March 31, 2020
How to Advertise on Google For Beginners | Complete Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018!

How to Advertise on Google For Beginners | Complete Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018!

Today I’m going to make my second
extremely bold claim my first bold claim Was that I could take you from a
complete beginner to expert in facebook Advertising in at just one video that
video went viral I proved that I did it I’ve had thousands of comments and
messages on that video thanking me for It we’re gonna do it again and I’m gonna
make my second bold claim when I tell You that even if you are a complete
beginner you’ve never advertised on Google in your entire life in just this
one video I’m going to take you from a complete beginner to a Google
advertising expert so stay tuned sup ninjas welcome to the how to
advertise on Google tutorial that’s going to absolutely rock your world if
you haven’t we had one of the biggest Facebook advertising videos if not the
biggest Facebook advertising video to ever hit YouTube that went completely
viral helped a ton of people completely start to kill it on Facebook ads we’re
gonna do it again we’re gonna bring it back and go over
Google advertising so let’s kick it directly off guys and we’re gonna do
this from the perspective of if you have a product and you want to sell it right
maybe you have a Shopify store maybe you have an Amazon store it’s going to kind
of cover all of that but these same exact principles that we’re going to
learn here right how to use Google advertising how to advertise on Google
um and how to remarket which is also extremely important on google using
google adwords so let’s kick it off as always no fluff we’re gonna go right in
here but before we do that we’re gonna teach
you exactly a little hack right from the very beginning right so if you want to
sign up for google adwords do so and get this coupon a lot of people don’t know
about this one but all you have to do is google search google adwords coupon
click on this first option here right and then all you have to do literally is
enter your email to get started I usually use my normal gmail you know
click this little button right here click I’m not a robot and then you’ll
get a free $75 and it’ll walk you through exactly how to sign up for
Adwords I’m not gonna bore you guys and do that but this is where you’re going
to end up so once we’re in all campaigns here we’re gonna click this little
button and we’re gonna make a brand new campaign so the first thing we’re gonna
do guys is start campaign this is the magic of Google right there’s billions
of Google searches every single day so we’re literally just gonna go to search
here and there’s three options and it’s important to kind of understand what
these three options mean because the purpose of this video is not only to
teach you how to do it but it’s gonna understand you know why certain things
work so you can then you know if you’re a consultant and you want to help other
people or you want to you know assist your own business or your friends or
your family or whatever it is right I want this video to teach you how to go
from a complete beginner to somebody who could open up a Google ad agency
tomorrow right and so the three options here are sales leads and website traffic
sales is generally what people pick because they don’t understand kind of
you know overarching portions of each one so
let’s go through them really quickly sales is generally the most expensive
because Google is only going to show this ad to people who they’ve proven
with their back-end data are the most likely to click an ad but to not only
click that add to then go through to the landing page of that ad and actually
make a purchase right leads basically means that you know attracting people to
your business getting leads and conversions by by encouraging customers
to take action right and so if you want leads this is getting kind of people
interested in your site and then if you just want website traffic website
traffic is generally the cheapest option it’s going to bring a lot more people to
your site but they’re not going to be as likely to actually convert into sales
and so you might ask yourself why would somebody choose website traffic if
they’re not as likely to purchase and the answer to that and good question if
you’re sitting there behind your screen and asking that the answer that is if
you have you know remarketing pixels and the Google and the Facebook pixel on
your website maybe it’s a Shopify store or whatever it is right if you get
people to come to your website if you get website traffic it’s going to give
that pixel or give that Google remarketing tag data so that you can
then use to remarket or re target people on Facebook with very highly specific
ads for your products and as everyone knows who is you know more advanced in
marketing the way that you become truly profitable is by you know heavily
utilizing remarketing right and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click
sales just for on the ease the way that we’d like to reach our goal is with
website visits and this is the key guys so we’re gonna use an example from one
of my demo stores and I just used this store to like show how to how to use
things and particular services so we’re gonna choose one of the random products
I have set up so this is a golf tees right so it’s pretty easy we’re gonna
head over to Amazon and you’re guys are about to eat I see a track that is a
hack excuse me that has made me so much money with
Google advertising and nobody else teaches this nobody else that I’ve seen
knows about this hack but you guys are about to see it straight from that last
time ninja baby so make sure you’re paying attention so we’re gonna start
off teas here in amazon as you guys know obviously Amazon is the biggest you know
physical products company by far in the world
and so we’re gonna use Amazon’s incredible amounts of data right because
Google indexes Amazon listings often because the people who appear first on
Amazon generally have the best kind of keyword
research and things like that so we’re not we’re gonna ignore these three
sponsored posts and we’re gonna click in to the top post right and this could be
anything this could be light-up shoes this could be golf tees we’re just using
this and as an example this works for any type of product or whatever you
might actually try to be actually advertising so we’re gonna click on this
particular post and we’re literally gonna take this this URL here we’re at a
copy and paste it and we’re gonna come back and we’re going to go to and we’re
gonna put my business’s website as this particular post and it says enter URL to
see keyword ideas when you set up your ad groups so we’re not going to actually
drive traffic to this we’re gonna drive traffic to our own product page where we
actually make money but this is the Hat guys this is how you get the best
keywords is how you get Google to actually do all the work for you insert
the number one organic results in Amazon for your particular product which is
right here and we copy and pasted it and put it right there so we’re gonna go to
continue excuse me we’re gonna call this one golf tees we’re gonna include both
search Network and Display Network what search Network is is when you you know
type in for example maybe a drone so so here’s a search a search Network you see
that the ad right here saying the airborne revolution drone innovation
with Intel and then if we went to like drone reviews what we’re gonna see is
like PC Mag but if we click into this we’ll see some on the side some ads on
the side potentially so we see like a bunch of different reviews of drones
here this is a huge website apparently it’s loading and then if we wanted to
see like a drop our excuse me a display ad we could do like best drones and then
we could pick one chart Digital Trends and so display ads basically show up on
the right and left like here’s one right here you’ll see the little ad it knows
that it’s there retargeting me because I was looking at Google Suites
to try to use for you know my team that I that I use for my own business and so
people are retargeting me and that’s why this ad is showing but if I was browsing
a bunch of drums and somebody was choosing to retarget me these would be
drone advertising so that’s a display ad so when we actually go ahead and choose
search Network and Display Network we want both search Network so it appears
in the search results and Display Network so it appears as displays on
people’s websites both to appear and so location you know you can do it whatever
you’re targeting if you have a Shopify store in the UK and that’s that’s your
target market obviously you can use that I tend to use the big four when I am
selling products specifically on Shopify if you are in the USA or if for example
if you sell in the USA market of Amazon obviously you’d want to choose the
United States here but you can choose whatever you want so I’m gonna do the
United States Canada Australia and the UK
and so then I’m going to do English budget I’m gonna do 51 dollars a day I
generally do a one at least one dollar higher than multiples of ten and most
people think in multiples of ten so if I put most people are gonna put fifty and
so I’ll get a little bit more bang for my buck I’ll be served a few more times
right Google is gonna prioritize me just more just a little bit more than the
next person so you always want to kind of be one step ahead we are going to
prioritize for conversions again because this is a conversion campaign if we just
wanted web site traffic obviously we could choose clicks here
what we’re going to do conversions because we want sales even though it is
slightly more expensive we still want sales we want people to only show these
ads to people who have proven from past data that Google has all of that data
they’ve proven that they’re likely to actually buy when they click on ads and
we are going to leave all of the rest of this the same so we are going to save
and continue now and we are going to call this one golf tees one and now what
we see here guys is because we put that Amazon link in we are going to actually
get a lot of different keywords here that
otherwise we wouldn’t really see and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come
down and we’re gonna add in you know golf accessories golf tees plastic golf
tees right Golf TSI maybe and we are gonna call this one golf tees and for
those of you who are brand-new to Google you won’t see how you won’t understand
how magical this get keyword ideas is here right now but because we put that
Amazon link that is optimized right it has a lot of keywords it’s been proven
by Amazon which is one of the best aggregators of data in the world it’s
been proven by Amazon to have you know the most relevant keywords for a hugely
searched search term which is golf tees and so by using this particular link as
our original link right and we’re not gonna actually drive traffic to this
I’ll show you guys exactly how to do it don’t worry we’re not gonna skip any
steps we never do it that lifestyle in job baby we are going to get so many
words here that we wouldn’t have otherwise had completed for free so golf
accessories is a huge one right golf tee is obviously huge golden team might be a
brand of golf tees I’m not a huge golfer so I’m not sure plastic golf tees for
sure martini golf tees and we you know we’re gonna we’re gonna do a little bit
more research on this in a second but we just want to add some fright now
professional golf tee system rubber golf tee is three one four inch golf tees
golf ball on tee golf tees bulk right all of these great words right and so
what we’re gonna do then is we’re gonna add these and what we see right here is
super important guys so these are match types and if you want to learn more
about match types just click learn more it’s the best way for me to explain it
anyways so broad match basically means that your keywords would be anything so
like if you’re kid if your keywords keep women’s hats somebody searching for buy
ladies hats might see your hats even though these words aren’t that similar
Google kind of makes the determination through an unbelievable amount of data
and you know machine learning to show your ads based on broad match I don’t
often use broad match because there’s a much better little-known way to actually
do this that works significantly better right and so there’s other ways like
phrase match for example an exact match so you’d want so your ad would only show
if somebody wrote golf accessories version
versus with broad match it would show like if somebody put like golfing stuff
or like golfing things Google would make that determination but the best way to
do it is what’s called a broad match modifier and so how this works guys is
all you have to do is put a little plus in front of all of these and what this
does is it changes it from broad match here to a broad match modifier right so
if you want to make it phrase match what all you have to do is put little
quotations around it if you want to make it exact match all you have to do is put
brackets around it but you know using Google a ton and spending you know
thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of hours on Google I found
with products right it’s better almost always to use modified broad match right
and if you want to experiment you know the best way to do this is to make a
campaign right and then just duplicate that campaign and then change the the
keywords that you’re using from broad match modifier to phrase match those are
the two that worked the best right so we’re gonna do these as broad match
modifier all you to do is add a little plus in front of the keywords and we’re
going to save and continue and so now we’re gonna actually make our ad right
and so what we’re gonna do here is we are going to create it and it makes it
really easy it actually updates in real time we’re gonna remove this really
quick so this is actually the link for somebody to come by this from my Shopify
store right from my this is for my demo so it’s not live but it’s the exact same
thing if you have your own Shopify store right this is an unbelievable way to
drive a ton of traffic from Google which is the biggest one of the biggest
website in the world to your specific Shopify store so we’re gonna grab our
our URL here and we’re gonna put it into the final URL we’re gonna make our
headline so we’re gonna say you know premium grade golf tees and then like
our next headline would be like you ready to tee off I like to have it on
one line though so like ready to tee off and so it has our it has you know
premium grade kind of gives that luxury feel golf tees ready to tee off right
get them in the mindset about you know going in
they’re golfing game and things like that and then the description would be
like you know premium grade and we want to see like the sizing too so it’s a
hundred pieces 69 millimeters premium grade golf tees 65 69 millimeters and
you’d want to convert that to inches too if you’re if you’re doing it in the USA
and you do like a hundred count or something like that right and so we’d
save and continue’ and if this was your own ad you might want to put a little
bit more time into the creative and writing a copy like that but this is
just a you know a tutorial so I wanted to make it quick for you guys so we’re
gonna continue to the campaign right so now that we’re at the company at the
campaign what we can do is come in and we can actually go about adding a few
more keywords so if we come into plus here we can do a lot of things right we
can do we can type in golf tees and we can you know you this is the top-ranked
result so we can copy and paste this come back into Google Adwords and we can
put a website right and then we can see what people is suggesting there’s a
couple cool things we can do so Google is gonna pre populate you know things
related to golf here but if we enter our product or service and type in golf tees
and we’re gonna see some new things pop up that are actually you know not what
was originally shown to us right so we do see some of the same things golf
accessories plastic golf balls we do see a golf ball on tee unbreakable golf tees
right so this is a good one wooden golf tees personalized golf tees golf tee
holder right a lot of different things that we didn’t see before and again we
can trust we can test them as phrase match let’s make a couple of these
phrase match just to show you guys exactly how you do it you just follow
these syntax guidelines right here and then the last way that you can kind of
do keyword research and guys the most important part about advertising on
Google is keyword research you want to put yourself in the mind of your buyers
right if somebody’s gonna come and buy your product if it’s light-up shoes
right do they call them light-up shoes or do they call them LED sneakers or you
have to think about all the different ways to actually name your product and
there’s a ton of different way to do that right utilize the power of
Google it’s gonna show you a bunch of different stuff by using these magnets
the last month that I want to show is called Google Keyword planner so from
right here if we go to the little wrench and we can go to keyword planner and
that takes us to right here and then if we type in golf tees here
and get started we’re gonna see even more stuff so this is like the actual
keyword tool so this is the most detailed it’ll give you you know bid
ranges of what you should be bidding on these keywords you can import it
directly you can get estimates like if I click one of these and go to add to plan
and then I go to view forecast here it’ll show me you know for $490 you can
get one point two thousand clicks right so you can get a one point two thousand
people to your store and if you’re making $10 a sale profit right you’re
gonna make one point two we’re gonna make twelve hundred dollars and you’re
gonna spend 490 on advertising so it gives you just a ridiculous amount of
data but how I like to do it is you know type in golf tees and then I’ll
literally just download all the keyword ideas and then once I get these into a
report I just kind of like to do it in Excel and it depends what you’re
actually selling right yeah it’s obviously there’s obviously a bit of
logic involved but let’s say that you know I was selling golf to use little
sayings on them or I was selling you know golf golf tees in bulk or maybe I’m
selling wooden once or maybe I was selling long ones or short ones or
unbreakable ones or novelty ones that said like you know something funny or
maybe I was selling a specific color like black or you know with a logo on
the more or all of these different things right and so all of these it
gives you the exact or the average monthly searches for these particular
words it gives you everything you could possibly need so come through here maybe
I like you know maybe I like these ones and we didn’t have these before black
golf golf ball on tee blue logo right so we just take these we’d come directly
into our little campaign here and we’d Adam it’s as simple as that guys if you
want to make it broad match modified out a little plus if you want to make it
exact match right at the brackets and it s as simple as that so then we press
save and now we have a can paying ready to go we can see all of our
words here we can see the clicks impressions click-through rates right
there’s not gonna be any right now because I literally just made this
campaign but you can come back and you can actually see your cost-per-click
right and then you can actually see what um you know your overall ROI is on your
campaigns driving traffic getting those conversions at your Shopify store if
you’re watching us and you’re saying yourself you know how do I know how like
if I spend a hundred dollars on Google Ads how do I know how many sales I’m
getting from that hundred dollars right cuz if I’m making ten dollars profit for
sale I want to make sure that if I’m spending a hundred dollars on ads I’m
getting at least a hundred profit and you know ten conversions from that
hundred dollars that I’m investing in advertising revenues so I’m sure you
were thinking that and good idea I’m about to show exactly how you can track
all of that very easily in your Shopify store but really quick I wanted to give
a huge shout out to our featured shout out how you kind of get this is if you
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you subscribe to stay up to date on all of the new ninja topics so let’s get
into exactly how you actually track this guys so now that we set up our keywords
what we’re going to do is come up here and go to the little tool the little
wrench and we’re going to go to conversions and once you come over to
conversions what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create a new conversion we’re
gonna go to website here and we’re gonna call this you know bought golf tees
we’re gonna go to purchase sale here we’re gonna use the same value for each
conversion let’s just say that we make $10 on each conversion just so we’re
able to track right but you’d have to obviously depending on what your product
is you have to calculate what your particular profit margin is to give the
value of the conversion we’re gonna do every here because this basically means
that somebody clicks your ad and then buys three golf tees
and then you’d add three conversions rather than just one so every is better
here I’m a conversion window I like to do 45 days or excuse me 60 days here
just to give yourself a kind of a big window just to make sure that you’re
accurately you know measuring your conversions over time but not giving it
too much and that’s pretty much it guys literally I have to do is press Continue
there we’re gonna choose install the tag yourself and what we are going to do is
just grab this code right here and all we have to do is come over to our
Shopify store if you have Amazon you’re not able to do it in the same way but
there may or may not be a ninja hack to do it so if you’re interested in that
make sure you leave a comment and I could make another video and a lot of
people have also been asking you to make a completely comprehensive YouTube
advertising video how to advertise on YouTube how I personally spend thousands
of dollars every single day on YouTube to promote the heck out of my business
for physical products for my course to promote my channel all types of ways
YouTube advertising guys is unbelievably cheap right now it is one of the best
ways to make a ton of profit in the e-commerce world if you guys are
interested in me making a a tizzy for beginners tutorial with all the best
hacks on YouTube advertising make sure you leave me a comment below telling me
that and if I get you know 500 comments or so of people requesting that I make a
youtube advertising video of course I will do as always and do exactly what
the people want do what you amazing beautiful ninjas want me to do because I
just want to get back to you guys and free you all from the 9 to 5 as fast as
I possibly can so what we’re gonna do next guys is we’re gonna come into here
and we’re gonna go to checkout and all we have to do is come down to where it
says additional scripts here and this is in the order processing step and we are
going to literally just take this little code snippet that we grabbed from right
here and we’re gonna put it into the additional scripts and now anybody
anytime somebody goes through the checkout process and actually goes on to
this page Google will then know from this little snippet of code that a
conversion has been triggered and you’re gonna be able to track okay I spent $100
on Google Ads and I’ve sold 200 profit of my golf tees which means that that
$100 of Google advertising sold 20 units and I had a two hundred dollars in
profit which means that I had a one hundred dollar difference between what I
spent on advertising and the amount of sales and so that’s profit directly into
my pocket which means that the Google ads were worth it and then you’re able
to scale those Google ads you know instead of spending ten dollars a day
you’re spending a hundred dollars a day and then instead of that hundred profit
in your pocket it turns into a thousand so that’s the beautiful kind of
scalability of Google ads and advertising in general guys so we’re
gonna save this year and that is literally all we do now you have gone
from a complete beginner to you know you know you know exactly how to advertise
on Google you know how to do your keyword research you know the hacks of
using Amazon listings to have Google tell you the best keywords you know how
to you know get your automatic bids you know how to track conversions you know
more than 99% of people out there who are using Google advertising I guarantee
it and the last step guys is how to re market on Google how to retarget people
how to continue to show people your ads because everyone knows who’s been around
the marketing world for as long as I have the thing that differentiates
people who are making some money with advertising and the people who are
making an absolute killing with advertising is understanding how to
retarget people successfully so let’s get into that right now we’re gonna go
over from a beginner’s perspective exactly how to use retargeting and
remarketing with Google Ads all right guys so we’re back at the Google Adwords
I’m overview what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to and we’re gonna type
in audience manager and then we’re going to create an audience website visitors
we’re gonna do visitors of a page and we’re gonna call this one golf integers
that’s the name of my website we’re gonna do match any rule group URL
contains and this is gonna be our overall Shopify site right so this means
that they’ve come to any any one of our pages so assuming that we have all golf
products is gonna work really well if we have you know some golf products and
some you know lingerie for women this isn’t gonna work very well because we’re
gonna re target these people with you know golf ads if they’re only interested
in lingerie it’s not gonna really work right so your
your website kind of has to have a general theme for this to work there’s a
ton of different ways to utilize you know remarketing this is really what
separates the the beginners or intermediate even advanced levels from
really the absolute rockstars at advertising this is you know the
difference between making a hundred thousand dollars a year and making a
million dollars a year and we you know I can’t possibly cover all of that all of
the really super advanced stuff in this one video but if you guys are interested
make sure you check out the link in the description for a completely free
webinar on the Shopify ninja master class where we can go way way more in
depth on this guys I just can’t possibly get through all of
it and one YouTube video but if you’re interested in more you know check out
the Shopify ninja master class we’ve had a ton of success stories it’s amazing
the turnout for it’s been incredible and people are starting to really really
make you know serious amounts of money on Shopify with that course so what
we’re gonna do is we are going to then go to create audience but first actually
we’re gonna do include people from the last 30 days
membership duration for in the last 120 and we’re going to create this audience
so now we just created that audience it is called golf ninjas and then when we
come in we are going to create our remarketing campaign so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna go to campaigns we’re gonna create a campaign I mean this time
instead of choosing search we’re gonna choose display because how remarketing
works means if somebody comes to my Shopify site then I want every other
Google ad that they ever see on anyone else’s website to be my products that
they just saw right is this the exact same thing with Facebook but if I’m
shopping for like a canoe right on a canoe website and then I go on Facebook
you better believe that all see ads for canoes it’s the same exact thing if
somebody comes to my Shopify site for golf products and then they’re browsing
you know some other thing they’re maybe on a golf blog they’re gonna see ads on
the side of that blog for my particular products that is what remarketing is
with Google so we’re gonna go to display here we’re gonna do sales again we’re
optimizing for sales we’re gonna choose standard display campaign you guys we’re
gonna actually do it in a specific way you’re gonna choose the standard display
campaign so we’re going to continue we’re gonna call this one
golf tees remarketing you know we can choose whichever countries we want again
you could do the big four if it depends on what your target market is I’d
usually do the United States Canada Australia in the UK that’s where I make
99% of my sales on Shopify anyways so that’s what I would choose there so
we’re gonna focus on conversions again we’re actually gonna change manually set
bids to automatically maximize conversions Google is better than better
at this than we are they have unbelievable machine learning and just
incredibly intelligent artificial intelligence and algorithms in the
background we’re gonna do our target cost per action at 1 we’re gonna pay for
links here our budget is gonna be 51 dollars per day we’re gonna call this ad
group golf tees remarketing one and this is where the magic happens right we’re
gonna go to remarketing here and we are going to search for what we just made
it’s called golf ninjas this is our website visitors remarketing that we
just made that audience we just made right if we want to we can set our audio
our demographics even further you know we can only show it to males we can only
show it to specific ages right once you run your website longer for golf
obviously you know my my target market would be you know men probably a bit
older probably with a you know in the top you know half of household income
because golf is generally a more expensive hobby so you know the more
information that you’re providing to Google the better job that they’re going
to be able to do showing your ads to relevant people right and so we’re not
gonna create the ad for now because we already created the ad but that is how
you do remarketing guys from a very basic perspective if you can market if
you can master remarketing it’s going to completely change your business guys and
that’s a very brief overview but it should get you understanding you know
how you create audiences how you use those remarketing audiences to then show
your product to people who’ve already viewed your pages it’s the difference
between being a beginner intermediate or advanced and being a complete rock star
making an absolute fortune on the internet guys and so I hope you enjoyed
this video I wanted to make the best video tutorial anywhere on how to
advertise on Google I hope I’ve done that leave a comment if you want me to
make a you know a video on how to advertise on YouTube leave me a comment
I’m you want to enter our hunter dog
giveaway and as always guys I’m putting out all this content for free for you
guys of joy the ninja family smashed that subscribe button hit the little
notification bells and we will absolutely see you guys on the next one

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