April 4, 2020
How to Advertise Your Business For Free

How to Advertise Your Business For Free

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!
This is Andy from wholesale-help.com, reporting today exclusively for the Wholesale Forums.
Luke over on the Wholesale Forums has asked a very good question about advertising his
new business venture. I was asked if I could step in and provide some answers. My answer
to that question was yes. Yes, I can. Okay, then, let’s get cracking. Luke says,
“I’ve been dabbling in tablets for the past couple of years now, and it seems I finally
found a factory in Shenzhen that offers them at a good price. I’ve ordered samples, organized
site visits, and contacted various buyers (genuine UK companies that reply with good
English). I’m building a site and conducting SEO and keyword research on it over the next
six months to get it ready. My question is, what other options do I have in terms of selling
them wholesale? I’m confident I’ll be the cheapest in the UK, so other than my website,
Stockshifters (although the markup will be eventually too high for the customer), Adwords,
and other wholesale directories, what are the other free or relatively cheap ways to
advertise my business in the wholesale sector?” Very good question, Luke, but before we get
stuck into that, I just want to give you a virtual high-five for your groundwork that
you’ve done on this niche. I get asked so often by people that pluck an idea out of
thin air and say, “Where do I get one of these from?” Really, that’s not what they should
be asking – they should be asking things like, “Does anyone want to buy these? Is there a
demand for this product? Can I get it at a good price? Where can I get it from? Am I
going to get scammed when I try and buy it?” All those sorts of things. You’ve done that
groundwork, and I applaud you for doing so. If anyone is in this same situation and currently
looking for a niche to start business in, this is a very good template for where to
start and how to start. You need to research your niche, find the demand, find the right
products, find the right price, find the right supplier, find a safe and reliable suppler,
get some good references, and you’ll build your business on solid, reliable foundations,
much, much better and much higher chances of overall success. Good on you, Luke, for
doing that. Now, let’s get cracking on some of your options. You’ve already mentioned your website. This
should be your central hub for all your online marketing efforts, one place where you can
ad updates, where you can grow your organic traffic, implement your SEO efforts, backlinking
strategies, to build your traffic base, create regular articles and regular information updates
for your potential buyers. This is by far the most important and the best place to start
your marketing efforts. It sounds like you’re working on that. Take your time. Make a nice
website. My tips for a good website is: clean, clear, and simple. You don’t need 500 pages;
the more pages you have on your website, the more confused someone will get. If you show
them a clear path where they can get the information, they’re much more likely to hang around and
take action on that information. What’s next? It’s a fairly obvious one, but
sites like Twitter and Facebook are excellent sources of free traffic and general visibility
if used in the right way. Making full use of your website and social media without taking
up all your time is the key. You need to update them regularly, but you don’t want to spend
so much time on them that you don’t have any more time to do anything else. For me, a great
strategy to make full use of all of them is, when you create a blog post, tweet that link
and share it on Facebook. This way, you’re creating content once and making full use
of it right across the different platforms. There are quite a few other social media platforms,
as I’m sure you’re aware – Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all those sorts off things – but
you need to decide which ones will work best for you. Give them a try and see which ones
work best. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin by trying to update too many different
social media sites. It’s far better to choose a couple and use them well than to try to
do too many and not make full use of them. Another good tip with social media is to try
to integrate it into your normal, daily routine. Most phones now have social media apps, so
you can use Twitter and Facebook while you’re on the go. If you’re waiting in the queue
at the post office, for example, or maybe waiting in line for a coffee, you can make
use of that down time to retweet something or make a quick update on Facebook. That way,
it doesn’t have to eat into your productive time. Blog commenting is a really good marketing
tool for your business, as well as being very useful for SEO purposes and backlinking. While
researching your niche, I’m sure you’ve come across quite a few blogs that get a lot of
traffic in your given market. Keep a browser folder with your top five blogs for your chosen
niche, and engage with that community and comment on the blog posts. Most blogs, you
can link back to your own site, and not only will that help with your SEO, but you’re also
gaining visibility in your chosen niche, so when your potential buyers are seeing you
and your brand in a few different places, helping and commenting and getting involved,
you’ll earn a lot more trust and respect, which, in turn, will bring you more sales. Lastly, video. This is the main media that
I love to work with, as you probably guessed. Marketing with video using YouTube can generate
very good levels of traffic and exposure for your business. It’s a great way to showcase
your products. You can demonstrate them, you can review them, you can compare them. There
are all sorts of things you can do with videos to create exposure for your brand, and to
connect with your audience one on one. That’s a really powerful marketing tool. Not only
are the visitors to these videos free traffic, but they’re targeted traffic, because they
usually find you using the search system, so they put in your niche keywords, and they’re
interested in finding information about your products. Very targeted traffic, which is
a very powerful way to root out people looking for things you’ve got to offer. Every month,
over 16,000 people watch and listen to my videos on YouTube, and all across the web.
Right now, today, between 500 and 750 people will have listened to what I have to say,
and these numbers are increasing every single month. If you offer helpful, insightful, and
useful content to your audience, then they’ll trust you and ultimately buy from you. Become
part of your marketplace. Help people do good things, and good things will come and find
you. Okay, that’s it for me. Thank you very much
for watching. My name’s Andy Lawrence, and I’ll catch you on the very next video.

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