November 17, 2019
How to advertise online for free | Pinterest vs Facebook Ads

How to advertise online for free | Pinterest vs Facebook Ads

hello world this is ina and we are here
because this week I am doing a whole bunch of Facebook lives just with really
good content though like questions and I want the answers to
yesterday we got to talk to Chelsea Fournier and we talked all about what
network marketing is I knew about Mary Kay and Avon but I never actually knew
exactly like how it works I didn’t even know that was really like a viable
option so I thought since I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs start that way I
wanted to put that idea out there so that people knew that that was an option
so I hope that it was helpful I loved talking to Chelsea she’s awesome
today we’re gonna talk about Pinterest so I don’t know if you guys are really
fully aware of this but Pinterest is basically like like Facebook Ads for
free times a million and that’s really like the angle that I wanted to play
here I’m going to bring in Rachel and go drumwright she’s gonna think there’s
yeah hi hi Rachel Rachel hails from France. Thank you so much for coming so
I was just giving a really brief intro to the topic so I want you guys to be
fully aware of this so Rachel is living in France it’s like her dream she just
moved there and you know she had spent some time there obviously is not the
first time she’s been there and yeah she’s just basically kicking it out of
the park and full disclaimer rachel is my coach I found her through through a
poster she had made where she was enticing female entrepreneurs to come
and check out her library of resources and I was hooked I immediately sent her
an email and I said okay I need to know more and we’ve been working together
since I started my business six months ago and it’s been transformational so
first of all thank you Rachel for everything so what I wanted to bring
everybody to talk about was Pinterest so you know I like the what I want to play
off of here is that rachel has basically made a business
office teaching people how to use Pinterest in a way that it pretty much
rivals Facebook Ads and it’s completely free so before we dive into the tactic I
want us to get to know Rachel a little bit so I’d love for Rachel if you can
introduce yourself tell us a little bit about your store like how did you get
here yeah and tied around the ring light so we’re taking messy action social work
I’ve done a lot of background in international relief and working in
enough nonprofit organizations I lived in Kenya and Senegal that’s where I met
my husband and after I got my Masters in Social Work we moved to Florida and I
couldn’t find a job even with my master’s from the number one program and
that’s where they’ve got a little tight I was working at the gym cleaning
equipment for minimum wage I had a new baby and knew that was not gonna fly
like I that was it was probably one of the hardest times of my life and I was
like nope I gotta figure something out I was actually a part of a network
marketing company at the time and I saw the people having success with that
company I was just like well they’re doing this I can do it too so I put my
head down I got to work I built my Facebook fan page to 50,000 followers
and my Instagram to over 20,000 and that was like Facebook fan pages were huge at
the time and I had a huge following and Facebook changed the logarithm
I built a six-figure business with that but Facebook team’s logarithm I was like
huh I need to figure out something cuz what I was doing before was not working
and I wasn’t about to go get a regular nine-to-five job because I’m like
entrepreneur through and through so I just started blogging and putting my
blog post onto Pinterest and I didn’t really have a good strategy oh let’s
just create content consistently I guess I’m like maybe a couple times a month
and see what happens and I noticed a whole bunch of people
come in to my blog I was like Facebook working a parent what’s going on and I
checked my Google and I had 30 felt 34,000 people coming
to my blog every single month from Pinterest and out of 36 thousand so I
was like seventy thousand followers on these other platforms those are only
bringing in two thousand people per month of Pinterest with the rest and I
was just like mind-blowing so my email is starting growing like crazy on
autopilot external making some sales and I was like alright I think I’m onto
something and so that’s when I made this switch when everyone was like Rachel how
the heck are you doing this to coaching entrepreneurs yeah so I want to dive in
here because actually we have someone in our community
a couple people actually who are going through a very rough time right now I
just found out yesterday one person in our community is actually living in a
homeless shelter and I’m starting a conversation with her to see you know
what what is it that she wants to do and I know that you had really really hard
time so I would love to hear what you have to say to people like that who are
watching right now just know that there is something and now looking back I can
see that it really was all a part of God’s plan because if I had gotten a
Social Work job I would never be where I am right now I wouldn’t be able to touch
as many lives as I am right now I would probably be in a cubicle limited to what
the organization was telling me what to do now I have the time freedom the
flexibility they live in France like there’s so many cool things that came
out of those struggles and so just know that there’s something bigger and better
out there for you it’s hard to see it when you’re in the moment but just have
faith that there is something out there and I’m going to stay on this topic
because I know that you know when you were going through hard times I want you
to explain to us the mindset that goes into doing something completely
different because I know if I were going through rough times I’m probably not
thinking oh I’m going to be entrepreneurial yeah there was there’s a
lot of risk that goes into that I’m probably thinking I need to find a job
right now so I’d love to know your mindset like
what went into it what was happening in your life at that moment it was both
like I need to find a job and I want to make this business work and I was really
torn but he’s at 2:00 so I was like looking for
jobs but I wasn’t 100% in because my heart like wasn’t and I was just like
these jobs suck like this is really not what I want to do I don’t want to be
working in the cubicle like oh but that was like I see this freedom in this
lifestyle that being an entrepreneur can offer and I’ve always been like kinda
entrepreneurial like my dad’s had his own business forever he got it from his
parents they started their own company I’ve had lemonade stands I made an
origami to sell on the side of the road TJ not gonna do it he’s like so excited
uh but it was really uh I kind of had just like this blind faith and this
belief and myself that shoot like I see these other people doing it and I was so
determined to make a better life that I was going to make it happen like no
matter what yeah so tell us first of all how you got into Pinterest because the
biggest myth out there is that Pinterest is for organization tips it’s for
recipes who’s on Pinterest anyway it’s just like
bored housewives these are things have actually heard people say so I want to
know you know you were obviously you know doing the Facebook thing too so
what made you first of all even start on Pinterest cause like what you were doing
was not recipes and organization techniques so how are you like okay I’m
just gonna post it on Pinterest and I heard you say that it just blew up for
you but um change the mindset for people about Pinterest please yeah okay well
first of all what happened was I was really following in a social media guru
at the time and it’s actually her course that helped me and learn Facebook and
Instagram and everything and she was doing a webinar on Pinterest and I was
like okay this could be interesting so I joined the webinar and it wasn’t like a
ton of these tricks or anything but it kind of like I was like okay Pinterest
could be something like it could be but I didn’t really understand it and so
literally just me pinning my blog post and hoping for the best
there was no strategy but I definitely have heard from everybody that I talked
to that like well I don’t think my business is on Pinterest I want people
to know that any business can see it on Pinterest if you have a heart
to serve and you have content that you’re providing on a consistent basis
like you can crush it on Pinterest for sure giant so that’s what kind of what I
was telling people I sent a message to my list that to tell them about this
conversation and at the limb to just try it like to go on Pinterest and just like
look something up something that you wouldn’t think that would be on
Pinterest and see what you get yeah people don’t understand is that show up
on Google too and so you might not think your ideal persons of interest they are
but they’re for sure on Google and so you go to Google Images and you search
and arm it and fasting for women or female entrepreneur closers like some of
the keywords that I use like I dominated that search on Pinterest and showing up
at the very top and on Google which is so cool so tell me about you getting
twenty thousand leaves yeah so one of the big changes that I made was my blog
used to be just general health and fitness lifestyle my network marketing
company like everything it was the whole shebang and what I did was I looked at
my Google Analytics I forget who told me to install it but I did and I’m really
happy because I looked and I was like what blog posts are getting the most
traffic right now could I just niche down even further and just talk about
this one topic and so that’s what I did I saw my blog posts that were all about
eating quito high fat low carb and intermittent fasting and we’re getting
the most traffic so I just changed my entire blog focus and I said I’m only
gonna be blogging about these topics and so I changed my freebie to make it super
related to that topic so I offered a free keto grocery list and a freaky no
meal plan and then a freaky no challenge so when someone would come searching for
something keto they’d see a keto meal plan and they’d be like well heck yeah I
want that keto meal plan and it blows my mind that I haven’t touched that fitness
blog since early January or December of last year I’m still getting options and
I’m still making sales from Pinterest it’s so crazy
what would you say along the way it’s been a few years what has been your
biggest lesson Pinterest or business-wise what has been your like
aha moment biggest a humble man just focus on your
mindset mindset really is everything being an entrepreneur is really freaking
hard I mean it’s so rewarding but really hard
and if you’re not really careful about guarding your mind and really working on
your mindset on a consistent basis it can tear you down so you have like a
regular mindset ritual doing a morning routine listening a personal development
all the time like I literally have these in all the time but biggest key to
success is knowing that mindset is the battle and that’s actually one thing
that I’ve heard many people who have made it many successful entrepreneurs
say and that is that they listen to the psych meditation videos that their their
constant like meditation has been a big thing that once I got into this world I
didn’t think I was gonna be hearing so many people say something about
meditation it’s never been my thing it’s it’s never been something that I I’m
like I’m too busy for meditation and then I hear everybody saying yeah but
you kind of need it for sure and then lesson number two would be higher coach
hire company and I was frustrated because my it wasn’t growing or like
they restructured the company so my tank almost cut in half and if you’re not
growing you’re dying so I was like dying inside and I wanted to do something else
but I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how and so I found a business coach and
that changed everything dramatically yeah and actually that’s
one thing that I also tell people that I mean when I started this business right
which was you know I’ve had a business for six years but really within the last
six months I’ve pivoted to teaching you know rather than doing and you know you
were my first culture where my first exposure to even coaching and I have to
say like a lot of the things that we walk through together it’s like 50
percent I already knew it I already had the knowledge 50 percent is like whoa
mind blown I actually didn’t know that and that’s a really good tip but guess
what it’s not like you’re just getting 50% of the value
even though I had the knowledge I wouldn’t have just done it I wouldn’t
have forced myself to do market research even though I knew what market research
was I would have never forced myself to do it within a week to find out where my
people were um there are so many things like getting into a copy writing group
so that I can get my copy really straight these are things I would have
never just done on my own even though I knew a copy is important I know how to
make websites and I knew all the stuff but having a coach is its beats it
speeds it up by tenfold right it is not only about accountability I can have you
know somebody just keep telling me to do stuff it’s really having a plan and a
structure for someone who has been there so I’ve experienced this firsthand and I
tell people like you know I I would not be where I am today I would not be doing
what I’m saying I would not be practicing you know doing this challenge
or having a webinar if I didn’t have a coach who told me these are things you
need to do these are things you need to do them in order you need to limit and
you need to do them right now so yes the coaching and on that topic I’d love to
know who have been your influences your influences so when I started out my
first even exposure to this world was Amy Porterfield right and she mentions
Mary forleo a lot I’ve looked at a lot of her stuff and a lot of the
inspiration of my videos come from Maurice
topics Maurice energy so you know these are people like influenced me directly
in what I do every day so I’d love to know who are the people that you follow
that you’re like like they inspire you to get to where you were you back sure I
look at my vision board Tony Robbins nice for sure so I’ve been to everything
his unleash the power then deal with destiny I worked with the Tony Robbins
coach for a year and I’m going through this wealth mastery in Amsterdam and
like a month yeah in a month that’d be so much fun Marie Forleo
has been huge eventually Johnson so I was literally just in Beachbody when
chelina is one of the fitness trainers and she started teaching entrepreneurs
like productivity and time management back in the day is so like 2011-2012
which I was following her in her journey and I would show I’m just marketing an
impact Academy I jumped on it and so I’ve done that I went through brief for
this b-school those are the people that I’ve learned a lot from so I had so much
knowledge and then my coach is the one that helped me actually like monetize it
like okay you know a lot of stuff Rachel now let’s turn this into a business yeah
so I really wanted to like to stress that to point that out because even
though you may have all the knowledge it’s very hard to the an interpreter now
trying entrepreneur doing everything by yourself you have to figure out all the
strategies on your own it’s very very hard so having a coach I vouch for it
big time so I had a question for you here you are
one of the people that have made me gone out and do market research so I want to
know like what has made you such a strong proponent for market research I
want to hammer that idea in because it’s the thing that really did change my
business like that’s how I got started I didn’t know that was gonna be this huge
thing until I started talking to people and I was talking to entrepreneurs
basically I was like who if my friends is an entrepreneur that I can talk to
you okay you’re my friend let’s talk and so I literally got the phone with I’m
like what are you struggling with their struggling with getting new leads what
are using for social media they’re using Facebook and Instagram what’s
frustrating about that for you well nobody sees my contacts and then have
you ever thought of using Pinterest for your business and this is what happens
when you have a kid that just comes home say hi oh really my life okay you got good on student
alums oh thanks OOP okay so doing the market that’s where I
was actually able to get my first clients because I asked them have you
ever thought of using pictures for your business and they’re like no and then I
was able to share my results and they were like teach me teach me tell me what
you’ve done it showed me so that’s science and then when I was coming up
with the idea for my course and with purpose I just went back to those people
and I said I know you said you were struggling to get new leads I have a way
that’s gonna help you do that for free let me show you you want to be a part of
my beta test and that’s where I was able to get the first couple of people and to
pen with purpose that literally hundreds of people now Ben and I literally just
sold someone Buckman with purpose while we’ve been talking which is pretty cool give me a couple of tips to do market
research and do it right market research ask ask ask so I actually ended up
asking somebody who like I would consider my level here and she was like
here like she was celebrity chef to somebody like somebody that I’m really
lucked up to had a huge following and I just asked her and she said yes and she
was one of my first clients and bought my course and so that really taught me
like ask for what you want because the worst that’s gonna happen is they say no
but you just never know who’s gonna say yes and so literally just ask her out
like who do you know that would be a good fit for whatever it is that you
want to market who would be a good idea client and then ask them who do they
know and if you can to get on video with them because that’s when you can really
dive deeper into questions of like okay well what are your struggles tell me
more about that what are your goals tell me more about that and so it was
literally when I was first starting one to one I’m doing those interviews
because I didn’t have an audience in this business it was everyone was
following me for fitness and so it’s literally starting everything from
scratch and my mom was like are you sure you want to do this like you’re starting
over all the millions I know what I’m doing
you have to let go to let go of the good to go for the great and so I just I
jumped in and now I can send a survey to my people I don’t necessarily have to
get on one on one so I emailed my list of survey I had 175 people fill it out
and Patton is like excellent market research of being able to go through
that but I couldn’t do that in the beginning because literally private
messaging people on Facebook I remember I did a post update stuck and I was like
who here is an entrepreneur that owns their own business comment below with
what product you sell so we can support you and then I just private message
everyone that commented yep that’s that’s pretty much a where I’m at I am
like I’m contacting cuz I really want to know I want to know specifically the
people in my group I want to know about you I want to know what you need I want
to know where you are in your path because I want to make sure everything
that I put out in my group is relevant I want to make sure you guys are going to
want to stick around because I’m giving you really useful stuff so yes I am
actually in that process right now I think it’s but I’m asking questions the
course like they helped me pick the name of the course I’ve showed them what’s
gonna be in it they’ve been telling me ok can you teach about this too I’m like
sure so they’re like literally helping me create the course so when I launched
it I already have people that are saying I don’t know how much it cost for them
are you setting money aside so I can buy a course Rachel like that’s kind of a
cool position to be in right yeah so before we wrap up I want you to blog
your course I want you to tell us what you have going on and give people a call
to action well I really want to help you with all things Pinterest so you can
sign up for my free pinterest sheet just go to pin with Rachel calm and you can
grab that there and then register for my Pinterest masterclass at free Pinterest
ascom that’s people and listen to the podcast because I have a podcast every
single week that she’s making an impact podcast so you can check that out and
subscribe that’s right I’m episode six of the
podcast listen to it Rachel was in episode
two of my youtube series so go check that out too so yeah cross-pollination
going on so Rachel I I can thank you enough coming on and
teaching us all about this Pinterest this you just kind of what everyone
everybody to use work out of here knowing is that market research is
important is that following people we know who are going to help you get to
the next level getting coaching all of this is important and that Pinterest
cannot be understated how important it is how much traffic you can get to your
site and here we have proof of somebody really really successful with Pinterest
so Rachel thank you so much for joining us it’s been a pleasure as always thanks
for having me I’ll talk to you later bye bye alright that was Rachel
isn’t she amazing like she has been seriously instrumental to me getting to
where I am so before I let you go the last thing that I wanted to do and if
you have been watching my episodes lately you know what I’m about to say I
have a five day challenge coming up now this five day challenge is basically for
people who are thinking about starting their business because I want to guide
you through that process that Rachel and I basically went through together is
identifying your idea right if you already have one great bring it because
I’m going to tell you all the factors that would make a great idea for you to
make sure that this is the perfect path for you alright number two we’re going
to be talking about your business model right how are you going to make money
I’m going to hammer that in like what are the things in your business that you
must have what is it going to look like for you to make money with your idea
then we’re going to talk about where you think your target audience is right like
define them really specifically and then on day four I’m going buy this on day
four we’re going to go out and talk to someone in the target audience and like
just like Rachel described we’re going to get you your first client and number
five on day five I don’t want you to miss day five because I’m going to tell
you all the building blocks to make your website like that’s my area of expertise
is how to make a website that sells how to make it beautiful and how to make it
you guys so many people over spend on the website and get a minimal
functionality they have to keep paying overages to get more functionality on
their site and it breaks my heart I don’t want you to have to go through
that so on day five I’m going to tell you how to do it cheaply how to do it
beautifully and what are the things I have to be on your website alright so
don’t miss it go sign up at Enoch koban e-comm slash hero I’m going to put the
link on the description of this video and yeah that’s basically all I had for
you really sweet right on Friday I have another live with Angela covilhã this is
a powerhouse of a woman you do not want to miss it
she has a group out there for product managers and she’s gonna tell us all
about how she used speaking gigs to get her message out there you don’t want to
miss it I mean Angela one of my dearest friends
and she’s totally dynamic it’s gonna be hilarious to just see us you know the
both of us talking to each other all right so that’s Friday all right so yeah
sign up for the challenge and check out Rachel’s stuff it’s been a pleasure as
always I will talk to you later goodbye world I will see you next time
did you know this show comes out every weekday check out some more episodes and
don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss another one on your commute

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