keep the prior 15
days of backups now with the Pro version what it will do is it will make a backup before
you update a plug-in which makes it amazing so you can easily snap back to the prior version
with just a few mouse clicks and there is no limit to how far you can go back so also
with the paid version you have this one click staging’s you have the staging option right
here so literally if I wanted to test a plug and update or a theme update I can just click
one button right here and it’s gonna create a staging site on my server that I contested
and it won’t affect the life site at all and then if I like the way that it’s working I
can then go and update it right here and this is a pretty amazing feature for the plug and
this is in the Pro version right here right here this can be detailed activity log I’m
sure the settings panel right here as well so here is the settings panel you can see
right here I have is at the Pro license right there I have it connected to my dropbox right
here I can choose the type of backup right here I can choose when it will backup and
based on what time zone I can click this backup right button right now for to make a backup
immediately and then right here I can choose how it will back up when I do any updates
and also write here is a really amazing feature I can have this plug in the Pro version automatically
update my website for me it can automatically update my WordPress my themes in my plug-ins
and I know that if there’s a problem with any of the updates I can click a few mouse
clicks and I can immediately go back in time and that’s why they call this WP time capsule
so let’s go back to their website right here and I want to tell you who should use this
and who doesn’t really need to use this so you come to their website right here I’ll
have a link down below and you can just click on that to go and take a look at it right
here you can see the difference between your traditional backups and using something like
WP time capsule which is using this incremental backup system so your traditional it’s going
to bog down your website now if you have important website and people come to your website you
might want to think about going with something like WP time capsule which has these incremental
backup so this would be someone like me I have people on my website all the time so
for someone like me I definitely should go this incremental route and it just can use
a lot less resources on my server take up a lot less space for storage and it’s good
to be a lot faster to restore so with your traditional solutions if you want to just
restore a plug-in that was in a backup you have to restore the entire old backup well
with this you could just restore the files that change so you can have that ability just
to restore what you want not have to restore everything because the negative of restoring
everything is you might then restore something that causes another problem versus just restoring
what you want to restore so that is another benefit with WP time capsule and you have
different these different storage options right here’s a nice pricing grid in comparison
chart of other solutions and this is probably what it’s going to cost once they’re out of
this Pro launch phase with this limited time discount it’s good to be about five dollars
per site it says here I don’t know if that’s a firm number but even if five dollars per
site per month it is a great deal to you something like WP time capsule and switch to these incremental
backups but like I said there is a limited lifetime offer going on right now so let’s
scroll up here and check out the features so were clear on what the difference between
the free version and this Pro version so the first main feature is set it and forget it
which means the backups are going to happen without you having to do anything now this
is going to be in the free and the Pro version and the regular off-site backups it’s going
to be in the free and the Pro version as well which is these three different storage solutions
and then the one click restore is also in both solutions but right here is only in the
Pro this is staging an update and this is where you can click the one button and then
you’re going to have a staging site all set up for you in the auto backup before manual
and auto updates this is also a nether Pro feature that is huge if you ask me now let’s
take a look at their pricing page just to see how this is going to be structured so
here’s another reminder of the four main features that you are going to get with the Pro version
here are the packages that they’re offering for just another six days so for backing up
up to five sites it’s gonna cost $197 and that’s not Vermont that’s not per year this
is going to be a one time cost up to 50 sites as can be 397 and unlimited sites it’s good
to be 597 now what’s really unique about this is the people that developed this plug and
also making another suite called infinite WP and what that is is a platform to manage
multiple WordPress websites and what’s ironic is about four years ago when they launched
infinite WP they had a similar offer like this and back then it was $199 for a lifetime
license to any add-ons that they release for infinite WP now if you go to infinite WP’s
website right now I think it’s $600 per year for what I purchased for that 199 four years
ago so they made a similar offer but for a different product of theirs and they made
it better they added add-ons that they also increase the price and you know what I’m one
of the lucky people that saw that this was going to be an amazing solution when when
they told me this offer for infinite WP I paid the 199 and now I’m I got this great
lifetime package that everyone else is paying $600 per year for I ended up getting it for
that one $199 offer and this is going to be another one of those types of situations these
are great prices for what you get now here’s who should buy this and who shouldn’t buy
this if you’re an agency you need to buy this if you have an important website you need
to buy this if you have a website that gets a lot of traffic and you don’t want to have
any downtime especially when you’re doing the most crucial task on your website to protect
yourself which is make a backup you need to buy this if you have an e-commerce store you
really should think about buying this for me I have a website that does e-commerce it
also has those online courses with lots of activity I bought this because I need something
like this I don’t want any downtime for my visitors I want the maximum protection that
only an update can give me but I don’t want to spend all the server resources on it now
the people that don’t really need to buy this are folks that maybe you just have a five
page website it doesn’t get a lot of traffic anyway so if you’re using updrafts or some
kind of solution that makes a complete backup every single time if that’s your website it’s
not so crucial to get this don’t think that you need to get this now there still conveniences
that this gives you that that won’t give you but it’s not so crucial that you have an incremental
backup solution in my mind the people that should be using this are people that have
websites that change a lot or have a lot of traffic or are mission-critical or if something
happen even 10 minutes of downtime you might lose money those are the people that absolutely
should take advantage of this offer and I’ve been using it and I’ve also been using it
in tandem with updrafts however I’m going to disable and delete and stop using updrafts
because I prefer the way this makes the backups better I don’t want my website visitors having
a slow experience ever but I also if I update something that causes a problem I really want
to be able to just click a few buttons and to be able to go back in time and restore
the prior version of that plug and it’s just worth it to me to pay some money in order
to not have those problems it’s just kind of like an insurance policy and it totally
makes sense for someone like me but I don’t want you to think I’m telling you to try this
out and maybe purchase one of these lifetime licenses if you have a small website that
really doesn’t get a lot of traffic this might be kind of overkill for you so anyways I really
think this is a great plug-in is a great opportunity I have a link down below to it in the description
and also in the pinned comments and I think you should deftly try it out so even though
there’s only six days left on the special offer even if you saw this video after the
special offer it’s still well worth it to be able to have the features that this Pro
version offers because he made it to the end of the video I have a free gift for you but
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just my way of saying thank you for supporting me and making it to the end of this video
I make them just for you

29 thoughts on “How To Backup Your WordPress Website The Smarter Way With Incremental Backups

  1. Ahh you made one for WPTC, very cool! My only concern about this one is the restore – have you tried to restore, did it work? Since it's not like traditional backups, we can't exactly take a backup, and restore it to a different wordpress installation to see if it worked.

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  3. Hi Adam. Thanks for sharing this. Have you tried this to export & move safely to other hosting/staging websites?

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  6. Adam, so is WPTimeCapsule now the king of the hill when it comes to WordPress backups?
    Well, looks like you answered my question since you are dumping UpdraftPlus. Wow.
    One feature is missing or not discussed from WPTimeCapsule: UpdraftPlus lets you simultaneously backup to multiple sites – Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

  7. Adam, just had another thought about this plugin. Suppose your site gets hacked, files injected or corrupted with who knows what, and for whatever reason your WordPress site becomes unusable, can't login to the backend, just a total disaster. With WPTC, I understand that the backup is stored in the cloud, but it's not stored in such a way that you could restore it in its entirety from the cloud – am I correct? e.g. with BackWPup, or UpdraftPlus, you have that full backup package that is in a restorable format. From what I've seen and read of WPTC so far, it's only going to work if you can log into dashboard to select a restore point. What do you think?

  8. Hello Adam,.
    Another great video, I have always found tremendous value in all of your videos and have adapted most of your recommendations. My question is this: Why would anyone want to spend almost $600 for a back up solution just because it is incremental. I understand the value in incremental back-ups but does that justify the hefty price tag of $600.
    In fact I can not think of another plug in that even comes close to that price.
    Perhaps the developers should rethink their pricing structure and I am sure more people would be able to afford it.
    Just a thought ….

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    Thank you for your amazing videos!
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  10. Hey Adam, I'm beginning to question this plugin. I went to do my first necessary restore with it today only to discover that the last backup it made was 4 days ago. Nothing since then and no apparent reason why. Just thought I'd let you know. Perhaps you should suggest to the developer that the plugin send emails on successful backups. Set and forget doesn't seem to be a good option with this one.

  11. If your site have many files, every day every changes will log into your database. Unfortunately, It increase our database size, 100+MB in my case.

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  18. The recovery options for WP Time Capsule is terrible if you lose your site completely as you can't simply reinstall wp time capsule in your new WordPress install as that would overwrite your existing backup.
    You need to upload a separate file onto your server. Run that off your site and upload the meta file from your backup that the program itself failed to recognize.
    I immediately contacted their support as I couldn't get my site back up and running to have them perform the recovery for me via. ftp, which poses a host of other security problems if you don't want strangers accessing your site
    The entire process took over 2 days. Luckily it works fine now but it's unacceptable to take 2 days to recover. I immediately went back to updraftplus afterwards.

  19. Got an email just a day after I installed and activated WPTimeCapsule that they are going to discontinue the free version in a month!

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  22. Adam still recommend this plugin? Any improvements the team made? Seems they still have lifetime deal and never ended it.

  23. UsAdding batch to zip file (UpdraftPlus_BinZip): over 200 MB added on this batch (1054.9 MB, 70 files batched, 1 (2) added so far); re-opening (prior size: 0 KB) (May 08 11:09:26)

    Existing Backups 1

    Web-server disk space in use by UpdraftPlus: 11.6 GB refresh
    More tasks: Upload backup files | Rescan local folder for new backup sets | Rescan remote storage

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    Backup date Backup data (click to download) Actions
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    May 08, 2019 11:31
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