April 1, 2020
How to advertise your business for free (Facebook Group Strategy)

How to advertise your business for free (Facebook Group Strategy)

Speaker 1: Hey everyone. It is Tom The Furry Hat Guy [inaudible 00:00:02]. Welcome to the abundant lifestyle tribe with
Tom and Ania. Now we want to go ahead, today we want to
go ahead and talk to you exactly how to market for free on Facebook groups. Now, this is all part of the series that we’re
doing with the 32 freeways to market online. Let’s go and do that right now. Speaker 1: All right. Welcome back everyone. This is Tom. If you guys want to go ahead and make sure
that you guys are receiving our updates, go ahead and make sure you subscribe, you go
ahead and like, and you go ahead and hit the notification bell as well so that you can
receive future updates. Now, in this video we’re going to show you
exactly how to market on Facebook for free and we want to go and do it to find how many
ways that we can find multiple friends to see your offer and the target market to do
that. Let’s go and do that right now. Speaker 1: Hi everyone. Welcome back. We’re going to go ahead and show you exactly
how. Ania here was able to get 1,276. We did the video yesterday and she only had
1,121. Today, 1,276. I know you’re probably going like, man, how
is she finding all these people right away, you know? And like I said, she’s getting all this engagement
and everything and she only launched this channel like six days ago. Here’s what you want to do guys. This is one of the biggest things you want
to do. First off, you want to look at make money
online groups, right? It’s going to give you like a ton of these
different groups that you actually can join. Look for like here, 30K members and this one,
how to make money online, get free internet marketing courses, make money online groups,
make money online stay at home job, work from home, things like that. Speaker 1: And what you’re going to do is
basically you’re just going to add as many friends as you can per day. Now, most people say add about 10 a day. Well I was asking Ania how many friends that
she added a day and she says, I just kept adding and adding and added, added, added,
adding. And then through that what happens is that
through this, when you’re adding all of these people, through people and what you do is,
say if I go ahead and look at the groups that I’m in because I’m actually in some particular
groups. Speaker 1: All right, so let me go and show
you one of the groups that I’m in right over here. I’m looking at this one to call it 2018 network
marketing way to wealth. Okay, so this only has like 650 members. But the cool thing about it is everybody here
has the mindset of an entrepreneur. That’s what you want. You want your specific target market. What I do is I can just go over here and start
adding people as a friend. I can be like add a friend, add as a friend,
add as a friend, and as a friend, add as a friend. You see what I mean? What you do is you go through these and just
start adding people, add them, add them, add them. See what I mean? That’s what you do guys is you find these
ways like network marketing groups, online money, ways to make money online. You can look up work from home groups and
just a lot of different, you could look up Tony Robbins’ groups, you could look up Eric
Warry groups, you can look up a lot of different ways guys. Speaker 1: And this is going to give you a
target leads of people that are actually going to be looking at your stuff, your valuable
content. And as we said in video one, part one, that
you want to make sure that your Facebook page is actually optimized where you’re giving
valuable content. Okay? I’m not going to go ahead and show you that
here, but you guys can go to part one. It’s probably in the description area right
here and it’s going to share with you exactly how to do that. But the whole point guys is you need to get
specific targeted eyeballs that are looking at your stuff and be able to do this for free. Okay? With that being said, that’s exactly how Ania
was able to actually build a list of pure entrepreneurs and people who are looking for
what you have to offer. Okay? With that being said, that is it. That’s exactly how you use Facebook groups. Speaker 1: All right, my friends, well you
guys just saw how to find ways to get people to look at your stuff, to look at your ways
to do that. And if you guys want to go ahead and do that
right at the end of this video, there’s a way where you guys are going to see part one
and you’re going to be able to see that exactly how you guys can set up your Facebook page
in a way where people are going to want to do business with you. With that being said, guys, make sure that
you like, hit the subscribe button, and also hit the notification bell for part three and
we’ll see you guys very, very soon. God bless everybody.

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