April 5, 2020
How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question – BEST Answer Example

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question – BEST Answer Example

This is by far the most popular
interview question asked and probably the most dreaded and difficult to answer.
“So tell me about yourself.” In this video, you’ll learn five simple steps to answer
this popular interview question and stay around until the end to find out where
you can get an interview guide cheat sheet with popular responses to the most
commonly asked interview questions. If we’ve never met before, I’m Heather
Austin from ProfessorAustin.com and #TheCareerClub on Facebook and on this
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biggest question is or frustration when it comes to your job interview. The tell
me about yourself interview question will potentially be the very first
question you’re asked in an interview. This is a way for the interviewer to get
the ball rolling they want to find out what your personality is and if you will
be a good fit for the position. So let’s jump into how to answer this popular
interview question. Tip number one, keep it professional. Now you might be tempted
to share your personal life story here but this is not what the interviewer
wants to know. They want to know your professional history and your greatest
accomplishments as they relate to the position you are applying for. Think of
this as a way to let the interviewer know of your qualifications and
expertise from a professional standpoint. You may have time later in the interview
to discuss your personal life, but leave this question to just your professional
career highlights. Tip number two, captivate with a story. Develop a
response in a story format that shows who you are and why you are the best fit
for the position. Before you create your story for the interviewer, you need to
know what they are looking for in the ideal candidate.
So to find out, comb through the job posting and make note of common phrases
or keywords that are repeated throughout the posting then grab significant
elements from your work history and some of your accomplishments and line them up
directly with the position. Take it one step further by researching the company
to find out what their goals are, what their aspirations are and some of the
problems that they might be facing as a company. Step number three, keep your
story organized. All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Start your
story with where you are now in your career. This gives the interviewer fresh,
up-to-the-minute information about where you are now. This will grab their
attention quickly and pique their interest. Then move into how you got to
where you are now. This could be because of some type of promotion or some type
of advancement in your career. Talk briefly about your background including
education and special skills you’ve developed along the way. Finally leave
the interviewer in to why you are so passionate about the position the
company or the industry and let them know how the position aligns with your
future goals and aspirations. Giving your story a beginning a middle and an end
will make it cohesive and clear to follow. Step number four,
include why you are unique. So out of all the other candidates that they are
interviewing, why are you special? What makes you so different? An easy way to do
this is to focus on your greatest strengths or some of the biggest
problems you’ve solved as they relate to the position. Mentioning some of the
major contributions you’ve made will paint a better picture for the
interviewer and we’ll give you more credibility. Step number five, practice,
practice, practice. One of the best things you can do is rehearse your answer to
this popular question until it seems natural and not forced or scripted. An
easy way to do this is to jot down three to five bullet point items of things you
know you want to mention when this question comes up and then
rehearse those items in a story format. Again this will make it so that you
don’t ramble. Now to make sure you land that job offer take a look at the
Ultimate Interview Guide Cheat Sheet. It’s a guide with common interview
questions that might be asked and responses that you can tailor and share
on your next interview day. I’ll go ahead and link that up below. Now if you know
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41 thoughts on “How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question – BEST Answer Example

  1. Heather! You came through! This is probably the most crucial part of the interview process. And its one I failed a lot when I started applying to jobs. Great video!

  2. What do you do on your free time? any hobbies? This one was asked to me on my last interview. I answered by saying; I like to spend time with my family, also I'm a driver for a major share Ryder company. I got a good track of positive compliments from my Ryder's, that proves my professionalism. 😊

  3. This was so helpful! Thank you! I like the part about correlating my achievements directly with the job I am applying for. Gold!! Thank you!

  4. This was great Heather! You know I get asked this still alot.. not for jobs, but people just ask me in the funniest of places… like.. tell me about your business … or tell me about you … I will keep these in mind and tucked away for next time. Great advice as always…. (I still have my elevator speech from you too btw!! ) Elizabeth 🙂

  5. My biggest question is how to build confidence when going for an interview. Obviously, the more you do them, the more confident you become. But how can you be more confident even for your first interview. Great video. Loved it!

  6. Great video, Heather! I always found I dreaded this question. I also never liked 'tell me about your weaknesses?'

  7. Heather, I love your point about keeping it professional. I like to say, leave your baggage at the door. Especially at an interview. The company wants to know how you can help them with their business! Cheers!

  8. So helpful for people looking to rock their next interview – these are great ways to show you're an ideal candidate! Something I always look for are examples that help show me what type of person they are and if they're willing to learn and put the work in

  9. So many candidates think they need to talk about their life history – where they grew up, how any kids they have, what activities they are into. Great advise for answering this question, Heather.

  10. One question I got asked in a few interviews was why I wanted the job. I wasn't sure how to answer because I didn't want to sound like everyone else and say "money, it's a cool place" etc.

  11. Frustrating questions for me revolve around working hours. I think employee hours should be determined on their productivity goals. Saying that I will stay at the office for 10 hours and day and work on weekends is not the best use of productivity

  12. Great video Heather. You provide really good, simple and actionable tips. I just shared the link with a friend who is looking for a job 🙂

  13. This was a great video. I think everyone who is looking for a job needs to watch this because this question will always be asked.

  14. I have truly struggled during interviews. I am hoping to use what i am learning from your videos to obtain a new job. Finding a new job is a job all by itself! I have spent hours trying to tailor my resume to specific jobs and still no call back. Do you have advice on extremely long-term unemployed? I was getting my M.A. and hadn't worked for an actual company in years and now that seems to be hindering me.

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